Youngstown Glove Co. Waterproof Gauntlet XT Performance Glove
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  • Keep hands warm and dry
  • 100% waterproof and windproof
  • Durable outer shell
  • Insulating microfleece liner; form-fit ensures comfort
  • Available in multiple sizes

Customer Reviews:

  • Good winter motorcycle glove
    I've had these gloves for about 3 months now. I bought them for riding my motorcycle to work. They have kept my fingers warm down to about 30 degrees F. I wore them one morning when it was 22 degrees F. and by the time I arrived at work, my fingers were very cold. I did not wear glove liners with them, might have made it better. The dexterity is good, not great for motorcycling and the grip is excellent. Have worn them quite a few times and I am happy with them. I too think the sizing is a little tight, you might be better off to go one size up. I haven't been caught in the rain with them yet, so I don't know how waterproof they are....more info
    I've been postponing this review so that I could give the most detailed explanation of Youngstown Glove Co.'s Waterproof XT Gauntlets, to more fully benefit those who are in A similar situation. First, as the title dictates, I am a manual wheelchair user (10 years+). My disability is Spina Bifida, L4, with full use of abdomen muscles and up. I live in MN. I purchased these gloves in early January, in the middle of Minnesota's traditional bitter and biting winter.
    I wanted a glove that would allow me to be pushing in moderate snow fall and drifting (6 inches, give or take) while keeping my hands dry, and thus, warmer. The week before I purchased these gloves, the windchill fell well below -30 F, so I thought these gloves would be good for staying moderately warm in said weather. I also wanted a glove that would allow me good hand and wrist dexterity for pushing and putting together my wheelchair and getting my chair in and out of my car. Not to mention keeping the gloves on to do any activity I'm engaged in at the time.
    To more fully explain the four stars, let me start by saying that I did have quite high expectations for this product. My needs were great, and, luckily, were largely met. Right out of the box and into the month, the gloves held together with all padding, seams and fabric staying in place and whole. The rubberized sections are especially beneficial to grip of most any objects. The extended opening, for the most part, keeps snow out of the coat sleeves, the only trouble I had was tightening the drawstrings on the bottom of the openings (It should also be noted here that I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE GLOVES FOR PEOPLE WITH CEREBRAL PALSY AND OTHER FINE-MOTOR RELATED DISABILITIES, more on this later).
    In terms of warmth, these gloves work nicely in temperatures above minus 10 degrees (-10 F) for less than 2 hours. I have not tested them for longer times, but LOWER TEMPS do see a decrease in warmth time, even while staying active. I could have gone with slightly more insulation.
    What I would call "moisture integrity" began to falter when approaching the two hour mark. It's also important to note that, when at less cold temperatures (say, +20 degrees F), the gloves were feeling slightly moist within an hour. Even so, I do admit it is less important to stay dry at higher temps.
    One area that will be a struggle for some is the size of the gloves for what you think is the "proper size" for your hand. I do feel I could have gotten a XL pair and saved myself the trouble of "breaking-in" the gloves the first week or two, but the gloves do fit me well now. However, this is also the major reason I do not recommend these gloves to people with more severe disabilities. Even at larger sizes (and smaller hands) the gloves are hard to get on, and may end up being torn on the inside of the glove.
    All in all, I am pleased with my purchase, and plan on having these gloves around for at least a couple years. Hopefully this review helps someone in deciding to purchase a high-quality,waterproof, winter-weather glove. ...more info
  • Not perfect, but quite good.
    The Good:

    * GREAT gripping surface. These are the best gloves for hanging onto things when wet and muddy I've ever come across.

    * They really are waterproof! Not merely water resistant, but genuinely rubber-glove level waterproof. Stick your hands in a bucket of water and the insides of these gloves stay dry. (Waterproof gloves inevitably get a little damp from your hands sweating during longer periods of use/activity.)

    * Dexterity is pretty good for a winter glove; particularly for a waterproof one! (Assuming you get a large enough size.)

    * So far the exterior shell is standing up to heavy use/abuse.

    The Bad:

    * Not nearly as warm as I'd hoped. Apparently the manufacturer's idea of the 'harshest of winter conditions' is something rather milder than what we live with near the Canadian border. These gloves would serve admirably for most outdoor uses such as snowmobiling, but when your job involves handling cold, wet steel in sub-zero temps, you're going to still get aching, numb fingers in fairly short order.

    * 'Floppy' gauntlet cuffs allow the cuffs to become bunched up (and frozen in their bunched up position if working in the cold and wet.)

    * The lining does tend to get out of place and bunch up in the fingers, which can be a real aggregation when your work requires you to regularly take your gloves off and on.

    Other thoughts: Sizing does run small; I'd order a size larger than you usually get for gloves. I really am impressed with these gloves; they'll beat any general-purpose winter glove I've seen, and if you must have waterproof winter gloves, these do an admirable job. But, there's still quite a bit of room for improvement. Recommended, with a few reservations....more info
  • Nice pair of gloves
    - Glove sizes are accurate, maybe slightly on the tight side
    - Good for bad weather down to 20 degrees F or so
    - Drawstring around cuff keeps snow out nicely
    - Good flexibility and grip
    - Not as warm as I thought they'd be. Extended use in 10 degree F didn't keep fingers warm
    - Not waterproof as stated. I'd call them "weather proof" instead. Extended use in cold, slushy snow conditions eventually soaked through to hands. Will keep hands warm and dry for a number of hours though.
    - Sides and back of fingers is made of very rough material, not suitable for wiping snow off glasses or scratching your nose. Other gloves I've used have soft material in this area for that purpose....more info
  • durable looking gloves
    I purchased these for cold weather cycling and was pleasantly surprised by the construction and materials in these gloves. I have used them only twice so far, but so far I like them very much. My only note is that (as another reviewer stated) they do run a tad small. I normally fit fine in XL gloves, but in this pair of XL's they were just a bit tight, which in gloves isn't a good thing. Had I opted for the next size up, I think they might be perfect. I'll use and abuse them in the meantime and I hope to pack down the insulation to give a slightly roomier fit over time. I have also used them for setting stakes on a cross country trail, and the palms give great traction and seem more durable than most. These would probably work well for the more abusive outdoor pursuits....more info
  • sizing runs very small
    I purchased a set of these in the size of XL and when I received them, I couldn't get them even half way on. My brother in law is a small person with small hands and they were just right for him. I looked over the description and could not find it, but I think these were either sized for women's or a children's hands. I will admit that they were well constructed and where exactly what I wanted, but just way to small...more info
  • Manufactured sizes before insulation added
    Well made and appears tough. Too bad I can't wear these. Manufacturer must have sized these gloves BEFORE they added the insulation materials. Big time engineering and designing error. Mine are XXL but I have a hell of a time even getting them on. Once they ARE on, my fingers begin to tingle after one minute due to lack of circulation. They were a gift and I didn't put try them on until several months after they were given. That was a mistake. I'll give them to someone they might fit. I'm 6'4" and 305 lb. But my hand size is only average for someone my size I believe. Order one or two sizes up. To paraphrase Coach Singleterry; "Can't wear 'em, can't use 'em, can't have 'em around"....more info
  • Youngstown Gauntlets
    I bought these gloves as a gift for my husband, who has a terrible time with cold and wet conditions when he has to be outside this time of year. He has not needed to use them more than once or twice so far, but he likes them very much, they fit him well and he finds them very comfortable. He came in from plowing the driveway and his hands were DRY and warm.

    A very nice product....more info
  • Disappointing.....
    These Gauntlet gloves are poor in insulating fingers from moderate cold. I bought them for use with a snowblower etc., but after just 10 minutes or so the fingers are uncomfortable. If I change over to either fleece gloves or cheaper thinsulate insulated ones they stay warm in the same temperature and weather conditions.
    Gauntlet design is helpful in keeping the snow from your wrists, but they fall short of regular insulation for the fingers. Too bad.
    Very disappointing for quite an expensive product....more info
  • Cold Gloves
    These gloves run small in size. I ordered XXL so I could wear glove liners with them (normally wear XL). They are very snug and liners will never go in them.

    Wore them to blow snow at 10 degrees F and my hand were cold, what would they be like when it is really cold?

    Not impressed, cannot recommend to anyone....more info