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Intermatic SP500 Window Stickers, 4-Pack
List Price: $2.95

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Product Description

The Intermatic window sticker provides safety, security and peace of mind. This sticker warning makes would-be intruders think twice. Easily mounting to windows, this set includes four security stickers. It comes with a 6-year limited warranty.

  • Window sticker provides safety, security and peace of mind
  • Makes would-be intruders think twice
  • Easily applies to windows
  • Includes 4 security stickers
  • 6-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to apply and these stickers DO discourage intruders
    These stickers should be placed in the corner of your windows or someplace similar where a potential burglar can easily see them. I know; you may not actually have an alarm system installed in your home. Nevertheless, these stickers go a long way when it comes to discouraging intruders. My father has similar stickers in the windows of his home and he's never been robbed nor victimized.

    Before you apply the stickers to the window, try placing them in different places of the window while the adhesive backing is still on the sticker. This way you get an idea of what the sticker will look like once you apply it. You may also want to ask a family member or a friend you trust to stand outside the window and discreetly tell you where the sticker will look most effective from the outside. Once you find the right place for your stickers make a very light mark on the window with a light colored pencil. This way the marks on the window can be erased easily after the sticker is on or just before you apply the sticker.

    Of course there's never any guarantee that these stickers alone will ward off all potential intruders. However, for those of us who cannot afford or do not want an alarm system, these stickers do a great job. They look very official, too.

    Highly recommended!
    ...more info
  • security stickers
    If you wipe any kind of liquid on this sticker, it vanishes. Save your money and get something else....more info
  • Great Idea
    My friend is old and had been bothered by kids knocking hard on her door trying to upset her. This looks real and the knocking stopped. Great idea for a small price....more info
  • Excellent
    Very pro looking. If I were a burgler I would move on to the next house for easier pickings :)...more info
  • Security Stickers
    It should be emphasized that these stickers are for placing on the inside of a glass surface. I had purchased them to place on the outside of a solid door, and they would not work for that purpose....more info