Saitek Eclipse Backlit Keyboard - Red LED ( PZ30AUR )
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Product Description

Saitek award-winning keyboard design just got better! The Eclipse PC keyboard features patented TrueVu key illumination for use in any light, from day to total darkness.True-Vu key illumination through the keys! The Eclipse 104-key keyboard features patented red LED key illumination and backlighting, Zero-Slope design and adjustable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort. It is a Plug'n'Play design with USB connector.

  • Black finish and silver keys with laser cut lettering for true illumination through the keys
  • Zero-slope design and adjustable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort
  • Three lighting levels, volume control and mute buttons
  • Night Vision Sensitive Red Hue
  • Plug and Play USB Design. Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000 and XP compatible.

Customer Reviews:

  • My favorite keyboard
    I bought one of these a couple years ago, then it basically malfunctioned and would no longer work properly. At first I was mad about it, but then I realized for the price and how long I had it, well, I couldn't find another keyboard that I liked as well as this one so I bought it again. It has great feel of the keys, no silly fancy extra keys that will never be used like other keyboards do, just basic keys and everything you expect in a keyboard. Lights up great in red, and can used in late night gaming sessions in darkness. Just a great keyboard!...more info
  • Saitek Keyboard
    Easy set-up. Like the red backlighting.[ASIN:B000EA2HD4 Saitek Eclipse Backlit Keyboard - Red LED ( PZ30AUR )] Easy on the eyes in the dark with the adjustible backlighting. Kids like it for gaming in the dark too....more info
  • cassio
    Good product- I have enjoyed using it.The slanted piece at the bottom does bother me some but overall it is a good product....more info
  • Good Keyboard!
    The keys give a good amount of resistance when being pressed. The red light helps even if the entire room is dark. The button of the keyboard seems to have rubber grips, so the keyboard doesn't move around at all. I'm satisfied!...more info
  • Nice Keyboard
    Great lighted keyboard. Only minus is the paint is coming off the keys in less than 1 month....more info
  • BeYond Cooool!
    BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!!!

    I ordered the Red Backlit Eclipse on Thursday Oct 5 and got it Monday Oct 8 using the Amazon Prime Free Trial {Very much worth it},All I can say is this is by far the best keyboard I've ever used, it works exactly as advertised and I'm glad I read all the good reviews on amazon and went ahead and bought it.
    ...more info
  • ok, but im getting tired of red ; my first review
    i bought this item with Razer Diamondback salamander red mouse (which i don't recommend, get the copperhead) but, otherwise, its the best keyboard ive ever typed on, the wrist rest got kindove annoying. im giving this to one of my relatives and buying the Saitek eclipse II, or the G11 keyboard(which my friend has and i would reccomend that also) ...more info
  • I like this keyboard
    I definitely think this is a good keyboard for those who want an awesome illuminated keyboard, but don't really want to spend lots of money. The keys are easy to type with and the glow is just right. For sure the Red is better than the blue. I recommend it :) Works fine for me and I do a lot of writing. ...more info
  • Good Keyboard
    Don't love it, don't hate it. It's a good keyboard, nothing I haven't experienced before with other boards. The manual is a joke, no real info. It's a good solid keyboard, not much more to say about it. Oh, the light up part. I guess some would like it...I can't type in the dark anyway....more info
  • Worked Great
    this is one of the best keyboards i have. it helps that it lights up for night time gaming or even craming for a test....more info
  • Good, but a few complaints
    A good keyboard - the keys feel solid, not too loose yet not hard to push down or anything, just right. The backlighting is a little dim in areas, particularly around the edges- but it is enough to help see typing in a dark room. Another nice thing is the ability to set the backlighting as regular, dim, or off. One complaint, however, is that in spots the paint on the keys seems to have worn away, making areas that are almost like backlit fingerprints. To be fair, though, I have had it for a while and put it through some pretty heavy use....more info
  • Awesome!!!
    Perfect for the gamer in you! At midnight, turn out the lights and start up Quake 4... the red-illuminated keys are easy to see but not too bright. No more hitting the wrong key in the middle of a firefight just because you can't see it.

    But, this is also a great keyboard for typing. As a software developer, I find that these keys are spaced apart just perfectly, and they are neither too soft nor too hard to press. I can type faster and more accurately on this than any other keyboard I've tried (although I've never tried an ergonomic keyboard). This keyboard feels quite durable too. I expect it to last a good long time....more info
  • Excellent keyboard for no-light conditions
    I bought this keyboard specifically for its red backlighting and standard key-layout. It really only has 2 brightness levels (the "3" levels are really high/low/off), but it works well enough to find your keys in relatively low light. I use it in various places: living room (at night with no lights on watching tv), office (no lights at night), outside connected to my laptop and telescope. The red light does not adversely affect your night vision, as any other color light will do, so you can still make out dim galaxies and nebulas while attempting to capture their images on your laptop.

    For $20, it is one of the very best.
    ...more info
  • Good keyboard but...
    I got this keyboard because of the illuminated keys and volume controls. The illuminated keys are great! The lighting goes through the keys (not just backlit) and have 3 adjustments (bright, dim and off). The keyboard feels solid and has good weight to it. No sliding! The only drawback is that because the keyboard comes with no drivers, and none are available, the volume controls don't work! I've been in touch with Saitek's helpline and they got it functioning through a patch. The functions went away when my spyware (and I) removed the Human Interface Device service because of possible malware (probably the patch). Oh well, I guess I have to break out the windows disk to repair this. Overall, a good product....more info
  • Saitek backlite-keyboard is sick!!
    Without one of these keyboards your really playing in the dark, now I get to turn all the lights off and can see every key I need to play world of warcraft ,worldwarllonline and the new pirates of the burning sea. True gaming happiness, did I say The witcher too? Frame rate increases too, Less work on the motherboard....more info
  • Great for gaming
    You won't find a better keyboard in this price range.

    I use this keyboard extensively for gaming and am thoroughly satisfied with the purchase. Its LED backlit keys make for improved gaming in the dark PM hours. The keys have a nice feel to them... overall a rather ergonomic design.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • lights up but still hard to see
    red led works but glare from the silver keys still makes charicters difficult to see. would be a lot better if the paint was black instead of that lead color....more info
  • Saitek Eclipse
    This is a great gaming keyboard. You can tell it is quality by the weight of it. It doesn't feel like your going to break it when you type. It has an adjustable palm rest. The keys are silkscreened so you can easily see the letters of keys in the dark. The keys have a good feel (a little stiff). I am totaly happy with this keyboard. ...more info
  • I like it
    It is a good keyboard. I like the color and style of the keyboard. Easy to set up....more info
  • Excellete
    I am on my computer for like 18 hours a day...and to be able to see the letters on here in the dark...saves me money on electricity...Thanks a million...more info
  • Saitek Eclipse Red Backlit Keyboard
    I have wanted a backlit keyboard for some time but I wanted one that was not so bright (like the Blue backlit keyboards) that it caused eye strain in low light conditions, and I wanted one that did not cost over $100.00. This was an excellent choice. I love the red LED back-lighting! I did not use the accompanying wrist support... its hard plastic and I was uncomfortable with the positioning.

    Red LED's are not as harsh on your eyes in dark rooms.
    Keyboard has an excellent feel and layout.
    Has a button to change the light level (three settings: High, Low, and Off).
    Didn't make my bank account cry when I clicked on the purchase button.

    LED brightness is not uniform across the keyboard. There are brighter spots around the edges.
    Included wrist support kind of sucks. Buy your own.

    Overall it is worth the money!...more info
  • great keyboard
    this is a great product that does all it says, works amazingly, LED light is pretty strong, illuminates just fine, keys are sturdy, heavy enough to not move but not too heavy to be like a brick on your desk
    the only con, it was 31.42 when i bought it just two weeks ago, just means its an even better deal now...more info
  • Sweet Keyboard, but not as good as the second
    This keyboard is pretty sweet, but i recommend the second saitek eclipse. It has all backlit colors that include red, purple, and blue. See my other review on the saitek eclipse 2 keyboard section....more info
  • Nice Backlight
    The backlight is good but as a keyboard and the design is really lacking so the comfort is not there, so probally not a good idea as a primary device, but just for gaming....more info
  • Kool looking keyboard !!
    A Nice looking Keyboard especially with the red backlighting and all. Matches my 22in monitor perfectly. I even purchased a red Saitek mouse to match the keyboard. Received in three days !...more info
  • Nice Keyboard
    I purchased this keyboard to jazz up my night-time gaming experience a little. I usually conquer the universe in a dimly lit room when the wife and kid hit the sack; and this key does the trick.
    The keyboard is definately worth the low price tag. The keys are very smooth and quiet. I hope the product last a while....more info
  • Has Performed up to my expectations
    I was looking for a durable keyboard as I am a programmer and the amount of typing I do per day superceeds most standards. Also I have 'heavy' fingerstrokes and thus far the keyboard still has minimal click compared to standard keyboards after a week of my torture. As for the lighting, it's pleasant to look at, however, if you recline back while typing and your eye angle is not more over the top of the keyboard, the numbers and small characters can be a little hard to read because you see through to areas inside the keys that are not as brightly lit. For me it's not an issue because I have the keyboard memorized. However, if you have to look at the keys while you type, then you will want to sit with a more proper posture so you are looking down from above....more info
  • great keyboard
    I have had mine about a year now and it still works great. The only negative is the incline is too low. It has a great soft feel key action that is really easy to type with. I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • As expected, but still very nice
    It was just as all the reviews described - nice feel, awesome looks, and not that great lighting. If you aren't almost directly over the keys you won't be able to fully appreciate the backlit keys because the light from one LED is "piped" to several keys instead of having a LED behind each key. There were reviews stating that the lettering would wear away after usage - I took the advice of one reviewer and applied 2 layers of my sister's clear coat nail polish to all the keys. No problem so far (almost a month of intensive use for programming) I admit I bought this keyboard primarily for the looks (my roommate was green with envy when I unveiled it) and it's great for showing off because people who look at it are usually standing so they can see the full lighting. Not being able to see a few of the keys because my viewing angle prevents that doesn't matter too much since I'm a touch typist, and it functions great as a keyboard, definitely a step up from my laptop keyboard (which was full size). I give it 4 stars because it's a great keyboard to use, but the advertising makes you believe the keys are super lit, while in reality you won't be able to appreciate it much while typing. That and the fact that I had to apply the clear coats, half an hour of careful painting and drying to prevent the lettering on the keys from wearing away with use (I would like my keyboard to have labels even if I don't need them to type...)...more info
  • Haven't been this impressed by a keyboard in eons!
    Hello, this is actually the first review I've cared to write on Amazon, but I thought this keyboard was a really great product and Saitek should be praised because of it's success with this item.

    First of all the response of the keys are very mechanical and provide a nice click when you hit them, I'm trying on it right now. I'm a touch typist and I can really feel the difference from the mushy rubbery keyboard I was using previously, that keyboard wasn't even full sized and for a desktop, it was odd.

    They red lights look very good, especially paired with other items that have a red glow, they also spice up your desktop but not enough to make it flashy.

    From what I can see I can press plenty of keys at once and that happens to help in certain gaming situations. Overall a really fun and great product, with less than 12 hours of experience I think that it will last me much longer than the previous one and it looks great too, so what a bonus!

    ...more info