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The Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack
List Price: $34.99

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Product Description

Sims 2: Nightlife takes your Sim into the night. Explore all of your favorite after-dark activities as you discover your Sims' love lives or have a crazy night out with friends. With the new dating gameplay, players will see if their Sims have chemistry with others, which will determine their romantic fate. Make your Sims nightlife fantasy a reality with over 125 new objects including a DJ booth, poker table and all you need to design the ultimate nightclub and VIP lounge.

  • Sims romantic attraction is now based on personality - Figure out their compatibility, then heat up their love life with new romantic social interactions
  • Give the Sim of your dreams a longing gaze, go for a slow dance and top it off with a dramatic dip kiss
  • Live it up in fun And style - over 125 new items objects & items including a DJ station, photo booth, karaoke machine and more. Exotic new Sims to mingle or date including vampires, hot waiters and more
  • Doll up and Head out -- chill out at mellow lounges, dance the night away at nightclubs, enjoy candlelight dinners at fine restaurants or hit the bowling alley with the guys and become the ultimate king of the pins

Customer Reviews:

  • not all it's cracked up to be
    Hey so here's the deal: It sounds pretty awesome. But I found that the car thing isn't really all it's cracked up to be. I mean, sure it's cool to see a car in their driveway, Heck it's cool to have a driveway! But really, I don't end up using the cars that much, and beyond that it's the same as taking a taxi!
    Turn ons and Turn offs are great, but they're in every expansion pack... The new clothes and hairstyles are awesome, so that I'm grateful for, and the new interactions are also cool! However, unless you're into the whole dating thing enough to want to always do it, Nightlife isn't all that. I enjoy it and appreciate some of the little things, but overall, only a four out of five....more info
  • Awesome expansion game for The Sims 2
    I love this expansion game for The Sims 2. This game takes the Sims to a whole new level and it's fun, fun, fun.
    There's not much to say except you get to live and/or visit downtown and you get the dating games and meet vampires. 'nuff said!

    Highest recommendation possible!!

    P.S. You need the Sims 2 original and you might need to download a patch for the game....more info
  • 5 Star Game
    As with the other Sims 2 games for the Mac Nightlife is alot of fun!...more info
  • Those Social Sims...
    While the late-night phone calls inviting the Sims downtown can get annoying, the ability to have Sims go on dates is quite enjoyable--more fun than just throwing a party. I particularly enjoy sending them on blind dates arranged by the matchmaker. This expansion pack provides additional fashions for the Sims, more house furnishings and decorations that give their dwellings more color and diversity. My Sims like the bowling alley and the karaoke machine. I like Nightlife more than I thought I would--I bought it for the ability to give my Sims a car. ...more info
    This is an excellent game...lots of fun for an individual or the family. Highly recommeded....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I bought this expansion primarily for the cars, but have enjoyed it much more than I thought I would in other ways. The cars themselves are indeed very convenient, particularly if you like to take your Sims to community lots frequently. I found the scored dates surprisingly fun, though not very challenging, and the new community lots are pretty interesting at first. There are many new places to explore in the Downtown area that will appeal to a variety of Sims, rather than just Romance or Pleasure Seeker Sims. In all, I found this a very enjoyable addition to gameplay, although not as deep as the Seasons or Open for Business expansion packs....more info
  • Totally awesome
    This expansion pack is lots of fun with new objects, aspirations, jobs and now cars, The Sims 2 Nightlife is a worthy addition to your Sims 2 game. It's a lot more fun to take sims to community lots due to the variety of activites you can now choose from. Vampires are a fun and unexpected compliment to the aliens and the new turn off- turn on charater traits make it more of a challenge to find the perfect sim couple. I hope you enjoy this expansion pack as much as I do....more info