Belkin F5D9230-4 Wireless-G Plus MIMO Router
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Product Description

The Belkin F5D9230-4 Wireless G Plus MIMO Router makes it easy to share music, movies and data files among all your computers with wireless convenience. Everyone can get in on the high-speed action - making it ideal for homes and small office settings. The Wireless G Plus MIMO smart radio technology enhances the 802.11g wireless standard by providing increased speed, coverage, and reliability for wireless systems. Its design helps combat distortion and interference that lets the Belkin products send data streams farther and more reliably.

  • Up to 1000 ft. of wireless range
  • 10 times faster than 802.11b and double the speed of 802.11g
  • Guaranteed interoperability with Belkin's G Plus MIMO, Pre-N and legacy 802.11b/802.11g devices
  • Improves performance of legacy 802.11g and 802.11b networking devices
  • Wi-Fi certified for secure network connection

Customer Reviews:

  • Another dissatisfied customer.
    Not only was this difficult to set up (even a generally polite but sadly ill-informed technical helper from Belkin was baffled regarding the simplest steps and keyphrases) but once I finally managed to get it to work (by simply as a last resort resetting the router with a paper clip) it had practically no range whatsoever; in fact, my MacBook Pro placed within 2 inches of the router itself only received a 75% signal, and once the threshold of the room was crossed, the signal disappeared altogether. A free four-year old Linksys router which I received with my Earthlink "home networking" package (and which this Belkin was supposed to replace) always worked with a full signal everywhere in the house and rarely failed, and Linksys is supposed to be notoriously Mac-unfriendly. Anyway, I hope that there are enough UPS trucks in America to handle the returns that this item -- mine included -- will require. ...more info
  • Standard simple wireless router
    Used the supplied software with my Mac, set up was easy. I get good signal strength throughout my house without dropout.
    Not really much else to say-it's a wireless router, it works....more info
  • The worst router i've ever had
    I am a tech savvy teenager who has been setting up routers for years. Now, after 4 years of service, my Linksys router craps out on me. I go and spend the money on this thing. What a joke! The router randomly decides when it wants to connect to the internet and simply rebooting the router resets ALL of my settings. DO NOT BUY THIS or any other belkin G router. I have not tested their N routers.

    Also, if I try to restore my saved settings it fails with no error message and blocks me from the admin interface....more info
  • Piece of junk constantly disconnects!
    To the person who said "For all of you complaining about dropped signals, here's a little trick: Go to Start/Settings/Network Connections/Wireless, click on the "Properties" button and then on the "Wireless Network" tab and deselect the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" box" that would be great except the problem is not with just the wireless disconnecting, it's with the router dropping all connections to all PCs, wired and wireless. It's not so noticable when you are just surfing the net, but when you're doing anything network intensive such as playing World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG, it's VERY frustrating because you will get disconnected at least once every 5 minutes. At first, yes, I thought it was just the wireless as I was playing on my laptop, but no... sure enough it does the exact same thing on the wired desktops. I can run a ping -t to google from a wired desktop and it will time out every 30 seconds or so. THIS IS UNACCEPTIBLE!!! I am returning this piece of junk and getting a NETGEAR!! NETGEAR FTW!!!
    ...more info
  • A wasted Saturday
    Extremely low wireless speed and I did confirm it on the Cox Las Vegas test. Skype dropped calls every 1.5 min or so when it was ran wirelessly using this router. Poor range not as advertised. I have had good luck with other Belkin products but what a disappointment :{{{{ ( The set up was about an hour including unpacking, rebooting etc...)...more info
  • Had to return it
    I had to return this after trying it out for a couple of weeks. The up-time was good, better in fact than a Linksys one I was trying to replace with it. The range was acceptable but not stellar. The aspect that drove me nuts was the Web-based UI. I've tried several of these by Netgear and Linksys without complaint. But with the Belkin one, if I was accessing it while wireless, each change would force a reboot to the router, making the idea of a Web UI a joke:
    - I would edit the option and click save
    - The "edit" page would post to the "action" page
    - The router would reboot, thereby dropping my wireless connection
    - The admin interface would time out and show a "page cannot be displayed" error
    - I'd go back to the root and have to login and start the process all over again

    Now imagine trying to enter a list of allowed Mac IDs greater than one and realize you can only add them one at a time, each requiring a reboot (I maintain a list of ~8 allowed addresses). I was going quietly nuts. I ended up spending $20 more for the Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router (WPN824). So far, so good....more info
  • router for the macintosh.
    i am very happy with this router. i previously had a linksys router which, because my computer is a macintosh, was a nightmare to set up. belkin's cd worked with the mac and gave good instructions. their manual was also in a form that i could download and open up on my mac. i was able to hook everything up with no problem....more info
  • If you want to spend 1hr and 55 min on the phone with tech support, then buy it now!
    Something that was supossed to be a pleasant experience took almost 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back in 2 different calls.
    Some one at Circuit city recomended it to me and I fell for that. I am returning this item. The set up wasn't that difficult. The problems began when I wanted to set up the security features. After that it wouldn't connect. I had to make 2 different calls and spent a lot of time on the phone. The issue was fixed after having to do lots of changes in my computer, going to different web sites and downloading updates.
    Even though the problem was fixed, I jsut don't want to go trough the same process if the problem re appear.
    ...more info
  • Great Router
    great router, much better than dlink, better than netgear and linksys. i used to have belkin 54g wireless router, but due to setup restriction i wasnt getting full signal with it in my room upstairs on the 2nd floor. upgraded from 54g to mimo and now i am getting almost 100% signal strength on the top floor. make sure you match it up with a mimo lan card to get the max strangth. i used this router with a 802.11b lan card and still got about 90% signal strength on the top floor. the setup is very easy and straight forward. much hassle free than netgear. it took me hours (literelly) to setup the netgear 108 router for her and still it was acting, where as it took me about 10 minutes to set up this belkin mimo. good job and product belkin. oh yeah dont forget, belkin has lifetime support and warranty. might come in handy in the long run. netgear and linksys has only 3 years i believe....more info
  • painful set-up, poor range
    Having had very good luck with two Belkin G routers, I thought that the G+ would be a no-brainer. NOT. First of all, the router would not install at all from Windows 2000. I called customer support, and after interminable waits and two tech support people (who were very polite), we finally decided to install from another computer with Windows XP. All seemed to be going along fine--the router installed--but did not allow me to set a security password for the wireless in the regular set-up process like their G-router setups did. Only when I logged on wirelessly, it let me set a password----meaning had any of my bandwidth-thieving neighbors tried to log on before me, it would have been THEM setting MY password (which would have effectively locked me out of the wireless!). It also came without a user's guide (though that is listed on the box contents) and the CD-ROM also was supposed to have a user's manual, but when I clicked on the "user manual" tab, nothing came up! After all was said and done, I did manage to get my XP system connected, but the Windows 2000 would not connect even with a cable (it was working fine on a Linksys direct cable before). Overall--a very painfully long installation that was not Windows 2000-compatible (or perhaps a firewall problem), items left out of the package, and a big step down in ease of installation from their G router. And if that isn't bad enough--the signal strength was no improvement over the Linksys G router I was replacing. Belkin, sorry--this product was below your previous standard. This one's going back to Best Buy....more info
  • Randomly drops connection
    I also have the problem of random disconnects. We had a techie come in and try to set it up for us, he got it working, but the thing still randomly boots us off. It does the job, I guess, of giving us a connection, but it's got almost no reliability. I hear it's got a lifetime warranty; good, we can return it....more info
  • Not sure why others have problems
    I've been using this router for more that two weeks now, and I stream video, audio, network, etc., without drops or loss between one wired computer and two wireless using the MIMO usb adapter 9050. It solved may connectivity problems that plagued us over several months. The router itself is upstairs and the two wireless computers are down stairs. Huge thumbs up from me....more info
  • nothing but trouble
    We had nothing but trouble with this router. We kept getting kicked off the internet when we were using this router and had to spend hours talking with tech support. We also couldn't hardly understand the people at tech support because they are from another country and didn't speak English very well. After having it only two months, it finally quit working completely and we have to buy another router....more info
  • Some Tips for dropped signals
    For all of you complaining about dropped signals, here's a little trick: Go to Start/Settings/Network Connections/Wireless, click on the "Properties" button and then on the "Wireless Network" tab and deselect the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" box.

    What this does is prevents Windows from continually searching for better/different wireless networks to use, which causes your signal to be dropped for all browser windows you have open when it does find another network and switches over to it.

    Even if you live in a remote area like I do, there are other wireless routers in the area sending out signals, so your Belkin is detecting these signals and switching to a different network when it finds a good signal, which you can confirm because you see the little pop-up box right as you get dropped saying "Connected to xxx", which is some other network, not your Belkin.

    Hope this helps!

    Michole...more info
  • 3 minutes to full operation
    After experiencing 2 hours of D-Link wireless router set up frustration making me yearn for something fun- say root canal or colonoscopy,Belkin came to the rescue in three minutes. My D-Link wireless router set up went like this:three reboots,2 support calls- with dozens of manual clicks,selections,and entry steps to follow,and one software update download.In the end I was informed it was a malfunctioning unit as shipped from the factory. Return it for another one was the advice. No thanks. Belkin has a lifetime warranty versus D-Links one year- a tell tale sign. My Belkin Wireless G plus Mimo set up was so easy it was all done in 3 minutes. Just follow the printed pictoral instruction and the CD guide. D-Link -2 hours to diagnose failure, Belkin 3 minutes to achieve painless success! Thanks Belkin-this is how technology is supposed to work. ...more info
  • Stay Away from this router
    If you play WOW, or use skype, or do anything serious on the internet, pls do not buy this router. It has a mind of its own, and frequently drops your connection. Calls to Belkin tech support are a waste of time. Just throw it out and buy a different brand....more info
  • There are three different versions with this model number
    The original version of this router was version 1000, based on the same platform as Belkin's F5D8230-4 Pre-N and the Linksys WRT54GX routers using Airgo's v1 technology and a Broadcom engine. It got an excellent review from Tom's Networking guide.

    Then Belkin put a whole new circuit bard inside the same case and called it Version 2000. It used Airgo's v2 technology and a Realtek engine, and got roundly criticized on the equipment forums for being an inferior product.

    The latest version is 3000, which isn't even based on Airgo technology any more. Now Belkin is using Ralink technology, and it's essentially the same router as the Airlink AR-525W, SparkLAN WRTR-300 or Compusa's store brand MIMO router, any of which can be found in stores for about 25 bucks. The version 3000 technology bears no resemblance to the Airgo version that got such a good review at Tom's. In fact, the router with the Ralink chipset (the Airlink) came in dead last and was the only one to receive a rating of "not recommended" in Tom's roundup.

    Of course there's no way to tell in advance which version you'll get, but it's a pretty good bet you'll get the latest one. The only way to tell is to look at the sticker on the bottom of the box.

    This practice of changing the internal electronics without changing the model number is a really annoying practice. It's hard enough to do all your research and decide which model to buy, so then to end up with something entirely different from what you thought you were getting is just maddening. Your best bet is to just stay away from this one....more info
  • Completely without Value
    This router drops my connection every few minutes. I've spent hours on the phone with Belkin and replaced the whole thing. A quick internet search finds dozens of people reporting the same problem, with no solution offered.

    It's just no good....more info
  • Easy setup, works great.
    Easiest wireless router setup that I've come across. Works great and has a very good range. I get a very good signal at the opposite side of my house and on the floor above the router. I highly recommend this router....more info