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Xantrex Powerpack 600 Watt Jumpstarter, Power Inverter and Backup Power Source
List Price: $229.99

Our Price: $179.95

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Product Description

The XPower Powerpack 600HD is powered by a rechargeable 28AH battery and provides up to 600 watts of AC power. With three AC outlets and one DC socket at your fingertips, the 600HD is the right power solution for people with demanding applications or the need to run multiple loads simultaneously. Perfect for power emergencies, this powerpack includes an AM/FM radio with digital alarm clock, to keep you connected, built-in emergency light, jumper cables and enough power to jump start a car, truck, boat or small RV.

There are many times when extra power is needed, but not available. If an outlet is not within reach or plugging into the dashboard cigarette lighter is simply not an option, you'll be pleased that you have the Xantrex Powerpack 600HD. This 600-watt device is an all-in-one unit that is not only powerful enough to start your car, but robust enough to provides portable power for small appliances -- it even comes with a built-in air AM/FM radio and digital clock.

The Xantrex XPower Powerpack 600HD has enough power to jump-start your vehicle. View larger.

The 600HD will run small appliances for hours.

A reverse polarity detector prevents clamping to the wrong terminals.
Enough Power to Jump-Start Your Car
Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Powerpack 600HD can jump start most 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines, and will operate a wide range of DC-powered products. It also has a built-in emergency light for extra illumination to keep you out of the dark and to provide light so others can see you if you're stranded.

Runs Multiple Appliances at Once
With three AC outlets and one DC socket at your fingertips, the 600HD is the right power solution for people with demanding applications or the need to run multiple loads simultaneously. Use it to operate small power tools or at your outdoor worksite so you can get the job done even without an outlet nearby. It will also charge cell phones so you can stay connected.

Built-in AM/FM Radio
This unit also has an integrated AM/FM radio and digital alarm clock that provides access to music, talk radio and news, weather, and important information in critical emergency situations.

Rechargeable Battery
The XPower Powerpack 600HD is powered by a sealed, non-spillable 28AH battery that can be conveniently recharged from any household AC outlet or DC cigarette-lighter outlet so that it can be made ready anytime, anywhere.

Great for Outings
The Powerpack 600HD isn't just for times of need. It is perfect for taking on camping trips or outings where some extra power is needed to run camcorders, video games, televisions, even your espresso machine.

Safety Mechanisms
The feature-rich Powerpack 600HD has a built-in 600 watt inverter and a reverse polarity detector to prevent accidentally clamping the cables onto the wrong terminals. A barragraph LED indicator monitors the Powerpack's battery charge level, so it won't overcharge, and an audible alarm signals unit overheat and battery under-voltage conditions. An overload and over-temperature protection is built in to ensure longer inverter life.

Whether it's a job site or a camp site, the XPower Powerpack 600HD is the ideal portable power solution.

  • Portable backup power source that supplies up to 600 watts of AC power
  • Operates three 115-volt AC and/or one 12-volt DC products; built-in light, AM/FM radio and digital alarm clock
  • Rugged plastic casing
  • Includes jumper cables for auto jump-start, rechargeable 28 amp-hour battery
  • Measures 14 x 22 x 9.2 inches; weighs 29 pounds; 6-month warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Powerpack 600HD... great for small outings
    Works perfect for running a ceiling fan w/lights in my gazebo. Quiet operation, good battery life, very portable, and I especially like the many outlets. Worth every bit of the price. The only bad thing was the radio (the only reason why 4 not 5 stars), it is worthless: crappy sound and cheap controls, but I didn't buy it for the radio. ...more info
  • great buy
    don't wait for the storms to knock out your power to realize you could use a light for the hours the power is out, or to listen to the radio for the weather updates, or jump start your car when you do not have a second car around. great buy especially if you have a family!...more info
  • Easy jumpstarts
    First of all, don't buy this model. Get the "Duracell" version. It is the exact same unit with different decals, but it's $70 cheaper. You would be a sucker to get this one.

    If you are buying this thinking that you will use the "display screen" or radio then you're in for a suprise. These extra features are very cheap (broken from the start). The light seems to be the only useful extra feature. This all seems to be outweighed by the fact that this does its job well. This will jump a V8 with a dead battery with no problem, and faster than jumper cables will. I have used this 6-8 times to jump a V8 on one charge.

    If you simply want something for jumping a car or suv anywhere fast, easy, and reliable then this is it.

    ...more info
  • Beware of refurbished items
    I just received the Xantrex 600HD. It is a nice unit, and it works as it should. Unfortunately this is not a new unit, it is clearly used, refurbished, or both.

    I read Amazon's web site carefully before ordering, especially because their price was so good, and free shipping as well. I saw no mention of this being a used item.

    The Powerpack is covered with small scratches on the wear surfaces, and the decals do not look factory fresh, more like they were removed and reinstalled.

    The charger plug is a plastic hole in the side of the case, and it is worn from what I assume is many insertions of the charge cable.

    My main concern is that the battery is already worn out. I paid for a new battery, and now I am left with a bad feeling about my purchase.

    Perhaps this was disassembled, tested, and refreshed with a new battery. If that is the case I am OK with it, but Amazon must come clean and state if these are new or used.

    Due to the hassle of return, I admit I will probably end up keeping it.

    Amazon won this round,made the sale, but they lost a long term customer. Was it worth it?...more info
    2 years ago we became fulltime RVers. Our first were 4 Xantrex Powerpack 400W. We use for an evening of TV and Computer rather than use the limited house power. However after after many uses, the power/time diminishes. We then bought 4 Xantrex Powerpack 600W. Great product for our needs! With both models, we have jumpstarted other's vehicles. Cannot speak to the radio, but both models function well for power. We recharge on shore power in a building (usually overnight) and from the truck cab while traveling (about 4-6 hours). Quite heavy to lug around, but hopefully, Xantrex will make more power, less weight in the near future! ...more info
  • Good light camping power supply
    I use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea and have wanted a portable power supply to enable me to use a tent for camping. This product more than meets my needs, powering the CPAP plus a small 20W ventilation fan overnight to make tenting possible again and comfortable. I also plan to use it to power my CPAP during occasional outages at home -- a good and inexpensive solution.
    ...more info
  • nice when it worked
    worked great the 3 times I used it but after a week long trip it refused to recharge so now a great paperweight but very pricy for the 3 times I used it
    sadly it just out of warrety...more info
  • Power Always!
    Wonderful power supply when you need it. Never be in the dark again or stranded with a dead battery. Excellent for power outages or for camping. ...more info
  • every apartment dweller should have one
    I live in an apartment complex, so a generator was out of the question because of the noise issue. When I found this I wondered would it suit my needs, we loose power around here sometimes quite often and I need something to give me enough power to cook something to eat, it does that and more. If you live where noise is an issue this is for you, if you do alot of outdoor stuff and need power, try this, it will run a tv,light,radio, whatever I plan on getting another for backup. Great find and great product...more info
  • excellent battery back up
    I bought the Xantrex 600HD and have used it several times with excellent results. Very simple operation, the handy light, am/fm radio and the 12V car battery charger with included cables makes it a very well rounded package. In a test I made, I could run about 2 sets of christmas lights for over 5 hours and in another set up, i run an Ipod plus speakers for almost 10 hours straight. For larger loads you may need something bigger but for short time needs, this product offers great features for a minimum price. Did I mention that you may also get free shipping? ...more info
  • works great, buy duracell
    I have this same unit rebranded with duracell name and paid only 99.00 for it. it is now 129.00 . it does a great job . was well worth it when we lost power. I would check out the duracell one as it cost less for the same thing. ...more info
  • Heavy duty starting power
    Nice unit, heavy duty,[I] like the fact it only has to be recharged every 3 months.

    HOWEVER I can see my unit is reconditioned because of the scratches and nicks on the case. If I had known that I would have NOT purchased it....more info
  • I'll think twice about buying Xantrex again.
    I used my 600HD only a few times before the display stopped working. It was never subjected to water or anything out of the ordinary.

    The foreigner I just got off the phone with tells me there is no way to fix this.

    I'm sorry, but why would Xantrex sell high tech products that cannot be repaired?...more info
  • jumpstarter
    Fantastic product! Good value. We can say nothing negative about it. We carry it with us on trips. Family members borrow it. Wow - what more can be said....more info
  • As advertised
    Item arrived from Amazon very fast and with free shipping. It was an impressive transaction. Thanks Amazon! The unit itself has done everything I expected. I've been using this unit on my boat to power some sanders, drills, saws etc. Every powertool I've needed outside has been easy to use with this xantrex unit. I dont need to hunt for an outlet around the boat yard. During the summer season, I'm mainly going to use this to tie into my boats 110v system while at sea since I dont have a generator. It should do fine in powering tvs, dvd players, charging a laptop etc. I did try my 27" LCD tv with it and it works. the TV gives off a very faint buzz but it works. I wouldnt use an expensive TV with this but for a cheap off-brand TV that you dont care about, it should be ok. This will not power a mini fridge or a space heater. I tried both and it trips out immediately. I didnt expect it to power these appliances but just thought I'd put it out there for those who were wondering. The light is very bright and has come in handy many times. The radio in this unit is a let-down. Digital tuning is a major pain (scans too fast and is hard to land on the exact station) and the antenna broke off the first day. Regardless, you're not buying this as as a stereo but it would have been a great addition if it worked better. The unit seems pretty solid and it's not a pain to carry around. It is hefty but it's comfortable to carry. I may buy another one just to extend the power needs I may have at sea. ...more info
  • Great for emergencies or when you're away from an AC Outlet
    First off, don't think this unit would be able to replace a generator if you need any kind of heavy duty power for an extended period of time. A 1,000 watt generator would do you much better. However, for this little unit which has a 28 Amp-Hour, non-spillable, AGM battery and using it to power some lights (like CFL's) and a notebook computer or two, recharging small electrical items (mobile phones, iPod's, portable DVD players, etc.), this fits the bill perfectly.

    I've been using two of these units for a little over a month now and couldn't be happier. As another reviewer said, one of the huge pro's over this versus a generator is that it's much quieter. It's dead silent until you are pulling about 300 watts and that's where the internal-fan inside the unit starts to turn on and the speed of the fan is dependent on how much load you're putting on it.

    The display indicator tells you exactly, in 10-watt increments, of how much power you're pulling. Also, the three 120VAC outlets are a definite plus and in most cases, I do not have to carry a power-strip around with me to plug in all of the devices I need to use while on the road or camping.

    Also, the 12VDC cigarette-lighter outlet doubles both as a power-source and as a way to charge the battery. Using the included AC-adapter to recharge the battery pack is relatively slow, almost a trickle charge, but when you're on the go, you can use the included DC-DC cable to charge the battery pack at a much higher current rate. There is also a plug for the included jumper cables so you can use the battery as a jump-start source for reviving dead car batteries in an emergency.

    The built-in light and radio are functional. Nothing fancy and works as advertised. More gimmicks in themselves unless you're in emergency situations a lot. But nice to have. Only small wish is that on top of the AM and FM bands that it supports, having the WX channels would make it truly more of an "emergency" radio.

    If you're looking for a minimal amount of clean, non-gas burning, portable power for a camping trip or for emergency situations, then this unit fits the bill perfectly....more info
  • Fool me once
    I had an old Xantrex which I had for 3 years and used a number of times. The jack from the a/c plug corroded and wouldn't charge anymore. I figured maybe it was because I left it plugged in all the time. I bought this one in Oct 2007 and never used it except to see if the features were working. Now when it is plugged in the alarm keeps ringing all the time.

    I never should have come back for seconds. I see Sears has a die hard one.I am going to look into it. At least Sears backs their products....more info
  • It's a keeper
    I bought one of these last month when they were on sale for $109 free shipping.

    We haven't had a power failure yet but I did try it out. My 13 inch color TV (40 amps) ran for over 5 hours. ...more info
  • OK for some things, not for others.
    I bought this to plug into my cigarette lighter and leave in place most of the time to power a laptop, rechargeable instruments, tools, etc. Even though it is sold as an inverter, the manual says not to use it while it is plugged into the lighter. I still leave it plugged in, and it works fine with my laptop, but the charger for one of the rechargeable instruments I leave plugged into it usually gives an indication that something funny is going on. The radio on it has a speaker the size of a nickel. That was disappointing, but if WW III starts while I am at work, it could be handy for receiving informational broadcasts. For my application, I probably should have bought a pure sine wave inverter, but I gambled on this. I am sure it will be handy at times, and I think there are applications where it would be perfect, but if you want to recharge electronics, drills, etc., I would get a pure sine wave inverter. Good luck. I hope this helps....more info
  • Good idea, bad broduct
    I have owned this for about 4 months and have had to send in 2. On the first, the readout didn't work, then on the second, the charger died after using it once. The readout doesn't work on the third, but I figured what's the use? I tried calling xantrex to see why there are so many problems, but getting their customer service is impossible. When it works, it's great, but doesn't have nearly the operating time that it says. Also, the radio might as well not even be there since the reception is so bad with the battery working. Amazon is great in exchanging this, however, and I give them 5 stars. ...more info
  • powers my color tv at race weekends.
    I couldn't quite swing 1k for a honda generator, not yet anyway. This little guy powers my laptop and color TV for a few hours every night before bed at the race track. I race spec miata so i use it for a lot of utility things around the track, lights, small appliances, etc.

    Couple things it does well:

    color tv as i mentioned
    small fan
    jumpstarts my crappy daily driver.

    things it wont do:
    coffee maker
    personal heater
    big halogen lights

    its no generator but it does do a lot of the activities i need. Id buy it again. i dropped it and cracked the case and it still works nicely. pretty durable!...more info
  • Fantastic for display tables, power outages
    I bought this after a few day power outage and really like the security of having it around. Its not just useful for outages but for delivering power anywhere - the park, expo display tables, etc. Its easy and it works - though I wish it had a higher density battery. ...more info