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Auto Theft Deterrent Light
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Customer Reviews:

  • A preventive approach
    Item worked as advertised, does give the appearance of a real working alarm system. In the world of crime prevention any approach is better than none....more info
  • Auto Theft Deterrent Light Great
    I love this product! It is my second one, I sold my other car and the buyers wanted to keep it, so I ordered this one.
    So easy to use. Just put in the batteries and place it where you want in the car. That's it. It really showes up at night. There is a small recessed area in the lower part of the dash and that is a perfect place.
    Also love the off-on switch which saves on batteries. The price is very good and the seller sent it very quickly.
    Highly recommend!...more info
  • Realistic
    Flashing lights look like a real alarm. Batteries lasting much longer than expected. Gives peace of mind....more info
  • 'Alarm' Review
    This device does indeed look like a car alarm. Remember, folks don't steal stereos because they're bright. This device would stand up to some scrutiny, but it is doubtful it will have to. The idea is to encourage would-be thieves to move on to a car sans flashing alarm lights....more info
  • Effective, Realistic Bluff
    At night, this phoney alarm looks very convincing. When you mount it, rest it on a ledge since the velcro that comes with it is not very strong. I ve had it for a month and the batteries are still working. The shipping was as much as the product but this can not be had in your typical auto parts store. Probably because they would not sell the real thing that costs $200 more....more info
  • Auto theft Deterrent Light
    Works great, tho when weather/car get hot the sticky stuff used to hold on melts and it falls off....more info