Jabra A320s Bluetooth Adapter
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Product Description

The Jabra A320s provides instant Bluetooth connectivity to your PC so you can connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled devicessuch as headsets, mobile phones, cameras and printers. In addition, the Jabra A320s is a Class 1 Bluetooth product with a range of up to 100 meters and exceptional stereo audio quality.The embedded stereo profiles in the Jabra A320s make it perfect for listening to music on Bluetooth stereo headsets. Enjoy hi-fi quality sound without the hassle of wires - and without disturbing anyone around you.With the Jabra A320s, you can take advantage of the growing number of VoIP (Internet phoning) services. By connecting your now Bluetooth enabled PC to your Bluetooth headset, you can enjoy wireless conversations all day long. You can also transfer fi les and pictures as well as synchronize data including calendar and contact updates.Revolutionize your mobile lifestyle. Release your Jabra.

  • Bluetooth version 2.0
  • VoIP over your Bluetooth Headset
  • Stream Music wirelessly to a Bluetooth Headset
  • Plugs directly into your USB port
  • Transfer pictures and files to bluetooth devices

Customer Reviews:

  • works well but,
    No linux drivers so I can't use i on my laptop. It works great on my xp desktop though. I can't comment on vista. Good audio quality....more info
  • Jabra A320s Bluetooth Adapter
    The Jabra A320s Bluetooth adapter plugs into a USB port and provides Bluetooth capabilities, such as audio, headset, printer, and networking. It was easy to install on my laptop, and works pretty much as advertised, but there are two quirks:

    1. When used with an audio headset, the program producing the audio must be started *after* the Bluetooth connection is established. So, for example, if you have iTunes running and want to switch to a wireless Bluetooth headset, you have to make the connection and then exit from, and restart, the iTunes program. This seems like a defect, but it is probably a Windows limitation and not a Jabra problem.

    2. I have a Jabra BT320s headset, which supports both stereo and telephone headset functions, and the USB adapter seems to confuse the two functions, and can't switch between them. For awhile, it was insisting on connection to the headset and as a telephone headset instead of a stereo headset, and I finally disabled the telephone headset configuration just to eliminate the hassle.

    ...more info
  • Works fast, nice software!
    Great software that feels like it's in windows already!
    I like it because it works just fast!

    pretty much with everything.

    Good buy, go ahead and get it!...more info
  • Works so well I forget its even there.
    I have had this product for awhile now and have not had a single problem with it....more info
  • 100 meters? - NOT
    This item does what it's meant to do- offer Bluetooth services to close buy devices. It does this very will and so far I have had no problems with it using it on both my laptop and desktop system.

    BUT! - the claim that it works 'up to 100 meters' is very optimistic. The best range I could get is about 20 ft(6 meters). Bluetooth was meant to be a 'on body' network system and this device works quite well on the body or across the desk top. 100 meters - no in my world....more info
  • overall good product
    easy to set up, and small. The only negative thing that the first one i got couple years ago broke because it sticks out and kind you have to pay attention. However, I like it and I bought another one....more info
  • Though install bump later software worked smoothly
    With my Windows XP MultiMedia Center Edition, I used the provided install CD. Suddenly soon after starting the install, a window box popped in then quickly disappeared. Startilled the install later gave me options on the type of drivers I could use. Here I may have chosen one unintensionally. Unresolved I left for work. When back I relocated a Jabra hardware name seen in the docs then uninstalled what I had done the day before and reinstalled using the install CD again. The sudden pop up of a window box occurred again; it was an option box that popped up early. Chose the correct 'software Jabra hardware name' (i can't remember it now) that was located on my CD Drive (mine is device E:). All install went smoothly and normal from there. It seems the software is operating good. The Bluetooth setup is tricky but carefull reading of Jabra userManual and the other user manual cleared up security questions....more info
  • Excellent! don't go anywere without it!
    if your pc doesn't have bluetooth that's ok! this jabra bluetooth adapter brings the power of bluetooth to your fingertips! its small and light weight very good for the go pc users. sync your pc to any bluetooth device with this great product....more info
  • Cheap Bluetooth dongle that works great
    The Plantronics CS50 wireless USB VoIP headset that I had been using for Skype on my PC died after 2 years. So I was looking for a replacement (using wireless headset with Skype is a must for me). Since I have a Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth headset for my cell phone, I thought to myself: why not buy a cheap Bluetooth dongle for the PC and use the 510 for both the cell phone and Skype.

    Bought this Jabra A320s early January (3 times cheaper than the Plantronics BUA-100 Bluetooth dongle). I was a bit worried that it might not work well w the 510. Installation was a breeze and it works like a champ from the get-go. It works perfectly w the 510 and the audio quality is superb.

    Connecting is quick (in seconds) and unlike some reviewers said, you do not have to manually connect your headset. Once added my PL510 to the "My Bluetooth Places", it automatically connects to the PL510 whenever I turn it on and sounds a nice audio tone to notify me of the connection.

    It supports the headset profile well. I can answer or hang up Skype calls by pushing the call button on my headset while away from the PC.

    The range is rated at 100 meter. I have no trouble getting excellent signal strength throughout my 800 sqft apartment, even thru a wall. The same cannot be said with my cell phone's Bluetooth (won't blame the cell phone, it is probably designed this way for power saving reason).

    Jabra A320s provides a lot more services (printer, network, image, audio gateway, ...) than just the headset. I have not used anything other than the headset (which is what I bought it for), so I cannot say how well it works in these areas. I did, however, connected my cell phone to my PC thru it. It works well too. I can transfer files between my cell phone and my PC.

    All-in-all I think this is a very well designed product that adds Bluetooth connection to your PC. It does not hurt that it is so cheap either....more info
  • A320s gets an A
    This product has worked great with my Sony notebook, Motorola phone and Jabra headset. No complaints. ...more info
  • very nice product
    I bought this bluetooth dongle and have used it with two different bluetooth headsets - a jabra BT8030 and a soyo freestyler HS11...the dongle has worked perfectly with both the devices... the range is also quite good as i can now listen to my music while i am moving around in my apartment......more info
    I've had NO problems with the purchase of the Jabra Stereo dongle !

    Amazon.com's service was solid as usual. Dongle software installed without any difficulty and all have performed 100%. Totally SATISFIED ! ! ! ...more info
  • Does not work with 64bit XP or Vista!
    We bought two of these - one for boyfriends XP 32bit computer and one for my Vista 64bit computer. His installed perfectly and works with no problems. Mine on the other hand would not install and Jabra's customer support center is full of people that have no clue about their products (at least THIS product). So, we gave it 3 stars for the way it works with XP32bit. We deducted 2 stars for Jabra's lack of customer support and their misleading product representation (box states "works with Vista"). I don't know for sure if it works with Vista 32bit, but the product info should be clearer to avoid frustration. Finally found out it does not work with 64 bit programs. If you have 64bit and want a dongle that works out of the box, get an AZIO BTD603-132 or an AZIO BTD-V201 (I bought the latter - it's tiny and installed perfectly.)...more info
  • Great Product
    No problems. This is a class 1 device: 300ft range. Very easy to use and covers a large area....more info