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Nature's Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal, 26.4-Ounce Eco-Pac Bags (Pack of 6)
List Price: $49.44

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Product Description

Nothing artificial. Gluten free. USDA organic. What's good about this cereal? Mesa Sunrise has a delicious taste and 6 g of fiber per serving, making it a high in fiber cereal. Mesa Sunrise also has very little sodium. Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a disease associated with many factors. What's good about certified organic goodness? Good food. No synthetic pesticides. No preservatives or additives. No genetically engineered seeds or ingredients. No irradiation. Good ecology. Enriched, drought resistant soil. Less soil erosion. Less groundwater pollution. Improved farm biodiversity. Product of Canada.

  • Pack of six 26.4-ounce eco-pac bags of organic, whole-grain cereal (158.4 total ounces)
  • Certified organic, Kosher ingredients, including corn meal, flax seeds, and buckwheat flour; 100% wheat and gluten free
  • Only 1.5 grams of fat and 130 mgs of sodium per serving; 6 grams of dietary fiber and 3 grams of protein
  • As part of a low-sodium diet, may reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  • Made in Canada

Customer Reviews:

  • You won't miss wheat.
    A great substitute for those allergic to gluten, but good enough to be eaten by all....more info
  • tastes great but.....
    Great cereal, but most people that are gluten free also have an intolerence to corn. Just pay attention to how you feel after you eat this if you don't eat gluten. Has to be the best tasting, but I still can't eat it. Hope you can....more info
  • Excellent option for people with Celiac Disease
    When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease (Gluten Intolerance), I was surprised at how many cereals contained food additives or other items that I couldn't eat. Even if I ignored the cereals that were made directly from wheat / barley / oats / rye (the 4 things I cannot eat), there were still many other cereals based on soy, rice or corn (maize) that had barley malt in as a flavoring, so I couldn't eat them. I tried many cereals until I found this one and I have had this as my mainstay ever since. It is tasty, has an excellent texture and I am sure anyone would like it. You wouldn't need to be on a special diet to enjoy this as a breakfast dish....more info
  • does what a cereal should do!
    This is a delicious choice for breakfast. I thought it wouldn't hold me from hunger for long because it was flakes, but it really does a good job! It stays crunchy considerably well, and has just the right sweetness. Tastes healthy, but not in a gross way :0) You feel like you are making a good decision to eat it. Definitely worth it, because of the volume of cereal you get!...more info
  • Great GF cereal
    Mesa Sunrise is one of only a few gluten-free cereals my husband would make a special trip to Whole Foods to purchase before it was offered on Amazon.
    It's a great tasting cereal, even for those who are not on a gluten-free diet. Good texture, doesn't get soggy in milk (unless, of course, you let it sit for an extended period of time!).
    I recommend this to anyone, especially those people on gluten-free diets. It's definitely worth every penny.

    ...more info
  • Quick and Easy for Celiacs
    I purchased this cereal because of my intolerance to gluten. It does not upset my stomach so that is nice. It tastes fine I like to sprinkle it with a little xylitol and use almond milk instead of cow. It is not fantastic nor is it gross. I am pleased with it....more info
  • The BEST GFCF Cereal for the WHOLE FAMILY!
    This is a BIG bag of cereal, carried at Whole Foods for about $7.00 a bag. But, we eat this every day (even my picky kids - ages 3,6,8). It has a thick, crisp texture with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor. It also makes a wonderful, crispy GFCF breading for chicken nuggets - just coat nuggets with some melted GFCF margerine, dip into crushed flakes and bake for 20 minutes at 425 F. YUM...ENJOY!!...more info
  • Good cereal
    If you are looking for gluten free cereal that is not sweet...this is the one. It tastes like corn flakes and holds milk well....more info
  • Healthy, but hold the sugar!
    The price of this product (and many others) via Amazon is excellent compared to the "Whole Paycheck" types of "healthy" supermarkets. I'm totally pleased with this cereal. It tastes great, but surely the sugar content boosts its taste appeal. Organic or not, sugar is sugar, and many have been advised to keep their distance from it. Nature's Path should consider using alternate sweeteners, such as, organic of course, brown rice syrup or raw blue agave syrup. The macrobiologists would be jazzed!...more info
  • whole grain gluten-free cereal
    If you need to eat gluten-free, this is a good cereal. The reason I like it is that unlike most gluten-free cereals, this one has a lot of different whole grains, and is not too expensive. I like to add raisins or banana to it, but it is slightly sweet on its own. It has a pleasant taste. A good standby....more info
  • Great for Celiacs
    I really LIKE this cereal, as opposed to..... well, this is something I can eat safely (without gluten). I put all those extra bags in the freezer but will definitely eat them up. Another popular GF cereal is so HARD and extra-crunchy that is beats up my tongue. This is quite tasty and just the right normal "flake" texture....more info
  • Our Family's Favorite..
    This is a staple food at our house. It's the only cereal that my children (all eight of them) NEVER get tired of! It has a wonderful toasty corn taste, yet it's packed with good-for-you stuff. Amazon's price (especially when their special is going) is outstanding....more info