UPstrap RF/DC Strap, for Mid-weight Cameras, Video Cameras, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes under 2.25 Pounds.
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The Ultimate a Non-Slip Shoulder The UPstrap is the buzz in professional photography and recently bird photography as a replacement strap for binoculars and cameras. When you read UPstrap's testimonials and reviews from world-class photographers and orthopedicsurgeons, who all are giants in the different areas of commercial photography , nature photography, medical photography, stock photography and street photography, you will realize that not only are they giving you a serious photographic tip but a health tip as well. The challenge has always been keeping a shoulder strap from slipping off your shoulder, without using your hands or contorting your body! We need our hands and arms for other functions such as maintaining our balance, answering our cell phones, getting our keys from our pockets, opening the door or jotting a note in our PDA. With the UPstrap you can stand straight with no shoulder strap slipping and improve your body health, while being more creative. The UPstrap Patented all surface tread design and polymer shoulder pad provides amazing non-slip traction and lateral stability on your shoulder. This translates into comfort, proper body mechanics, shoulder /neck health and greater security for your expensive equipment, vital data. . .and no hassles. You are free to concentrate on making images or your thoughts and not an annoying strap. If you think about it, cameras and heavy binoculars should not be carried around your neck al

Customer Reviews:
  • Does as specified
    Although a tad bit expensive, this product works as advertised. However, I have heard that the rubber projections wear after a while when used on certain materials (like Gore-tex). I have no way of verifying if that's true. But I am happy with the Upstrap and its definitely better than the original Canon strap :)...more info
  • Great Strap
    Though this is expensive, it is the best strap I have used. The wider version is even better ( and more expensive ) but only available at the designer's site....more info