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Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 4000 v10
List Price: $199.99

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Product Description

Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 4000 brings you all the features of our industry-acclaimed Punch! Architectural Series 3000 - plus we've fully integrated our most popular landscape software title, Master Landscape Pro. The result: The most powerful and comprehensive Punch! Architectural Suite of products ever assembled into one package. 400 Powerful Applications all in one easy-to-use interface.

Regardless of your level of expertise, Punch! Architectural Series 4000 produces professional results. Beginners will appreciate the built-in Video Tutorials - it's like an architectural designer by your side. Simple drag & drop functions for windows, doors, furniture, materials, color, and landscaping make producing top-notch designs a snap!

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: Punch Software
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 84100
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Software Sub Type: Architectural
  • Software Name: Home Design Architectural Series 4000 v.10.0
  • Features & Benefits:
  • Punch! Interior Design Suite Integrated
  • Hundreds of New Objects Never Before Seen
  • Integrated Content from Sherwin Williams and more
  • New Pool Designer PowerTool
  • Punch! Updater (Keep your content Fresh!)
  • Global Sun Positioning
  • Exciting Existing Features like Topo Designer
  • Roofing Wizard
  • Deck Wizard & Deck Templates
  • Platform Support: PC

  • Features:
    • Includes fully integrated landscape software, Master Landscape Pro
    • Architectural design software for home remodeling projects
    • Built-in video tutorials; roofing wizard; deck wizard and deck templates
    • Drag-and-drop over 30,000 design combinations with just a click
    • Extensive framing, estimating, mechanical design, and CAD functions

    Customer Reviews:

    • OK, but only "cookie cutter" homebuilding options.
      I've used several "home architect" programs over the years and have seen a vast improvement in the field since they first started to appear. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they still have a long way to go. The package offered by Punch! by far has some of the greatest variety of tools available to the user compared to the other packages out there. Yet there are issues...

      The tools all appear to be separate programs that are "tacked on" to the basic software. All run separately and the data entered must be saved to the main application's plan, sometimes as a separate file. I've also run into difficulty separating living space from spaces such as garages, resulting in an extra amount of square footage that results in inaccurate cost/sq.ft. ratios. Using the topography tools to create an uneven lot and then excavating the lot still results in terrain poking through your walls. Creating a split level house or 2-story and then cutting the floor for stairwells or "open to below" areas results in odd effects in the 3-d view (moving around in that view still appears you are flying through floor joists where there is no floor.) Foundations do not like to be odd shapes or edited, resulting in square footage outputs that equal the entire lot (255,000 sq. ft. house, anyone?) and no discernible way to find out where your foundation plan may be in error.

      As far as the available tools for things such as roofing, textures, and appliances, I personally have found them to come up a little short as well. If you want a standard roof - no problem. If you want anything remotely non-standard such as a jerkin-head, round, or semi-circular, you are out of luck. The program does not do those, and you'll have to manually create each segment of triangular roof (pie slice) to fit a rounded roof. Vaulted ceilings are merely the underside of the roof, no control of that feature. The textures available are minimal. Appliances are very basic, and the cabinet types and wizard I've given completely up on, very difficult to place and always requiring editing for even minor deviations from standard sizes. The same goes for windows and doors. Though it does offer you the ability to create windows and doors, the options are limited as far as functionality that your creation will have. For example a door that has panes of glass in the casing results in the glass being part of the door that opens.

      Perhaps part of the reason that this program doesn't work for me is that I have chosen to design a non-standard, non-"cookie-cutter" style home, and this program simply does not take into account or provide tools for users wanting to deviate from the popular norm currently being produced. Aside from the various interface issues that are irritations, I cannot recommend this program for anyone who wishes to design a home that deviates substantially from the norm. If you wish to design a home that fits within current suburban trends, this program will work just fine for you....more info
    • Amazing and easy to use
      I bought this product because I had tried with great success another Punch product. It was so easy to use and load onto my computer. It was a great value to be able to have one product that allows me to redesign anything from interior floors and walls, to my deck and plants outside....more info
    • Great Software
      This is really good software. I own CAD software, but it doesn't do what Punch Home Design can do. It has a bit of a learning curve, but if you take the "step by step" tutorials, you'll find it much easier to learn. I did a module of the tutorial (there are several), then I saved that drawing as "test" and loaded my own and did the appropriate things to it. By going back and forth, I got to use the steps being taught several times which made it easier to remember "how" to do that thing. If you're planning to remodel (that's what I'm doing) or building from scratch, this software will give you a real good idea of what your completed remodel or construction will be like. It will more than pay for itself by saving you from making a costly mistake....more info
    • Amazingly versatile
      I have never worked with software like this before. I have zero experience drawing plans, building roofs, placing windows, etc. I am somewhat handy and can fix minor things around the house. I am probably above average in computer skills. With that in mind, I found the software very user friendly and fairly easy to use. They include some tutorials that help you get started, and the program has far more versatility and capability than I think I could use.

      I also took advantage of their "Punch University", which helped me get a lot out of the program, especially the "Snap" tools.

      This product has made numerous differences in the way we designed our house. My wife cannot go from 2D to 3D very well and this program helped us both as far as placement of appliances, windows, etc. I'd recommend this to a first time user, but I would expect to take about 2-5 hours learning how to use the product first. If that learning curve is too much, look elsewhere. But, I guarantee you'll find it time well spent....more info
    • Early Days - At least a three but much learning to be completed
      This software arrived promptly, it is definitely an improvement on the previous PUNCH software. It is easier to square rooms and make walls etc exact distances. It does take patience and determination to fully learn how to use it, I am about 50% of the way there after a month. The video demonstrations are very good I would ask for the number of these to be increased to cover all the common tricky tasks. One or two 3D errors that I am working out how to correct and may be my lack of knowledge rather then the package. Will report back in a number of months....more info
    • Not Windows Vista Compatible
      I love this product. I am living in a house I designed with it. I also use it to plot survey coordinates at work. So why one star? My XP computer died and the program will not load on Vista. I think it is because of the program load being based on Adobe Acrobat 5, which Vista cannot recognize. I would need a patch to install before I load it. Punch site says it's Vista compatible. Not....more info
    • Self-empowerment through the use of Punch Home Design Architecuture
      Though I am a couple years away from the actual building of our home this product gives me a place to play with my design in such a way that moves me towards fulfilling my dreams. I'm happy to report that though I am not computer literate in many ways I can use this product with ease. I'm grateful for the opportunity to fine tune my design before its on the land.
      Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D. Author of Self-Empowerment 101....more info
    • Powerful
      I've only started using this software today, but already I love it. We are used to using Broderbund 3D Home Architect, so being able to just dive into this without a lot of learning was a breeze. It uses the same key commands that I'm used to using in Microsoft tools. I am thrilled with the Wizards - the Room Wizard makes playing around with different room layouts very easy by just moving rooms around, whereas the 3D Home Architect version we have made us redraw walls. For the home user who wants to predefine his own house plan,or design a remodel, this is awesome. I haven't started playing with the electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc. elements, but I suspect from what I've seen so far that I'm going to love that too....more info
    • Product was defective
      Unfortunately, I had to return the product because it was defective. The first disk failed to load to my computer. I contacted Punch Technical staff and they were unable to help me with the problem. I tried on another computer in the house,and the same thing happened. I therefore returned the product....more info
    • The program is great but ...
      It is limited in colours, cupboards, accessories etc. It has lots of stuff aimed at the US market. Our Oz homes are different. Pity we can't copy and paste our cupboards, walk in robes etc.
      The Roof Wizard is good if you have a straightforward house. It's hard to complete a roof without the wizard. Getting the roof as one complete unit seems impossible.
      I tried to put ceiling fans in, they were waist height, no tweaking could get them up on the ceiling, that's the sort of things you encounter. It takes many days to figure it out. I had problems putting the block on paper. Mine has a curved front and it was bigger than the page.
      The forum is pretty good.
      It's good as far as letting you see if things work. The live view can get slow the more you add. When you start out with a few things it's fairly fast but gets tedious when you add a few rooms.
      It's worth the money though....more info
    • Good Points and Limitations
      I've been working with Punch AS/4000 since v10.0 was released (about 12 months ago). Although I agree in many respects with the positive reviews. For example, there are is a large feature list. However, there are issues with the software. For example:

      - Hard coded limitations in the software design (e.g. four possible scale options for printing, does not support Grid Snap smaller than 3/8" or 10mm - which seriously complicates moving things around on a drawing with any degree of precision, very tiny dimension text on Windows, etc.)
      - Inaccuracies: I printed a 1:100 scale drawing that came out at 1:94 approximately;
      - I couldn't fit a scale house drawing on 8.5 X 11 paper, no print preview;
      - There are limitations and inconsistencies with dimensions (i.e. placement, snap to geometry, etc.)
      - The PowerTools seem to be a series of independently developed add on modules that don't necessarily conform with the application interface (e.g. precision, look and feel, functionality)
      - The elevation editor is very limited. It basically provides a visual representation of the drawing with some editing and texture applications
      - Can't differentiate exterior wall treatments independently from the wall surface (e.g. brick and siding on the same floor).
      - Object library is very limited for plumbing fixtures, furniture, windows, etc. Common items aren't in the library nor are they easy to find. (You can create them yourself though).
      - The 3D object editor is ok but not terribly intuitive.
      - Multi-floor buildings get complicated to work with once you add floors or ceilings.
      - Once you add objects, drawings get big and slow very quickly.
      - Import/Export is limited

      In short AS/4000 could use an overhaul, an updated object library, a major upgrade to scale and printing and an overall clean-up to create a more integrated and functional product. Also, incorporate user feedback into future releases....more info
    • Parts are too complex, others are too limited
      After using this product for basic stuff [floor plans], I found that the 3D functionality to be far too complex and not really accurate. To create roof, ceiling and floors to create a realistic version of your floor plan, the process seemed too cumbersome and the elevations never quite seemed to be right. The pictures they show you are obviously done by the "professionals" on this software and mine never turn out quite realistic.

      I also have found that the gallery of objext to be very limited and a little confusing. Why there are twenty different towel bars and candles I do not know. Plus, there aren't many 2D images to place in floor plans.

      If you are a hobbyist, this program might suit your needs, but if you are using this for a function, don't bother....more info
    • Parts are too complex, others are too limited
      After using this product for basic stuff [floor plans], I found that the 3D functionality to be far too complex and not really accurate. To create roof, ceiling and floors to create a realistic version of your floor plan, the process seemed too cumbersome and the elevations never quite seemed to be right. The pictures they show you are obviously done by the "professionals" on this software and mine never turn out quite realistic.

      I also have found that the gallery of objext to be very limited and a little confusing. Why there are twenty different towel bars and candles I do not know. Plus, there aren't many 2D images to place in floor plans.

      If you are a hobbyist, this program might suit your needs, but if you are using this for a function, don't bother....more info
    • Wins award for developer stupidity, and ownership short sightedness.
      I started writing code for the web back when you could still order it as a text only service. DOS ruled the day, and there were no ads plastered on every site. This is the first product that takes HUGE STEPS BACKWARD in useability, functionality, and performance since the public birth of the web. Unlike the previous reviewers glowing account of AS 4000 I am looking at new software because the service that this company provides and their complete lack of a proactive nature with regard to its useability have rankled me one too many times. To wit:

      1. I am running a dual core 3.0 with 1 gb of memory and the 3d draw is slower that previous versions.
      2. Tech support had the audacity to tell me that going to a drop down menu to rotate an item selected is faster than a right click of the mouse and a context menu that would allow me to do the same from that menu. This is a step backward of at least 10 years. Previous versions had the right click menu which also had delete and other frequently used commands available. Really piss poor on their part to eliminate this feature alone.
      3. Despite a fast newer machine, once you select an item you have to wait before you can move it by selecting it a second time. Pitiful.
      4. Won't import standard dxf files without saving them as one layer. Making a product that won't play nice with others is a bad thing.

      I have other issues, but just don't want to spend any more time on this company or their products. If I ran my business and failed to listen to my customers like punch, I would be out of business.

      Bottom line: NO LONGER RECOMMENDED

      9-2008 UPDATE I should perhaps have mentioned that I have been a contractor for the last 8 years so needed to have a product that I could use in sales presentations. The Better Homes and Gardens product is far superior in usability, jpg creation, 3d walk thru's etc. It is built on a very high end products engine with some features not included. Those features however would only be useful for architects....more info
    • Good for Fun
      This is a fun program to play around with, and can be used for getting ideas for smaller projects. I wouldn't recommend using this program if you are trying to get real architectural detail however- it is really hard to learn all the functions in the program, especially the topography mapping. The instruction book is really simplified, and there are no other resources that I've found to help with my more technical questions.
      Bottom line: entertaining, but if you plan on doing fully detailed work, look elsewhere....more info
    • Home design software
      This product is great if you are only interested in 3-D modeling. It is NOT recommended by me for serious home design. There is no provision for setting exact dimensions in the planning mode and they resist being set with a mouse. Without a provision for entering precise measurments even the length of a wall cannot be set with any degree of accuracy. Without accuracy the software is just a large, memory grabbing, disk hogging, toy. All the fancy product and finish tie-ins in the world cannot overcome this deficiency. I am profifient with a CAD program and this software can't touch it for producing buildable plans....more info
    • Powerful product, support disappointing.
      This product worked pretty well on Windows XP but I recently upgraded to a new laptop with Vista and even though Punch claims they work with Vista, several modules do not and those that do don't work with the Aero Glass feature turned on - their response:

      "Thanks for contacting Punch! Software.

      Laptops are all-in-one devices that combine a monitor, CPU, keyboard, video and audio cards. Because of this, some resources are `shared' or `integrated'. Also the CPU or processors have a different architecture than that of desktop PC's. Therefore the device performance is different and software stability cannot be guaranteed.

      This does not neccessarily mean that they will not run. We would recommend that you update all device drivers associated with your laptop and try the software. If this still does not work, then I would like to re-iterate that unfortunately there is no further help or support we can provide you."

      That's a pretty bogus answer. The laptop is top of the line, new, and completely up to date.

      I don't recommend this software for Vista Users or for anyone who may need support. This is my second time using Puch on-line support and each time I basically had to sort the issues out myself.

      At this point, I apparently have to go look at a competitive product - like the Chief Architect line....more info
    • Defective product. No any responce from Punchsoftware.
      I received defective CD disk. The second and third disks failed to load to my computer. I tried on another 2 computers, and the same thing happened. I contacted Punch Technical staff but did not get any response.
      I don't recommend this product because no any support will be provided.
      ...more info
    • Good package but hard to use...
      This is a good package if you want to do an initial design before contracting with a professional but it is hard to use unless you have used earlier, less complicated PUNCH products before (which I have.) There are a lot of somewhat powerfull features but the documentation on how to use them is pretty poor. If you are clever, can figure things out on you own, and have the time to learn what isn't explained to you then this could be a good one to use. But if you don't fall into that catagory, forget it.

      It is also cool that you can constuct a model of what you design as the software generates templates that you can cut out and glue to foamcore. But only the walls/floors/roofs are printed out and the texture for these items does not include the windows or trim. So unless you are happy with a model with holes where the windows should be, you will have to use a drawing program to add these items to the textures before printing them out and gluing them to the model. PUNCH should really include these in the output engine....more info