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Fried Green Tomatoes (Extended Anniversary Edition)
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 01/27/2009 Run time: 137 minutes

Kathy Bates stars as an unhappy wife trying to get her husband's attention in this amusing and moving 1991 screen adaptation of Fannie Flagg's novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. After befriending a lonely old woman (Jessica Tandy), Bates hears the story of a lifelong friendship between two other women (Mary Stuary Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker, seen in flashback) who once ran a cafe in town against many personal odds. The tale inspires Bates to take further command over her life, and there director Jon Avnet (Up Close and Personal), in his first feature, has fun with the film. Bates develops a real attitude toward her thickheaded spouse at home and some uppity girls in a parking lot, but dignity is generally the key to Avnet's approach with the story's crucial relationships. Tandy is a joy and clearly loves the element of mystery attached to her character, and Masterson and Parker are excellent in the historical sequences. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Fried green tomatoes
    Wonderful DVD with lots of extra information about the casting, filming, location, etc. of this movie. Excellent....more info
  • Worth owning
    This is the kind of movie that plot, acting and directing makes you willing to watch many times over the years. It is a timeless piece....more info
  • Great movie - stupid title!
    Although the film's title makes perfect sense, when the film is viewed, it is nevertheless a most 'off-putting' title prior to viewing the film.

    The film, however, is excellent! A very well formulated story line is accentuated by superb acting - particularly by the main characters.

    Placing anything in order of merit is a mugs game - so much is variable. However, in my estimation 'Fried Green Tomatoes' comes in the top 10% of movies ever made in the English speaking world - to date.

    It is most enjoyable, if one likes fine acting and a rollicking good story....more info
  • great movie
    Love this movie its one you will watch again because it is such a great story....more info
  • it's a top five favorite
    I love this movie, I have seen it a hundred times and never get tired of it....more info
  • "Fried Green tomatoes", excellent video
    The product was in great shape amd played aweseomely in the VCR just like it was a brand new tape freshly opened, thanks again to the buyer, and amazon for their great products....more info
  • Just a really good movie to watch and enjoy
    The story, the emotions and the people
    all feel so familiar that it makes
    watching the movie a real joy.
    This movie reaches in and touches
    your soul and makes you smile within
    and without. I do recommend that
    you watch this one with family and loved
    ones and share the magic of a story.
    ...more info
  • Great acting, skewed message
    Nothing to do on a Wednesday night, I watched Fried Green Tomaotoes on TV. The movie has an intriguing beginning, great acting, and a positive message.

    Dumpy housewife Evelyn Couch befriends Ninny Threadgoode on her visit to see her husband's Aunt Vespa. While waiting for her husband, Evelyn converses with Ninny and the two become friends. Throughout three quarters of the movie, the audience is told of the life of Idgie Threadgoode and her frienship with Ruth Jamison. Ruth is a victim of an unfortunate marriage. After the death of her mother, Ruth decides to leave her husband. She is also pregnant with their child. After leaving her husband, Ruth and Idgie open the Whistle Top cafe that soon becomes famous for its Green Fried Tomato recipe and bar-b-que.

    A murder pulls the events in the story forward followed by the search for the killer and Idgie's blame for the victim's death. We are also shown the change of Evelyn Couch from dumpy housewife to don't-push-me-around-I-love-my-feminie-organ power woman. At times her new found feminity may seem overboard but it is not without a personal triumph that is shared by the viewer (the grocery store parking lot incident).

    My pet peeve with the movie is its feminist message, especially through Evelyn Couch's transformation. Granted, I was most convinced by Idgie and Ninny's portrayl, but there is this evident lack of respect for men, namely Evelyn's husband. Perhaps the man is incapable of change, but in this day and age, men have made progress and have learned to co-exist (if you will) with their female significant others. There is power in being assertive and making up your own mind, granted, but not at the expense of making the jerk look even more like a jerk and somehow making him incapable of change....more info
  • => to =<
    This is a heart-warming, inspiring, up-lfting movie. It is the only movie to make me cry,(in some parts) It also had me laghing.I would recomend this movie to anyone. An all time favorite....more info
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
    This is one of my favorite movies. I never get tired of watching it. ...more info
  • Review of Fried Green Tomatoes
    One of my favorite movies of all time. Love it and highly recommend it! Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates are both outstanding in this movie. Both are Oscar winners and they both give special dimension to their parts. I have seen it many times and always come away with something new in the characters....more info
  • A beautiful illustration painted by talented artists
    Fried Green Tomatoes is truly a beautiful movie. The senses are flooded with superior video and sound, the characters are compelling through excellent acting, and the heart is warmed through the wonderful story. Although many of the unpleasant traits of human beings are in evidence, notably racism, these scenes are done in a manner that is counterbalanced and overshadowed by the positive human characteristics and relationships that dominate the film.

    Fried Green Tomatoes seeks, and draws out, the best qualities in people; and viewers can not only discern and identify with the characters, they can identify with the emotions inside them that make them beautiful. It is a film about loving and giving with touches of sadness and true human comedy in between.

    Mary Stuart Masterson "makes" the film and compliments the superb acting of her fellow cast members. But none of this could have happened without the superior directing of Jon Avnet who illustrates and paints this story and then saturates our senses with every aspect of this beautiful film. ...more info
  • Funny and entertaining
    There is some questionable material but...over all it was entertaining. My wife enjoyed it more then I did. It was ok....more info
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
    Love this movie. Evelyn Couch (Bates) meets Ninny Theradgoode (Tandy) in a nursing home that leads to an unexcepted friendship. Ninny tells her a story of 2 women who lived half a century ago in the town of Whistle Stop. Idgie (Masterson) and Ruth (Parker) became close friends that lasted a lifetime. Idgie is an independent women standing up for herself and her friend to "men" during a time when a women's place was in the home. Evelyn is inspired to take a look at her life and make drastic changes, often with hilarious results. It makes you take a look at your own life and search yourself to see if you are such a friend. This story speaks of a simpler time and the strength of the human spirit that our forebearers had and how it still exists today!...more info
  • Up and down...
    I go from crying to laughing to hooraying all through the movie. It is a sweet movie with lots of drama. It is a great chick flick. One girls journey through life....more info
    Anyone with a best friend should have this movie. All the people in Fried Green Tomatoes played their parts with great enthusiasm and with heart. Staying close to the book by Fannie Flagg it focuses on Idgie and Ruth, as well as Evelyn and Ninny, showing how friendship blossoms and stays strong through out the years. The cast is sterling - No one could have played the part other than Jessica Tandy as Ninny, an elderly lady in a nursing home that brings her humor and stories to a sad candy-consumming middle age Evelyn Couch, played brilliantly by Kathy Bates. The two strike a friendship as Ninny relates the story of Idgie Threadgood (played by Mary Stuart Masterson) and her family as well as her unique friendship with Ruth Jamison (played by Mary Louise Parker). Cicely Tyson does an excellent job as Sipsey, a woman who is a cook at the cafe in Whistle Stop. There is romance, intrigue, murder, and suspense as well subtle and explicit humor. Having this movie brings parts that weren't even in the original movie or in the first video or dvd. I am glad I waited to get the extended version and plan on sharing it with MY best friend. The setting for the story is beautiful and no one should miss watching the Bonus Material as they describe how a town they chose for the movie was almost a ghost town but they brightened it up and more people have chose to live there now. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will also understand what life is all friends....more info
  • Towanda!!!
    I hate tomatoes, but the movie Fried Green Tomatoes is a favorite in my collection. My dad had it on VHS years ago and I've always loved the story, which boils down to loving yourself and not letting others walk all over you.

    Kathy Bates plays a married woman who's marriage is stuck in a rut. She gets what she needs when she least expects it while accompanying her husband to the hospital where they visit his aunt, who hates her and throws things at her so she's forced to sit in the waiting room. That's when she meets a kind, elderly woman who begins to tell her about her life when she was young. Bates is intrigued by this woman's story and is quite delighted to run into the older woman again during the next visit to her husband's aunt. Eventually, the 2 become friends and through her stories of her youth, the older woman gives Bates the courage to assert herself and love herself.

    This movie will make you laugh as much as it will make you cry, but in the end you'll feel enlightened and want to scream "Towanda" out your front door. Outstanding script & acting. Don't miss it....more info
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
    This is the best movie I have seen in a long time. It's story touches your heart. I recommend it to everyone who likes the real thing. You can really get into this movie!...more info
  • Loved It!
    I was already a fan of this movie, but after watching it again, watching the special documentary about the making of the movie, and then watching the movie with the director commenting on the details that went into the movie, I REALLY loved it!! What wonderful acting, wonderful storytelling and great period detail!! A real treat!!!!! Even if you've seen the movie several times before!...more info
  • A Classic film for any era
    I first saw this film in the theater and was completely taken with it. It is one of the most perfect works of the American cinema. Let me explain why, first the 4 main actresses in this film are each spectacular in their own way. Kathy Bates makes her character's transformation completely believable and lovable. Jessica Tandy is perfect with her wispy smiles and her dancing eyes. She is a real charmer in this film. Mary Louise Parker performs with grace and integrity and creates a real life character out of one that could have been overly sweet. The real star though is Mary Stuart Masterson who completely becomes Idgie. It was the role of her career and she is amazing. The movie is visually stunning and captures the atmosphere of the old south brilliantly. The viewer is completely immersed in the world of Whistle Stop. The script is poignant, funny, sad and most of all genuine. When you view this movie you believe in the realness of the characters and the setting. There is not a single wrong note in this movie. This isn't just a great story of friendship but also a fantastic mystery that has many twists and turns. It is a movie that is full of heart and one that you will find yourself watching again and again....more info
  • Best movie ever.
    I've watched this movie over and over. It's the most entertaining I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you watch it, then read the book and watch it again....more info
  • Really good movie
    This is a very touching movie. It is one of my favorite movies to date....more info
  • have a good cry
    This is one of the rare movies that actually does justice to the book it was based on. I thought Fried Green Tomatoes was tremendously uplifing and extremely funny, but you might find you'll shed a tear or two in places also. I liked the messages regarding taking charge of your life when things aren't how you'd like them to be, and being yourself no matter how wacky or different that may make you seem to others. No question that this is a movie the whole family can enjoy. I recommend it to absolutely anyone. ...more info
  • Jessica Tandy
    Love this cast. If you like Driving Miss Daisy, you'll love this one too. Kathy Bates is precious. One of my favorite appearances by Mary Stuart Masterson....more info
  • wonderful movie
    Love this movie, have it on vhs, and decided to get the dvd, really glad i did really great movie....more info
    Other DVD release news today... Universal has announced the DVD release of a Fried Green Tomatoes: Anniversary Edition on 6/6 (SRP $19.98). Look for anamorphic widescreen video, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, audio commentary with director Jon Avnet, deleted scenes, outtakes, The Moments of Discovery: The Making of Fried Green Tomatoes documentary, the Sipsey's Recipes and Jon Avnet's Director's Notes featurettes, a gallery of production photographs and poster artwork, additional production notes and the film's theatrical trailer....more info
  • Tearjerker - chick flick
    If you want a good cry this one will do it for you. Get the blankets, the tissues and popcorn and settle in for a good time the movie is well worth it. Good storyline. You'll laugh and cry, sometimes right after one another....more info