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Nature's Path Organic Corn Flakes Cereal(Fruit Juice Sweetened), 26.4-Ounce Eco Pac Bags (Pack of 6)
List Price: $49.44

Our Price: $38.03

You Save: $11.41 (23%)


Product Description

Eco pac. Nothing artificial. Gluten free. USDA organic. 66% Less packaging than our boxes. What's good about the cereal? Sweetened with fruit juice, our corn flakes are a simple but tasty breakfast. the corn we use is certified organic and grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. What's good about certified organic goodness? Good food. No synthetic pesticides. No synthetic herbicides. No preservatives or additives. No genetically engineered seeds or ingredients. No irradiation. Good ecology. Enriched, drought resistant soil. Less soil erosion. Less groundwater pollution. Improved farm biodiversity. Product of Canada.

  • Case of six 26.4-ounce eco-pac bags of organic corn flakes (158.4 total ounces)
  • Certified organic, Kosher ingredients, including corn meal and concentrated grape juice; 100% wheat and gluten free
  • Only 0.5 grams of fat and 160 mgs of sodium per serving; 2 grams of dietary fiber and 2 grams of protein
  • Sweetened with fruit juice; 66% less packaging than boxed cereals
  • Made in Canada

Customer Reviews:

  • Delicious AND gluten-free.
    As someone suffering from celiac disease, finding tasty cereal can be a challenge. This cereal is delicious and is relatively inexpensive when compared to other gluten-free cereals. I've signed up for the automatic ordering and save a few extra percent....more info
  • fruit juice taste very pronounced
    I LOVE Nature's Path Heritage flakes, and thought my family would really like these corn flakes, but all of us found the grape and pear juice flavors very unpleasant and my husband found them "slimy" in milk -- I still think this is a great company and will try the other version of the corn flakes that have honey and cane syrup -- but I'll get a single bag to try them out. Amazon is amazing and is refunding my money since we disliked them so much, so I will donate them since they can't be returned.
    PS: Try the Heritage Grains if you like this company -- they're fantastic!...more info
  • Nature's Path Organic Corn Flakes
    I have found Nature's Path Organic Corn Flakes the best Gluten Free Cereal. I have tried many different brands of cereal and like this the best. They stay crunchy even after you pour milk over them. They are sweetened with grape juice concentrate and I find them not too sweet. I like the price buying them on line with Amazon. Every time I wanted to buy a box at the grocery store (FredMeyer), the price kept going up! I enjoy them for breakfest and I enjoy them for a night snack. I have Celiac Disease and often when I don't know what to eat,Nature's Path Corn Flakes solves this problem. I highly recommend them. ...more info
  • Long-time user (eater) - love 'em!
    I've been buying Nature's Path gluten free foods for a number of years, and have been fully satisfied. I've had access to somewhat lower prices than what traditional grocery stores put on their products, but am delighted that Amazon's price is virtually identical to the prices offered by the discount organic foods market we've purchased these from in the past. I doubt you'll find Nature's Path products any lower anywhere else, particularly when you consider no sales tax and free shipping if the order is large enough. Also, I contacted Nature's Path once with a question about one of their products (the Mesa Sunrise flakes). Customer service is excellent and very friendly (much nicer than we typically get "down here" in the States - they're a Canadian company up in B.C.). If this sounds like a commercial, it's not intended to be - I just have been entirely satisfied with Nature's Path foods for years and have no complaints at all. When a company does a good job, they deserve referrals - everybody wins....more info
  • Gluten Free
    Excellent corn tast and crispy!
    We like these better than regular corn flakes. ...more info
  • These are my every day breakfast food
    These are very good. For a while, I wasn't fond of them, but I learned that you need to not let them sit too long, so they don't get soggy. The other tip is, that I like them the best with a little bit of honey on top. I tried regular sugar, but they didn't taste as good. these are good, and they last a long time in the bag, so no worries about buying multiple bags....more info