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Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
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Product Description

In The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Spyro embarks on an action-packed adventure that redefines his history. Players will experience the awesome power of the purple dragon as they unleash devastating fury attacks, Upgradeable breaths and ground-to-aerial melee combos in frenzied battles with hordes of menacing enemies and bone-chilling bosses.

  • Combat & Upgrade System allows increased power and variety of moves & attacks
  • Elemental upgradeable breath attacks (Earth, Fire, Ice, Electricity)
  • Massive, long-range fury attacks
  • Flurry of ground and aerial melee attacks and combos
  • Non-stop, explosive action with a deeper combat experience & bone-chilling boss battles

Customer Reviews:

  • boring and easy
    im a big spyro fan this spyro game is the 2nd worst spyro its easy the reason why its easy is because they did not put much in this spyro game when i first got this game i did not understood it because spyro was so stupid he thought he was a dragonfly and the previous games he knew he was a dragon not a dragonfly this was sapost to be the story how he became a hero boy was that a stupid idea this is just like star wars revenge of the sith and it was too serious just like revenge of the sith but sparx was ignoying he was making me mad with his big mouth and suddenly they was talking about the dark master and he started this war what war...more info
  • Legend of Spyro a new beginning
    The game is nothing like the others. This one took 6 hours to play and there was nothing more to it than the one task. The other games at least had a little adventure to them. I kept hoping there was more, but there wasn't. It ended very weird. It just ended but it seemed like there should have been more to it. Not worth the money I paid for it....more info
  • Are you kidding me?!
    I've been playing the Spyro games for a long time, ever since the first game (Spyro The Dragon) was released for Playstation. After playing the trilogy while growing up on the Playstation One, I than awaited for Insomniac to make some new Spyro Gems for the Playstation Two.
    How disturbing this series has become since than. Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly and Spyro: A Hero's Tail were alright, although the first one of this whole new series did have a bunch of clich¨¦s, and the second one was frustrating, this game is a failure.
    What have they done to you Spyro? Now you are "Spyro Baggins," going off on your new little quest, which is totally wrong. They re-ripped, re-burned the old, awesome little spit of flame from the original series and made this cheap-skate to earn some cash. Spyro is now a disturbing little dragon and sparks is absolutely stupid. Why are they trying to input famous voice-actors into this game? Its not working. A while back, after playing this game I got rid of it. For anybody who is new to Spyro, trust me, don't play this game, or the one after this (Eternal Night). Rather try to find a copy of the first game, Spyro The Dragon, and play it.
    And even if they are continuing on with this "new," Spyro, especially with the new Spyro game coming out this year, and the movie, Spyro isn't going to get any better, but the game play might. Lets hope they don't stick with the boxed-in world in this game. What a disappointment....more info
  • Unimpressive Spyro Game from a Spyro Lover
    I have played Spyro since the beginning. I have been a huge fan of the concept and the way the versions have improved over the years.

    The latest chapter in the Spyro series has some cool new moves and the famous voices make it a bit more interesting. However, that's all that I liked about this Spyro.

    You spend a good portion of the game in training, with no choice of continuing the game without finishing it. The worlds seem to be less '3-D' due to the fact that you are forced down one path and one path only.

    Finally, it took only a couple of days to finish the whole game - I want something that lasts longer.

    It was very unsatisfying and I hope that if they come out with another version they go back to their Spyro roots....more info
  • legend
    spyro is great. this game could be greater. too bad they sold out to another company....more info
  • It is different to the previous Spyros
    It is different to the previous Spyros, it is no longer so innocent, requires more dexterities to play it ...more info
  • Okay...
    This is an okay game, but WAY too easy and it takes way too much from the old Spyros. I mean, what happened to the days when Spyro was a simple character in a simple fantasy world with a loose plot? The first one was fantastic, and the other four were pretty good, too. This one was interesting, but if you're planning on playing it, rent it. It's really easy to beat....more info
  • Glad that a reboot was made
    I was a bit nervous when I bought this game, mainly because it's a new Spyro series. Here's what I thought about the game itself.

    Good: -Deeper storyline than the old Spyro games.
    -New moves and breaths.
    -Sparx speaks normally like he was supposed to.
    -Potential in the video game market.

    Bad: -Spyro's charging is difficult to control.
    -The start of this game is a bit slow and only 30 minutes into the game, it catches up.
    -You can't skip any cutscenes, but you get used to it.

    That's it, really....more info
  • Spyro A New Ending!
    I'm sorry, but where is the old Spyro where you collect gems? The only thing I really liked was the graphics, and I didn't like that it plays like an RPG. If you like playing RPG's then I would play this, but if you like the old Spyro's do not!...more info
  • Re:An okay Spyro game
    I agree with you!

    Those Dumb metiors keep on comming and they totally kill you.
    I also agree with you about Tall Plains The best level of the game!

    You Know what's even cool I beat Cynder everytime I play the game!

    The secret is you need to know which element to use and the type of breath

    The biggest Spyro Fan...more info
  • Not a real Spyro game
    This game was horrible. The only good thing I can say is the graphics were ok- despite several problems with camera angles

    The voices of Elijah Woods and David Spade couldn't be more annoying- is there a reason after all the spyro games they felt the need to give them voices?

    The game has several gliches (I would die in the middle of a fight and then suddenly appear in the next scene and would never have to finish the original fight.)

    However the most annoying part was the lack of imagination from the creators. Come on guys- you had a great template to work from, the original games had a variety of characters, minigames, secret locations, tons of things to collect- this game has no imagination. Its the same thing over and over, even the bad guys are the same (despite the occasional change of clothing). Instead of spending time coming up with silly names for EVERY single one of the bad guys, it would have been nice for the programmers to have familiarized themselves with the original games and build on an already great template. Its too short, unimaginative and feels like its unfinished. My suggestion would be to spend less money on celebrity voice overs and more on developing a good game....more info
  • A great buy for any Spyro fan!
    I absolutely love, and I mean LOVE, this game. Yes, I've played all the original Spyro games, and I've got to say, this is defiantely a great addition to the Spyro collection. Sure, it's different than all the others, but guess what?: THINGS CHANGE. And sure, it's easy to beat after a while, but it's something that'll keep you interested. Even though there aren't any mini games (which I found annoying after a while) and it's mostly combat, it still keeps you interested, unlike A Hero's Tail, which I got bored of. And the voice overs are AWESOME! I like how they added more attitude and personality into the characters. I absolutely love Sparks's attitude :D He keeps the mood upbeat by adding something humorous or sarcastic into the scene, and always puts his 2 cents in. The game also teaches you what to do with the training with the elders. If you don't listen to this review and don't wanna spend the money to buy this game, at least rent it!...more info