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30x Jeweler's Loupe with Leather Case
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Product Description

Excellent clarity of the triplet glass lens (three lenses in a single shell) is a top feature of this quality loupe, but it also has features that will provide convenience and security. If you need a quality 30x loupe for a reasonable price, this is it. If you've never used a loupe of this power, you may wish to know that the viewing distance is very short between the loupe and the eye as well as between the loupe and the object viewed. The center of the loupe is the viewing area.

  • triplet glass lens for excellent clarity
  • lens diameter of 13/16 inch
  • 2-3/8-inch length open, 1-7/16-inch closed, 1 inch thick and 1 inch wide
  • necklace or lanyard ring for convenience
  • leather case with snap closure to hold loupe securely

Customer Reviews:

  • how to return
    It's what I ordered, but turned out to be too powerful for a novice. Would like to exchange it for correct power, but don't know how.
    V. Bourgault...more info
  • Excellent
    I purchased this took look at my gems and jewelry as well as ensure that my stones were not switched out while in the shop. At 30x magnification, it allows me to look at the GIA serial number that is laser etched on the girdle of my diamonds. Definitely a great value and so tiny and portable....more info
  • Powerful loupe
    This loupe is quite powerful in showing all the facets of a diamond or other precious stone in good detail; though I know there are some higher priced loupes out there that would give an even sharper view. But for my needs, it does a pretty good job....more info
  • Good product
    I buy vintage fountain pens and need a good glass. This is a well made glass. It doesn't open and close with a screw --- something you should look for. And it comes with a leather case --- something else you should have. I think it's well made. And the optical part of it is obviously superior. These are hard to get used to. But once you do, you get a vivid view of tiny writing or whatever you're looking at. I wish this was easier to use or came with instructions. It does take a bit of a learning curve. But it's a good value in my opinion....more info
  • not a very clear view
    Unfortunately, the product is not very well made. In the past - I had a doublet, 2oX which worked a lot better. I have trouble seeing the item I am scoping. in the purchased loupe.

    Yes, the glass needs to be right up against the eye, and the item in question. Still cannot see it very well. ...more info