Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge
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Product Description

The Linksys Wireless-G Music Bridge lets you bring the digital music streaming to or stored on your computer to your Home Entertainment Center, without running cables through the house. Using a wireless connection, the Music Bridge finally frees your digital music collection from those little computer speakers to play in full glory through your stereo or surround sound system.The Wireless-G Music Bridge sits by your home stereo and connects to it using standard consumer electronics cables. Then it connects to your home network by Wireless-G wireless networking, or if you prefer, it can be connected via standard 10/100 Ethernet cabling. The included software creates a virtual sound system in your PC, which sends the audio output of any application to the Music Bridge and the stereo system. Use your favorite media player to play your music, and listen in the comfort of the living room.Let the Linksys Wireless-G Music Bridge bring your digital music out into the living room for the whole family to enjoy.

You're having a party, but you don't have the time it will take to burn a disc of your favorite digital tunes. This is where the Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge comes in. By letting you wirelessly stream audio files from your PC to your stereo or other speaker system, no matter which music service you use, the Wireless-G Music Bridge gives you all the convenience of digital music with the sound of high-performance stereo.

Toss out the cords and wirelessly stream music with the Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge. View larger.
With the Wireless-G Music Bridge, you can send whatever music your PC is playing--whether it's from media players, games, Internet radio, or MP3 files--through your home network and to your stereo system. If you're running a wireless (802.11b and 802.11g) network, the Music Bridge will send your music to your stereo with no need for any additional cables. Simply connect the Wireless-G Music Bridge to your entertainment system via the included RCA cable, and you'll be ready to start cranking the tunes. Alternately, you can also use standard 10/100 Ethernet cabling to connect to your network.

If you have a 5.1-channel surround sound system, the Wireless-G Music Bridge includes software that creates a virtual 5.1-channel sound in your PC, so that you can take full advantage of your stereo system. The Wireless-G Music Bridge also lets you choose what audio from your PC you want to play over your audio system. For example, you can choose to send music but not email alerts or other PC tones. Or you may want to keep the alert tones streaming. It's entirely up to you.

An easy-to-use setup wizard will guide you through the configuration so that you can be up and running in no time. The Wireless-G Music Bridge supports 128-bit WEP encryption to ensure a secure connection and is compatible with wireless 802.11b and 802.11g standards.

What's in the Box
Wireless-G Music Bridge, Ethernet network cable, stereo RCA cable, power adapter, setup wizard CD-ROM, user guide on CD-ROM, and quick installation guide.

  • Product Type - Wireless Music Bridge.
  • Please note, this product is not compatible with Vista.
  • Warranty - 3 Years Limited
  • Headphone jack connector for powered speakers
  • Easy Setup Wizard for configuration

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Concept...Bad Implementation & Service :(
    I needed a solution to get my computer audio into the living room, and this looked to be the ticket. When initially setting the unit up I spent hours upon hours trying to get the wireless capability to work, and having dealt with Linksys tech support in the past I decided to troubleshoot on my own. I could not get the bridge to connect via my wireless netwrok so I finally ended up connecting it directly to my WRT54G Linksys router with an ethernet cable, and it worked great! One other thing that should be mentioned is that there is a few second delay in the time it takes the sound to actually reach the connected speakers. After linksys issued a firmware update which claimed to fix some major issues, I decided to give it a go. After installing the firmware update the wireless worked on the unit, but the sound skipped so bad it was intollerable to even use. I tried everywhere to find the older firmware so I could at least just use the unit wired again, but after contacting Linksys many times to aquire it they repeatedly told me they had no way of offering the older firmware version.

    Overall this unit was a pain in the but to deal with and way too much effort. If Linksys could fix the software issues it would be a great product, but unfortunately that doesn't look promissing. I would suggest looking for an alternate solution until Linksys can get their act together and make something that just simply works as it should! ...more info
  • Tricky install but works great
    I read a lot of reviews before buying this item. I wanted to replace a NetGear Music Player 101 which performed the function of transmitting radio transmission and music from the PC to a home stereo system. The NetGear unit was flakey and the service restricted to a pay service that was very limited and flakey as well.

    What I read about the Linksys music bridge put me off some. I am familiar with adding hardware to computers but wireless is always tricky and some of the reviews on installation were bad. However, I took the leap and found some online help in terms of a step-by-step tutorial that one gracious fellow put together and shared and voila, the unit took about a half hour to install (not counting some false starts) and is working flawlessly as I write this. It is really great in that you don't need any paid service to listen to radio broadcast provided free by stations or any music stored on your PC over your stereo system. One could also use your PC like a tivo and 'tape' shows during the day to listen to at your convenience.

    With the prices quoted here at Amazon (as low as $25) this thing is a bargain....more info
  • Linksys music bridge WMB54G
    I really hesitated purchasing this device because of the nightmare reviews. I am not all that computer savvy but have friends who are, thinking "phone a friend" might get me there. As there is nothing that comes close to doing what this device will do for the price I ordered it. I spent a couple hours hooking up the wireless router (also Linksys)and the sound bridge and low and behold w/out using a single helpline I now have access to 40 gigs of music from my PC in the family room to my stereo in my living room, not to mention all the live stream available from the internet. I will order another bridge to beam music out to my detached garage. And as an unexpected bonus the equalizer built into the software works great.. I agree a simpler system is needed, why not an FM transmitter that plugs into USB and broadcasts to any FM reciever? And I don't like having to close WMP to switch between speakers but till something better comes along at a reasonable price this is great..Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge ...more info
  • Works Fine
    No problem with setup. No dropouts, audio is good quality. Solves problem of computer location with stereo. Just what I needed!...more info
  • If you can read don't be scared
    I'm glad I didn't read the reviews before buying this because I probably would not have bought it.
    This is not a hard product to setup or to use.
    A setup problem may occur if you use a 192.168.0.x network but that's easily overcome by surfing to and changing the IP to 102.168.0.x(replace x with a non-used address on your network, 210 would be good). If your network is a 192.168.1.x network then just pluging into your switch and running the utility will find the device and allow setup through the web GUI.
    The documentation, although lacking certain information, is adaquete to make this work. Of course don't rely on the printed documentation, as with any product use the documentation that comes on the CD and also ALWAYS use current drivers. Meaning DON'T use the drivers that come on the CD unless they are the latest. Check the website for latest drivers.
    Hooking it up to the stereo was even easier. Just plug in the RCA plugs to an open set on the back of the stereo and thats it.
    I had mine up and running in about 30 mins on the first computer then about 5 mins on my laptop. There really is nothing to it.
    Using the bridge is pretty much common sense. You select connect next to the name of the bridge it finds and switch your stereo to the input you have the bridge plugged into and your listening to streaming music.
    Because of this device I will now dedicate an old laptop to my suround sound system and use it to control all music.

    The seller came through on this too. It arrived in perfect condition on the day they said it would.
    This was a great buying experience, I would recommend the product and the seller.

    ...more info
    I purchased the WBM54G as it has a design that suits my environment. I don't use Windows Media Center so wanted something that would send audio to my A/V Receiver from any sound source (eg streaming internet radio).

    When the device arrived I downloaded the latest install package, installed on my Vista Ultimate system, updated the firmware and configured the device on my wireless network. My skill levels are pretty high and I have a lot of experience in configuring Linksys products so this part was not a problem. A bit messy, though, for someone with a modest level of technical experience.

    I could access the unit over my wireless network fine, but the supplied utility program that is used to swap from my computer speakers to the wireless music bridge could not find the device and crashed.

    Then came the real problem. I had to deal with Linksys technical support. I probably don't need to elaborate on the trials of dealing with off-shore support groups. This one was typical: limited language skills, limited product knowledge, set service scripts, no escalation path, ...

    I eventually got to a technician who had actually installed and used the device, to be told the unit was defective and needed to be returned, and further, that it was common for the WMB54G to be defective. I, of course had to pay shipping to get the replacement.

    I've simply asked for a refund as I have no confidence the replacement won't be just as bad. It took me the better part of a day to deal with Linksys and uninstall the product. Thanks to Amazon's return policy, full refund is possible....more info
  • Reviewing Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge
    WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge is an effective and low cost solution to deliver quality sound from your computer to an acoustic system over the air or wire. However due to a complexity of the software protection (e.g. firewalls, gateways, etc.) placed on your computer making the bridge work may become a pain in the neck. Linksys does not aknowledge such a complexity nor offers a quick fix or a solution on how to fight this problem. Otherwise it is lovely device if you know how to make it working. ...more info
  • Don't buy this!
    Linksys really should stop selling this. I've tried dozens of times to install it, using two different wireless routers, all without success. If you look, you'll find some incredibly complex directions on the web, which require you to do everything but stand on your head and spin around three times while praying to the Cisco gods. Don't expect Linksys to help, either. If you really, really want this, let me know and I'll sell you mine -- cheap....more info
  • Not for beginners
    I took a chance on this one after reading some terrible reviews. This product is absolutely not plug and play; it takes some work to make it work. I'm on Windows Vista SP1, had some trouble, and eventually set it to run on XP compatibility mode, which works perfectly with the bridge set as my default audio device.

    Also, be smart and go to the Linksys website right off the bat, because the included disc and installed firmware are out of date.

    If you can handle those problems on your own, you should be fine. If you can't work your way around firmware/drivers/security settings, you should probably pass on this one....more info
  • Not an Apple
    Wow, there's a reason this thing is selling for $30 from its original list price of over $100 - its a royal PITA to use!

    I already had a Linksys router and figured this would be a straightforward set up, being technically capable. Even once you have everything installed and working, its buggy and requires niggling to get it to work between it being on and off.

    Although it costs more, I'd recommend an Apple Airport Express if you use iTunes for your music library. I still have my Linksys as my main network, but I ended up buying one of these things because it just works. Now, when I want to stream my music, I switch from my Linksys network to the Apple one, and simply play the music. Its not perfect, but I plan on buying an Apple Airport Extreme base station so I won't have to change networks anymore. Its still better than spending 10 minutes getting the Linksys to play music every time you want to stream....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This product does not work with Vista SP1 installed. This is well dcumented and it does not appear Linksys is working on a fix.

    This product, with the latest firmware upgrade, does work with XP. However the output is very low may not be compatible with the auxillary input of a typical stereo amplifier.

    Also be aware the upgrade is downloaded in a zip file that does not expand correctly without errors.

    This is my first purchase of a Lynksys product. It was shipped with a two year old installation disk with a two year old firmware. Vista has been out for sometime and most computers sold do not have XP installed anymore. Perhaps this is a product that should be discontinued or sold with a warning so that cutomers don't waste there money or time. I'm not sure I would purchase another Lynksys product after this experience. ...more info
  • Husband Loves It!
    I purchased this for hubby who wore his first one out! He loves it! I was pleased with the transaction--Amazon always comes through for us....more info
  • Great Sound, Terrible Vista Support
    Let me first say that this unit is great when it's up and running. My router and this device are two rooms apart and it connects skip-free.
    However, Vista support is terrible. I had to spend 3 chat sessions with Linksys to get it running. Make sure you download the latest software from Linksys and make the setup file (as well as the program it installs) run in Windows XP compatibility mode. If you don't know what I'm talking about and you intend to use this with Vista, do not buy this!...more info
  • Worse than garbage -overpriced, time consuming and underperforms
    As my title states, I believe this is worse than garbage. From what I can find, the hardware seems to work about as it is supposed to. I say about, only because it is a slouch when it comes to pulling in the signal from the router. The distance requirements are much more stringent than both my laptop, and desktop wireless cards.

    The software on the other hand is blatantly neglected by Cisco. Not neglected in the sense that the performance is sub par. Neglected to the extent it could impact future buying decisions between brands. And the performance is sub par. With two different vista computers (1 32, 1 64 bit) the utility would not even begin installing (stalled at 0% progress). This is the software downloaded from Linksys that reports it is compatible with Windows Vista.

    I've had this piece of junk for quite some time, and revisited it this evening. The only work around for vista that seems to work for most people, most of the time, is to actually use the software FROM ANOTHER VENDER. I'm pretty sure that you're breaking the eula from the other vender, but it will load. The third party software is written by a monkey, so it consumes ~ 1.5gb of ram while viewing the settings of the utility.

    After all of that is done, while using vista, you are guaranteed to have 1-2 second random gaps in your stream. This is certainly not due to a high quality data stream stressing the router. There seems to be some services running in vista that draws from the resources that are required for the driver, and when this happens, an audio void presents itself. How often enough? Sometimes several in one minute, sometimes a whole minute could pass.

    If somebody offers to give you one of these for free, run. If you already bought one, return it. The only thing missing from this turd is the steam....more info
  • Worst Product!
    I spent hours trying to set up this product on my network. I called and spoke to three technical supports members and all bubt one didn't know what they were doing. I gave this product 12 hours of my time and I finally said, "it is not worth it." Unless you are the programmer who created it and you fully understand everything there is to know about networking, I don't recommend it. ...more info
    i bought this product with anticipation of using it to its full potential. it sits atop of my desk unused. cant get the stupid thing to work. i am very computer savvy, i used to build computers. ive matched all the specs from my router to the music bridge and still nothing. upon calling linksys tech support, they wanted to charge me because even tho i was calling about the music bridge, they had to have me change some settings on the linksys router i have which unfortunately the warranty had expired for so tech support is no longer free. the router is only a year and a half old made by their company. the guy led me up to a certain point which i had already figured out for myself and he didnt even sound like he knew what he was doing and their software is junk. you may as well use their firmware CD included witht he unit as a nice new frisbee because thats about all that its good for. i read these bad reviews and thought it was somethign i could handle myself but the problem lies in the unit and software, NOT THE USER. however ive heard of a select few that were lucky enough to plug in and turn on and it worked, but thats like winning the lottery, so dont bet on that. happy buying!!...more info
  • Works great, just what I wanted.
    I love this product. Set up wasn't difficult at all. I downloaded the firmware update before I did anything else and then just followed the directions. Intalled first time and works great. I bought two of these and gave one to a friend and he also had no problems with installing and loves they way it works. Streaming music from the computer to a home stereo is what I have been wanting for a long time, but didn't want to pay $300 for some of the other devices. The only problem that I have is that what they are charging here at Amazon is quite high, I got mine for $25, search before buying here....more info
  • I dont get it! Easy Setup. Works great!
    After reading all these reviews, I decided to take a chance on this unit. I figured at $30, if it didn't work - no big deal.
    Well-here I am 20 minutes after opening the box listening to music from my computer through my stereo.

    I was considering the Apple Airport Express but I don't want to be tied to iTunes and the main reason I wanted to replace my ancient NetGear Digital Music Player MP101 (besides it's clunky music player software) was that I love listening to Pandora and one of my local radio stations that only plays over Microsoft Silverlight. All the other options to play music from all these sources were over $300.

    So-here's what I don't get.. I inserted the CD, plugged the WMB54G into my 802.11g D-Link Router, went through the prompted setup, entered my wireless networks security key and VOILA, it works and sounds really GREAT! I have tested it so far with music from the Internet (via SIlverlight and Windows Media Player), and iTunes. What a deal!

    I did install the latest firmware (V2.12) and Bridge Utility (V1.3) downloaded from the Linksys website so maybe that made a difference.

    I will say that I am a computer consultant but there really was nothing about the setup that was complicated and couldn't be done if you have a rudimentary knowledge of setting up wireless devices and know your wireless network's security key.

    One guy said it was using all his computer's propcessing power but my CPU usage is showing at 0-2%.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this cheap and great little device.

    FYI-If you are having problems read all the Amazon reviews for tips and get Joseph B's excellent 'How to Setup' guide from Linksys' forums. Joseph will send you a pdf version if you email him. I am telling this although had no use for either!
    ...more info
  • waste of money
    This was the biggest waste of time & money. I am a network engineer. I have 15 years of experience with wired and wireless networks. I could not get the bridge to see the SSID of my AP. I tried for over 6 hours, thinking that I had done something wrong. I even used my Linux wireless tools to diagnose the traffic to no avail. This device just plain sucks.

    I wish I could rate this a zero, but the only choice is a "1"....more info
  • Setting up is very tricky
    I have Windows Vista on my machine and setting up was not easy.

    You need to download the latest firmware and setup Wizard (for Vista) from the Linksys website. Once you do that, it is best to chat with a Linksys Tech support and get help setting up the device.

    I spent several hours on my own and finally I had to call up Tech support.

    I also found that while you play music, sometimes it skips a beat here and a beat there...just a few seconds once in a while. It could happen 4/5 times during a song.

    Otherwise, considering it is now available for a bargain price, it is not a bad idea to have one.

    ...more info
  • Rob
    After some difficulty, I was able to set up the bridge with the help of Linksys technical support. When the bridge works it is fine. However, I periodically have to reload the utility in order to get the bridge to work properly....more info
  • After 5 minutes, I love it
    Thanks to the other reviewers here, I had this up and running in less than 10 minutes. My router, PC, and stereo are all in the same room. However my stereo has speakers in other rooms. So I will be using this to pipe music from my PC (MP3, internet radio, etc.) throughout the house. So far, after listening to it for 5 minutes, it does exactly what I want it do. I would prefer a deeper sound but I haven't played with the settings yet, nor have I tested different music sources....more info
  • The Worst Product ever from Linksys
    I bought this product and I think Linksys should stop selling this product. It works Randomly. Is not reliable at all.
    Jose Q...more info
  • Useful device, but requires 3rd party software for Vista
    Bought it to stream audio into my living room from where my desktop was. I have Vista on my machine. Installing the drivers was a horrible experience. And I couldn't uninstall them either. Finally I ended up getting 3rd party drivers and it worked perfectly. Overall, not a bad product. Works as advertised, IF you manage to get the right drivers. For most people, that'll be a deal breaker.

    3 stars because of crappy drivers, and crappier support....more info
  • Linksys wireless music bridge is junk!
    Dont even bother purchasing this. Documentation of the device setup and yahoo music engine is worse than none-existant. Lynksys tech support has always been excellent for all other products except this one. After nearly a month still can't get it to work even marginaly.Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge...more info
  • Wireless Music Bridge WMB54G
    I have many hours into getting this music bridge to run, and would have bought something else to replace it. Do yourself a favor...find something that works with Vista and skip this thing....more info
  • Should never have left R&D
    I bought this product as the first step in building a home media network. The specs and features made it sound like the perfect solution to my needs but that all changed when I opened the box. Not only did it take about a 1/2 hour to configure but it only worked for 10 minutes. After that, I tried every conceivable means to get my network to recognize this deceive and nothing worked. BTW, I'm using a Linksys WR54G router so there's nothing complex going on here.

    Bottom line: big promise, no delivery. Unless you enjoy messing with router settings don't waste your time here....more info
  • Great wireless bridge - not Vista compatible
    I bought it only as a wireless bridge on my Samsung Blu-Ray player and it works ok for that purpose. I tried to use it as it's intended use - music bridge - but it doesn't work with either of my Vista computers. It is too bad that Linksys support is so poor for this product because it is cheaper than other bridges and it could be both a music bridge and wireless bridge since it has ethernet and audio inputs....more info
  • Does exactly what it says
    This bridge enabled me to send music from my PC to my house speaker system exactly as advertised. As it was using the wireless network I had hoped to be able to pick up the music stream on other computers, and whilst you send the music from your PC to the bridge, you can't hear it on your PC speakers which is a bind. However it never claimed those functions and it does do what it says it'll do well.

    Only one drawback is the music stops when the microwave is running....more info
  • cmdaudio dill
    After searching the web and being on hold with Linksys for 50 minutes, I was told by technical support to trymy brand new WMB54G on a nother computer. Yikes. The setup hangs at a missing cmaudiow.dll file. This as of Oct 2008. ...more info