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BOB Handlebar Console For Duallie Strollers - Black
List Price: $21.00

Our Price: $20.00

You Save: $1.00 (5%)


Product Description

Appropriate for all BOB?s Duallie strollers. Stroller sold separately.


  • Attaches quickly
  • Holds water bottles, keys, etc&
  • Attaches with four Velcro straps
  • Easily and securely attaches with four Velcro straps
  • Includes 2 water bottle holders plus a zippered storage compartment for pacifiers, cell phone, keys, etc.
  • Made from "rip-stop polyester"

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Solution next to having Nothing at ALL!
    Very happy with product! Beats not having nothing at all to hold your drinks. Easy to pack in a suitcase if need be also. Great for drinks in plastic bottles. Haven't tried it with cups with a straw yet... I'm thinking it may be hard to get in and out without spilling, but again, haven't tried that yet.
    I would recommend purchasing if your stroller (especially double jogging strollers) don't have a parent tray....more info
  • A must have for your BOB!
    This item should be standard with the BOB. I use it everyday and it's great to be able to carry two bottles of water and my cell phone and id in the security of the zippered pocket. It fits the handlebar perfectly and it stays put. ...more info
  • Perfect Parent Console for Double Jogging Strollers
    This handlebar console is perfect, not only for the Bob Double Jogging Strollers, but also for the InStep II Safari Double Joggin Stroller....more info
  • A great addition to a great stroller
    This handlebar console was incredibly easy to install and is a wonderful addition to an already great stroller. The cup holders hold good-sized bottles. Definitely worth having if you have the BOB....more info
  • pleased but...
    I bought the console for a Schwinn double stroller because it doesn't have a drink holder. This one is definately made for the BOB and is a tight fit on the Schwinn. But we made it work fine and it held the weight of 2 water bottles or drinks just fine and did it's job. It just isn't secured quite the way it's supposed to be....more info
  • Does the Trick
    This Bob console so perfectly performs as it claims to that there's not much more to say! it is as attractive as it is functional, cohesive with the quality, sporty Bob craftsmanship/design....more info
  • AWESOME MUST-HAVE for Strollers!
    I LOVE the BOB handlebar console for Duallie Strollers! It holds 2 water bottles perfectly, so even when I am running very fast there are no spills or mishaps. The zippered pouch is perfectly placed in the middle so that it is easily accessible, even when I am running. It holds a LOT of stuff, including my wristlet wallet, IPhone, IPod, and gum!

    It is so easy to install onto the stroller and very durable. Also, rain just bounces off of it instead of absorbing into the material. I give this fabulous product an A+++++!...more info
  • inexpensive fix
    I like having the zipper pocket for my keys and phone while out on walks, and nice to hold water bottles, too. Would have been nice to come with stroller, for the price, but is inexpensive enough to add on....more info
  • It does not fit all double jogging stollers
    I tried this on a Tike Tech trax360 double jogging stroller, it was too small. I ended up giving back that stroller anyway so, I will be keeping it for my new BOB. The cup holders do seem pretty deep and I like the little change pocket. ...more info
  • Pleased
    We were unsure whether we wanted to purchase this product with our BOB but I'm glad that we did. It is nice to have our water bottles (very deep pocket) handy and a pouch (on the small side) to put our keys, phones and binky's in.

    I recommend getting this product when purchasing a BOB stroller....more info
  • Perfect!
    This is the perfect solution to double joggers that do not come with a parent tray. It works with the Instep Safari Swivel double stroller. A little pricey, but worth it!...more info
  • Too flimsy
    This is a nice idea but it doesn't attach well to my stroller bars and it is just too flimsy....more info
  • A must if you just purchased a BOB
    If you just purchased a BOB Duallie or Single this item is a must since, the stroller does not come with any cup holders. It is kinda ridiculous that a 500.00 stroller doesn't come with any holders but in the long run its all worth it. The secure zippered small compartment between both cup holders is nice to keep your cell phone, ipod or wallet inside and knowing it wont go anywhere. And its a breeze to install on your stroller no more than 2 minutes and you are good to go. ...more info
  • Great addition to a double stroller
    The stroller I bought didn't have much in the way of mommy storage so I bought this and it works great! It's attached with velcro so it's really easy to put on. 2 spots for drinks and a zipper pouch for keys, wallet, phone....more info
  • Need to buy this
    You have to have this for your Bob double stroller. I can't imagine not having a place for my water bottles, cell phone, keys and money. It's easy to put on, the black fabric doesn't show dirt and it wipes clean quickly....more info