Swann Max-IP-Cam Network Camera (SW-P-IPC)
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Product Description

SWANN SW-C-IPC Max-IP-Cam(TM) Network Color Camera Monitor and record what color camera sees and hears via network, PC, TV or VCR;Plugs into any network, even without a computer running; Record onto PC, independently of network, via Secure Digital Card(TM);Connects to existing TV or VCR for viewing and recording with TV-out feature; Integrated microphone; Infrared LEDs;Built-in motion detection and E-mail notification Max-IP-Cam(TM) Network Color Camera

  • Plugs into any network, even without a computer running
  • Record onto PC, independently of network, via SD card
  • Connects to your existing TV or VCR for viewing and recording with TV-out feature
  • Hear every sound with integrated microphone
  • See in the dark with infra-red LEDs
Customer Reviews:
  • Lots of Pros, a few Cons
    This camera works fine as long as you use Internet Explorer and follow the obscure instructions on the webpage that appears when the camera is found. If you are a Firefox devotee, you will be disappointed as you need to use MSIE to set this up. Infrared works good out to about 14'. Microphone is great too. Focusing is hit and miss. Drove me crazy getting it just right. This will also accept an SD card which is nice. All in all a good camera. Just don't spend more than $70 USD for it....more info
  • Not bad
    The camera is OK. The IR does not illuminate as far as I had hoped. I am not thrilled with the web interface as well. If you want to record on a trigger, you have to be logged into the web interface. Other than that, it's a neat toy....more info
  • Disappointed
    I'm very disappointed not so much in the camera, but in the company Swann.. I'm the Founder/President of NorCal Paranormal Investigators, Inc. and wanted to use these cameras in our investigations. The only problem is my lap top has the new Vista Windows program and Swann neglected to inform me that these cameras are not compatible. I have in the last 3 months asked Swann to inform me if they have the software yet and I keep getting the brush off that they are working on it, but has no ETA as to when they will have it. If I'm going to use them I'll need to buy a rebuild lap top with a windows 2000 or xp.. ...more info
  • Lack of Support
    No where on the spec or on the box does it say what operating system is required for this camera. It does NOT SUPPORT MACINTOSH at all!

    I wished I knew that before I bought this camera! I emailed Swann, and this is their response.


    Unfortunately the Max-IP-Cam uses ActiveX controls which means it is
    only compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer (6+).

    Keep in mind that you'll need a Windows system or ActiveX
    compatible browser to connect to the camera.


    So be warned!...more info
  • The solution I was looking for.
    I am using this as a baby monitor as well. I have a monitor next to our bed, but can also check from my laptop or from work. My dad lives in Thailand and it is a great solution for him to be able to see his grandchild. I use a little peice of electrical tape to cover the blinking green light. ...more info
  • Great Baby Monitor
    This camera was easy to set up and is working well as a baby monitor. It is nice to be able to check on our son from anywhere in the house (w/ laptop and wireless) or remotely when we have a baby sitter. The only downside is that it has a flashing green light on the front of it that can't be turned off. ...more info
  • Excellent NetCam
    This cam will be my third attempt at finding something that actually works as described. The cam out of the box was extremely easy to setup and completely intuitive. The picture quality is excellent even at full resolution and in the dark. I would highly recommend this camera for home security or a video baby monitor (what I'm using it for)....more info