Just Friends
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Romantic rejection by his best female friend Jamie turns overweight and nerdy Chris into a handsome but womanizing man in his adult years; soon he meets up with Jamie again wondering if they can be more than just friends.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 7-MAR-2006
Media Type: DVD

Manic energy and an agreeable level of comic insanity turn Just Friends into the kind of brainless comedy you can enjoy as a modest guilty pleasure. If you liked director Roger Kumble's previous comedy The Sweetest Thing (and let's face it, that movie had some really funny moments), chances are you'll get at least a few solid belly-laughs from this not-so-high-concept premise, in which a formerly fat high-schooler named Chris (Ryan Reynolds) is transformed, ten years later, into a womanizing music executive with a high-profile client (Anna Faris) in the Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera mold. As it zips along with some broad-stroked slapstick and snappy one-liners, the screenplay by Adam Tex Davis contrives to reunite Chris with Jamie (Amy Smart), the former cheerleader who was the great, unrequited love of Chris' miserable high-school life. By his narcissistic logic, he'll seduce her by treating her badly (i.e. she'll want what she thinks she can't have), but he gets unexpected competition in the form of a "Mr. Sensitive" type (Chris Klein, from American Pie), and it's pretty much Hollywood formula from there on, as Just Friends loses momentum without losing its basic appeal. And while Reynolds invests his character with an unexpected degree of emotional nuance, Faris (Scary Movie 3) pulls out all the stops, going deliriously over-the-top to maintain her reputation as a rising comedy starlet with a (hopefully) promising future. We're not talking rocket science here, folks... just sit back, take off your thinking cap, and have some fun. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • it hits too close to home
    i've tried watching this several times...i usually manage to get into the first 40 minutes or so of it, then i take it out...it's funny , but it's also painful to watch...how people are the whole high school experience...the whole unrequited love thing...so, i'm not gonna say much else about this film...but i always did think ryan was underratd as an actor..."waiting" is one of my personal favorites of his.......more info
  • Great purchase
    I ordered my Mother's favorite movie for her birthday & it was delivered very quickly & packaged great. I will order more items from Amazon in the future....more info
  • Hysterical
    This movie is absolutely hysterical!!! I love it! It is a silly movie with great lines!...more info
  • You'll always be fat to me!
    This movie definitely turned out to be better than expected. I'd just seen "Waiting", which was decent, so I was interested to see what this Ryan Reynolds film would have to offer.

    This movie had a much better storyline than did "Waiting..." It was very refreshing to see Ryan Reynolds play a character that wasn't Van Wilder-esque. He gives a very funny performance as the fat-kid turned Hollywood man-about-town who returns home and reconnects with the girl who broke his heart in his youth.

    The movie is funny right off the starting line and remains funny throughout.

    Recommended....more info
  • A Real Life Problem Turned Funny
    This movie was so hillarious! Parts of it had me falling off of my seat laughing. Especially the parts with his brother. And that blond chick with the poster needs to die! ...more info
  • Did 'Just Friends' Character Lose Weight By Livin' La Vida Low-Carb?
    My wife Christine and I love to watch movies together and we try to do so at least once a week either at the theater or by watching one from our DVD collection which numbers in the hundreds now. We absolutely love pulling out a movie and getting transported into the fantasy worlds they take us to when we need a break from the real world.

    Last year, a new movie entitled "Just Friends" starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart was being advertised in the theaters and I was immediately drawn to it because the main character was an obese person in high school who came back home ten years later after losing a whole lotta weight. Naturally this theme appeals to me since I have lost a lot of weight since high school as well and I can't wait for my 20-year high school reunion in 2009.

    I previously blogged about this movie at my LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blog about this theme of Hollywood trying to reach the obese with movies like this. Perhaps the hope that someone who was obese in high school could actually have an opportunity to connect with an old crush is compelling enough for people to follow, although the reality of the situation is that it would probably never happen. Who really knows?

    Last night on my "date night" with my wife Christine, we were FINALLY able to see this movie for the very first time. I will not bore you with the plot details and you can read about them in the Amazon listing above. However, it is a rather simple premise: boy is fat, is the friend of a beautiful girl, wants to be more than that, runs away in an embarrassing tizzy when his real feelings come out, loses a lot of weight, comes back to win the love of the woman he always wanted. That's the movie plot in a nutshell.

    I was looking forward to the movie despite the fact that I was sure it would offer the typical fat cliches. And it did. Dorky fat person hangs out with nerd-type friends and allows the jock-types to push them around. Yadda yadda yadda. We've seen and heard all of this so many times before it really has gotten old (especially since most of these stereotypes are not true!).

    We've seen it all before, but there were some intriguing twists to this movie that were sometimes strange, sometimes surprising to me because of how out-of-place they seemed in a movie like this. Before you go contacting me using the "it's only a movie" argument against me, I know, I KNOW. But I can't help but ask some very obvious questions about the details in this movie that I think make it difficult to swallow at times, despite the fact that I enjoyed watching it.

    1. How realistic is it that "the hottest girl in school" would hang out and be friends with "the fattest guy in school?"

    This caught my attention right away at the beginning of the movie. Here is the girl that every guy in school wishes he could be with and she's best friends with the fat guy. Say what?! When has this EVER happened? The Jamie Palamino character is seen bouncing up and down on her bed excited about graduation while alone with the obese guy Chris Bender who secretly has a crush on her and desperately wants to tell her how he really feels. Only in a movie would a man that size ever have the opporutnity to get that close to a girl like that in high school. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I don't see the captain of the cheerleading squad embracing as a friend someone who is essentially an outcast by the rest of the school no matter how "sensitive" he is. She would be ribbed and ridiculed way too much by her "cool" friends to ever keep that relationship alive. Am I right? It could possibly happen, but most likely it would not.

    2. Why isn't "the hottest girl in school" married already ten years after high school?

    Okay, this was also puzzling to me. Here is this beautiful girl who for all intents and purposes could choose whoever she wants to be with (although she made some poor choices in high school according to the storyline) and she isn't married or even dating anyone? In the real world, that would be pretty far-fetched to me. Although several suitors line up in the movie in an attempt to woo her, I still find it hard to believe that at the age of 28 or so she would not have already walked the aisle and gotten married. They never really developed her character enough to find out WHY she wasn't married yet, although at the end of the movie she says her dream over the next ten years was to get married and have kids. Guess who she ended up with? No big surprise there. :)

    3. Why are fat people always portrayed as so gay-sounding and looking?

    While I am sure he was simply following the directions of his director, I was completely turned off by how Ryan Reynolds portrayed Chris Brander when he was in the fat suit. The slightly-slurred speech and elongated ends of words made him sound so freakin' gay. What's up with that? Even when I weighed 410 pounds, I was NEVER even remotely gay. Yes, it is possible for a fat man to be a manly man, believe it or not!

    Even worse was the fact that they made the Chris Brander character a CHEERLEADER with his best friend Jamie, aka "the hottest girl in school." What fat person, man or woman, do you EVER remember being a cheerleader in high school? Anyone? ANYONE? That's right, THEY WEREN'T! That was so crazy to see him jumping up and down in a cheerleader outfit!

    While we're on how fat people are portrayed in this movie, what's up with being pushed over by jocks? I was bigger than most of the athletes in high school, so they really never messed with me based on my size. Sure I got teased, but I don't think any of them would have ever just pushed me away in the middle of a conversation with someone like the Chris Brander character was. They probably couldn't do that since I weighed so much!

    Finally, all former fat people who have lost weight haven't become cynical about how people treated them in the past. I admit it is has been hard to see some people treat me differently now that I am not obese anymore, but for the most part I am the same man I was nearly 200 pounds ago and feel no grudges towards anyone. We're not all out to seek revenge on the world!

    4. Did the Chris Brander character lose weight by livin' la vida low-carb?

    This was another interesting thing about this movie that should be an attractive draw for people who are following a low-carb lifestyle. While they never explicitly say HOW the Chris Brander character lost weight, we get some clues from the movie. During one scene with his old high school crush while sitting in the diner they always went to ten years previously, the waitress brings out "the usual" order that both of them always had to eat. For her it was a grilled cheese sandwich and French fries and for him it was chocolate chip pancakes piled about six high! Yikes!

    He took one look at that plate of pancakes and said, "I can't eat that, I haven't had sugar in ten years." The girl gets mad and says she will eat them and he can have her grilled cheese and fries instead. He politely declines and says he will enjoy his glass of water. Hmmm, no sugar, no pancakes, no bread, no fries, with water -- sounds like livin' la vida low-carb to me!

    One more comment: While I thought it was insensitive of the Jamie character to get mad that he wouldn't eat the pancakes, it just goes to show that skinny people don't know how hard it is to keep the weight off for the rest of your life after you've been obese at some point. You can NEVER let your guard down and fall back into old habits again. NEVER!!!

    5. Do famous people secretly lower their intake of carbs to stay thin?

    One of the funniest parts of "Just Friends" was the airhead, Jessica Simpson-like character played by Anna Faris. She was a riot to watch and provided some extra comic relief throughout the movie to keep it, well, interesting to say the least. One point in the movie she is offered some potato chips and other snacks to satisfy her hunger and she exclaims, "I can't have those, they have too many carbs!" Hey, hey, hey, what do you know? She's shunning carbs ostensiblity because overconsuming them can lead to weight gain which would be bad for her image. WOW, how about that? It makes you wonder how many real-life pop divas and entertainment stars keep their weight managed watching their carbs? Hmmmm? I bet it's a bunch although they'd never admit to being on the Atkins diet or on low-carb.

    All in all, I would have to say that "Just Friends" was just delightful and would make for an excellent movie for you to watch. How many more movies like this are we going to see in the coming years as Hollywood continues to reach the obese?...more info
  • Great for a Laugh!
    Fun Movie...after a long, hard day at work, this movie will definitely lift your spirits! Ryan Reynolds is brilliant!
    ...more info
  • I LOVE this movie!
    This movie is soooo funny. The performances are great. My favorite part is Samantha. Hilarious. I also graduated in 1995 so the time warp effect is a bonus. God, the music was bad! lol...more info
  • garbage
    Like Ryan Reynolds, think he's funny, and though it made me laugh a couple times, not worth the hour and a half of your life....more info
  • Funny, It's better than what you're expecting
    Ryan Renold's _Waiting_ is the funiest film I saw in 2005. And, I didnt think twice before watching Just Friends. I wasn't disappointed. The film fits the three star category of films perfectly. With a casual title,Just Friends, manages to be successful in entertaining the viewer. I must mention that the film has a decent OST and a few characters that made you laugh. The character of the superstar was funny while Amy Smart's role was not too inspiring. Ryan Renold has, most definitely, ensured himself a career in comedy films. The dvd has an interesting menu with a lot of colors much like the film.

    At 90 minutes this film is long enough not too induce too many yawns. I liked the scene involving kids the most because it was natural and a rib tickler's fest. There is no real emotional chord that the film tries to over-preach. Or I could say that this film is not really corny.

    A bit goofy. Just watch it....more info
  • Painful
    Boyfriend says it was a romantic comedy *for men*. I found it lacking in humor, likeable characters, and was more than once tempted to jab myself in the eye with a fork.

    The physical comedy between the brothers was enough to keep my guy entertained, but the inability to develop engaging characters or imaginative jokes (there's only so many times accidentally stunning someone is funny - and don't even get me started on the fat angle)was...well...painful....more info
  • Funny, clever, one to watch in or out of the "friendzone"
    I saw this movie twice in theaters and now on dvd, and each time it becomes more funny. If you were a high school graduate in 90's, you will have a wave of flashbacks brought on just by the music alone. Full of all the high school sterotypes, the popular group, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the "nerds", and the outcasts, I find this very easy to fall into the high school rut again.

    Brief synopsis:
    This is the story of a once chubby high school boy (played by ryan reynolds) who on the day of graduation wants to profess his love to his best friend (played by amy smart). They have known each other since 6th grade, and have always been "just friends", but he now wants more. He writes his confession in his yearbook, which accidently gets switched before he can give it to her. Unfortunately, one of the school bullies has it and reads it in front of the whole senior class. This sends ryan reynolds running from the house, and from New Jersey for 10 years.
    He moves to california, becomes wealthy and popular, and a player, all based on rules from this break-up. By happenstance, on a PR stint with the worlds most annoying pop star (paris hilton like), he gets stranded in his home town for the christmas holidays, and he is left re-connecting with his old friends, and feels he has something to prove. He want's to show Amy Smart that she is missing out on him, but through missadventures, falls back into the "friendzone". Watch this movie, see if he is able to show everyone he's now Mr. Cool, or see if he fall flat on his face with no friends again.

    All in all, very worth the purchase price, funny clever, the alternate endings on the DVD is funny also, could have worked, the behind the scenes are enlightening. Must have for all folks. Ryan Reynolds does an excellent job in this flick, playing his own normal corny self, with a bit of humbleness.
    ...more info
  • She's no ordinary girl
    At a high school graduation party, overweight Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) attempts to reveal his true feelings for his best friend Jamie Palomino (Amy Smart), but ends up making an utter fool of himself. What's worse, his humiliation takes place in front of his jeering teenage peers. A decade later, Chris has become a success story. He is now thin, prosperous, is a hit with girls, and works as an executive in the music industry. His latest assignment is escorting wacky starlet/pop princess and ex-flame Samantha James (Anna Faris) to Paris, France. But their plane has to make an unscheduled landing in Jersey, Chris's high school home. Rationally, Chris and Samantha decide to stay at his old house. Chris has a reunion with his former buddies, including the winsome Jamie, who immediately rekindles that old spark within Chris. The remainder of the film concerns Chris's efforts to make Jamie see him as more than a friend, while simultaneously fending off the warped Samantha. Competition comes in the form of a former fellow nerd turned sensitive guy Dusty Dinkleman (Chris Klein).

    Just Friends is a very funny, feel-good movie. Ryan Reynolds is a hoot as a brash L.A. stud who disastrously channels his inner dweeb whenever he's around unrequited love Jamie. Ryan is really excellent with physical comedy. There are scenes with him that are just uproarious (case in point, the aftermath of his politically incorrect hockey game with the kids). I even enjoyed his frequent Three Stooges encounters with his kid brother (Chris Marquette). And when he has to, Ryan steps outside the slapstick and layers in a deeper nuanced, more introspective performance. I ended up rooting for Chris, even though he was overly cocky and big-timed his home town folks. And then there's Amy Smart, who seemingly can do no wrong. There's just something so lovable and natural about her. She embodies the type of girl every guy would want to be with. Anna Faris's turn as the unstable Samantha adds to the already boisterous feel of the film. Samantha actually scares me. Chris Klein's Dusty, Chris's guitar-playing, song-writing rival, is disgustingly touchy-feely. One would wish that a different sort of arc for Dusty's character had been laid out; the script writer, in my eyes, sold out and made things too convenient for Chris, with regards to Dusty. Julie Hagerty (Airplane!) has a goofy supporting role as Chris's mom.

    The special features are tasty:

    - a filmmakers' film commentary
    - "Tales from the Friend Zone" featurette (the cast & crew talk about real life "just friends" experiences)
    - "Developing Just Friends" featurette (wherein we learn of the script's 7 year odyssey and how, originally, Chris didn't get the girl at the end)
    - "A Director's Guide to Comedy" featurette
    - "The Transformation" featurette (about Ryan's fat face make-up)
    - "The Body Shake" featurette (the awkwardness of when you're dropping off a date; do you hug or kiss?)
    - "It's Friggin' Cold" featurette (the cast & crew basically complaining about how cold the shooting was)
    - "A Writer's Journey" featurette (focus on script writer Adam "Tex" Davis)
    - "A Disaster in the Making" featurette (about the making of the Palomino house X-mas decor and its eventual fate)
    - "The Reshoots" featurette (the making of the eventual ending of the film, which wasn't the original ending)
    - a so-so blooper reel
    - deleted scenes
    - an alternate ending (this was the initially intended ending; you could see why they changed it)
    - an amusing "Jamie Smiles" video
    - theatrical trailer

    So, try out this movie. It'll make you smile and laugh and even feel nostalgic because, let's face it: just like me, you've been in Chris's position before, too.

    ...more info
  • Just Friends- Great Date Movie
    We were at my boyfriends house, when all of use decided to watch a comedy, but didn't know which one. We settled up with Just Friends. It's a great movie. It's funny and romantic, and even though the ending is predictable it's interesting to watch. The plot of the movie is great. All the jokes are funny, and there is no offensive language or content, that's why it's PG13. It's a great movie to watch with friends or boyfriend/girlfriend.
    ...more info
  • Forgiveness is more than saying Sorry
    If you are looking for comedy, maybe a little bit of revenge, or just something to reflect back on when you think you were the only odd one out, you definitely need to pick up this movie.

    Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) was fat when he left his hometown in New Jersey 10 years before after being teased badly at a graduation party when he confessed his love for Jamie Pallamino (Amy Smart) in her year book, only to have it mixed up with her ex-boyfriends yearbook and read to the whole graduating class. Jamie apologizes to him to only tell him she loves him like a brother. So he leaves and only returns 10 years later because Samantha James (Anna Faris), a pop star that Chris is supposed to get signed, burns down the plane they are traveling in to Paris. After this fiasco, everything starts unraveling.

    Personally, I felt bad to Chris because he went through alot in high school to only come 10 years later looking hot and making alot of money, also being very famous, only to have the same people who played him to want to be his friend now. Jamie wanted for Chris to be himself not realizing that he suffers from low self esteem and that the reason why he acts like a jerk is because that was the impression she gave of the only guys she dated. Samantha James is just hilarious in this movie and also explains much of his confusion most of the time.

    I think the movie could have been a little better because I think there could have been more talking through the movie between Jamie and Chris, so that she could see his true feelings as to why he was not returning the same signals she was (at least not to her.) However it was a very well put together movie and it will definitely make you laugh a more than a few time. Just dont overanalyze the movie like some of these other low star movie reviewers. The movie is best seen when it is watched the way it was made. The movie, in the end, lets you know he did the right things. Hope this helps. ...more info
  • Ryan's great, but even his talent can't save this ridiculous movie
    Ryan Reynolds has wonderful comic timing and I usually laugh when he merely changes his facial expression. The problem with this movie is that the writing is sub-par and the plot goes nowhere. Amy Smart is adorable as usual, and she and Ryan do have decent chemistry, but those are the only redeeming factors. One of the most annoying things about the movie is the normally cute and goofy Anna Faris, whose character is as nice to listen to as nails being run down a chalkboard. Do not waste the time watching this!!! Luckily, I bought this as a gift for a friend, who said he liked it (?!?!). At least I do not own it. ...more info
  • Quirky and cute.
    Just Friends starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart is silly fun. Don't take this movie too seriously, it's just one of those films you see for hijinxics and laughs. Smart is delightful as ever and Reynolds is quite a comic genius but of course Anna Faris steals every scene she is in, the scene with the toothpaste is simpy Anna. Cute date movie, this movie is worth checking out....more info
  • Just Friends - Great Movie
    This movie is one of the sweetest and funniest movies. Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart (Chris and Jamie) best friends in high school. Chris has a crush on Jamie but after a confession of love in a yearbook is read to the whole class, Chris feels like his chances with Jamie are over. Fast forward to the present day and Chris (now 200lbs lighter) is a music executive who returns to his home town with a music stars, played by Anna Faris, who in my opinion steals the movie when ever she is on the screen - the fun really begins. I love this movie for its laughs, for the sweetness. It is a great movie....more info
  • Follow your Heart
    The story is an old one and not all that uncommon. A boy in school has a crush on one of his pretty classmates. He's not attractive. Maybe he wears glasses, or has a bad complexion, or hair, or just plain fat. But he has a personality and the object of his affection, likes to be around him. He makes her laugh, makes her feel good and he likes to make her feel good. Maybe if he keeps making her feel good, she will eventually return the love he feels for her. Unfortunately for him, it's not in the cards, for you see, in her mind, he is asexual, they are Just Friends.

    Just Friends

    Our hero, Chris Bander (Ryan Reynolds) is in love with Jamie Palimino (Amy Smart). It seems he has always been in love with her, however Jamie has never thought of her longtime, overweight buddy in terms of love. It never enters her mind. After all they are Just Friends.

    Everyone who has ever attended school knows that classmates, even friends can be brutal. One night at a senior high school party, one of Chris's popular fair weather friends, gets hold of a love letter meant for Jamie and reads it out loud to the party members, terribly embarrassing Chris. Totally humiliated, Chris lashes out saying he will never let this happen again.

    Fast forward a few years. A leaner and meaner (easy Tom) Chris now resides in Los Angeles and has become the right hand man of a big Hollywood producer and is in a position to take advantage of the fringe benefits. It seems, the now ice hearted, Chris Bander has become a ladies man. Not just a ladies man but a love 'em and leave 'em, serial musical bed partner, hedonist.

    Things are going peachy for our hardened confirmed bachelor, when providence steps in. Chris is ordered to wine and dine and woo, if necessary the ditzy, neurotic Samantha James (Anna Farris) a fast rising recording star who Chris' boss is trying to sign. Samantha, whom Chris had about a year previous and discarded after one tryst, was taken with Chris (ho hum, aren`t they all) and is overjoyed that he has returned to her life and to celebrate, insists they visit Paris. Chris is stuck, so it's off to Paris in Samantha's private jet.

    The flight to Paris is interrupted and they are forced to land, when Samantha stared a fire in an on board microwave oven. The emergency landing took place in Trenton N.J. of all places, Chris' home town, leading to a renewal of old friendships and some hilarious situations as Chris tries to renew his affection, which to his chagrin have never left, with Jamie Palimino while sloughing off Samantha on his more than willing, younger brother Mike. (Chris Marquette)

    Directed by Roger Kumble

    Cast/ Characters
    Ryan Reynolds .... Chris Brander
    Amy Smart .... Jamie Palamino
    Anna Farris .... Samantha James
    Chris Klein .... Dusty
    Chria Marquette .... Mike
    Julie Haggerty .... Chris' Mom


    First of all, I'm not a big comedy fan and I'm especially not a fan of chick flicks. This is not a movie that I would see in a theater but would normally wait for video. Seeing the movie was necessitated by our extemporaneous decision to see a movie and Just Friends being the only movie that was starting within fifty minutes.

    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was well done. The story, while not overly imaginative, was `cute' and the directing seemed very professional. The cast was well chosen and the acting was excellent. I really got a kick out of Samantha James' character, played by Anna Farris. I don't remember seeing her before but I understand she was in that snooze film, Lost in Translation. Perhaps I snoozed through her part. Anna Farris was the hit of Just Friends as far as I was concerned and sexy too. Just Friends is definitely worth seeing. Rating 3.9 stars....more info
  • Just Friends
    Thanks for your prompt and professional service. I will definitely use you again....more info
  • One any guy can relate too.........
    I figured "Oh no another chick flick for the wife". Boy was I wrong. This is a romantic/comedy any guy can enjoy. With a theme any guy can relate too. A girl you really like that only considers you as a friend. It spins many funny scenes off of that premise. If you like Ryan Reynalds he's great in this one. ...more info
  • Hilarious
    Ryan Reynolds is so funny! This movie is really funny and is a bit of romantic. Chris Klein as Dusty Dinkleman is great too!...more info
  • I'm Samantha James, B*$#!
    If romantic comedies are not your thing; if outlandish lines and excentric characters bug you, then please politely turn your eyes away from this review. Because this moie gives you just what you don't like.

    I am not usually a fan of romantic comedies, but my interest in Ryan Reynolds led me to buying this DVD on a whim. And, I was not disappointed.

    (Read synopsis for what the film is about)

    I absolutly enjoyed the comedic mishaps of Chris Brander as he tried to win the heart of his high school crush. I also fell over laughing at the other cast of characters that accompanied Brander on his quest: Brander's younger brother; his pop-star diva "girlfriend", and his arch-rival. The film begins on a comedic note, and ends the way all romantic comendies do. Still, for a good laugh, and something to do on a Saturday night, this is the movie to watch!

    Overall 5/5 for comedic value, and wholesome Saturday night goodness!!...more info
    We have all either been in his situation or have known some one who is totally in love with somebody but stuck in the friend zone. No matter which situation you have been in between those two choices every one can appreciate this film for what it is, a film about wanting to be more then friends. When this film was first released I wanted to see it based on one thing, it starred Ryan Reynolds. I have been a fan of his since his sitcom days on a little show called "Two Guys, a Girl, & a Pizza Place" the pizza place part was eventually dropped from the title and Reynolds went on to fame later after starring in a National Lampoon movie called "Van Wilder". Now out of the show and the movie I am sure most of you at least remember the movie, it even spawned a sequel for Taj. So off I was to view this film and of course like I thought I liked it and bought the DVD when it eventually hit the store shelves.

    The movie is all about a young man that was a little over weight as a kid and was teased, ridiculed and longed for his best friend played by the lovely Amy Smart. Of course things don't work out the way he wanted, in fact the end up horrible as he storms out of a party never to be seen again. Turns out years later he became a very fit and healthy successful man who worked in the entertainment industry. One day while at the office his boss informs him that he is going off with a diva wanna be played masterfully by Anna Faris, and is to woo her into coming to their label. Well he has a history with this girl and she takes his being there as a sign that they are back together, imagine his surprise when he gets stuck with her in his hometown after the plan has to land. So once there he goes to see his family and old friends, it is here that he runs into Jamie again and he is quick to show off. So the film goes into a full on comedic roll as Chris makes it his mission to get Jamie back for ignoring his earlier love, of course Anna Faris's character is not happy with this but she is pawned off on Chris's little brother [who is hilarious, and their fights remind me of myself and my brother] who is obsessed with her. but soon Chris starts to regain those old feelings and really tries to be with her but a challenge is on the horizon, a former fellow "just friend" played by Chris Klein. The guy is just to smooth for him at first even though Chris knows this guy's real motive about getting with her. So the war is on between these two newly successful guys, one wants her for her while the other wants something else.

    Ryan Reynolds is perfect as the former heavyweight that makes good later in life, he has a perfect sense of timing and is great in this comedy. Reynolds has always been one of my favorite comedic actors and while the film is not perfect is performance is. Same can be said for co star Amy Smart who is great in the role of the girl who every body wants and peaked in high school, love that line. Chris Klein is great as well as the opposition to Ryan and plays both the good guy and jerk really well, but it is Anna Faris who steals the show a little in my opinion. She is very annoying but in good way, an entertaining way, she is definitely one of the best female comedic performers out there. She is so over the top and crazy in this film it is hard not to like her character, she is off the hook. Everybody who is in this movie all do great jobs and add to the hilarity of the situations, kinda reminds me of "Christmas Vacation {that film is a classic}. Writer Adam Davis, director Roger Kumble, and one of the many producers made this film based on things that really happened to them so I believe that the really wanted this film to work, in my opinion it does.

    I enjoyed this movie a lot mainly because of the brothers fighting all the time, but the whole thing was good. I would not say that this is a classic but it is a good movie. I would say it is at least a rental but I recommend buying it, it is an entertaining film and I think you will like it. I feel like something is missing though and that is to bad because it holds this film back from being a classic comedy. Still it is very enjoyable and worth a viewing if you want to watch a comedy one night.
    ...more info
  • Just Friends is Just Great!
    This movie is hilarious! It was just a few months ago my brother came upon on this on Mnet and after that we were laughing our heads off. Especially in that scene where after Amy goes off and Chris in the car and starts to say 'stupid stupid' and makes weird noises and faces and she comes back for her gloves and SEES IT ALL! Omg, I fell of the sofa laughing!

    After watching Blade Trinity (yuck!) I kind of lost my fan craze in Ryan Reynolds (I was already a fan of him from TGAAG) but after watching this movie it was revived...Now I have to go watch 'Waiting'..... ...more info
  • Welcome to the Friendzone...
    A movie that most can relate to, Just Friends, brings to the screen the story of an overweight down-on-his-luck high school kid from N.J. who has a traumatic experience when his attempt at declaring his undying love to his beautiful and much more popular friend ends up a disaster. Subsequently he leaves town and heads west, where ten years later he is successful professionally as well as with the ladies. That is when fate brings him back home where things have not changed as much as he would have liked...
    Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, and the rest of the cast carry out their performances well.
    In short, the music is great, the acting is pretty good, the plot/setting is interesting, while the dialogues are pretty average and could have been better.
    In a nutshell, it's probably not a movie you would want to add to your collection, but it will provide for an evening's entertainment.
    ...more info
  • Really Funny
    I'll be the first to admit that there are problems with this movie, but I'm still giving it 5 stars because it's f**king hilarious and I could relate to a couple key things in the movie. The biggest problem with the film is the main character Chris (Ryan Reynolds). When we first meet Chris, he's fat high school kid that wants nothing more than to go out with his best friend Jamie (Amy Smart). When we meet Chris again, ten years later and missing a lot of pounds, he wants to try again with Jamie. He doesn't want to try and date her, start a relationship or anything like that. He wants to have sex with her. That's the biggest problem. This movie should've been structured the same way, but with Chris wanting to be with her instead of just banging her. Not that I wouldn't be doing exactly what he's doing in his position. Anyway, after a particular humiliating episode Chris moves from New Jersey to L.A. and becomes a record executive. When his boss (Office Space's Stephen Root) sends him to get superstar Samantha James (Anna Faris) on their record label; Chris ends up back in New Jersey, a place he hasn't been to in years. After meeting up with old friends, Chris meets Jamie again and schedules a date. Right away, Jamie misses the old sensitive Chris rather than the new narcissistic one and yet again, Chris doesn't get his woman. And then when Jamie reconnects with Dusty (Chris Klein), a kid who was also vying for her affection in High School; Chris realizes that his chances are over and, in typical romantic-comedy fashion, he decides to change after everything is said and done. Now, critics hated this movie and people on Amazon don't seem to like it that much. But this is a really good movie and a really good romantic comedy. Some of the humor is immature, but I thought this movie was "hilarious" especially since it's a romantic comedy. Reynolds proves that he is still capable of being funny post-Van Wilder. Amy Smart, who I've never found particularly attractive, looks gorgeous in this movie.
    I'm not a big Anna Faris fan, but she nails the Ashlee Simpson like pop star excellently. Christopher Marquette (The Girl Next Door) plays Chris's younger brother Mike and produces quite a few of the jokes. So, sure, the movie has it's flaws (one I forgot to mention is...Why does it seem like Chris's mom is retarted?) but it really is a entertaining and funny movie.

    GRADE: A-
    ...more info
  • Surprised I laughed!
    I'm not one for this type of movie, but my dd wanted to see it, so I rented it LATE one night. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Maybe it was because I was so giddy from lack of sleep..who knows, but it was a good late night flick! ...more info
  • Ryan Reynolds at his best
    I adore Ryan Reynolds, and this movie is him at his best. Great comedy. Just thinking of him in his car fumbling over words makes me giggle. Amy Smart is wonderful in this as well. Great movie!...more info
  • Damn Funny
    I was literally rolling on the floor laughing at this movie. It is hysterical to Nth degree. Ryan Reynolds is brilliant as always.

    Amy Smart plays the girl Reynolds has been pining over since High School, when he was over weight and trapped in the "friends" category. Due to shaming and ridicule, Reynolds leaves New Jersey, his home, and heads to LA where he loses weight and becomes a high powered record exec.

    Needing a star, the record company Reynolds works for, or rather his boss (brilliantly played by Stephen Root), has pegged Anna Farris to be the next Big One. And like so many stars today, Farris turns out to be a no-talent, annoying, hack in the movie - think Paris Hilton (in real life I think Anna is a great actress).

    Instructed to stay by their new star's side, Reynolds soon finds himself stranded back home in New Jersey where he of course runs back into Smart. Bascially hillarity ensures and you will have to stop the movie at times due to fits of laughter.

    One of the funniest movies I've ever seen, this is truly a must own....more info
  • suprise...
    when i saw the trailer for this, i wrote it off as another cheap-hollywood money-maker that i would never go see. however, a friend of mine, who has a fairly-good taste in movies recommended it. this is a funny movie. the physical humor is hilarious and for me is the best quality of the movie. if you're a guy that's ever been "just a friend", there's definitely things you can relate to in this movie. it's got all the bad acting and cliche moments you'd expect, but it still makes you laugh. so if you're looking for a great movie, this isn't it. but if you just want a light-hearted story that makes you laugh out loud, check this out. ...more info
  • A touching Comedy
    I can honestly say that this is my favorite comedy. It has high levels of laughter and some extreme touching moments. Just Friends will make you laugh tears and cry them also. This movie includes the hotty Ryan Reynolds,Amy Smart, Anna Faris, and Chris Klein....more info
  • For Anybody Who Has Ever Been Dumped For a Jerk
    What a pleasant surprise was this movie! Using humor that is black and evil down to its bones, "Just Friends" had me in a state of joy as director Roger Kumble takes a blowtorch to everything in general and small town America in particular. By telling this tale of Chris (Ryan Reynolds), who was rejected by the girl of his dreams Jamie (Amy Smart) because she just wanted to be friends, as he returns home much lighter ten years later this film uncovers some pretty uncomfortable truths about the war of the sexes. The main issue at hand is the tendency by females everywhere to tag nice guys as friends and then cut them off from any sex. . .ever. If this is the case how can we feel bad for Jamie in this film? Hasn't she done it to herself? My entire 11th grade memory block has forever been smeared by a girl telling me that she just wanted to be friends, so to a degree this film struck a chord with me before it even began.

    I would say that at its core this film is a revenge fantasy, a former ugly duckling returns home to a town that had rejected him only to mock it using his new found superiority. His weakness is that he still carries a big ole torch for Jamie, and it is going to take more than a slimmed down bod and high paying salary to win her over. First he tries being a jerk, then a sensitive guy, but he just can't catch a break. Chris Klein plays his foil and steals the movie as a hyper sensitive doofus who sugar coats everything he does to an absurd degree. Also along for the ride is Anna Faris, playing Samantha a self-involved, off kilter Paris Hilton knock off who makes you want to cut yourself. Her shameless performance was also perfect and definitely worth an honorable mention. At times it does become predictable. We get the all too familiar scene where Chris is embarrassed in front of a bunch of kids. We also get to watch as a big ole Christmas set piece is destroyed, but the secret here is that deep down you wish that the fire would've kept on blazing, taking down the rest of this backwards town with it.

    From the powerhouse opening sequence which was a mortifying reminder of why I didn't go to parties in high school through the closing credits this film delivered laugh after laugh. Kumble clearly hates all of his characters and relishes the opportunities to humiliate them time and time again. Even sweet old Mom comes off as mildly retarded as she wanders around spouting off "good" advice like, "Just be yourself." Has there ever been worse advice in the history of dating? In the end the film does turn its back, ever so slightly, on everything that it stood for, a la "Waiting. . .", but that's Hollywood for ya. I didn't mind though because I was still catching my breath from watching Samantha deal with Chris' rejection of her for Jamie by yelling, "Sorry I'm not the most boring person ever!" As far as Ryan Reynolds movies go I'm pretty sure that this will be considered the gold standard. . .forever. Funny for normal people, a laugh riot for haters of humanity. I swear. ***1/2
    ...more info
  • Very underrated movie
    Its amazing how a movie this good could come out with so little buzz. From start to finish you'll be laughing. Very highly recommended....more info
  • Just plain fun; nothing wrong with that...
    My best friend asked me the other day if I had ever seen this movie, to which I replied "no, it looked retarded." He then proceeded to try and convince me that it was hilarious and that I needed to see it as soon as possible. So I did, that night, rent this movie and I have to admit that my preconceived notion of what I was going to experience was very wrong. Thanks in large part to the revelation that is Anna Faris, `Just Friends' is actually extremely funny. Sadly, when Faris is not on the screen the film lags a little, but just a little.

    The film opens with a hilarious scene where the obese Chris Brander sings All 4 One's `I Swear' while preparing to make the moves on his best friend Jamie Palamino. She's the hot girl and he's her fat best friend. The evening turns into a major debacle and Chris winds up leaving in tears. Cut to ten years later and Chris is not so big anymore; in fact he's one great looking physical specimen. With his new body came a new attitude (not a very good one) and a new career. An unexpected snag in plans leaves Chris in his hometown after swearing never to return and this leaves him in an awkward situation. Jamie is still around and feelings are obviously still there, but can someone ever really escape the `friend zone'?

    Ryan Reynolds is not the greatest actor. I actually loved his performance in `The Amityville Horror' and had high hopes for him, but aside from that one performance he's a little stale. Here he manages a few laughs (especially when in the fat suit) but comes off a bit mechanical. I didn't really get his character (is he really that much of a jerk or just playing a part?) but he was forgivable. Amy Smart is her same sweet sexy self and delivers yet another decent performance. Again, she's not the greatest actress in the world but she works. Chris Klein (an actor I'm not too fond of) actually makes his soft spoken delivery work for him here and stands out as a great addition to the film. Chris Marquette is funny as Chris's younger brother Mike and Julie Hagerty is hilarious as Chris's mother Carol.

    But I must stress yet again that this movie belongs to Anna Faris, who plays rising pop star Samantha James with such ferocious comedic timing you just wish the whole movie were about her. I would venture to say that this is the best thing Faris has ever done and cannot wait for her to top this. Why doesn't she have a bigger career yet?

    `Just Friends' works at getting to our funny bone and that's really all we can ask for with a comedy of this nature. It's not your `mature' comedy like `Lost in Translation' or `Sideways' but it proves to be an above average generic comedy that makes it's weaknesses work for itself and creates a memorable experience the viewer can fully enjoy and one that you'll soon want to revisit....more info
  • A chick flick with a little something for the guys
    Like most romantic comedies these days, Just Friends is predictable and a bit on the sappy side. You'd have to be from another planet not to know how the movie's going to end.

    But before the obvious ending, there's some fairly funny bits. A lot of the comedy is sophomoric, over-the-top physical humor, but there are parts that will make even the most dour person crack a smile.

    It's light-hearted fun but, as with most of these movies, the ending (at least for the fellas) is almost embarrasing. If you have to watch a romantic comedy to please your lady, pick this one; it's better than a lot of them....more info
  • Extremely Funny
    I like this movie for the same reason I like The Office. The more you watch it, the more things you notice that you missed before. This movie has a ton of non-obvious jokes that you might not piece together the first time you see it. Ryan Reynold's performance is fantastic. He doesn't even have to open his mouth. His facial reactions to the horrible luck that's always waiting on him is drop-dead hilarious. If you like movies that you can watch over and over again and still find funny, check it out....more info
  • Hysterical!
    Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest young actors in Hollywood. I've enjoyed him since watching Three Guys and a Girl on TV. He's one of the few comedic actors who have those great facial expressions, kind of like Jim Carrey. Doesn't hurt that he's hot too!! This movie is hysterical..you'll laugh the whole way through....more info
  • Stupid!!
    I saw this movie in a trip and it is one of the worst movies I have seen during the last two years. Stupid, stupid and stupid. Ryan Reynolds becomes annoying.

    If you have brain, never watch this movie...more info
  • Hello, Joyce?
    Okay, so I'm a year late with this one. Thanks to the On Demand service, I catch movies they have listed that I would normally not catch. This is one of them. I'm happy that I stumbled upon this quiet little comedy. Don't take that that this movie is a "golden winner" by any standards. This film doesn't ask much from the audience, but it's a decent enough experience to waste 95 minutes of your time. "Just Friends" doesn't re-invent the wheel for comedies or romantic comedies, but it's simple, pleasurable existence is enough. The always watchable and appealing Ryan Reynolds stars as Chris Brander, a guy who was pretty much on the outside in high school. He was overweight, had a retainer, and had frizzy hair that would make Richard Simmons jealous. He was always the best friend of sweet and cute Jamie Pallamino(Amy Smart), but he, like others like him, always wanted to be more. After a humiliating experience, we flash forward ten years to find Chris as a slim and attractive guy swimming in the high life with houses and money and all. He returns to his hometown after a plane mishap, runs back into Jamie, and the flames rekindled again. However, Chris faces some competition in the form of former nerd Dusty Dinkelman(Chris Klein). In his way is Samantha(Anna Faris), a pompus, shallow pop singer who thinks she is Chris' girlfriend. Reynolds has been funny and charming in the past, but it doesn't quite work here. He is the funniest in his high school days. Amy Smart is awfully cute, but there is no real insight or deep development for her characte. But she is so darn sweet and cute, that you understand why someone would want her as their significant other. But it's Faris who steals the show. Her over the top performance as a Britney-like pop singer who wants to be seen as more of an 'artiste' is hilarious, and provides most of the film's bigger laughs. Her "ice pack on head-toothpaste" scene is a particular highlight. The setting is nice and the holiday season this is placed against is always nice to me. What doesn't work here is that it is all very familiar. Walking along very familiar ground. The script pretty much follows the blue print of every other kind of movie like this. It goes from point A to point B to point C, and you will know how it gets to these points and what will happen before the film gets there. You are not going to get any surprises with "Just Friends", but then the filmmakers weren't trying for that to happen. Also, there is the character of Chris. He's a good guy and all, but you just don't really feel any sympathy for him in any of the stages of his life. Fat Chris or Thin, Rich Chris. It's a definite problem when you aren't feeling much for the hero of the story who tries to get the girl. The actors are good enough, appealing enough(some of them), and there are some genuine parts that are very laugh-worthy, but in the end, it's "been there, seen that, got the free t-shirt". Other pluses for the film include Julie Hagerty(of "Airplane" fame)appearing as Chris' mom. She is a funny lady, funny here, and we don't see her often enough. Chris Klein also appears and plays mostly against type. In the end, "Just Friends" is a carbon copy of a carbon copy, but there are much worse ways to send an hour and a half. ...more info
  • extra crispy corny&I fell asleep
    usually Ryan Reynolds is able to use his Chevy Chase vibe to work in his films,but this film was boring from the word jump.filled with alot fo cliches&bit so many other films over the years that I forgot this was suppose to be a original movie all onto itself....more info
  • Just fun!
    As a big Ryan Reynolds fan, I simply had to watch Just Friends. He is always such great fun in everything I've ever seen him in. Here, Reynolds plays Chris, a fat highschooler who is best friends with Jamie Palomino (Amy Smart), the prettiest girl in school. Chris of course has a major crush on Jamie, but she only sees him as her best friend and nothing more. At their graduation party however, some of the popular guys embarrass Chris and he vows to show them he's a somebody. That was 1995. Now fast forward to present day where Chris is now an incredibly handsome, incredibly fit successful music exec in L.A. He gets stuck with the task of working on a record with Samantha (Anna Faris, hilariously) who is an eccentric and wild talent to say the least. While in flight with Samantha, the plane catches fire (thanks to her microwaving aluminum foil in the plane's microwave) and they have to stop in Chris' hometown. This is of course where things take a silly turn giving us much to laugh at...Chris' determination to win Jamie over and break her heart, but he's too sweet to hurt her, Chris' competition from Dusty (Chris Klein) who sings the same ridiculous song to every woman, and let's not forget crazy Samantha who is constantly barking orders at everyone and Chris is constantly sticking her with his younger brother Mike. Chris & Mike's mom is also an absolute riot. Just Friends is a great way to mellow out and watch something that will make you laugh until your sides hurt and make you smile at the end. Great bonus features on the DVD too. This one's a keeper! Enjoy!...more info
  • Some Laughs, But No Real Heart--"Just Friends" Just Doesn't Cut It
    Comedy comes in many forms--everything from crude slapstick to subtle satire--and in "Just Friends" there is an uneasy fusion of two classic movie types. First, the movie wants to be a gross-out comedy. The sight gags are plentiful, the physical comedy abundant and often cruel, and the dialogue absurdly unrealistic. However, the movie also wants to be taken seriously as a typical romantic comedy--the variation where two people are meant to be together but various situations have kept them apart. These elements have been combined successfully in the past--"There's Something About Mary" jumps right to mind. Here, we get something far less successful.

    First, the good news. There are legitimate laughs to be had in "Just Friends" and that was a pleasant surprise. If you don't care about character development and just want inane humor, you could do worse than this movie. And if the sight of Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit sounds like the height of hilarity to you--check this out right away.

    Sadly, it's the romantic comedy angle that fails to ignite. There is nothing real at stake here to care about--and the blame for this falls squarely on Reynolds' character (I'll use the word character lightly here). Reynolds may be one of our greatest sitcom actors working--the problem, however, is that he's not in sitcoms anymore. He's making movies, unfortunately--and his hamming up to the camera always seem to take the place of a real character. Here, he plays a celebrity insider--a successful, trendy record executive. And yet, he's not believable as trendy, successful or professional. His character vacillates between being the a villain and a hero, you never know or understand him--he just does whatever is necessary to set up the next gag.

    It's too bad, really, because Amy Smart--as his love interest--IS playing a character. I'm not usually a fan, but here she does nicely and the movie lets her down. But it's Anna Faris that I'm going to single out for the most inspired performance. The funniest bits to me revolve around her character--a shallow, insane pop star. Sure, it's an easy target--but she throws herself into the role with such hilarious, over-the-top gusto that she is easily a cast standout.

    Again, some humor--no emotion. If you don't expect much from your comedy, you might just like this. The fatal flaw for me is that I felt this film wanted me to care about the central relationship, but didn't do anything to make it REAL. KGHarris, 10/06....more info
  • Love Ryan Reynolds
    Just a good fun movie. I love his sense of humor. I could and did watch it over and over again. ...more info
  • Mildly entertaining, yet enjoyable
    Ryan Reynolds plays Chris, a guy who used to be a fat nerd in high school. While in high school, he fell into the friends zone with the girl of his dreams, Jaimie (played by Amy Smart). Ten years later, he is a big-time record executive whose good looks and wealth score him plenty of supermodel ass. While accompanying his record company's latest talent (an insane pop diva named Samantha Jane) on a plane ride, the plane makes an emergency landing in New Jersey, near the town Chris grew up. While in town, he runs into Jaimie again and finds that his old feelings are still there and that no amount of money and good looks are guaranteed to pull him out of the friends zone.

    This movie was OK. I had some good laughs at the slapstick and Ryan Reynolds's comedic delivery. It was interesting to see how vulnerable he still was despite the many years that had passed and how much he had changed.

    All in all, the film was kind of shallow, yet mildly amusing. Good to watch on a weekday after work.

    My recommended Ryan Reynolds movie is "VAN WILDER."

    My recommended Amy Smart movie is "ROAD TRIP."

    These movies were much much stronger than "JUST FRIENDS."

    ...more info
  • This is the best movie ever!
    I saw this movie at my friend's birthday party, and I absolutely loved it. Some of the people hated it, and said it was really stupid, but she was the Pride and Prejudice type of movie watcher. This movie is a little suggestive, but it is filled with humor from the beginning to the very last second. ...more info
  • The Most Unlikeable Hero In Movie History
    If you want to enjoy this film..watch the prview and then forget it!
    Chris is an egotisical jerk..He is rude to his mother...Cruel to his kid brother (who deserves it) Irresponsible to his profession.He is concerned with only His needs the entire film..
    No charm, no warmth and definitely NO INTELLIGENCE!
    This is the first movie I have EVER watched that lacked even on scene I would like see again..I avoid people like this in real life and I feel I wasted a lot of time watching them...
    And finally for a topping, we have a six or seven year old child closing the film with an obscenty...Dumb movie and I was even dumber for watching it all the way through......more info
  • About 3 1/2
    The story doesn't always work, but a first rate comedy cast saves this film about a formerly fat friend who has always loved his girl "friend" but never been able to be more than friends. It is a funny premise. Ryan Reynolds is perfect as he grows more and more bitter that he can't seal the deal. Anna Faris is good in an over the top role, and Chris Klein plays the perfect jerk. It is amusing enough to keep you interested throughout the flick....more info
  • Please enter a title for your review
    I thought this movie would kinda suck, because the trailer emphasizes Reynolds in the fat suit doing all this stupid hammy eyebrow acting, and it seemed like it would revolve around a lot of dumb one-note gags, but it really surprised me with how much substance it had, well for a goofy romantic comedy anyway. After Anna Faris' kinda non-role in Waiting... she gets back to doing the retarded facial expressions she does best. The stuff teenage Chris writes to Jamie is so amazingly cute and injects some valueable John Hughes/80s humanity into the relatively trashy flashy modern teen/collegiate oriented hollywood comedy formula. All of the characters are based on stereotypes to some extent, but humour is drawn more from developing distinctive quirks than from simply playing off of those stereotypes. ...more info
  • Interesting premise undone by its outlandish trajectory
    I watched this film expecting a sweet comedy along the lines of "The 40 Year Old Virgin"...as a once-obese high school outcast Chris (Ryan Reynolds) finally gets the girl of his dreams, Jamie. The film starts out in the past (1995) at a graduation party at Miss Popularity's house where Chris is shamefully ridiculed by his entire graduating class. He runs away and vows to make something of his life.

    Cut to 10 years later. Chris is a svelte, smooth record exec who uses women and disposes them after he gets what he couldn't get in high school. I kept thinking what a shallow cad he became. It's fine to improve your life (lose weight, gain confidence, pursue career goals), but that doesn't mean one has to lose his soul in the process. Anyhow, that's how they wanted to make the character. For some strange reason, he hasn't been to his hometown in New Jersey in ten years. By inexplicable logic, he gets stranded in his hometown on his way to Paris in a private jet with a former flame (the outrageous Anna Faris doing a combo-Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson). He connects with old friends, spots his dream girl working in a bar, and sees his former tormentor looking very much like a loser. So, this sets the stage to show off to his unrequited love that he's a changed man.

    What ensues is a series of outlandish scenes that come across as very unrealistic, growing more and more unbelievable until the end, when it loses all credibility. While some of the scenes would be fine in a satire or spoof a la "Date Movie", this one sold itself as a "romantic comedy". After watching it, I felt that the makers insulted any movie goer with a brain. To make the movie funny, they went for outrageous, but it doesn't work. No wonder the film bombed at the box office. It could have been a great film. The premise is a good one (high school outcast changes into a better man and wins over the love his life), but the delivery simply sucks. What a squandered waste of celluloid....more info
  • Great Movie!
    I love this movie! I bought it for me and a friend. We both think the crazy gal is a hoot!...more info
  • Unexpectedly Enjoyable
    A group of friends stopped by and we purchased this on pay-per-view because we sure as hell didn't want to watch Duke's of Hazzard. Maybe we all had too much wine but we were all laughing out loud and not just once...The whole idea of the unrequited love thing based on physical unattractiveness is at best cheesy but the characters in this movie make up for the inane story. Anna Faris as Samantha is a riot and the constant bickering between the main character 'Chris' and his little brother is priceless. Adding to the hilarity is Julie Hagerty's ditzy mom character who says mom-type things like "just be yourself" and makes it sound really silly. All in all this absurd little movie is a must see and I really don't know why it didn't do well at the box office....more info
  • Likeable, Light Comedy
    Before I go too far in my review of "Just Friends," let me first state that I'm not an entirely huge fan of Ryan Reynolds. I've always felt that he was funny at first, but his wisecracking, smart alecky persona has worn thing with time. In this flick, however, Reynolds lightens up on the quips and actually plays a full-on geek with image issues who gets embarassed in front of the entire senior class and vows to become something better than the rest of them. He does, but he makes it big knowing that his best friend, played by Amy Smart, never truly knew how he felt about her.

    He becomes a big-time record producer and while courting his ex-girlfriend(Anna Faris) in an attempt to get her to sign with his label, they become stuck in his hometown in New Jersey. While waiting for the plane and the weather, Reynolds attempts to reconnect with his old best friend and let her know how he really feels. The only thing standing in his way is his very suspicious ex and one-time fellow geek Chris Klein, who's become a very good songwriter and all-around nice guy.

    What follows is a collage of comedic situations including Reynolds playing hockey with some kiddies, Klein completely snowballing Smart, her friends, and family and Reynolds' little brother's attempts to keep Faris out of the way. In fact, the little brother (Christopher Marquette) and Faris almost steal the show from Reynolds and Smart. Faris is basically a prettier, better singing version of Ashlee Simpson. She's obnoxious, completely oblivious, and thinks that she's the greatest artist of all time.

    This flick is not one of the top comedies around. It is refreshing, however, to see Reynolds actually playing a character who isn't a total smart-you-know-what. I'd consider it a rental for most folks, especially if you enjoy comedies like "Fever Pitch" and "The Sweetest Thing."...more info
  • A Surprise Comedy - The Irony of Rejection
    This was a surprise slapstick comedy over the 2005 Christmas holidays. A typical new version of the guy who left town and went from zero to everything, complete with an extreme makeover. Chris runs off to LA from Jersey to forget his best friend and thwarted paramour. In 10 years (what a difference a decade can make!) .... Chris is buffed, tanned, handsome, successful, and a complete womanizer serial dater of supermodels and all things that look hot in a skirt. He has done everything to forget and erase his former self, and his heartache over his high school unrequited love. A flight to Paris is interrupted by engine trouble and Chris finds himself home in Jersey for the holidays. One run in with his lost love and 10 years of forgetting fall away. Before he knows it, he is back on the mission he had as a teenager - to win her over once and for all.

    It's formula but cute. Goes to show that the heart has no sense of time....more info
  • Just Laughs...And More Laughs
    A romantic comedy with a modest budget, the box office for "Just Friends" surpassed expectations when it grossed a surprising $32.5 million domestically and that is no doubt due to its star talent. With Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Chris Klein headlining the cast, people going into "Just Friends" will get laughs aplenty with room to spare for a few genuinely touching moments.

    Chris Brander (Reynolds) is a lovable teenaged dweeb - shy, overweight and head-over-heels in love with his best friend Jamie Palamino (Smart), a girl from the popular crowd. No longer able to bottle his feelings, he confesses his love but gets the rejection he feared while being mortified in the process. Deciding that he will no longer be a suffering fool, he retreats on his bicycle, determined to make something of himself.

    Fast forward ten years and Chris is several pounds lighter, a successful record producer in Los Angeles and a real ladies' man who has broken more hearts than can be counted. Though he lives the life of which every bachelor dreams, Chris's unrequited love has made him a cynic and a womanizer. His just-desserts for his chauvinistic behavior come in the form of rising pop star and manic ex-girlfriend Samantha James (Faris), a singer that he is ordered to recruit for the record label for which he works. Jumping his bones the moment she sees him, Samantha suggests an impromptu trip to Paris but by a strange twist of fate they end up in Chris's home state of New Jersey and he decides to visit his family for the holidays.

    While trying to keep the psychotic and high-maintenance Samantha occupied, Chris looks up Jamie and much to his delight, she is still beautiful and still single. Resentful for having been kept in the "friend zone" all those years, he hatches a grand plan to take advantage of her but he doesn't count on falling in love with her all over again.

    He also doesn't count on some fierce competition in the form of Dusty Dinkleman (Klein), another shy and stuttering nerd who was also infatuated with Jamie. Now a confident and handsome part-time EMT who is positively enchanting on the guitar, Dusty pulls out all the stops to win her over and in the process reveals that he doesn't have the best intentions. A farcical war develops between the two men, one that has both of them cleverly disguising their own agendas while fighting the urge to expose the other (lest they expose themselves in the process).

    Though an inexperienced screenwriter, Adam "Tex" David's screenplay gets many laughs from its even-handed sarcasm and slapstick as well as the superb execution of the film's skilled comedic actors. Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to comedies - with the starring role in 2004's "Van Wilder" as well as the portrayal of another womanizer in 2005's "Waiting" (also opposite Anna Faris), his delivery and facial expression are dynamite. Klein, another comedic film veteran (Election, American Pie), impresses with his ability to cut loose and be absolutely insane as Dusty, a man whose ulterior motives become all too clear towards the end.

    Both of them are almost overshadowed by Anna Faris, a comedic actress made famous by her starring role in the Wayans brothers' "Scary Movie" trilogy. Faris is insanely funny as Samantha James, a ditzy and petulant celebrity who is sickly sweet one moment, horny another and then flying off the handle the next.

    Amy Smart tends to play the straight role in comedies whilst everyone else has all the fun and she does it again here as Jamie; despite being the only serious performance in the movie, she still holds her own next to Reynolds and Faris.

    Bottom line: Replete with an even mix of physical comedy as well as a good dose of wry humor, "Just Friends" will procure many chuckles from its keen writing, direction and performances.
    ...more info
  • A Really Good Movie!!
    What can I say? The movie is really funny, even though Ryan Reynolds seems to get possessed by the spirit of Jim Carrey at times in the film. Anna Faris is the reason to watch the film, she is always as show in itself since she is always great at playing the dumb blonde like in the Scary Movie series. I have to admit, this film just has a lot of laughs, which is a surprise to me. This isn't a Christmas movie, so don't be fooled into thinking so by the cover of the DVD. The story just happens to take place during the Christmas season, but very little (like 2%) of the film even mentions anything Christmas or holiday related. Overall a surprisingly funny movie that makes me laugh a lot. This is a film I'd recommend, I give it four stars since it does have a few slow spots, but it is overall a real fun movie...more info
  • Sorry ,but it's the truth: Fat dudes don't get the girl
    "Just Friends" is about truth. It's about known, universal, guaranteed truths that bridge all boundaries in America. Aside from the ending, which was completely and utterly ridiculous, the entire movie was factual. Here's what I learned (already knew):

    1--It's proof of the Ladder Theory. All women have two ladders. One ladder is reserved for friends. The other ladder is reserved for men she would potentially date and/or have sex with. Once you are on the friend ladder, you can never move to the dating-love-sex ladder.
    2--The massage-trick is almost universally known. Both men and women know that when a massage happens, and it is not performed by a licensed masseuse, there is more than likely some sex on the horizon.
    3--Dorks, dweebs, nerds, and geeks will never, I repeat, NEVER, get the popular hot chick...unless he's a rich dork.
    4--Every guy in high school that looked like Chris Klein was going to get the girl, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Added on to that is the fact that the same guy would inevitably treat the girl like a worthless whore, and he'd still keep getting the girls, despite the universal knowledge that he was a douche bag that would cheat on every girlfriend he had.
    5--It's much harder to *ahem* seal the deal, when it's a woman you like immensely. Someone you are not interested in for anything other than the physical, well, that's a different story.
    6--Fat guys lip-synching will always be funny.
    7--It shows how shallow most women truly are. Sure, everyone wants to act like men are the kings of the world of shallowness; but in reality, women charge the king rent. She didn't want him when he was fat, but now that he's attractive and rich (the same as the C.Klein character), she practically throws herself at him.

    Other things to be aware of while watching the movie:

    1--This movie is proof that Amy Smart and Anna Farris are not the same person. They are in a scene together, thereby dispelling the rumors.
    2--Most people who do everything considered nice, helpful, and philanthropic are probably doing all some of the activities with ulterior motives. The world is not all rainbows and butterflies; deal with it.
    3--I'm sorry; but, in the real world, the ending of this movie will almost never happen. Sure, it happens on Lifetime (when men aren't being blamed for everything wrong with the world), and it occasionally happens on an E-Harmony commercial (although I can't prove the veracity of any of the ads), but it almost never actually happens.
    ...more info
  • Funny all the way through!
    This is a great movie. The casting is right on. Anna Farris is perfect as the spoiled, shallow pop diva. Ryan Reynolds is always funny. Chris Klein was an unexpected pleasant surprise. Julie Hagerty is always a treat.

    We have shown this to a variety of our friends and all of them have loved it.

    Highly recommend....more info
  • I want to see Anna in more movies
    and Ryan. Lowbrow comedy - sight gags only, but who cares-you'll laugh! I'm an "adult" far from 19 and I laughed through the whole thing, Most "romantic comedies are not funny, they are cute, This I will watch again with my friend, just to see where she laughs. Hot chick was funny too, also with Anna....more info
  • Great Comedy Movie!!!
    Great comedy!

    This movie had me laughing almost the entire time. Anna Faris gives an amazing performance in this movie as a ditzy pop wanna-be singer. The rest of the cast is amazing in this movie as well. The story is very good and many could relate to it, specially if you've had a crush on someone in high school and you always felt like you were never good enough, unless you were rich, famous, and thin. This is defiantly a good comedy and revolves around the holidays but it's not just another holiday comedy either.

    I have this movie as my top favorite films of all times. Just watch it and you'll see what I mean. great movie at a great value!

    The shipping was fast, and the DVD was in great condition. This DVD has a great variety of DVD extras. You'll also get to see a lot of behind the scenes and a writer's journey on how to become an actor for a small role in the movie. It's a great DVD with lots to offer and it will keep you entertained through out the whole movie and special features as well.

    I highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • Funny; stands up to repeated viewings
    This is one of the funnier movies that I've seen in a long time; it's a mixture of "silly" and "clever" humor. When I buy a DVD, the test is "will I enjoy it more than once?". I bought this DVD, after paying to rent it, twice. Great on-screen chemistry between all the actors. Solid laughs....more info
  • Ryan Reynolds return to comedy... and I was disappointed
    "Just Friends," from director Roger Kumble, of "Cruel Intentions" and the underrated Cameron Diaz comedy "The Sweetest Thing," is about what happens after that awful moment when the girl of your dreams says she just wants to be pals. Chums. Buddies.

    In this case, the fat guy who can't get the girl moves to Los Angeles, loses about 200 pounds and most of his personality (having been taken over by the pod people who inhabit the L.A. entertainment planet) and then fate brings him back to Ms. Right. Who lives in New Jersey.

    Yes, there had to be a catch. It can be maudlin, mawkish, predictable, sentimental, prone to cheap laughs and starring Ryan Reynolds (who seems to be doing a Jason Lee impersonation), but "Just Friends" can also be absolutely hysterical once the erstwhile expanse of human acreage Chris Brander (Reynolds) finds himself back at his childhood home, and starts reverting to his childhood.

    A slicker-than-hair-mousse L.A. record exec, Chris is escorting untalented sex bomb Samantha James (Anna Faris) to Paris, when their plane makes an unscheduled landing near Trenton. With nowhere else to go -- and it being Christmastime -- they end up at the home of Chris' mom (Julie Hagerty) and brother Mike (Christopher Marquette), who affixes himself to Samantha like a rutting hedgehog. Meanwhile, the long-suffering Chris is trying to figure out how to work his way back into the heart of Jamie Palomino (Amy Smart), the girl he loved, and who wanted to be friends.

    "Just Friends" is funnier the sillier it gets, perhaps hitting a crescendo during the slap fights between the brothers, who begin beating each other with regularity, as if they'd never stopped.

    Chris, who begins his Amy campaign acting cool and sophisticated, finds that doesn't work. So he goes the other way -- and becomes a character unable to modulate himself to the right frequency, one where Jamie can hear him. Although Faris is quite game as the slutty, outlandish Samantha, she's too strong for the general tone of the film, which in a kind of transcendent way is about how easy it is to become the person we used to be, when we're in the place we used to live....more info
  • Forgiveness... does not mean compro-MY-ZEEENNGG
    Whew, I even bought the soundtrack to this insane mess. It definitely wears on you with multiple, multiple viewings. Anna Farris is crazy, Amy Smart is photogenic, and Ryan is just manic....more info
  • great laugh year after year
    Every christmas season I pop this movie in and it makes me laugh every time....more info
  • Why Do I Like This Movie?
    Ryan Reynolds reminds me of the pompous jerk back in my high school days, the kind of arrogant, shallow, superficial nobody we would give wedgies to after gym class. So any movie featuring an actor who conjures up all of these images and feelings is inherently behind the eight-ball; the film is going to have to have something else going for it to entreat me to even watch.

    Such is the case with JUST FRIENDS. And I still don't know why.

    Yes I do. Anna Faris and Chris Marquette. Faris, playing an airhead Hollywood diva (and a very emotionally unstable one at that), is over the top in a very good way, while Marquette, playing kid brother to Reynolds, is hysterical. When these two actors are on screen I stand up and pay attention. Plus JUST FRIENDS has more than its fair share of physical comedy, which I grudgingly admit Reynolds does well.

    A former porker who is now a Hollywood big shot (Reynolds) comes back to his Jersey hometown to discover he still has romantic feelings for the love of his adolescent life (Amy Smart)--even though their relationship was always benignly platonic. Meanwhile he must pacify his out-of-control client (Faris), who is not enjoying her stay in the frigid Jersey town as Yuletide approaches. Self-denial, misunderstanding, pride, and then mayhem ensue; the result, comedic bliss. Then JUST FRIENDS wraps up its closing credits featuring Reynolds in a fat suit lip syncing a Boyz II Men ballad. Can't think of a better way to watch this guy perform.
    --D. Mikels, Author, Walk-On...more info
    so funny, i love anna faris!!!!

    and ryan reynolds is so funny also...

    this movie was all that i didnt expect!!!

    it came out to fast on dvd and i didnt but it a first, im glad i did it cuz i LOVED this movie!!! gotta watch it if you havent already ;)
    ...more info
  • Not the best Ryan Reynolds flick
    Just watch this movie on Comedy Central about an hour ago. Ryan Reynold Plays Chris Brander, a nice guy who use to be a fat teenager in High School, and has shared a long relationship with a nice girl named Jamie played by the lovely Amy Smart. Now Chris is now a music agent. His boss played by Stephen Root known as the voice of Bill Dauterive on TV King of the hill. Wants him to hire this gal named Samantha played by Scary movie star Anna Faris. This movie came out 2 month after Waiting which stars both Reynolds and Faris. Samantha is a wild and crazy girl who acts like she back in 5th grade. So Chris becomes Samantha agent. The city Paris wants Samantha to perform a concert durning the christmas season.So Chris has to go to paris with Samtha to perform a concert, and is force to spend the holidays with her. The plane catches on fire from a cooking in the microwave disaster. So the holidays become more of a disaster when insted of going to paris. Chris take Samantha with him to his mother house. Chris mother played by Julie Hagerty best know for Airplane 1 and 2 and Lost in american. gets to meet Samantha. So while Chris is home for the holidays, He decide to go to a bar named the maple inn, yes the movie take place in Canada and was filmed in Canada, and Ryan Reynold is from Canada. While he is at the bar, he meets with this couple who he use to know in high school. But when he goes to order a drink. He sees his pal Jamie who is the bar tender. So he decides to get to together with Jamie. So before he go to see Jamie and decide to take her out to a nice diner, he sends Samantha with his braty kid brother. Chris does this to Samantha every time he is about to spend the days and evening with Jamie. By the time christmas eve arives. Chris turns from a nice and sweet loving guy like he was in high school to a nasty scrooge. Call it a Canadian christmas carol with just scrooge without the ghosts and Tiny Tim. Things start to go wrong with Chris and Jamie and their long term friendship get sent to the grave. But the day after christmas, Chris returns to his apartment in LA. Samantha drops in on a big surpise. So Chris decides to go back to his old self when he relize s that the one thing that ment to him was Jamie. The only thing he wants to do is go to the next level, and that is to return to his home town and ask Jamie to marrie him. And she saids yes. Well its a good thing that I decided to do my christmas shopping and go see the 4th Harry Potter Film then this holiday bomb. So if you want to see a better Ryan Reynolds popcorn flick. Rent National Lampoons Van Wilder and Smoking Aces...more info
  • Don't Ever hide your feelings for that special one
    Just Friends is a good comedy about two friends who falls inlove with each other at the last minute once life gives them a second chance. Just Friends stars Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, & Chirs Klein.

    Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) was a geeky and fat nerd back in high school who had a secret crush on his "bff" Jamie Palenmino (Amy Smart). Another guy in high school also had a crush on Jamie whose name is Dusty Dinkelman(Chris Klein) who dreamed on becoming a famous guitarist. After being embarrassed and rejected by Jamie at a high school graduation party, Chris soon moves to California where he becomes a hot music producer.

    Being the number one hottest music producer in California, Chris comes across a famous pop star Samantha James (Anna Faris) who is deeply obsessed in becoming Chris' girlfriend. After having a slight problem in traveling to Paris with Samantha, Chris returns home in New Jersey and meets back up with his old high school buddies.

    After returning home, Chris soon runs into Jamie after ten years of never seeing each other.

    Chris and Jamie return in becoming 'bffs" again until Dusty gets back into the picture. Once Dusty is back in the picture, it soon becomes a game in winning Jamie's heart. Chris would also have problems with his younger brother Mike and Samantha he would have to deal with while on his way in trying to win Jamie's heart.

    After days of back and forth competition, Chris soon finds out that Dusty is only in it to get back at Jamie for putting Dusty in the "friend-zone" back in high school.

    After failing a number of times, Chris finally wins Jamie's heart and has a happily ever after with her.

    Pretty good movie. I really liked it, it made me laugh a lot. I recommend on seeing this one....more info
  • A good movie to see with that person that you're trying to get out of the "friend's zone"
    I must say it's about time that Ryan Reynolds stared in a decent movie!!!. I think this role worked for him because he had to play a likable character and while many will say he always plays a likable character I say that he always plays the same sarcastic cool guy character. This role allowed him to still be his normal character for some part but also a likable character as well. Mr. Reynolds has finally gotten out of his box and played a role that wasn't tailor made for him.

    As for the rest of the cast, Amy Smart was also very likable as the best friend Jamie. She was honestly a very sweet and caring person and you really wanted her to date Chris at least in the beginning. Anna Faris who again plays the same character in every movie did play her "typical" airhead role. But she played a stereotypical brainless pop star and played it perfectly. I found her whole performance hilarious. She basically played Jessica Simpson in the movie and there are a few jokes that really imply that's who they were mocking.

    "Just Friends" is a guilty pleasure film. Even though it didn't do so well at the box office or be liked by everyone (most critics gave it rather poor reviews) but I don't think it was a film created for critics but a specific limited audience. And while the film's marketing makes this film look like a typical teen movie, I feel it's a bit more mature than that even though some of the characters in the film are almost childlike.
    Overall "Just Friends" shows how important it is to be yourself and act mature. It is also proof that Ryan Reynolds can play a different character and is actually good at it. As long as you don't go into the theater expecting a film that is original and thought-provoking you should be fine because this movie is a decent holiday romantic comedy that both guys and girls alike can enjoy.
    ...more info
  • Storyline
    The storyline is good...typical!!! Was funny and worth seeing as a rental. Reynolds was so much funnier in Two Guys and A Girl!!!

    Good rental...more info
  • Great!!
    This movie cracks me up everytime I watch it. The mother is funny and Ryan Reynolds is cute and funny....more info
  • Just Friends
    My family loves this movie. It has quickly become our favorite. We watch it all the time. I highly recommend it!...more info
    This is the second movie I've watched with Ryan Reynolds in it in a short while. This movie is every bit as good as "Waiting" if not better. A quirky romantic comedy that is funny and has some heart. The DVD transfer is excellent and there are some very funny and interesting extras....more info
  • Don't Miss The Christmas Lights Scene!
    When this showed up in the mail I thought it was going to be really dumb. But it was actually a pretty good movie and funny too! It actually has a story and funny characters. Ryan Reynolds stars as an ex geek once in love with his best friend from high school played by Amy Smart. After high school he becomes a big shot record exec. and returns home about 10 years later due to a microwave explosion on the company private plane caused by his ditsy rock star client. He meets up again with his high school crush and all hell ensues. Don't miss the Christmas light scene, I hadn't laughed so hard since I saw the 40 Year Old Virgin. Two thumbs up.
    ...more info
  • Friends With Benefits (But Not Many)
    Director Roger Kumble can't stop thinking about relationships. First he gives us Cruel Intentions 1 & 2, then the Sweetest Thing, and now we have Just Friends, another movie about relationships gone awry. If the first two films were about manipulating people for sex and the second was about manipulating them for love, this latest flick could be safely called a little of both.

    Penned by Adam "Tex" Davis (this is the first thing he's written for the screen, unless you count the Made-For-TV "Spring Break Lawyer," which, uh, I don't), "Just Friends" is certainly having fun with itself, but it doesn't always have fun with the audience. Poor Chris, a fat-but-loveable high school loser, professes his love for his best friend, Jamie, only to have her turn him down with a platonic kiss, planted firmly in that "like a brother" area located in the middle of his chubby cheek. Ten years later, Chris has slimed down and toned up and now pursues and discards women with a personality that is as chiseled as his body. Working as a sly music executive, he finds himself accidentally stranded in his native New Jersey (thanks to a jet plane/microwave mishap) with another chance to win the heart (or at least the body) of his long-lost childhood chum.

    Chris is played expertly by Ryan Reynolds doing what he does best: mixing wry attitude with well-acted emotion (his best scenes are when he's encased in rubber as the once-flabby Chris; Reynolds would do well to take more character roles, since he's starting to pigeonhole himself as The Witty Wiseacre). Reynolds is surrounded by a group of equally able co-stars who are strong in each of their roles: Amy Smart as the trophy gal, Jamie; the wonderfully over-the-top Anna Faris as a Christina Aguilera wanna-be named Samantha James; and Chris Klein (who seems to be making fun of every other dull-as-dirt character he's ever played) as the doe-eyed rival, Dusty Dinkleman. There are other notables here, too, including Stephen Root (Newsradio, Dodgeball) as Chris's boss and Julie Hagerty (Airplane!) as Chris's ditzy mother.

    Ms. Hagerty's presence makes a lot of sense, especially since this film borrows heavily from a lot of its comedic ancestors, which not only include Zucker and Abrahams, but also the Three Stooges (see: Chris's slap-heavy relationship with his younger brother -- the only thing that's missing there are "nyuks" and eye pokes) and the National Lampoon's series (see: the various pratfalls and even a humorously obliterated Christmas panorama).

    A lot of this is remarkably well done and truly funny stuff (for those fans of the style), but it also seems crammed together in a clumsy attempt to distract from the shallow and confused script. You don't ask much from a movie like this, but you do expect a little heart, a little warmth, or -- more importantly -- a little sense. Unfortunately, not much of this movie seems very relatable or plausible, which wouldn't be so bad if the film didn't pretend so hard that it was both. As a result, Chris's pursuit of Jamie, although it is the main premise, actually feels tacked on, and both characters, in spite of their believability as real people, are still very hard to understand and connect with.

    Your best bet, if you watch this film, is just to watch it. People get electrocuted, dropped off balconies, and very few groins are spared. Reynolds hams it up, mugs with panache, and takes all of the abuse with classy straight-man style. Even the final credits roll over a souped-up version of Samantha James' song, "Forgiveness," a pretty funny send-up of bubble-gum pop ("To forgive is divine/so let's have a glass of wine/and have make-up sex/until the end of time"). Ultimately, if you can remove yourself from the movie as much as it removes itself from you, you'll probably enjoy the experience.

    (This DVD comes with the usual voice-over commentary -- which is actually pretty banal considering the subject matter, some deleted scenes, a lot of stuff about the making-of -- including Ryan's transformation into a fat high school kid, a set of blooper clips -- always a favorite, and an alternate ending that is obviously alternate for a reason. A good collection for those of you who like a lot of bonus material. NOTE: some sites say that there are Easter Eggs on this disc, but I haven't found them.)...more info