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Condemned: Criminal Origins (Dvd)
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Product Description

Condemned: Criminal Origins allows players to experience the unnatural, as they track down serial killers and bring them to justice. Play as Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent in the Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through detailed urban environments filled with sociopaths who lurk on the edge of humanity. Condemned maintains an intense, focused pace -- players can never be sure what waits around each corner. Meticulously crafted 5.1 surround-sound will cue players to the location of offscreen enemies Next-generation lighting, mapping, and filtering techniques provide for environments of unprecedented detail and visual quality

  • Weapons and ammunition are scarce, leaving the player vulnerable to the game's mentally deranged criminals
  • Careful detective work and precision reflexes are your primary means of survival
  • Intelligent enemies respond strategically to your offensive and defensive maneuvers
  • High-level physics allow players to manipulate background items, which respond realistically when picked up, kicked, or bumped
  • Tightly wound story, backed with strong Character development and major plot twists

Customer Reviews:

  • calling it "medicore" would be too kind - skip this one
    so if you've played the demo, you might be thinking "cool - a game with some guns, some melee combat, and a dark cool story to go along with it." unfortunately, the demo is very short and doesn't provide you with a good idea of how bad and boring the game is. for one thing, the game is way too DARK. it's not that i'm against darkness in a game, but this is just ridiculous. i thought doom 3 was the darkest game ever - i stand corrected. going around from room to room in pitch black is boring.. but not as boring as the melee combat. block, hit, block, hit.. you can't even hit someone twice in a row or they'll hit you. yawn. the sprint function is the most pointless sprint i've ever seen in my life. your character barely moves faster, and he also can't sprint up stairs (huh??) it's VERY OBVIOUS the game makers should have made the character move a bit faster all the time. so you'll be holding down your shift key the whole game for no reason whatsoever. you're limited to the ammo contained in guns you pick up, so say you pick up a gun with 4 bullets, you use those 4 bullets and then have to pick up another melee weapon. not a good idea. i really can't think of much good to say about condemned. if you want to play a dark game where you shoot things, why not just go play doom 3? and if you want a good story, why not just go play an adventure game? skip this one. ...more info
  • So good, I bought it for both 360 and PC
    This is possibly the greatest game I ever played. When I went up to college, I didn't bring my Xbox 360 for security reasons, so I bought the PC version of Condemned so I could play through it a third time. This game is so scary that even on the third play through, I jumped and screamed from time to time. The detective work in this game is creative and fun, and despite what the other reviews say, the tools are not hard to work with. It's simply a matter of following the arrows that are on the screen. This game is different than all first-person shooter games out there, so it's not worth comparing. All I can say is try this game by buying it or trying the PC demo. Believe me, it's worth it....more info
  • Would buy again from this seller
    Product was received in better condition than expected. Looked brand new straight from the store. Would buy again from this seller....more info
  • Almost, but not quite
    Condemned: Criminal Origins is a brand new game from Monolith. In the game you play as an FBI name Ethan Thomas who specializes in serial killers. The game opens with you investigating the murder of one of the serial killers you have been after. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and you are quickly on the run from the police, determined to prove your innocence.

    The game's main draw is its intense visceral hand to hand combat. The game features mostly hand to hand weapons like metal pipes, 2x4s with nails sticking out of the end, sledgehammers and fire axes. While there are guns in the game, they are very rare and only have a few shots in them. The combat is pretty simple to learn since you can only block or attack, but fighting requires a good sense of timing to properly block blows and attack back with your own. The fighting itself is great. It really feels like you are laying into people and it looks extremely brutal. Unfortunately, there is not much depth when it comes to the combat and it gets stale towards the end of the game.

    Weapons in the game are classified by range, speed, power, and defense, though it is a bit difficult to tell the difference between some of them. Picking the best weapon can be somewhat of a guessing game as the game only tells you if a weapons power, defense, speed or range is greater or less then the current weapon you have. It also does not mention how much the difference is between the two weapons. You can also only carry one weapon at a time. You also have a stun gun which you can use to stun opponents and grab their weapon while they are stunned. After you fire it, its battery automatically recharges after a few seconds. The stun gun becomes an invaluable weapon later in the game when you are facing off against multiple opponents.

    Every once in a while there will be a break in the action while you investigate some of the crime scenes. You will walk into an area and be prompted by your "instincts" to take out a forensic tool and look for clues. The correct tool automatically comes out, so all you really have to do is look around the environment for the clue you are supposed to find. While it is simple, it can be pretty cool at times. Most of the plot is discovered from these sequences, so they are definitely interesting even if it is extremely easy.

    Most of the gameplay takes place in very run-down environments. From a subway station to a library, every environment in the game looks like it has been neglected for years and is falling apart. All of the environments are extremely dark and do a good job of giving off a sense of fear. Unfortunately, none of the environments are very interesting to explore and there is not much you can do while you walk around them. Occasionally you will wander into a door that you need to cut your way through with a fire axe, or fence with a padlock that you need to smash off with a sledgehammer, but that is pretty much it. Also, it is extremely easy to get lost in many of the levels since everything looks pretty much the same because of extremely repetitive use of textures. When you get lost there is no map to help you find your way, so you will find yourself wandering around until you stumble across the door you need to open.

    Graphically the game looks extremely good. The lighting effects in the game are absolutely great to look at and the environments are extremely detailed. The characters look realistic and animate beautifully. The fighting animations of the enemies in the game are especially good. Enemies will stumble backwards when you hit them with a heavy object or come running at you, swinging wildly in the air. All of the animation looks fluid and very realistic.

    The AI in the game is also pretty impressive. The enemies are extremely aggressive, though they do occasionally hide so that they can catch you off guard. Sometimes they charge at you while screaming some pretty nasty stuff or hide and wait to ambush you. They will also attack each other, which can be fun to watch. Enemies will see weapons in the environment and pick them up if they don't have one. The AI does a good job of keeping the fights brutal and intense. One problem with the AI is that after the first few hours, the AI becomes pretty predictable. They have a few cool tricks at their disposal, but after an hour or so you have already seen them all.

    The sound in the game is pretty average. There isn't much music except for some ambient stuff here and there, but the sound effects are excellent. Every smash with a weapon sounds disgustingly realistic. The voice acting is also pretty convincing.

    The biggest disappointment in the game would have to be the storyline. To sum it up, it's awful. A lot of the real important stuff, such as why everyone is going crazy, is boorishly explained during loading screens instead of in the game. The ending is also pretty anticlimactic and underwhelming.

    But still, Condemned: Criminal Origins is a pretty fun game to play. It does a great job delivering a good looking first-person melee combat game. It's just the more you play it, the more you will wish it had a deeper plot and a more robust combat system to keep it much more interesting. So if you are looking for some fun melee combat and don't mind its short length and underwhelming plot then go ahead and pick up Condemned....more info
  • Creep fest that's fun!
    I was not a huge fan of FEAR, but it had it's moments. This game however has everything FEAR did not, that is to say it's actually scary. The horror is not random at all in this game, it's actually quite constant, you're instantly submerged in a sick twisted underground world of terror and absolute fear, real FEAR. This game made me jump a few times. Aside form the survival horror aspect of this genre bender, the forensics was cool, if not unrealistic at times, you basically scan everything rather then use the old pick and tweezers method used by real forensics. The FPM game style was fun, easy, and original. FPM, meaning first person melee. This is not a shooter at all, in fact the few guns you find scattered about usually won't help you much, as there is no reload feature or even an inventory for that matter. You just wonder around in search of a better weapon. It's a simple game, I only had to look for a strategy guide online once. Don't play this one in the dark, or do play in the dark, but be warned. ...more info
  • Great Ghx, shame about the same old same old
    If you liked F.E.A.R, you will love this, it uses the same engine, but a little tweaked. My only dislike of the game, is the secenery! same old building, walking through same old building...

    All you really end up doing is waiting to jump out your seat... adn after the 20th one of those.. it gets old...

    the ghx, sound, plot are very well done, i just think they could have maybe given you some office time @ the police station, or a walk in the city...

    just a little too repatitive.!!...more info
  • what is around the next corner?
    Here is a girl who knows when she likes a game ! I have played quite a few shooter games and found this one to be very unique.
    Watch your back ! You just never know who may be there. This game continued to make me jump out of my seat all the way through. Yes, it is dark but that is what makes it so creepy good. The different things you find to use as weapons are what makes it so different from all the other shooter games.
    Someone else mentioned in their review that the controls are klunky , and I agree somewhat . It seems that you could swing them alittle faster but they get the job done. the story is ok but I think the scare factor was the winning factor. I think it is a good buy....more info
  • Interesting concept, somewhat flawed execution, so-so.....
    OK, I struggled through this game. Each time I thought something was about to happen, nothing happened. I must admit that is was the spookiest game I've personally played (I have over 100 titles, mostly FPS/RPG). But the action was frustrating, and the controls klunky.

    The melee style of game is not really my thing, but this is not pure melee, there are guns scattered about, but they are not that effective.

    The characters are pretty good actually, as are the voice actors and story. The "gear" that you get to use at the crime scenes is somewhat hard to use sometimes, but it does help move the story along.

    Personally, I could have lived without playing this game, but it was not that bad, just not my style. If the control of the melee action was more precise, and you could actually feel like progress was being made, I might have liked it even more.

    I presume that it is set up for a sequel, but I'll have to wait and see on that one. Really a 3.5 star score from me....more info
  • Great game - bit short.
    First off, I will say that I have not been as genuinely frightened since playing F.E.A.R. Condemned's atmosphere provides enough fear, it doesn't need to rely on the "Boo!" tactics of games such as Doom 3.
    The storyline is captivating, although the end leaves a bit to be desired. Some things go unexplained; I'm hoping that means a sequel is in store.
    The gameplay is very nice, and the rough melee action leaves you a twisted satisfaction - nothing quite like slashing someone with a meat cleaver :).
    Some of the complaints people had were 'the enemies look the same' and 'it was too short.' The first of these complaints I would not agree with. Some enemies are recycled late in the game, but it certainly didn't make it any less fun. The length of the game, however, was slightly disappointing. Although, I suppose I would rather have a very fun 10 hour game than a mediocre 15 hour game.
    All in all, a VERY underrated game. I strongly recommend this for all gamers....more info
  • very good game
    Considering that I've already played most of the other very good first person shooter games. This one really impressed me considering its age now. I love the game play and the sounds are awesome. Product works great! Thanks very much!...more info
  • Fantastic! "but gorey!"
    A very great game with an awesome but gruesome storyline. Your name is Ethan Thomas, a FBI agent working on a case. your gun gets kicked, and the serial killer shoots 2 police officers. "if you think that's the only bad thing, there's a second case you solve while solving the serial killer's case. birds are mysteriously dying, and you need to find out why" from 45. cal pistols, to crowbars, your a hardcore cop who is destined to solve this case! and not to mention, its scary that people pop out, such as zombie-spider people, to fat firemen trying to chop your head off! just a warning, be aware of the scary people popping out!...more info
  • Quite Good
    Condemned is a very exciting and sometimes terrifying game. In my opinion, it is best played in the middle of the night, alone, with the lights off. The story is pretty interesting, though it is never completely explained. The plot revolves around Agent Ethan Thomas of the Serial Crimes Unit of the FBI. In a standard investigation at a crime scene, he is framed for two murders, as he is on the run from the police and the FBI, he searches for the true killer. As he gets closer to the truth he experiences more and more paranormal activity. The game has awesome, though bleak, graphics and a chilling hand-to-hand combat aspect. The plot atmosphere of intrigue and investigation is quite interesting. I thought the voice acting was rather good, though somewhat cliche.

    The game is very linear, with little space for exploration. However, there are various secrets and achievements found throughout the game that unlock special content accessible through the main menu. Condemned is a great game that can be played more than once, it is like a movie that you can be part of. ...more info
  • Lots of fun in a twisted sort of way.
    The the first thing this game reminded me of was Doom 3. It's dark, creepy and there are bad guys who sneak up on you and all that good happy stuff. But then again, this game is nothing like Doom 3 because I actually enjoyed it. You're an FBI dude and you are investigating a killing when a bunch of crazy stuff starts happening and that's all I'm going to say so as not to give it all away. Now that we got that over and done with, the action in this game is brutal! You're only allowed one weapon at a time and you can't save ammo either. Creepy homeless crackheads will come up to you, reach over into the wall, pull out 2x4s and start trying to bash your head in and you'll have to do the same thing to them if you want to survive. The story behind this game is really pretty cool, but there are some loose ends left open when you finish it. The game also isn't very long, I believe it took me about 14 hours to finish, but it was still very fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. Overall, this is a good game if you want something with a slightly different take on the way the action in a game should be and if you want something dark, creepy and attention grabbing....more info