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Dinosaurs - The Complete First and Second Seasons
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Product Description

Created before the days of computer animation, Dinosaurs is an early 1990s television comedy series featuring impressive anthropomorphic, animatronic creatures created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. The story lines challenge some of society's most basic assumptions and explore some of the most universally troublesome aspects of "civilized" life. Set in six million three BC, the Sinclairs are your "typical" blue-collar dinosaur family attempting to adjust to the relatively new concept of communal living. The adjustments of moving from a nomadic lifestyle to one of domestication and social interaction are many, and challenging issues like the concepts of right and wrong, faith, and the intricacies of family relationships are forever besieging this every-man's family. Naturally, the Sinclair family approach is to address each obstacle with an abundance of slapstick comedy. The Dinosaurs episodes regularly function on dual levels: the puppetry and silly antics like Baby Sinclair's penchant for hitting her father over the head with a pan while hollering "Not the Mama" appeal to even the youngest children, but the often pointed social commentary and sometimes mature themes are squarely aimed at an adult audience. As a result, parental discretion and guidance are key in determining whether this series is appropriate for children under 9 or 10 years old. --Tami Horiuchi

Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 05/02/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • Just as funny as it was years ago
    I used to have some videos of this series and cherished them.The show is so funny it had me laughing all night.Jim henson was a pioneer and it appears his son brian will carry on his legacy.The show is great for kids to watch.There is nothing in it that would be objectionable at all to parents.I especially like when they are watching TV and the show ask mr lizard comes on.Its a spoof of Mr Wizard the science program seen on nickelodeon awhile back.The spoof always blows timmys head off as mr wizard has him look in a jet engine or something like that.Mr wizard always says--Were going to need another Timmy""This just cracks me up.Buy the set and enjoy"""...more info
  • I had forgot why I loved this show
    I rented this series a while back and I watched the first season. It wasn't funny anymore, and I couldn't remember why I used to love this show so much. About a week ago I rented the second season, and as I watched the episodes it slowly started to come back to me. The second season was ripe with political satire and social parody that reminds me of South Park when they tackle the issues of the day.
    My favorite episodes were the "What Sexual Harris Meant" episode spoofing the Clarence Thomas hearings where a foreman named Al "sexual" Harris, who apparently invented the double entandre, gets into it with Monica (Frans Female Friend) when she comes to work with Earl.
    My other favorite episode was the "When Good Food Goes Bad" episode. Another reviewer gave this episode 1 star and said that it was the worst episode of the series. But to me, the idea that "spoiled" food would leave the fridge and take the family hostage is just funny to me. General Chow AKA Chow the Merciless and his pet cabbage has always made me laugh.
    Anyway Season 1 was a real sleeper but is only Five episodes and did have its moments but the show really hits its stride in season 2. Get it and love it because much of it is still relevant today...more info
  • Hilarious
    I fell in love with Dinosaurs since I sow it first in TV more than 10 years ago. Now I am a father to a three years old daughter. All my family members find it entertaining.

    The only problem I have now is that my little daughter enjoy calling me "Not the Mama, Not the Mama, Not the Mama". ...more info
  • Dinosaurs - The Complete First and Second Seasons
    The DVD's was new as promise, and I was very satisfied with the delivery time the next day....more info
  • Wholesome humor
    Not since the Flintstones have I found a cartoon equally appealing to adults and children. Some of the humor may go over your children's heads but none of it is questionable. And they will find humor in subjects that appeal to them. My teenager loves it, my friend's younger children love it and us adults like it too. Good family fun....more info
  • Dinosaurs DVD
    Was fun to watch when they were a series on television and still fun to watch. ...more info
  • Kids LOVE it!!
    I remember watching this when it was aired on tv. My children never heard of it and watched it from start to finish. Now they run around the house yelling "Not the Mamma" great family show!!...more info
  • Dinosaurs - The Complete First and Second Seasons
    First off Hi to all you Dinosaurs Comedy fans out there!

    Well, where to start?
    I must say this was a fantastic dvd box set!

    It was very nicey put together,
    Much thought had gone into the dvd box outer design and the dvd's are held in place firmly, which is a bit of pain in a way as you have to press the center holding knob of the dvd you wish to take out a bit hard to release it from the dvd book like inner case,

    And of course the top two dvd's are over lapping the two below them in the case so if you wish to take out the bottom 3rd or 4th dvd you will need to remove to the 1st or the 2nd dvd at the top first?

    Well, they could have had 4 page like dvd holdings in this set!
    But it is not a big problem, just a small problem?

    Now onto the shows!

    I must say that each of the dvd's in this set ( 4 in total ) the level of tape to dvd recording on them was very high in indeed! Plus you get a dinosaur from the show nicey printed on each dvd.

    Each dvd in the set has a great starting interactive menu to pick your shows and extras to watch from which is a very nice touch.

    You will, I think be best using a muti-region dvd player to play these dvd's as I found my normal dvd had problems with the coding ( region 1 )?

    But besides this very small minor problem,
    You will love this set as much as I did?

    I remember seeing them all when the first come out in the UK on our ITV channel which had the normal advert breaks in it?

    So it has been wonderful to see these first two full seasons done as a full lovely revamped dvd level recordings!

    Many extras have been put in this set, which means a far better value for you money?

    They have been a long time coming onto dvd!
    But like me if you are a Dinosaurs comedy fan, you love it all over again?

    I look forward to seeing the 3rd and 4th Seasons Soon on dvd box set?

    Mr Colin Campbell,
    Uk....more info
  • Dinosaurs - The Complete First and Second Seasons
    Speedy delivery! Wrapped securily! Brandnew! SUPER! Thx!...more info
  • Get this for your kids!
    I bought this for my niece's 11th birthday a few months ago. At her age, she had never heard of the show! She loved it from the very beginning and I plan to get her seasons 3 & 4 for Christmas! (along with this, consider introducing your kids to Alf and the Muppets!)...more info
  • Dinosaurs DVD 1st&2nd Seasons
    ABSOULTELY FABULOUS. I have been wait for years for this show to come out on DVD. Can't wait for the remaining shows to be offered....more info
  • I loved the move.
    The movie got to me quick. Was packaged really well. I love the Dinosaurs, I use to watch them when I was a little kid....more info
  • Funny Jurassic Family Life
    My family loves these DVD's. It's like watching a dinosaur version of Everybody Loves Raymond or All in the Family. Questionable for very small children, but enjoyable for teens or adults....more info
  • Enjoyed it again
    I watched Dinosaurs when it first was on television. I very much enjoyed watching it again with my children. The older two (17 & 19) were amazed at the adult humor they missed the first time they watched the show when younger. The youngest (9) was enthralled by the show....more info
  • Dinosaurs - How we miss Jim Henson
    It's obvious that Jim Henson was a master puppeteer. I myself am a fan of The Muppet Show, Muppets Tonight, Dinosaurs, and most of the Muppet Movies. If you loved the television show Dinosaurs, you'll love this dvd. It has some interesting extras as well. You can learn about their idea for the sitcom and how they put it into action. Enjoy!...more info
  • Dinosaurs: Seasons 1 & 2
    Excellent, my grandchildren really enjoyed the show as I did. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    It is very fascinating entertainment for adult only not for children under 15 years old. I considered that way....more info
  • Excellent!
    Everything was great! It was shipped fast and packages well. The item was just as it had been described. I couldn't be happier about the transaction. Thanks!...more info
  • Great Family Fun!
    I also purchased The Complete Third & Fourth Seasons. This is great family comedy! My children love it and I didn't realize how much I had missed the television show until after we started watching it. You gotta purchase these seasons.... They are great! Take will take you back in time....more info
  • Not the Mumma
    At last after a long time waiting for this edition we can enjoy this wonderful family on DVD. Even though they were dinosaurs I think any family of all of us would identify with them. I don't give it 5 stars maybe because of a middle quality of image. Anyway, It's been worth being waiting for it.
    F. Garc®™a.
    Madrid. Spain. ...more info
  • One of the best DVD's in my collection.
    I loved Dinosaurs as a teenager and I love the DVD set. However some of my favourite episodes are missing so I figure there must be more seasons to come. Hurry Up and Release them Please! I can't wait to see the episodes when the Baby turns 2, when Earl and Fran lose their Parent Licence, when Robbie dates Mr. Richfield's daughter and so much more. Don't keep fans like us waiting much longer.
    This is one of the best DVD's I currently own. Even though the show aired over 10 years ago, the issues it deals with never really goes away. So no matter what decade it is, this show still hits home..... So if you are debating whether to buy this DVD, don't wait any's worth it. It's a DVD the entire family will enjoy. ...more info
  • Excellent Series
    Although little kids could enjoy this series, it has plenty for adults. There is lots of subtle sarcasm and social commentary that makes the show even funnier. It is not your typical "cartoon" show. Definitely worth watching....more info
  • Dinosaurs
    This show was great when I was a kid and is even funnier now that I am older and have shared the show with my three kids. If you enjoy the Muppets then you should enjoy this. It is done by Jim Henson...more info
  • Timeless
    This was fun viewing and a great way to teach satire. The last two episodes of the second season are about war and your mouth will drop at the timeless metaphor and current relevance....more info
  • Dinosaurs CD review
    The CD that we recieved was in excellent condition and didn't have any marks on it. We are very pleased with the latest purchase. Thanks!...more info
  • Great, fun entertainment
    I loved it. It's fun, cute, and even shows good values, but a few bad words here and there. ...more info
  • Enjoyed by All Ages
    I was looking for an entertaining dvd to help my 10-year-old grandson pass some of the summer. Knowing how he likes dinosaurs, I was searching for something informative about them when it was like I had suddenly been hit over the head! Right in front of me was this 2-dvd set of the Dinosaurs first two seasons! "Will he like them?" I wondered. After all, he is from a generation where creativity has taken animation to new dimensions and action and adventure are beyond, well, a hit over the head. Turns out not only does my grandson love them, but my 3-year-old granddaughter likes them, too. My daughter said the day they got them, they stayed up until 11 o'clock watching them! Now I can't wait to borrow the dvd set and watch the shows again myself. What a nice surprise!...more info
  • Great Series
    This is a very family friendly series. My 20 yr old son just loves it!...more info
  • Dinosaurs - The Complete First and Second Seasons
    Such a great series and now I have the kids saying " NOT THE MUMMA "
    Thats the price we pay and is priceless...more info
  • a great fun show
    i never actually seen this untill it got released on dvd.
    i got the dvd, and then, i just LOVED it !
    it's funny, you can actually related to it without it being lame
    i loved it, and i recommended it to everyone who loves tv.
    now some of my friends and i watch the dvd togheter, so please, bring
    us more! :)...more info
  • Very pleased
    I loved this show and watched almost every episode with my children when it was originally broadcast. My youngest child came along after it left the air. I have really enjoyed watching these again and with her....more info
  • Good nostalgia
    I think this is a great show, not too different from Simpsons or Family Guy. The only thing I can complain about is the picture and sound quality, which for obvious reasons aren't that great. Still, if you like the show, this is a good purchase....more info