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Tamrac Adventure 7 Photo Backpack (Grey/Black)
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Product Description

backpack-style camera bag * padded camera compartment with adjustable foam dividers for storing a full-size SLR camera with 5" long lens attached, additional lenses, flash, and accessories * clear vinyl and nylon mesh pocket organizer for batteries and memory cards * dual mesh side pockets for quick access to water bottles and accessories * padded shoulder straps * carrying handle * two lash tabs on the bottom for carrying a compact tripod (requires additional accessory straps) * internal dimensions: *

  • Modern backpack designed for the SLR photographer with a large digital or film SLR with a grip and lens attached, several lenses, a flash and accessories.
  • Lower section is a completely foam-padded camera bag compartment, while the upper section functions like a traditional backpack to hold a light jacket, lunch or other personal items.
  • Features Tamrac's patented Memory & Battery Management System? that uses red flags to identify which memory cards and batteries are available.
  • Foam-padded camera compartment has a weather flap and quick-release buckle for security and weather protection.
  • Two mesh pockets on the sides provide quick access to accessories and water bottles.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good not great
    I looked long and hard for a bag that would carry my essentials while hiking. This does it well, but the opening in the middle makes it a little inconvenient to use while on the trail. I usually carry my camera out, so it's getting to accessories in the bottom compartment that becomes a bit of a pain. If you plan and pack right you can pack your most used items in the top pouch and it works pretty well. In my shopping quest for this item, I saw many that had straps for tripods. I thought this bag had one, but I was mistaken. That is one thing that would put this bag over the top....more info
  • Excellent general purpose SLR bag
    I have owned this backpack for a number of months and am extremely happy with it. It is divided into two areas, the bottom protected area which comfortably holds my Nikon D50, a spare lense and a pair of binoculars. The upper area is smaller but still usefull, typically holding keys, a TomTom, some small camera accessories, wallets and a small jumper. It wont hold a bulky jersey or jacket though. The small front pocket is small and could take wallet and keys although I dont use it for that because to access it you have to open the big front buckle - not difficult but a pain nevertheless.

    The bag effectively folds in half when you open the camera storage area, making it easy to get the camera out. You do need to take it off your back to do this, though.

    My only significant criticism is that, although made out of extremely tough and hardwearing material and with zips that have flaps to cover them, I am not convinced that the bag is completely waterproof. The odd shower is fine but not a sustained day-long hike in the rain. So I carry a seperate plastic cover for getting caught in the wet.

    SUMMARY: An extremely good bag for one camera for fair weather photographers. And it doesnt stand out as a camera bag!...more info
  • Great for travel
    We took this and our Canon Rebel XTI on a recent vacation to Europe and it was perfect for us novice photographers. It fit well under a plane seat or in the overhead compartments. The top portion of the backpack was more roomy than I thought. I easily fit a change of clothes and a small travel book. It fit comfortably on me (5'5") and my fiance (6'1") although I can see where it would not be comfortable on anyone bigger b/c it is small. We loved it and can't wait to take it on future trips....more info
  • Great camera case!
    I really like this case. The bottom compartment plenty of room for a camera, two lenses, a GPS receiver, spare batteries and memory cards, cleaning cloths, and a few other odds and ends. The top is not huge - I had to bend and twist a magazine to get it in there, but there's room for a gorrila pod and a thin jacket, if you ball it up. The bag is very sturdy, handy, and easy to use....more info
  • Great investment!
    This bag is a great bag to have on a long day trip, or any vacation. It is roomy enough to hold all my husband's equipment, his camera and several lens, and tripod. There is another section where you can put other camera accesories, or you can pack snacks for the day. I gave it to my husband for Christmas and he loves it. ...more info
  • Love the Bottom... The Top is a Little Snug
    I hope this review helps those who are debating whether to purchase this backpack. Here is what I have in the lower portion of my bag right now (which is all my equipment) compare the dimensions provided to what you own:

    - Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Black Body Only) (which is attached to:)

    - Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG APO Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras According to Sigma's website: Diameter 76.6mm X Length 122mm (3.0 in. X 4.8 in)

    - Tamron Autofocus 28-75mm f2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) for Canon SLR Cameras (off the camera) According to Tamron's website: Diameter x Length = ?73mm x 92mm (2.9 in x 3.6 in)

    - Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens (off the camera) Dimensions (Diameter x Length)= 41.0mm x 68.2 (1.6" x 2.7")

    - In the last two bottom compartments (which could hold lenses instead of what I carry) I have:
    - Four 67mm colored filters each in their own HUGE hard plastic protectors
    - One camera cap
    - One back lens cap (for the attached Sigma)
    - One pocket guide for the Canon XTI (very tiny)
    - One 67 to 52mm step ring in flexible plastic

    How does it fit? Very well. I have NOT manipulated the dividers and they are in their original place. I have room to stack another short lens on top of the Canon 50mm if I ever buy another short lens. It is important to note that the Sigma 70-300 attached to the XTI is a smidge too tall and pushes lightly into the top compartment space (which is separated by material filled with what I guess to be foam padding).

    Now I guess it is time for my complaints...
    I am a huge fan of the BIG purse movement. I LOVE room for all my personal belongings. I love being able to carry EVERYTHING with me. In my purses I am able to hold a hoodie, six chapsticks, several lip glosses, a few games, checkbook, oversized wallet, snacks, calendar, Tylenol, water bottle, hand wipes, cell phone, two pairs of sunglasses, breath mints, pens, coin purse... oh I am sure I am forgetting things. Nevertheless, I assumed a backpack would be able to fit at LEAST this in the upper portion. I was wrong. I knew the dimensions before buying and tried to simulate the size at home. I figured I would have to cut back on my "essentials" but I didn't realize how much. My compromise? The hoodie will be slipped through the belt buckle and tied in place and I will have to learn to live with a little less when I travel with this backpack.

    So with the upper size constraints, why did I buy this pack?

    Obviously, (from my purse contents) I needed a daypack. The Tamrac differentiated itself from others in several ways. It was necessary for me to have the water bottle pockets. Cold and wet water bottles do not mix with electronics (cell phones, cameras, etc.) and paper (checkbooks, calendar, etc.) and the mesh outer pockets became a deciding factor. This ruled out the Lowepro Orion Trekker II Camera Backpack (Black). The Tamrac Adventure 9 Photo/Computer Backpack (Grey/Black)was another contender (because of the slightly larger size) but I hated the idea of extra weight due to the notebook pocket I would never use. Additionally, I did not like the way the bottom portion of the Adventure 9 opened. From the photos it seemed like a security risk and had the potential to spill out on to the sidewalk. (Though I could be wrong)

    Hope this helps!...more info
  • convenient but small.
    It's a hip, compact bag, but the fitting is a bit too snug. My camera hardly fits in the slot for it, and kind of sticks out a bit, but still fits fine once closed. I use mine to carry around my Rebel xti, two lenses and a few accessories, and so far all of my gear has been fine.

    If you want a bag thats easy to carry, and don't need a whole lot of space for all of your gear and lenses. This is for you....more info
  • Perfect for light travel (small people!)
    I am a petite woman with a Canon EOS 30D (a rather large digital SLR). I recently took this bag on a trip to San Francisco, and *loved it.* It is very comfortable/padded, and the bag is not too long on the back (doesn't bump your hiney as you're walking around snapping great shots). The hinged camera compartment with quick release buckle is very convenient for getting to the camera quickly (you can leave the zipper undone and rely on the buckle for when you may want to grab it out quickly). The top compartment is roomy enough for a small purse worth of stuff, and the camera compartment easily holds the camera with standard zoom lens attached, an extra lens, accessories like lens cleaning pads/blower, extra batteries and supplied charger, and extra compact flash cards. I am thinking of also buying the Adventure 9 for when I need to bring the laptop along and need to get everything into the allowed number of airline carry-ons. However, for daytripping without a computer, and with streamlined equipment, this bag is awesome....more info
  • not good for long lens
    The ads is misleading, it can not match the need for a photographer with long lens. Look at the demo image in product description, What I can tell you is these two lens are all medium length.

    long lens+body > height of bottom apartment plus 4 inch.
    So you can not put the lens-attached SLR vertically like the demo image shows.

    long lens+body = width of bottom apartment.

    example: a 70-300mm lens attached to SLR camera, i have to either put it in top apartment (which is assumed to hold jackets, lunch and other stuffs according to ads), or i have to remove all "wall"s from the bottom apartment to lay down the camera and leaving "un-walled" little space for two medium-size lens.

    ...more info
  • Day Trip Bag
    Well built bag that is good for a day trip. Bottom holds all my gear that I need. Only thing missing is a holder for my tripod. Top holds food and an extra jacket or raingear. Would recomend for someone looking for a good day trip bag or a carry on for airplane. If you have a laptop this not the bag....more info
  • Very Good Medium Sized Backpack
    I purchased this backpack for my wife's Olympus 520 system with three extra lenses. The size of the bag is perfect for the system. It has enough utility spaces and rather clean simple design, and also light weight....more info
  • Great for Some, Not good for others
    I personally love this photo backpack. I bought it when I'm going to Europe so that I wouldn't have to carry a camera bag. The reason I titled my review the way I did is that it will not carry 5-10 accessories, etc. It fits just enough for a day trip, which why it's great for some. It is very comfortable, and the strap that can connect above the breast really helps with that comfort. It's great for hiking too.

    I love it, but don't expect to be carrying all the photo equipment that photographers have. ...more info
  • Perfect for the day hike
    I was very happy to see the size of this backpack. It is perfect for holding my digital slr, lenses and accessories. The top storage compartment isn't big, but sufficient. ...more info
  • Good camera bag
    I purchased the bag to hold my Nikon D80. Its pretty good overall. Here are seme of the things I really don't like: The water bottle holder need to bee bigger. The waist strap, I wish its removable or able to hide it somewhere, most of the time I don't use it....more info
  • Adventure 7
    Great Backpack! It is well made, padded straps and back. I have a Canon 20D with grip and about four smaller lenses in the bottom. I do have to keep my Canon 70-200 2.8L in the top section with a lens wrap around it. ...more info
  • Tamrac Adv. 7 BackPack
    I recently bought Tamrac Adventure 7 backpack for my Nikon D80, and I used it during my vacation trip. I like it very much. It is well designed, the material made is durable, and practical pockets to put your camera accessories. I recommend this backpack. You'll get your money's worth. ...more info
  • Tamrac Adventure 7 Backpack
    I hike and climb mountains - I like to take my dSLR and some spare camera equipment with me. The backpack meets my camera needs very well, it is comfortable and has a good design to distribute the weight correctly.

    The only negative comment I have is that the day pack portion is not large enough. In the fall and spring, I need more space for clothing. The next Adventure series backpack has a slot for a laptop which I have no use for, that is why I chose this model. ...more info
  • perfect camera bag
    This camera bag is just the right size and weight for protecting your camera and having everything organized and accessible.
    ...more info
  • Great Looking Bag!
    I bought this bag a couple weeks ago and I chose it for the space and it's looks. As someone else pointed out, this looks like a regular backpack which is great. I found I want to be able to carry my laptop with me, so I ordered the Adventure 9 bag and will be returning this one. This is NOT a small bag, it is a regular sized backpack (like the Jansports or Eastpaks you would put your text books in), but there are two main compartments, one above and one below. The one below has dividers attached with velcro that you can position to carry your equipment. If you want a bag that will allow you to quickly grab your camera, then don't buy this one because you will have to take it off your shoulders, put it down, unzip the bag, take out your camera, zip it back, throw it back on your shoulder, take the shot and so on (in this case you want the LowePro Slingshot). If you just want a bag where you can store your camera to get to a location where you will have it out all day, then this is a great bag....more info
  • Perfect size for my needs
    I'm quite impressed with this backpack. Some may find it too small for their gear, but I think the size is perfect for what I have. I currently can store my Canon 30D with a 17-55mm f/2.8 lens attached, Canon 80-200mm lens (smaller kit zoom lens, not as big as the 70-200), Contax 35-70mm lens, 6 filters in their cases, battery charger, memory and shutter release cable all in the lower compartment (and front outside pouch). I think a larger lens like the Canon 70-200mm at 9.9 inches would not fit in the bag attached to a camera, but would fit off the camera.

    The upper compartment is completely separate from the lower, and is big enough for a sweatshirt and a small lunch. The upper compartment can be accessed by swinging the bag around your shoulder and unzipping it, but in order to access the lower camera compartment, you must take off the backpack so the top compartment can fold back.

    The zippers slide easily and I have not had a problem with them getting caught in the fabric. The fabric is strong and rugged (I have only used this bag for a week, so I cannot comment on the long-term durability, but I have no reason to think the backpack won't last for years to come). The weight distribution when wearing the bag is excellent. With the heavy camera gear at the bottom of the bag, the backback sits on my back quite comfortably (I am 5'10" for reference). There is a chest strap which relieves stress on the shoulders, and a waist strap to secure the bag tight against the body (keeps the bag from bouncing and causing possible damage to your equipment). Some reviewers mentioned all of the straps cause for lots of loose strap material, but this can be corrected by rolling up the extra material and securing with a couple of small rubber bands. The bottom compartment that holds the camera gear is very well padded and the compartment is completely customizable (I found that taking out one of the dividers worked best for my camera gear).

    The only negative I had with the bag is the lack of a tripod carrying mechanism built in (like bungee straps on the back of the bag or on the bottom). There are 2 lash tabs on the bottom of the bag for an optional tripod carrying system offered by Tamrac. I was able to overcome this issue by placing the feet of my tripod in one of the side pouches, and then securing the top of the tripod with a clasp that attaches to the carrying handle at the top of the bag. This works well with my small compact tripod, but would probably not work with a large or professional style tripod.

    Overall I am very happy with my purchase. Someone with more gear that wants to be able to carry it all would definitely find this bag too small and should look at a backpack utilizes all of the bag for camera gear. But this bag is perfect for long hikes when you need to safely carry your camera and a couple extra lenses, and still have room for other items like a water bottle, lunch and clothing.

    ...more info
  • more review!
    This is a good storage bag but not good for getting quick access to the camara. The Velocity 7 back is much better if you want something that allow you to get access to your camara quickly and also able to carry most of your camara equipment with you.

    I returned this bag and purchased the Velocity 7 bag. Loved the Velocity 7 bag....more info
  • Should've gotten the 9
    This backpack is solidly built and can store a lot of small stuff in the upper compartment, but I wish it had a space for a magazine. The Adventure 9 has a laptop compartment that could've accomodated this....more info