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Xantrex 852-0200 XPower Powerpack 200 Plus Portable Backup Power Source
List Price: $89.95

Our Price: $72.41

You Save: $17.54 (19%)


Product Description

  • Runs 115-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere
  • Built-in 200 watt inverter
  • 250 psi air compressor
  • Charges cellular phones
  • Inflates tires
  • Includes: AC Charger & DC Charging Cable

    There are many times when extra power is needed, but not available. If an outlet is not within reach or plugging into the dashboard cigarette lighter is simply not an option, you'll be pleased that you have the Xantrex Powerpack 200. This device is an all-in-one unit that is not only powerful enough to start your car, but robust enough to provides portable power for small appliances -- it even comes with a built-in air compressor for all your inflating needs.

    The Xantrex Powerpack 200 has enough power to jump-start your vehicle and run small appliances. View larger.

    It comes with a built-in air compressor for tires and other inflation needs.

    The clamps secure to the side of the Powerpack to ensure they don't get lost.
    Enough Power to Jump-Start Your Car
    Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Powerpack 200 provides up to 200 watts of AC power. It can jump start most 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines, and will operate a wide range of DC-powered products. This unit is ideal for power emergencies and comes with a built-in emergency light for extra illumination and jumper cables.

    Inflate Tires and Sports Equipment
    The Powerpack 200 also comes with a 250 psi air compressor for inflating vehicle tires, small sports equipment, camping equipment, pool toys, and more.

    Power Additional Appliances
    The unit also has the ability to power small appliances such as cell phones, laptops, lights, radios, nearly anything you might need in an emergency situation.

    Great for Outings
    The Powerpack 200 isn't just for times of need. It is perfect for taking on camping trips or outings where some extra power is needed to run camcorders, video games, televisions, even your espresso machine.

    Safety Mechanisms
    The feature-rich Powerpack 200 has a built-in 200-watt inverter, a sealed, non-spillable 12 amp-hour AGM battery, and a reverse polarity detector to prevent accidentally clamping the cables onto the wrong terminals. A barragraph LED indicator monitors the Powerpack's battery charge level, so it won't overcharge, and an audible alarm signals unit overheat and battery under-voltage conditions. An overload and over-temperature protection is built in to ensure longer inverter life.

    It comes equipped with an AC charger to recharge it from a standard wall outlet, and a DC charging cable to recharge from your vehicle so that it can be recharged anywhere, anytime, so it will always be ready when you need it. The jumper clips are designed for easy storage on the unit, so there's no need to worry about them getting separated and lost. No matter who you are, the XPower Powerpack 200 Plus is a great addition to your vehicle's emergency-preparedness kit.

  • Features:
    • Provides up to 200 watts of AC power
    • Operates 115-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere
    • 250 PSI air compressor for inflating tires and sports equipment
    • Comes with vehicle jumper cables
    • Built-in emergency light for illumination at home or on the road

    Customer Reviews:

    • Awesome Find!! Thanks Amazon
      This was a great find, at less than 1/2 the price of similar Astronomy portable power sources it performed very well. It doesn't have a radio and three (or more) plugs but there are adapters for multiple items which will still be cheaper than buying an Astronomy specific power source. This powered my Celestron NexStar 8se for over 4 hours and still had at least half its charge left.

      Easy to carry and use, the air compressor works well too. Love it and going to recommend it to everyone who uses portable power supplies with their telescopes....more info
    • Battery Alive
      I've used it and it works great. Jumps your car, fills the tires, light when you need it. Worth what you pay every time you use it....more info
    • No Help Xantrex never even replied.. AC outlet DEAD.
      Every other feature still works as should. AC outlet dead. And, no it is not the fuses. Tried contacting them several times - no joy. Won't see me buy from Xantrex again. Very disappointed, not only in the dead outlet, but in the complete lack of customer care....more info
    • great
      if ou own a car this is a must have -never be stranded again with a dead battery. also very handy around the house when the power goes out. wouldn't be without it!...more info
    • Excellent portable power solution
      This is an all around great performer when it comes to portable power. With an AC and DC plug you can power many small devices for a long time. As well I have jumped a couple cars with no trouble. Having everything available in a compact profile is very handy. The designers of this did a great job of thinking about it from the customer standpoint when putting it all together. My only issue with it is the charging of the pack via DC. I have 2 of them, a 150 and a 200 and neither will charge via the DC adapter. (in the manual it says you can use the double sided dc adapter and charge it back up via your car's cigarette adapter. ...more info
    • Couldn't ask for better !!
      Oh..this ones a keeper...a small tote-able generator..air hose...and I love it.

      Very easy to carry !!!

      I bought it to pump up my car and bike tires at home..and this does the job PERFECTLY !..but it also starts the car..will run a light or phone or computer during a black out...or traveling..and has an emergency light to boot.

      I did have to charge it for a couple of days...and then......I pumped up my bikes 80 pp tires and the truck too !!.you just set the weight put the hose on and push the button !

      Its GREAT and I love will to !!!...more info
    • Fatal Flaw
      Buyers should be aware of the following problem. The recharging system has what tech support described as a "low-charge cutoff", which is designed to keep the battery from falling below a minimum level of charge. The problem occurs when the unit falls below the minimum charge which can happen if you leave it sitting around for a while. When the unit is plugged into an outlet to charge the battery, the "low power cutoff" prevents the battery from being charged, so you find yourself in a catch-22. The battery cannot be charged because the "cutoff" mechanism prevents the battery from being used OR EVEN CHARGED! (A red light accompanied by a clicking sound is heard when this occurs) Tech support's recommendation is to turn the unit upside-down for 24hrs (I kid you not) and try again. If this dosen't work, their recommendation is to throw it away and buy a new one. My recommendation is to avoid buying the charger at all until they reengineer it to not self-destruct. Caveat Emptor....more info
    • Wonder how I ever did without it.
      I have sleep apnea and can run my cpap for eight plus hours when the power goes out. It inflates things with ease. Our car battery was completely dead and it started it on the first try. We have had ours for over a year and now I want to buy them for gifts. ...more info
    • Little Battery that CAN
      I've owned the PowerPack 200 for two years now. It's a WELL designed, versatile product. Functions are clearly marked and mutually exclusive so LOTS of built-in safety! Switches are precise. I love it.

      I own a pontoon boat and have used the PP200 as a power source to inflate large water toys (with their 12V pump). Also have run a laptop computer on board. It's very handy to pump up bicylce tires or small trailer tires.

      I carry it to the boat with every outing. I find the built-in molded handle ideal to grip with ROOM for your fingers.

      On our last outing we returned near dark and found my daughter's car would NOT start. Parking was precarious with odd positions of the cars. I used the PP200 to start her car. It was EASY to connect and worked well. There would not have been another way to do it. The PP200 was worth EVERY penny that night.

      Sooner or later I anticipate "emergency" starting my boat or ANOTHER boat in trouble....more info
    • Just what I've been looking for!
      Along with a first aide kit, a Xantrex Powerpack should belong in every household, and perhaps every car.

      Some reasons you may wish to consider purchasing:

      1. Storm / rolling Power outage -- no problem. Run a small appliance (coffee maker, radio, tv, scanner, light, cell phone) using this device to get you through those painstaking times where would normally be breaking out the candle lights and scrounging for a good book.

      2. If you drive a sports car that sits in the garage all winter, this is a must have -- no more fussing with cables, just charge it up, and jump your car when you're ready to cruise in the summer time.

      3. Camping! Inflate your comfy air mattress, charge the kids' video games or iPod, or plug in your portable TV while you relax after a day of fishing and hiking.

      4. A great accessory to keep in any vehicle. Although I like keeping mine in the home for emergency purposes, I'm considering purchasing two additional units for each of my family's cars.

      5. Bonus -- everyone hates waiting in line, or dropping quarters into the air pump at the local gas station. Get your self a cheap tire pressure gauge, and use this to keep your tires inflated properly. ...more info
    • Xantrex Power Prodcuts don't dissapoint
      Xantrex makes a wide line of power invertors, backup battery 'generators', charge controllers and the like primarily for industrial grade applications like solar power generation. I also have their 1000W power invertor. These products are built to last.

      Saying that, i was still skeptical about this lower power battery backup of 200W - but this has not let me down, except in 1 application - the built in non-LED flashlight drains battery power to half in as little as 20 minutes. I suspect the 12V batter has low amp-hours.

      Otherwise, the size for features is right: you can lift and store this small unit easily in the trunk. 12V female plug, AC receptacle, Charging alligator clips, and cleverly incorporated tire inflator. Amazon's price is quite comparable to other sites (despite amazon being a little expensive most of the time.)...more info