Panda Software Platinum 2006 Internet Security
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Panda Software Platinum 2006 Internet Security

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  • Computer Lock Up
    I could not get Panda installed properly and no one else could get it working either. My computer would lock up after a few minutes on the Internet. When I removed Panda the computer worked fine. This software has numerous menus that you have to click on the correct items and if you are not an expert you have no idea what each choice means. If you select the default setting it does not allow your computer to function correctly. I would say this software is only for experts, however the IT people I went to did not know how to get it to work either.

    I tried calling tech support at Panda and THEY HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER listed on their product or Internet site FOR TECH SUPPORT THAT WORKS. They have one phone number on their website that this is disconnected and you have click around their website to even find an email address. It seems Panda does NOT have tech support over the phone only by email. I will say in favor of Panda that they have committed to giving me a full refund that I have not received yet, but I believe I will.

    This whole experience could have been better if Panda had a phone number on the software box for tech support and then provided the support over the phone....more info