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Walking Wings Learning to Walk Assistant
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Product Description

"Walking Wings is a first of its kind product that will revolutionize the way babies learn to walk. Walking Wings makes the process of learning to walk easier and more natural for babies, while parentsand caregivers experience less back pain and worry less about injuries that can result from falls. Walking Wings provides comfort, security and freedom of movement while babies are taking those first critical steps."The support vest easily fastens around the chest of the baby and has two adjustable straps with detachable padded handles. The baby's spirit will take flight as they take those unforgettable first steps into the worldsupported by Walking Wings.100% cotton Machine Washable, dryer safe For ages 6 months (minimum chest circumference 19 inches) 2 years (maximum chest circumference 26 inches)

  • Baby balances more naturally with hands free
  • Baby gains a sense of control & freedom
  • Reduces back pain from bending over for parent
  • No tugging & twisting on little arms
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Customer Reviews:

  • It broke immediately
    We were very excited to order the Walking Wings for our 8 month old. As soon as it arrived, we wrapped the walking wings around him, velcroed and snapped it shut, and then went about our first "walk." After only 3 steps, my son stumbled forward a bit. His stumble caused one of the fabric straps on the Walking Wings to rip totally off - a clean break at the seam. Our son immediately fell to the ground. Luckily, the fall was not hard, as the other strap remained in place. However, other babies may not be so lucky. We had this product a total of 3 minutes before it broke and put our son in harms way. I would not waste the money....more info
  • 1, 2, 3....JUMP!
    I bought this for our family bungee nights. It used to just be me and the wife, but with the "Walking Wings Learning to Walk Assistant" we can now heave junior over bridges and ravines with no problems at all! Look out below!!!...more info
  • The Hunchback
    I purchased this product about two months ago,and like the fact that I no longer have to hunch over helping my infant learn to walk!!!
    The only problem with The Walking Wings I've noticed, is the way the harness fits. My baby does not stand straight up. She tends to lean forward,arms stretched out,and almost touching the ground. (reminds me of The Alien Creature in Aliens movie)
    I'm still recommending this item,because as I mentioned earlier it's a relief not to hunch over....more info
  • poor design; not at all useful
    I thought that this might help my 6 month old daughter learn to walk, but I was very disappointed in this product when it finally arrived. Already a few of the reviews mention the negatives, which are

    1. The baby tends to learn forward because the straps are not attached at a natural location.

    2. The straps are too close together for a small baby (this is supposed to be a one size fits all, but the product is obviously meant for bigger kids).
    ...more info
  • Real review, I don't work for the company
    This is the most ridiculous waste of money and time. As any real parent knows, kids learn to walk in about a week. After that, you can't strap 'em in fast enough. Why anyone would pay $30 plus S&H for something to use for 10 minutes is beyond me. It's unreasonable to assuming that you're going to walk around like Frankenstein keeping baby from falling. Well, baby needs to learn to fall and get back up...that's how they build up their leg muscles. Secondly, 90% of kids learn to walk while wisking around holding onto the furniture. save your money and back and let jr. learn to walk on their own....more info