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Spellforce 2
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Product Description

SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars is a seamless blend of RTS and RPG genres, as you become a mighty Avatar, solving quests and overcoming obstacles in carefully crafted worlds. The most beautiful, perfect and deadly of the Dark Races -- the Dark Elves -- are in league with the mysterious Shadows, threatening to overrun the realm of men. Fight them as the Avatar, leading a small band of heroes into combat against a sinister force. Unravel the truth behind this epic story, as you forge new alliances to face the invasion and save the world of Eo.

  • Choose from over 100 Avatar skills, allowing players to develop individual characters and gameplay styles with a great variety of spells, items, weapons, and armor.
  • Lead one of three fractions(The Realm, The Clan, or The Pact), and build bases to gather resources and rally troops consisting of infantry, cavalry and flyers in order to be prepared for epic battles.
  • Explore highly detailed and lush fantasy worlds
  • Conduct a single-player campaign with more than 50 hours of gameplay sest in a persistant game world that is wrapped in a continuou, gripping storyline and a wealth of sub-quests.
  • Prove their skills through more than 30 multiplayer maps with different multiplayer modes like player vs. player and player vs. Al/monsters and special quests for co-op multiplayer.

Customer Reviews:

  • SpellForce 2 - the next gen RTS game
    Yes, its true - I regard not games like Age of Empires 3 or Battle for Middleearth II as next gen RTS game. Its SpellForce 2.

    At first you must consider the main features. SF2 is a combination of two genres - RTS & RPG. This means that you can switch to a 3rd person view, collect items, solve quests and get skills for your avatar & hero party through a skill tree.

    Then there is the phantastic graphic. Its really amazing. The shader effects make it look very realistic. Sound are also just great.

    Fascinating is especially the mission design & the story concept. I really enjoyed it and its really a way different from other RTS games. On the whole the single player campaign has a playtime of more than 40 hours. But then there is also a free game mode campaign which has nearly the same playtime and can be played as well with friends over the internet.

    I can recommend it to any fan of RTS & RPG games. Its just the perfect blend between Dungeon Siege & Age of Empires.

    Get it!...more info
  • Good game overall
    I didn't read any reviews before purchasing this game, I played the demo. Hint to game designers: people DO like demos to see how a game runs on their rig, rather than hearing how it ran on someone elses'.

    I was quite pleased with how well it ran on my computer that I was planning on upgrading as everything in it was, at the time, sub-par. That was with decent graphic levels. My computer had an Athlon 4200+ 64 X2 Dual(2.2 GHz), 2 GB RAM, and a 7600 GS, which was a relatively cheap card for a temporary graphics boost beyond the 6150 integrated card.

    Upon beating the game I'm impressed. The graphics never made me think "cheap", like other games that have sometimes been lauded for their graphics (Dungeon Siege), and while the voice acting was poor in spots, it was still far superior to games sold for more here in the US.

    Initially I thought I had no CD key before installing, but that was because I didn't look hard enough. I found it on a piece of paper taped to the box, which I hadn't been expecting.

    Gameplay? Challenging, even having playing a large number of RPG and RTS games in the past. Also fun. Heroes can potentially be a bit overpowering, but without support from an army they can also be overwhelmed by an opponent utilizing good tactics. Many ways to design your hero, most effective path is via straight combat or straight magic, but more powerful combinations of combat and magic are also available.

    I'm still working through the Freeplay campaign, which unfortunately doesn't allow a standard campaign character to play....more info
  • Nice RPG
    It has a good story and graphics. The interface is nice and easy to pickup. It was definately fun to play....more info
  • Cool Universe - Rich Grapihcs
    I played with this game for about three weeks. I had a good time with it, for me it was very immensive. Its 2008 now, maybe there are games with better graphics and effects, but I think this is a classic....more info
  • Spellforce 2 doesn't live up to expectations
    I just picked up a copy of Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars today, after reading the great reviews on here and hearing that it was a "truly revolutionary contribution" in the RTS genre from my gaming shop. I believe it is only mediocre at best.

    Spellforce 2, is indeed a combination of an RTS and an RPG, although it only manages to do both of those on a marginal level. It plays like an RTS (in an RTS engine) with a character leveling and skill development system built in.

    The first thing I noticed about it were badly dated graphics. Warcraft III, Command and Conquer Generals and Warhammer: Dawn of War look far better and are much more polished than this title. The animations (such as the way a character runs and walks) are jerky and rushed, the spells are boring and oversimplified, in fact, you don't even have control over when to use them, the AI decides for you.

    The game runs well, mostly because of its poor graphics.

    I expected originality from this title, and that appears to have been the developers selling point. It fails to meet its only goal, to be different from other RTS titles. It has a very simple cast of units, nothing out of the ordinary (soldier, crossbowman, mage, super-unit) The game box claims to have nine playable sides, but there are only three in reality, because the three "factions" have three "races" inside of them, which each consist of two to four units and one or two buildings each.

    I've played many RTS titles, and originality and depth go a long way with me. This title has neither, and I believe the developer has no right to advertise either of those as its strong points.

    If you're looking for originality in either the RTS or the RPG genre, look elsewhere, this title fails to meet the quality expectations of a $40 game in both of the genres it tries to be simultaneously....more info
  • Truth about Starforce & Spellforce 2.
    The Review that states the following is incorrect:

    "These guys need to wise up and stop putting those drivers in their games. The only thing it hurts is legitimate owners. My last hard drive, Spellforce 1 decided my DVD burner was illegitimate and so started corrupting files; wonderful. Spent 40 bucks for something that ate my computer."

    This so-called review nearly swayed me from purchasing this game, after all who wants software that will ruin your pc. However wanting to see actual info about starforce i learned that the writer of the "review" knows little or nothing about this title. Starforce can be debated later, i personally wont buy a product with it, but spellforce 2 does not have said software. Publisher JoWood dropped starforce in all US releases, and its not on any US version of spellforce 2.

    as an aside it was in spellforce 1.

    See for an accurate listing on games that use starforce....more info
  • 1-st version was alot better
    I'm very unsatisfied of that game. Too slow, even on my fast computer, slow and hard to control gameplay, lack of usefull shortcuts, too much info on screen - no space for the action, interacting with characters is difficult and often leads to leaving them just to do what computer decides!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bottom line: DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME !...more info
  • Boring and Uninspired
    Never tried the first spellforce, so I don't know if it was supposed to be any good. But if the second is any indication, I don't think I'll bother with finding out. The game tries to be both an RPG and a Warcraft style RTS. What happens instead is that your characters wander through some hokey maps killing random monsters (not very difficult) until they "stumble" across an army that needs to be suppressed. At that point, they build the necessary unit factories and march off to war using the same hokey maps. The RPG side of the game is a poor copy of Diablo with a similar, but relatively useless set of skills. The RTS side is equally uninteresting with units that have few redeeming qualities. There is no point in developing any strategy harder than the classic rush 'em, i.e. throw everything you got at the bad guy, no matter what it is.... you'll win every time.
    ...more info
  • Good, not great
    Spellforce 2 is very unique, and is an effective mix of both RTS and RPG, however, it does neither genre particularly well. My biggest complaint is that all online screenshots look amazing, but even a good computer will have trouble running this game with the graphics settings remotely high....and in this game, there is a big drop off between High and Medium graphics settings. If you have a great cpu setup, you will probably have a good game experience. ...more info
  • Yes, it does use STARFORCE
    * It is in the game listing as of 8/10/2006(Boycott Starforce)
    * It is mentioned in the forum as using STARFORCE + causing problems(Boycott Starforce)
    * This is Aspyr Media

    * Also check out the bugs/patch + system requirement complaints

    JoWood said "future" releases won't use STARFORCE.
    What future releases ... which distributor ?

    I know of several games/producers that issued a "remove STARFORCE" patch ... one company said they would stop adding STARFORCE after their latest game ... I know of no company that pulled product; removed STARFORCE; then ran more production without STARFORCE included ... someone can correct me if I'm in error

    So, I guess if this stays "as is", we either have to buy this game here with STARFORCE or do without.
    If I see updated info regarding this issue, I will alter my review.

    When this game is available without STARFORCE; I will purchase it.

    ...more info
  • Excellent RPG/RTS experience
    Continuing the path set by its predecessor, Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars continues along the RTS/RPG hybrid path. You create an avatar; equip them with weapons, armor, and other items, and increase their levels by gaining experience, just like in a traditional RPG. Your avatar is joined on his/her quest by several heroes whom you can also equip with the items you will acquire on your journeys. Your avatar and these heroes form the traditional RPG party that travels through the game advancing the story, slaying monsters, and completing numerous side quests. Your avatar, as well as one of the companion heroes, is completely under your control: you can distribute his/her skills just as you like, making them into the RPG archetype you want, be it fighter, mage, archer, healer or a combination of the others. The other heroes have pre-set "classes" that limit how much you can customize them; one becomes as fighter, another a healer, etc. A total of five heroes will eventually join your avatar. The way the characters level up is perhaps the game's biggest departure from its predecessor. You no longer have to manage attributes such as strength and intelligence, and the number of available skills is greatly reduced. Spellcasters no longer gain spells by finding spell scrolls, but rather by adding skills. Adding points into skills such as Black magic or Nature Magic gives mages the chance of gaining new and more powerful spells. The heroes gain levels less quickly that the avatar; the maximum level for the avatar is 30, while it is 24 for heroes. However, unlike Spellforce, your heroes are always with the avatar; no need to find rune monuments to summon them, and since they gain levels as the avatar does, there is no need to find new runes to gain more powerful heroes. This also works the heroes into the story, making it more involving. Since your characters no longer gain stats, their growth in power is tied much more to the equipment they find, making the completing of side quests much more imperative.

    During their journeys, your avatar and his hero companions will often find it necessary to call upon the services of armies to accomplish their objectives. This is where the game's RTS elements emerge. You gain workers who gather resources and build the structures necessary to summon the military units for your army. You can also build defensive structures such as archer towers to keep foes at bay. The RTS element of the game is far less altered from Spellforce. The first games had six races from which you could summon armies: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, and Dark Elves. Spellforce 2 adds the Barbarians, Gargoyles, and Shadows. However, the nine races are divided into the three factions: The Realm (Humans, Elves, Dwarves), The Clans (Orcs, Trolls, Barbarians), and The Pact (Dark Elves, Gargoyles, and Shadows). Unlike Spellforce, where you had to find runes and plans to summon armies from rune monuments, in Spellforce 2 you are given a headquarters as a base of operations. You gain access to new races, and more advanced buildings by completing quests. Instead of simply finding runes, there are representatives from each faction who will "join" you to grant you the ability to build armies of their faction. Instead of their levels being fixed at the level of the worker rune you used, as in Spellforce, your units also level along with the avatar, albeit much more slowly; their maximum level is 18. Of course, you can still zoom in and out from an overhead view to a ground level "chase cam", showing your avatar and units up-close. This is a great perspective to appreciate the impressive architecture of some of the game's structures.

    The game is surprisingly non-linear. You can revisit previously conquered lands to complete side quests or even scour the map for a previously missed treasure. There is even one map that is your own personal kingdom, and you can return there time and again to complete a number of side quests. The main single-player campaign story is surprisingly engaging, and the side quests have enough variety to avoid monotony; one particular quest involves playing a game known as Drakkar with a city's best players to earn a prize. In addition to the main campaign, further playtime can be spent in Skirmish, Free Game, and multiplayer modes. There is a lot of game to go around here.

    The two factors that kept me from rating this game 5 stars were the leveling system, and the erratic difficulty. Experience is usually gained only by defeating difficult foes or by completing quests, so I often found my character waiting on the cusp of the next level for quite a while, waiting to reach the level requirement for that sweet sword or suit of armor that I found a while ago. The simplification of the RPG system was a bit bothersome, but it's a calculated risk, since the elimination of excessive micro-management should help less hard-core RPGers get into the game, even though the uber-RPG players might be turned off at the prospect of not being able to fully customize their character. The skill system also prevents you from piling a ton of skill points into one area; you must distribute skill points in other areas at some point before advancing the skills with the most points invested in them. Luckily, this doesn't force you to waste skill points on magic when you want to make a shredding swordfighter. The difficulty of the game can also rise and fall in roller coaster fashion; I found some maps to be frustratingly difficult while others were quite easy.

    Overall, my gripes are minor, and this game is a very worthy successor to Spellforce: The Order of Dawn. I'm already excited about this game having two excellent expansions, just as its predecessor did. Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars is a fun and satisfying experience. Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • One of the Best RPG/RTS game.
    A must play RPG/RTS game. This game is so much fun, very well designed, and I loved playing every minute of it. It is hard to find a sequel lives up to its predecessor but Spellforce 2 truly a remarkable game.

    The game has almost has all the right ingridients that needs in RPG. Group of heroes leveling and upgrading weapons and armor doing exciting quest and great story line. Optional quest like building your homeland and side quests are very fun to play as well.

    If you are a RPG fan, you must play this game. Needed to say I bought the sequel, "Dragon Storm" as well? And this was anoter excellent expansion that you must play. I just love this game....more info
  • More Starforce to bake your computer from Aspyr
    These guys need to wise up and stop putting those drivers in their games. The only thing it hurts is legitimate owners. My last hard drive, Spellforce 1 decided my DVD burner was illegitimate and so started corrupting files; wonderful. Spent 40 bucks for something that ate my computer....more info
  • RPG portion got better, RTS worse
    First I'd like to say Spellforce 2's distributor Aspyr failed to include CD-Keys in the US copies. I would post it, but iono if it's legal... In order to get one you must go to the support section of Aspyr's website. Provide a copy of your receipt and serial code and you should be able to play within two to four days. But I don't know if its worth going through the mess.

    Spellforce 2 presents a vast improvement in their storytelling compared to the original. It convinces you with the use of pre-introductions for maps, good cinematics (thanks to stronger graphics,) and nice voice talents.

    Presentation became more graphic. Icons for spells and gear look as good as Warcraft 3. Ability distribution became less complicated with the use of 2 tech trees, combat and magic. Its visual 3-D graphics are superb. You can be at birds eye view at zoom out and zoom in all the way between your avatar's breasts (I'm just joking, but you can do it.) The dawn light hitting off of metal armor can be blinding.

    What really hits me was the mal-evolution of its Real Time Straetgy. What happened to the 6 separate forces? You're reduced to three now, each consisting of three races (guess who's with the humans). You lost many of the best units in the first game for a new, condensed army. Civilization bonuses, resource multipliers and unique resource-regenerative buildings/workers (such as foresters and wheat farms) are lost. I rather have my elven forest combat bonus back. Plus I think the cover of night is not as strategically helpful as the first game.

    Overall I say its a good game with both positive and negative changes. You might want to save yout money for a compilation. Spellforce 2 expansion Dragon Storm is out in Europe. ...more info