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Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver
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Product Description

The Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver is the All-in-One grooming solution, exclusively for men that safely trims and shaves all body zones. With the Bodygroom, men can trim and shave hair from their chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders. Bodygroom features the very latest technology and ergonomic design to offer a convenient, easy and pain-free way to remove and trim body hair. Bodygroom's advanced design allows for it to be used wet or dry and even in the shower. Its hypoallergenic foil protects even the most sensitive skin against nicks, cuts or irritation, and its stainless-steel blades ensure long-lasting performance. The Bodygroom comes with many extras including a cleaning brush and convenient charging stand.

We all know that men's body hair is different, it can be coarse and grow in multiple directions, and that is why Bodygroom is truly a revolution in grooming. Men finally have a product designed specifically to meet their unique grooming needs.

Trim & Shave: Bodygroom's dual function shave-and-trim system allows you total control over how much hair you want to remove. Bodygroom comes with three length attachment combs to trim and tidy hair with out completely removing it. To remove hair completely use the Bodygroom without any attachments for a close, smooth shave.

Use Wet & Dry: Because Bodygroom is water-resistant it is fast and easy to clean and ideal for use in the shower. It even comes with its own hanging cord so you can keep it close by while bathing. Since Bodygroom can also be used dry, you'll be able to shave and trim anytime and anywhere you like.

Safe with Less Irritation: -Bodygroom's hypoallergenic shaving foil means a comfortable shave with less irritation, even on the most sensitive skin and in the most sensitive body zones. Bodygroom allows you to groom your body without worrying about painful nicks and cuts.

Ultra Close Results: Bodygroom's Chromium Stainless Steel blades deliver ultra close results. The blades ensure long-lasting performance of your Bodygroom and are maintenance-free.

Other standard features include:
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Safe for use on all body zones: chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders
  • Water-resistant for use in the shower
  • Rechargeable: charging time is 8 hours for up to 50 minutes of cordless use
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charge stand and hanging cord for optimum convenience
Every Philips Norelco Grooming product comes with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee and a Full Two Year Warranty.

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Grooming Zone
Face Face Face Face Face Body
Power system
RC = rechargeable cordless
10 hr. / 35 min.
10 hr. / 35 min.
10 hr. / 40 min.
10 hr. / 40 min.
10 hr. / 40 min.
8 hr. / 50 min.
Number of attachments
6 6 0 0 0 3
Length settings
9 9 9 9 9 3
SteelWave self-sharpening blades
Rinseable attachments
Store and charge stand
Vacuum with hair deflector
Turbo power
Travel pouch
Wet or dry use

Hydroallergenic foil / Chromium steel cutter blades / Water resistant / Trims & shaves all body zones / LED Charge Indicator / Easy switch heads Ergonomic design Safe for use on all body zones - chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders Water-resistant for use in the shower Rechargeable - charging time is 8 hours for up to 50 minutes of cordless use

  • Trim and shave all body zones - Not for use above the neck
  • Three attachment combs for trimming hair multiple lengths
  • Use wet or dry
  • Hypoallergenic foil for less irritation
  • Stainless-steel blades for exceptional results

Customer Reviews:

  • Flawed Design
    I bought this to use in the shower, and for perhaps the first dozen times it worked great.

    The problem is that hair accumulates in the head under the blades, and you have to remove the screen/blades assembly to clean it out. As you do, the assembly doesn't snap back in as tightly. Eventually it doesn't stay in at all. I tried bending the screen, but this is only a temporary fix and eventually falls out after a minute or two of use....more info
  • Great for grooming
    I've used this product quite a few times now, and am overall happy with it. I'm a man and have used it on everything below the neck without problems. Some having trouble might want to try a little powder on the area and see if that helps. Especially under my arms, adding some powder makes cutting the hair a breeze. I don't use any of the guards, and find just the razor to be fine. Never had any tugging or pinching issues. While scary at first, product is easy to take apart and clean. It would be perfect, if only I could run it directly off a plug/cord. When I first got it, I had to groom on two different days, but now since I'm just keeping all the hair maintained, I can get it all done in one charge....more info
  • Great product, bought I think something is missing...!!!
    I'm a person that has been cutting and trimming my hair for around 14 years.

    I love the fact that its cordless and thats waterproof.

    Now, if you start to read the instructions, I kind of got scared and amazed!
    The thing about how to charge the battery, reminds me of those old laptop batteries for which you were told, that when it was around 1% left on charge, to start recharging...

    I have no idea what type of battery this thing has, but I doesn't seem to me that its a lithium ion.

    I mean, the instructions and the care (according to instructions) might just be too much for people that aren't that careful.

    And lastly, definitely, I'd like to ask the norelco people, if anyone suggested to place a "taper control", which is the little lever on the side of almost every hair clipper.
    I mean, the attachments are almost useless, and if you want to control the lenght w/o any attachments, its really difficult, and you have to kind of play and make sure you even it out.

    And if you're like me, for your scrotum area, if you want a CLEAN cut, you'll have to use a gillete mach3 or something!...more info
  • Versatile bodygroomer
    Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaversure does live up to its manufacturer's advertising and representation: easy and safe to use; works speedily; shaves close and comfortably in all below-the-neck body areas. This Shaver also is easy to hold and to handle.
    The two of us in our household are highly satisfied with this purchase and product....more info
  • Cheap & Easy
    got it for $23 including shipping on ebay after reading the amazon reviews, no travel case or holder for the guards/brush but for the price i got it, its worth it. ive never had an electric shaver so i just used a bic once or twice a week, now i stay cleanshaven every day. sometimes i use it twice a day just cuz its so quick & easy. iz shaft/beanbag safe lol i havent tried the starfish yet i just nair that though. doesnt cut moles like the bigger clippers & bic do lol. comes much closer to the skin than the bigger clippers, worked great on my chest. even the smallest guard wouldnt trim my pit hairs tho so i just did the job w/out a guard & since it takes a while to "cut down the forest" it did leave the hair about a half inch long after a quick swipe, so i dont look too much like i shave my pits. not many people mention shaving the face, i use it for that mostly & love it, it does miss a few hairs but i just go back over it. still much quicker/convenient than a bic. havent tried it in the shower so maybe it works better wet. ...more info
  • Wow! This is great!
    Like others have said, this review is not for the meek.

    I'm a fairly hairy guy in, well, all of my areas, but this thing is still like a lawnmower! The ads for this really sucked me into buying it and boy were they right! I have yet to try this on my chest, back, and underarms, but the way it takes care of my nether region, I'm 100% sure there would be no problems. Others have said they experience a little redness and irritation which isn't a surprise. I expected it, but I didn't get ANY!...more info
  • Works Great!
    The only thing I don't like is that with a furry husband, it takes an hour just to do half of his back. I was hoping for baby smooth, but close enough. We still love it!...more info
  • Hands down the best!
    The best groomer I ever had. Neck down is just the best, no wax, no razors, no mess. Great battery life and for the size is just powerful. Great invention. Thanks again Norelco!...more info
  • Bodygroom Shaver
    Seller did not send me the item. After over a month of waiting, I emailed them, in which they did not even send an adequate reply about when I will be receiveing the product. In the end, I had to file a claim because they wouldn't tell me anything about the status of my purchase....more info
  • Explicit review
    I can't say much that hasn't already been said about this product. I decided to go with this model and not the newer, pricier one because I'm not a really hairy guy (I can't grow a full beard, no chest, back, or torso hair, only armpits and private parts)

    Like the famous review says, this product is shaft, sack, and starfish safe; I'd like to add to that armpit and nipple safe as well. I have had it for about a month now and have not had any nicks, cuts, or pinches. Sometimes I'm not even that careful and this shaver will simply not harm my body in any way.

    I absolutely LOVE that I can use this product in the shower, I love shaving under running water, something I haven't been able to do with any other shaver for fear of shock or ruining it. It also makes it a breeze to clean! I only take it out of the shower to charge, usually let it dry for a day just in case.

    Before I had this shaver I was never able to shave/trim my body hair down to zero for fear of cuts (I got many), so it was a new and cool experience to be almost completely hairless the first time I used it. It's so safe you can shave with confidence, needless to say the girlfriend noticed right away and loves the new look.

    If you don't want to go down to no hair the three attachments give you three good levels of grooming. I use a No. 2 for certain areas and I'm more than happy with the length. I can't recommend this product enough, skip the more expensive one and go for this model, unless you are at a Robin Williams level....more info
  • It's All Right...
    I was a little disappointed by this razor. The build quality is excellent and it does help shave off everything everywhere, but I would hardly call it safe down below. I shave down there with a regular razor all the time and never had a problem, but I always cut myself with this thing. I won't let it anywhere near now. If you want to be completely hairless, just get a razor (womens seem to work best). If you just need to keep things clean and trim then this is gold....more info
  • Great below the neck
    As reviewed by others this works very well below the neck only. I've found that the Norelco Body groomer works best on pubic area if shaved only weeky. It works very well in the shower if you lather with Dove soap first as a lubricant then shave the pubic areas take your time it can nick if you're not careful. No bumps, very smooth shave front and back side.

    I do not use the Norelco on the Kiwi's, I use the Gillette Fusion, the Norelco will nick the Kiwi fruit skin and that is not fun. Be careful, take your time and let the shaver do the work. Pressing hard does not improve the result it only causes rash and pain.

    I'm glad I made the purchase and so is my wife, judging by the amount of time she spends in the area now. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent product, and easy to use and clean!!
    I am entirely satisfied with this product !!...more info
  • Philips Norelco BG2020 Bodygroom Shaver
    works very very well! I would be just repeating what has already been written. So to make things short, everything I read under good reviews for this product is correct!! I'm happy with it!

    ...more info
  • Norelco BG2020
    To begin, I will say that I have Mediterranean blood in me, and therefore have thick hair. I purchased this groomer to reduce the hair on my chest and abdomen prior to swimming. The attachment combs for trimming longer hair is worthless, it wouldn't cut through any hair length or density. Once I reduced the hair with another beard trimmer, I began to use the shaver. Shaving is also sub par, for I have to use multiple passes (>six) to remove most of the hair.
    I used this shaver maybe ten times in the past year, and now the on/off switch will not work. That is the end to that!

    Handles good.
    Can work when wet.

    Made for blonde /hairless men.
    Attachment combs are useless.
    Does NOT shave well at all in the groin/arse area.
    On/off switch broke down after one year of light use.

    Final word, if you are a hairy man your best bet is to use a face trimmer and then use a good old fashioned razor. If you have thin/light body hair then it might work for you.

    ...more info
  • Performance +, durability -
    This groomer works quite well overall. The blade does get clogged pretty quickly if you've gone awhile without trimming, but flip it over and shake it and the clog falls away. The foil will never trim as well as a blade, but that shortcoming is hardly limited to this device. It takes multiple passes over body hair to get everything trimmed, but it will get them all eventually. As far as a usable body groomer, this does a decent job.

    My complaint is I'm on my second in 18 months, and will likely be my last, as I'm on a search for a different device. The battery is garbage. I use a Norelco shaver for my face, and it's battery lasts years and years. Use it to full discharge, recharge full and you're ready for 3 more weeks. Not the Body Groom. It seems this battery is only good for a dozen charges or so before it can't last 5 minutes. Both Body Grooms I've had exhibit this exact behavior. Norelco does a great job with batteries in their shavers, why not in this? No idea, but I'm tired of reaching for it, turning it on, and having it die in 60 seconds....more info
  • Broken Plastic Parts
    Although I didn't expect much for 59.99 (purchased at London Drugs in Canada), I was surprised at this shaver's fragility. After taking it out of the box and reading the instructions, I attached a trimming comb to see how it worked. A moment later, I was struggling to carefully remove the comb from the shaver. It wouldn't come off. I was quite worried about breaking the comb since there's no place to apply enough pressure to release it from the shaver (it seemed to me). Again, I was being as careful as I could and had just about given up when...Suddenly, the head of the shaver came off with the comb still attached. Aargh...but no big deal, right? Wrong! The shaver head attaches to the shaver body via small plastic pieces that were now broken. I was amazed this could happen so easily. I've owned many Braun facial hair shavers and nothing like that has occurred with those.

    I'm sure this is a fine product for most people, but I'm moving on to something that's better built and that I will be able to rely upon for at least two to three years. The search continues......more info
  • What a Waste of Time and Money
    as a serious cyclist and weight trainer i've been shaving pretty comprehensively for years; i got tired of having to be in the shower or tub, so i thought i'd try the body groomer but .... i've never been able to use it; it's never worked at all for me ..... the foil is so fragile as to be useless and now the motor will not drive the cutter head .... sigh ...... back to the tub with a safety razor ..... ...more info
  • smooth sailing
    my wife prefers me to be smooth and hairless and over the years i have tried the traditional shaving methods with creams and razors which almost always led to ingrown hair and razor burn. this product works great. i use it on my pubic area, on my testicles and anus. the results are totally smooth and no razor burn or ingrown hairs. this is a great product for a man who prefers to be hairless and smooth. my wife loves the way it looks and feels. ...more info
  • Not made to last
    The groomer worked fine for about three weeks, then the shaving foil in the head began to slide out at either end. I ordered a newer-design replacement head, which worked fine and was much improved, except that each time I used it the entire head would pull off and fall into my sink or onto the floor. The replacement head does not fit tightly enough to be practical. Six months out, the rechargeable (non-replaceable) battery would no longer accept a charge which would last longer than about 2 minutes. All-in-all I would say this is a cheaply made product not made to hold up to constant, daily use (yes, use only on the body - not the face). Save your money and hold out for a better product....more info
  • A Little Disappointing
    It is a very nice product but I was a little disappointed. It took a while to shave perfectly but, in the other hand, the trimming is really good....more info
  • Great While It Worked... But Built A Bit Flimsy
    I owned the Bodygroom for about a year, and would rank its performance as pretty good. However, I found the construction a little flimsy. It would often come apart, and it is a bit difficult to reconstruct a shaver in the shower. Finally, it just gave up. I liked the idea and basic design, but will probably replace with a better-made unit. ...more info
  • Worked good until the Battery died
    I agree with most posts on here, the attachments are hard to use, but it does do the job. One thing to point out is mine stopped working with only about 2 uses per month after about 18 months. I have "refreshed" the batteries 3 times now (fully drain, recharge, fully drain) and I still only get a few minutes of "full power" before it goes about 1/2 speed for the rest of the charge. I'm going to try one more unit, but I'm getting a SquareTrade Warranty this time in case it has the same battery trouble....more info
  • Workable but underpowered
    This trimmer is pretty good in most ways, but is underpowered.
    The side trimmer blades have trouble with even moderate amounts of hair. Multiple passes over areas are always necessary....more info
    I would definitely say this has made life ALOT easier. I have not tried it in the shower because I believe it is easier to use regardless outside when your hair is dry. It would be nice if there was another attachment that was a tad longer but the pubes grow back fast enough anyways so it's not that big of an issue. I would recommend this product and think that it works excellent for the money spent!!...more info
  • Clean-Shaven Brother
    As a black male model with sensitive skin (and beard), I live by this razor for giving such a quick, wonderful close shave; I often give the bodygroomer as a gift plus I've been ordering the replacement heads for years now and believe me when I say that I have used it to shave EVERYTHING in my line of work. I highly recommend it to ANYone who suffers from ingrown hairs in their beard or simply endures hyper-sensitive skin (no matter where that skin is)....more info
  • Poor quality. Doesn't last.
    This item is very cheaply made. The foil is only held in by four pin head-size "dots" while snapping into the head. Also, the combs attach in a very similar snap-on and hold with dot concept. They are difficult to get on/off. I have only used this maybe ten times, and now the foil starts falling out all the time. The dots fail to hold it any more.

    Without the combs, it is too "dangerous" for trimming sensitive areas. With the combs, it is too clunky/bulky, and you have to go over the area about ten times. I found an old electric Wahl-type trimmer (with combs) works a lot better and faster. Finally, the charger base is a stupid waste of space and plastic and often the contacts don't work unless you really pay attention or jiggle it. A conventional plug would have been a lot better.

    I also have the Philips Norelco grooming kit and really like that one, but this cost me almost triple, and it is falling apart after much less usage. ...more info
  • Overall a good shaver for the price - I give it 4 ? stars
    This razor has some strength's and some weaknesses as well. It is stylish and seems to be built well. Its stainless steel blades are self sharpening which is a huge plus. It is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord, stand, three attachment combs and a cleaning brush. I wish it came with some sort of case for storage. With a full charge it will run for just under an hour. It comes with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee and a Full Two Year Warranty. It is water resistant so you can use it to dry shave or shave in the shower. It easily rinses clean for easy clean-up. When shaving without the guards in place it shaves very close shave without irritation. With the guards in place it doesn't work as well as I expected. The blades that cut the longer hair are short and you must keep going over and over the area that you are shaving. It is also almost impossible to reach you entire back with this shaver as well because the handle is pretty short. Overall it's not perfect but I think this is a very good shaver for the price. ...more info
  • Works like a charm
    I was so nervous the first time I put this to the ole' beanbag. I've tried to use regular electric shavers before. Well, once. After that, never again. This thing though, absolutely pain free and left great results....more info
  • great for delicate regions
    This bodygroomer is awesome. Its waterproof which makes it great to use in the shower. As other reviews say its really gentle, I didnt have to worry about nicking myself with this thing and could just go at it. My only qualm with it is that the attachments are a little difficult to add and then fall of easily if bumped slightly. Its very well built and fits into your hand well and the shaver does a great job. Overall, I highly recommend this shaver....more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!
    Yeah to the jerk who said this was shaft beanbag and starfish safe...I just cut my shaft with this thing and it hurts like hell. If you don't want to take a chunk out of your junk DO NOT buy this....more info
  • no snags
    Needed a tool to trim body hair - had been using professional "trimmers" but they would sometimes (frequently) hurt the skin and/or snag hairs.
    This Philips product is smooth, effective and fast - no snags, no pulls, no hurt....more info