Sony ECMHW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for DVR-DVD405, 505, HDR-SR1, UX1 & DCR-SR60, SR80, SR100 Camcorders
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Product Description

Hear even more of what you've been missing with the ECM-HW1 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone from Sony, the ultimate accessory for capturing full 5.1 channel sound for all your digital video recordings. The Bluetooth-enabled wireless microphone captures clear and dynamic audio from up to one-hundred feet away. And it connects easily to your Handycam(R) camcorder using the convenient active interface shoe. Add a new dimension of sound to all your important moments. Records sound in Mono Records center-channel sound (for compatible camcorders with 5.1 Center mode) Earphone jack on receiver to monitor sound picked up by microphone Microphone transmitter powered by 2 AAA batteries Wireless microphone captures 5.1 channel sound Bluetooth-enabled captures clear audio from up to 100 feet away Connects easily to your Handycam(R) with the Active Interface Shoe

  • Wireless microphone captures 5.1 channel sound
  • Bluetooth-enabled captures clear audio from up to 100 feet away
  • Connects easily to your Handycam with the Active Interface Shoe
  • Includes clip, arm band, neck strap, wind screen, and carrying pouch

Customer Reviews:

  • As advertised
    This is a great product. We hooked it up to our Sony HC96 MiniDV camera and voila! great sound on tape.
    We used it to record a focus group sitting around a table with the camera standing away from the table to record their actions. The combination of picture and sound was great.
    We also tested the microphone attached to a person walking away from the camera throughout the house and up the stairs and the camera picked up sound perfectly even though the person was walls away....more info
  • Sony Wireless Mic for Camcorder
    Fast shipping, works great. The only issue is that it is mono which could be a problem for some people. I am very happy with its sound quality....more info
  • good mic
    bought this for my girlfriend on christmas took her a month to finally use it but it works fine with her sony HDR SR1 30GB picks up sound beatifuly i would recomment this product to anyone.... with this camera...more info
  • Outstanding mic -Bluetooth
    This mic is so easy to use. We use it in our elementary school & my 5th graders have no problem with it. It's actually easier to use than other more expensive mics are. The quality of the audio is excelent....more info
  • Didn't work for our purpose
    I read the positive reviews for this prior to purchase. For home video/audio recording it might work fine. We were trying to use it for recording "how to" demonstrations and it was not suitable for that use. It has an overly sensitive, built-in audio limiter and as soon as the microphone picks up additional sound (glass beads in a vase, etc.) it lowers the overall audio level sharply, causing the level of the speaker's voice to drop very noticibly. Then when the background noise ends, the speaker's voice level pops back up. There is no manual adjustment to the audio limiter - that would solve this problem. Because of the over reactive audio limiter we had to return this product....more info
  • Works Great!!
    This product works great with the camera. I am a pastor and we started taping my messages -- difficult to hear without the wireless mic as the camera is 30-40 feet back, but can hear perfectly with the mic [not that anyone WANTS to hear what I have to say :)]. I keep the mic clipped to the inside of my glasses case in my shirt pocket and with the windscreen on, nobody sees the blue light or even knows I have the mic on me -- plus, since it is clipped to the glasses case, it stays stationary and there is no rustling. Highly recommend for anyone taping anything at a distance....more info
  • Not bad but wait for Version 2
    I use this system with an AVCHD camera for our sermons on sundays, to ensure clean audio. It works great, but a little bulky. The unit drains batteries fast, so use lithium or rechargables. The clip on the microphone is very flimsy and will slide off easily. Use it if you don't care about others seeing a big fat microphone on your subject. Wait for the next model from Sony....more info
  • Mixed bag; read before buying
    The audio from this mic and receiver is very good. We have shot over 200 videos on our website using this combination and the sound is not the problem. What we do have a problem with is the bulk of the microphone which is very difficult to conceal in a shirt or jacket. I guess if you're shooting a conversation with a flower arrangement between the speakers it would work fine, but for a single speaker on camera, it's very bulky - about half the size of a deck of cards. The second issue is that it uses up batteries like crazy. It uses to AAA alkaline disposables, and sometimes we get only an hour or so out of a pair of them. Perhaps our microphone is defective, but that seems unreasonable.

    What I would really like is a Bluetooth microphone with the normal small wired mic and a small battery pack/transmitter.

    ...more info
  • What a great product
    I have used this product in many different applications and have been very impressed with its performance. The range meets or exceeds the specified range. I bugged a church van during a scavenger hunt and they never knew it was there and I was able to capture their teamwork for a video of our youth program. The range was great. The audio quality is great too. I have used it for an interview as well as many other applications. The wind does get picked up a little even with the wind screen on (but it is still the best performing microphone I have used for my Sony DSR-300 video camera). I would recommend it over a shotgun mic any day of the week. Having a microphone separate from the camera also removes any mechanical noise that the camera makes (motor drive of the tape or any minor bumps that the camera takes. It makes your camera look a little strange with the receiver but it is well worth it. The light is a little annoying on the receiver but if you put the wind screen on you cannot see it at all. A must have for anyone who wants to improve their audio quality on their videos.
    ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I wrote Sony asking if this item was compatible with my Sony Camcorder because the website information was unclear. The Sony rep. assured me it was, so I bought the wasn't compatible. After causing a stink with Sony, all they said is that they were not responsible for the website info or the rep.

    ...more info
  • Good sound quality,but a little bulky
    I used this wireless mic for a wedding on the beach recently and it did great. The quality and clarity of the voices was very satisfying. The only thing that was annoying was the bulk of the mic itself. It didn't clip onto the clothes that easily and the blue light on top of the mic you could see. I am not a video guru so it worked very well for what i was doing and you dont have to hold the mic very close so you can shoot the footage and not see the mic,but hear the voice very clearly. Overall a good buy for what i needed....more info
  • Great
    This item did exactly what it is suppose to and very well. Set up in 10 seconds too. ...more info
  • Remote Bluetooth Mike for Sony DVR-DVD403
    I bought his bluetooth microphone to use on my Sony DVR-DVD403 camcorder anticipating that it would work on my unit since it had a hot shoe similar to the 405 model... and it did. It worked beautifully for picking up the audio from a solo performer who sang and played a guitar. I was about 70-80 ft away up in the balcony with the microphone clipped to the music stand in front of the performer. The audio came thru nice and clear, but unfortunately it also picked a lot of the background noise of waiters picking up dishes, etc. since the performance was near the end of dinner....more info
  • Hi -czzcck- this mic -cczzzckck- sucks
    The microphone is HUGE. This thing looks like it is some sort of medical device hanging on you. It does do a good job picking up tons of ambient noise and static though. So if you are looking for a good mic for all the noise around you - this is it!

    ...more info
  • size is great - haven't tried it yet though
    Just to clarify: the photo shows the microphone looking like the size of a deck of playing cards or cigarettes. I was so pleased when it arrived and the microphone was the size of a small box of matches (1/3 to 1/4 of what I feared). The transmitter isn't very large either. We haven't hooked it up yet to see how it will perform. ...more info