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The Ultimate Audio/Video Interface Has Finally Arrived – in One Digital Connection Monster HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) 400 is a remarkable new high-bandwidth digital connection that offers superior digital video and multi-channel audio in a single cable, reducing the maze of home theater connections. It’s simple, user-friendly connection is backwards-compatible with DVI, and it delivers a high-definition picture that’s five times the resolution of conventional TV for the highest quality, crispest image quality available. Now you can connect HDMI-equipped devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes, AV receivers and HDTVs with a cable that helps optimize this next-generation technology: Monster HDMI 400. Advanced Design and Construction for the Best Possible Sound and Picture Monster HDMI 400’s advanced design and construction exceeds HDMI standards to transfer digital AV signals with optimal power, accuracy and clarity. 24k gold contacts resist corrosion to provide optimum signal transfer. Triple-layer shielding rejects interference for the clearest picture possible. And Monster’s gas-injected cellular dielectric helps facilitate high velocity transfer and maximum signal strength, even over long lengths. Maximize Your Connection with the Ultimate HDMI Cable: Monster HDMI 400 You’ve invested in HDMI technology so you could get superior picture and sound from your home theater. Now you can maximize the performance of this extraordinary digital interface by making the connection with the highest quality cable. For the ultimate high-definition audio and video HDMI experience, get Monster HDMI 400.

Customer Reviews:

  • Monster priced cable
    This was the first HDMI cable I purchased. It was not very expensive at Amazon compared to other retail stores, but still over priced compared to other brands. The quality of the cable is great. Monster cables definitely seem more durable and rugged compared to other brands, but that isn't always something I need for my home theater system....more info
  • Monster Rip Off

    When the sales person at your local electronics store tells you Have to have a [...] HDMI cable to make your 69.00 DVD with HD upscaling work - Run away fast. It is Not true. You can get these (HDMI cable) for [...] + shipping on eBay or under 10.00! I just got my HDMI cable from eBay and hooked up my DVD player with HDMI upscaling and it works perfectly! Save your money. AND Sony sells a [...] DVD that has HDMI cables for free in the box at one of the Buy Clubs....more info
  • Don't be fooled
    Let me break it down for you and make it simple. HDMI is a signal that's been built so well that it has little to no issues with signal quality. The only instance where that MAY become an issue is with the length of the cable, but in terms of wiring a convention centre. For this reason HDMI is just as good over ten dollar cables as it is over hundred dollar cables, when used in your home.

    The bottom Line with HDMI is as long as the signal gets to its destination, it WILL ALWAYS be the same no matter what carries it there.

    Simple HDMI works or it doesn't, 100% or zero, very black and white functionality....more info
  • Sound enhanced
    This HDMI cable by MONSTER is a must have for HD programs. It really enhances the sound and also makes the picture crisper....more info
  • Bought to Replace a Cheap Cable
    I bought this cable to replace one of those cheap $10 HDMI cables. That cable, straight from the box, gave us annoying horizontal banding when used with our new Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player and Toshiba 34 inch HDTV. I had even blown out the connections thinking it might have been caused by dust or something, but the problem persisted. So I began looking for another affordable alternative to the $100+ Monster Cables and found this model. It may not be the most advanced, but it works well for us, giving a crystal clear picture.

    I do question whether this cable will reliably transfer 1080p signals, since one part of the packaging indicated 1080p compatibility, while another part seemed to indicate that 1080i was the best it would do. I cannot test this, because our TV maxes out at 1080i.

    It's true that digital signals are just a bunch of ones and zeros, but the construction of the cable does play into the reliable transmission of those bits. Some people may get lucky with one of those cheap $10 cables, but I got what I paid for....more info
  • very good cable but expensive
    this cable produce top notch color but the price is a killar so if you're on a budget try something that is less expesnsive cable but other than that it's
    a very good cable...more info
  • good cable
    At first I was skeptical about getting this cable after reading so many reviews. But got it anyway b/c the price was great and I am glad I bought it. It is great, quality is very good and makes a difference on my hdtv. Planning to get another one....more info
  • moster cable
    Image quality looks fine to me. I was using a 4 foot monster cable of higher grade (HDMI 800 I believe) and I can't tell a difference after switching to this much longer cable in their lower priced line....more info
  • I ran the experiment
    I wanted the cheapest cable I could find to display my laptop to a HD TV.
    So I went to the local computer store and bought a cheapo cable for 3 bucks. When I used it I found that I got what I paid for. The video was dirty looking. So I bought this Monster cable and I can tell a huge difference. The picture looks perfect.
    But, at the same time I did this, my brother bought a [...] no-name cable and when I borrowed it to see if their was a differnce, there is not.
    at 1080p on my TV, I could not see any difference.
    So, in summary, I would say: Do not buy the cheapest cable you can find. For the average or above average person, just buy a mid priced cable (or monster if on sale). And for the high quality people out there, get the monster cable....more info
  • Complete Waste Of Money Ripoff-Total Scam!! Zero Stars!!
    Please! Please! Please! Don't be a total "Dumas" and believe the in-store Sales-Hole hyping these over-priced, do nothing extra cables!! These shameless in-store thieves know that you'll be spending some serious coin on your new flat-panel, so whats another hundred+ for some bogus cable if you think you'll be getting a better picture?? NOT!! It's common knowledge by those in-the-know, that measureable lab tests using an oscilloscope show ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in signal, picture or audio quality between these cables and the ten buck or less generic brand cables on, [...] etc. This was both professionally measured as well as being demonstrated by an engineer on a recent expose' on FOX13 News in Tampa, FL. Keep in mind that all this cable has to do is transfer data only; (not high power, like a loud speaker) so any reasonably good conductor would work just fine just to transmit a data signal. So, either it works or doesn't work at all - there is NO middle ground!! Furthermore, if the cable really made that much of a difference, don't you think that the Manufacturer would either include the cable in the box or mention that in the set-up instructions?? I have tried several brands of HDMI cables, doing brand-blind tests and could never see or hear any difference of any kind!! EVER!! Don't be a total "Dumas" and fall for the BS!! I hope this clears up any myths regarding so called "high end" cables. Don't believe me??? Humor me; and try it yourself!! You'll be glad you did... use the money you save to buy some nice Blu-Ray movies instead!! Bob-OH! OUT!!! ...more info
  • Monster Bashing
    I, just like everyone else, know that a subpar or even a moderately subpar wire will work and deliver picture and sound, however, unlike those who are telling you they are A/V junkies, I was not one, and used the cheap wires. I wound up replacing them a couple of times, given their very poor quality and durability. I used every other wire in order to avoid paying a lot for monster cables. However, out of sheer frustration and a little curiostiy, I decided to upgrade one of my cables from a very poorly made wire to Pure AV, which are definitely decent cables. I then decided to upgrade one more time, to see if I could really tell a difference with Monster. I heard all the technical stuff, I listened to the arguments about one cable being just like another, but I wanted to see it myself.

    So, I picked up this wire for an uponverting DVD player and a Monster DVI-HDMI for my computer to my TV. Perhaps, you might think I am lying or just trying to defend Monster, but I immediately saw a difference. The quality of the picture was phenomenal and the sound was amazing. Like I said, I was not an AV junkie, so I did it all based on what I knew, heard and saw, and I can tell you the Monster cables do make an amazing difference, and not just in terms of connecting a computer to a TV but also with my PS3 which makes games and my Blu-Ray movies look unbelievable.

    Do I want to spend that much on cables? Certainly not, and the only reason I do is because I can tell a difference, colors are more vibrant, blacks are more black, and the sound is crystal clear (I should also mention I have also upgraded my Optical sound cables to Monster as well). Also, if you do purchase a Monster cable, you will see a little slip of paper included which carries with it a lifetime guarantee. So, I spend $100 plus and yet it is not a waste of money, because if anything happens, I merely return it for another one. I don't know how that is a bad deal, and how Monster is selling us a lie, when they are willing to stand behind their product that strongly.

    So, yes, you can get sound and video from other cables, and it will work, and you may think there is no difference, but given my setup and what I have seen, I am now a loyal customer of Monster products and recommend them to anyone who asks me what they need if they want to set up a Home Theater. I even use their powercenter in order to protect my investment, and even then, there is a noticeable difference in the way things run, and the way things look.

    I know it sounds ubelievable, and I, myself, had to question whether I was just trying to convince myself that I noticed a difference, but when something is that noticeable the minute you turn it on, it is hard to argue otherwise.

    That is merely my .02 on the whole thing.

    EDIT: Initially, I was annoyed by all the disparaging remarks against Monster cables, but now, I find it rather humorous how heated people get over a cable. Suffice it to say, I have used cheaper cables and though they work, which I never once said they didn't, they are horrible cables, made of very poor quality. I am not going to argue about the whole signal 1's and 0's thing, I am just going to say, on a practical level, I was getting tired of replacing my cheap wires because of how poorly they worked. One broke, the other shorted out, and the other one did lack a vibrancy in color (I am sure I am going to be called a liar for that one). When I replaced those cables with Monster I never had that problem, and the only reason I started to buy Monster cables was because if the same thing happened that happened to my other cables, I have a lifetime warranty. I send it back and they give me another cable. I still cannot understand how that is a bad deal.

    So, go buy your cheap $6-$10 cables and enjoy them, I will stick with my Monsters and their lifetime warranty. ...more info
  • An Easy To Use Addition To The Monster Cable Family
    I purchased this cable to connect a television with an HDMI input to a Series 3 TiVo. The cable is flexible and plugs in easily. This cable also unplugs easily, but doesn't accidently disconnect when tugged on. I purchased this item directly from Amazon, and it arrived in the usual Monster bubble plastic. The bubble plastic is difficult to open at best. As far as I could tell, the video quality was compareable to the HDMI cable provided by TiVo. Overall, if you are reading this to determine if you should spend the money on this Monster cable instead of using the cable provided by your cable service or TiVo, then I would say stick with your existing cable until it fails you. If the price is no obstacle and you want an easy to use cable, then this may be the one for you....more info
  • Top Quality - Great Price!
    Upgrading from Component Video to this HDMI cable changed our entire HD experience. Video is actually clearer and sharper than before and the sound - well, you'd have to hear it to believe it! DON'T buy this cable at your local electronics store - you'll pay double what you pay here. My local electronics retailer sold me on the Monster Cable with the old "you get what you pay for" spiel - finding the exact same product for half the price at Amazon just makes it sweeter than ever! Buy it here - you won't find a better HDMI cable anywhere and you DEFINITELY won't find it for less!...more info
  • RIP off
    So you are at your favorite brick and mortar store, possibly a little nervous as you venture into the bewildering world of HDTV and drown in a sea of acronyms. You just paid thousands of dollars for the latest HDTV. The salesman asks you if you have the right cables to hook everything up and you aren't sure. He grabs a $100 Monster HDMI cable off the rack and... Stop right there!

    Monster cables are the biggest ripoffs in the home entertainment industry.
    Especially their HDMI cables. HDMI is a digital signal. You either have it or you don't. A cheap $15 generic cable will work just as well. Don't be pressured into buying Monster branded anything! They prey on your ignorance to inflate their profit margins. Don't fall for it!

    It's not just my opinion. Type this into Google:
    Monster HDMI cables ripoff
    ...more info
  • Digital Signals
    Being in computer hardware engineering: anyone who suggests to you that a digital signal is a digital signal is a digital signal clearly has _no_ clue what on earth they are talking about. Im not suggesting that monster cables are the best thing since sliced bread - afterall you will be paying for their marketing budget with your purchase. Subpar cords WILL indeed have reduction in DIGITAL signal bandwidth through various transmission line effects; this is why a fair number of people arent getting 1080p performance through the 5 dollar cords. It is the bandwidth (the amount of information sent per given period of time) which determines how well these cords perform....more info
  • Monster HDMI gold cables....a must have
    If you have invested money in a HD tv you NEED to invest in these HDMI cables. Yes they are among the most if not the most expensive consumer HDMI cables but worth every dollar. You will instantly see a difference on first use and realize that you did the right thing.

    Every HD tv needs these cables. No question about it...more info
  • Don't waste your money.
    Monster cables always have been and always will be a joke. Sure they may be higher quality but in terms of picture quality it isn't helping anything. Especially in the digital age there won't be signal loss regardless of what cable you go with. The extra cost all goes to pay the naive consumer tax....more info
  • Can't afford the best? Suffer like the rest....
    Wow... Where do I begin? Id like to first off say, as an Aviation Electronics technician, in study of being an electrical engineer, and a VERY avid home theater buff, I understand that different wires and cables have different properties of carrying signals... and have seen the difference in real world situations.

    So, most importantly... Do these cables work? ABSOULETLY!! Are they worth the money? Depends. Not one person that has actually purchased monster products can say they arent good cables! So stop giving products bad reviews for their prices. The scoring system is for the quality, longevity, and how well the product works. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it.... Don't say they are "crap". Are Ferraris crap just because they are over-priced?

    If your not running an expensive set-up... if you're not viewing 1080P.... or using a HIGH end computer and monitor.. Then these may be a waste of money. The point of these cables are more then simply delivering a signal. I have never once discovered degradation of singal do to interference with power cords, radio frequencies, or electromagnetic waves... like those great little 10 dollar cords that people speak so highly of. Monsters shielding is awesome. Secondly, the materials used in cables is very important. Certain metals (mainly copper) carry signals better then the cheaper metals used in cheaper cables (nickel, aluminum). And moster gold plates the connecters to keep from them getting corroded. Which DOES happen in high humidity environments. I really could go on and on, but then I would sound like a monster sales rep.

    Simply put... I could name cables MUCH more expensive then monster. And of course, there are tons that are cheaper. But like I said, if your spending all that money on expensive High Definition Tvs, on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players, on Gaming PCs, then dont short yourself on cheap cables. Its like having an expensive sports car, then buying $50 tires from wal-mart. All that horsepower is getting wasted.

    IF YOU CAN AFFORD THEM... BUY THEM!! You wont be "wasting your money" ...more info
  • Great cable
    HDMI cables are expensive, but I got a good deal on Amazon. Cables were delivered quick and were brand new. ...more info
  • Ensures that the 1's remain 1's and the 0's remain 0's
    Without getting too technical, it is important that when you have a high def TV, and the bits leave your cable box, what got sent as a 1 is received as a 1 and what got sent as a 0 is received as a 0. If a 1 becomes a 0 or a 0 becomes a 1, then you have trouble -- the quality of the signal is compromised, though there are various error detection mechanisms to correct the flipped ones and zeros if there aren't too many of them.

    Now what this cable does really well is to ensure just that. But so does most every other HDMI cable. Heck, Amazon sells cables that cost $10 and under. So -- why spend so much money on this? Well its because the average buyer knows no better. So -- save your money for something else, and buy an HDMI cable for $10 or under. And, if you insist on spending ungodly amounts of money for glorified copper wire, I do have a bridge that's a great deal for you....more info