Intermatic LX19414T Malibu Outdoor Lighting Kit with Ten Path Lights, Four FloodLights, and 60-Watt Power Pack, Black
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Product Description

What a difference 14 lights and 75 feet of cable can make.

If you're looking to illuminate your yard and house without spending a ton of money this kit has everything you need. The kit comes with a combination of path and flood lights that, once installed, can really transform the nighttime appearance of your house and yard. The path lights cast just the right amount of light, and the floodlights can be adjusted from spot to flood for different applications or visual effects. As an added bonus, the low-voltage engineering means that they won't cost you a lot of money to use.

Plastic is the main construction material here, and they do seem a little flimsy-you may want to spend a little more money for something sturdier if you'll be installing your lights in areas where they might get in the way of a mower or flying soccer balls. Barring this kind of impact, however, these lights are sturdy enough. Note that there is a fair amount of assembly required for each light. This takes a little time, but is more than offset by the kit's affordability.

Overall a good, economical lighting system that will make a huge difference in how your yard and house look after the sun goes down.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Ten path lights, four floods, 75 feet of cable, power pack, and instructions

  • Low-voltage outdoor lighting kit
  • An inexpensive way to provide landscape and architectural lighting
  • Energy-efficient and easy to install; floodlight patterns adjustable
  • Includes ten path lights, four floods, 75 feet of cable, and power pack
  • Two-year warranty on the lights, five-year warranty on the power pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Malibu Intermatic Lighting
    Intermatic LX19414T Malibu Outdoor Lighting Kit with Ten Path Lights, Four FloodLights, and 60-Watt Power Pack, Black

    Even for mechanically inclined person, the installation was a little tricky, but once assemble it was a breeze. Assembly instruction was vague. They were very plasticky but for the price and function can not complain....more info
  • Nice price but takes a couple hours to assemble.
    Arrived in box not packed all parts were more or less just thrown in there. Thought that maybe I received a returned item but everything was there. You have to have patience and be careful when assembling....more info
  • Good product - poor shipping preparation
    The product is good, especially for the price; however the items were not packed at all, all components were simply "dumped" into the manufactor's box. As a result, two of the flood light lenses were broken and the powersupply on/off switch was damaged. The good news is that the manufacturer was OUTSTANDING (Intermatic). They had an on-line site to replace the broken parts and shipped them ASAP. I also called them regarding the powersupply and they shipped a new one ASAP. The product works great and the manufacturer is very reliable and customer oriented....more info
  • Great Lighting
    Great quality outdoor lighting for a low price. Easy to assemble! I would definitely recommend~!...more info
  • Malibu Lights
    I was very unhappy with this product....there were dozens and dozens of parts that I would have to assemble....I returned this product for full refund and plan not to purchase Malibu products again.
    Thank you...more info
  • Poor Excuse For Lighting
    Very disappointed...barely any light output and transformer is not even powerful enough for the entire light kit....more info
  • Cheap quality product
    Don't expect much out of the box. takes a long time to setup and not all the lamps work...more info
  • Low end lighting but adaquate
    Simple to install, but probably will not stand the test of time and weather. ...more info
  • Malibu Outdoor Lighting
    I read all of the other reviews before purchasing this set. I decided to go ahead because I have used Malibu before. It was little time consuming to assemble the lights, but the wiring and installation was quite simple. Each light worked right off the bat. I was looking for a cost effective solution for easy flower bed lighting and this was it. I will use again!...more info
  • Good lights at a good price!
    These are pretty good lights out of the box as long as thats the number of lights you want..assembly was easy but time consuming as there were like a dozen parts per light! Just be careful about not hooking up same kind of connecting wire (there is a black one and a white one) into the same light fixture..its hard (but not impossible) to remove the connecting wire once you put it in.
    Wish the spot lights were a little more brighter, but the other ones are just fine, and the 75 ft of cable was just enough to do two sides of the driveway plus a little bit of the yard.
    ...more info
  • Poor Qualiity you get what you pay for
    The lights are definately cheaply made, I was amazed they worked at all and wo ever invented had a great idea and put it to work for him. The box arrived, everything was just thrown in it, which I did not like and a few items were broken, but replaced with one phone call. The directions not great, but figured them out. I am just wondering how long they are going to hold up with weather. I would have liked something constructed a bit better, but like I said, what do you really expect at this price point. They serve our purposes and might even buy another set.
    Chris in Florida....more info
  • Plastic, but durable
    Great for the front lawn. It was a very easy install, but time consuming (hiding the electric cable, so the gardner won't damage it). Would have been great if I opted for the package with more lamps....more info
  • Cheap, but serve their purpose well.
    We installed these lights in April (it is now the middle of September), and couldn't be happier with them. They provide excellent illumination at night; as well as extra security. Assembly wasn't overly difficult, though you must read the included instructions carefully. All of the lights are still working, and have lasted through our summer thunderstorms. Intermatic has been very helpful whenever I've had a question or difficulty with these lights; they respond to emails very quickly, and are always helpful. They helped me with assembly (even though I was the one who hadn't read the instructions), and answered my pre-purchase questions very quickly.
    Overall, these lights are a good buy for any homeowner looking for sidewalk/pathway lighting at a low cost. ...more info
  • Moderate assembly required.
    I opened the box to these lights and was a little discouraged by the amount of assembly that was required by me. But being as the organizer I am, I took all the pieces out of the box and laid them out neatly. Then I simply started my own assembly line. These lights are light-duty, but are more than I ever expected for the price. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has the patience to assemble it....more info
  • Shotty Construction
    While I love the illumination they provide at night, the construction is a bit weak. They are completely plastic, and not the PVC thickness but rather two sandwich bags put together. While this might not seem a huge problem, mowing around them and using the weed whacker can be an issue. Otherwise, the lights are fabulous. They didn't take long to install and like mentioned before, they look wonderful at night....more info