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Lucky Ducks
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Product Description

This motorized matching game for preschoolers will have kids quacking up as the ducks "swim" around the pond. This game is sure to make a splash as kids try to match the duckies for colors and shapes as they "swim" around the motorized pond. Kids will learn color and shape recognition as they play along to the duck sounds. Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included). For 2 to 4 players.

  • Requires 2 C batteries (not included)
  • For 2-4 players

Customer Reviews:

  • Yes, there's an OFF button!
    We all loved this toy, easy to play and lots of fun. This may be too obvious but the off button is the BIG red, round button right in the middle of the game. Would recommend for anyone to buy!...more info
  • Entertains Siblings...
    There are not many toys out there that can occupy a 3 yr old and a 5year old at the same time, and this one does it. This is up there with Hungry Hippos and Elephun for favorite games in our house. I've never had a problem with the game going off in the box, and compared to other toys on the shelf I dont find it at all annoyinig. They also like to play with the ducks without the game. I gave 4 stars because I think it gets boring for the 5 year old when played the way it is intended. Other than that definite recommend....more info
  • Modify volume
    my two boys enjoy the game (3 and 1 years old)
    it is very loud, i read that some older versions had 3 batteries and the one on the right could be removed to stop the quacking. our version has 2 batteries and a mechanical quack, i just finished removing the bellows that was attached to the red "duck call" whistle. I could not figure out how to remove the turn table so I just pushed at the bellows with the screwdriver and it was off. it is not yet back together but i am sure it will be less noisy....more info
  • Good for the younger set
    Good for the littluns...Very Simple and very entertaining.
    Not much learning happening but certainly makes her eyes light up....more info
  • Perfect for a 2-4 year old!
    This is one of the first games that we got our young daughters that they were actually able to play with. And play with it they did - incessantly! My four year old still asks for it, "Mom, can we play the duck game???"

    As 2-3 year olds, they mostly pick up the ducks off the moving pond and try and match them to the colors on the cards - any cards. Once they get a bit older, they start to understand that everyone gets their own card and the object is to find ducks w/the right color for your card.

    Like others have said, my edition is now 4-5 years old and it was unbearably loud. It would have gotten more play if I could've turned the sound down - especially b/c my youngest loved to play it all by herself.

    And yes, it does get turned on through the box inadvertantly when we set something heavy on top. But we just learned not to do that!

    Highly recommend this as a first game....more info
  • We found a different way to play with this toy
    Bought this for my now 3 year old last christmas...Trying to put everything back in the box for storage was annoying...When you finally fit everything in the box and put it away, the slightest thing placed on it will set the game off and quacking... So we put the base and the box away high in the closet, and took the 12 ducks to the tub. They make great tub toys. We play can you find the blue ducks (we go thru all the colors), then she puts them back in, then we play can you find the ducks with the stars (we go thru all the shapes)...we have made this an educational bath toy. She is learning shapes and colors off these ducks, it's great! Every time she gets in the tub, she wants her ducks and to "play a game" with them......more info
  • Volume Issues
    I buy this toy often for my son because he wears the motor out (he has special needs and plays it more than the average child). The quacking is too loud, especially since his head droops near the speaker. Since it's the ducks he is after, I opened the toy and cut the wire to the speaker! This toy has recently been changed. The ducks are now small enough to fit in his mouth, so we are left hunting down the old version....more info
  • Kids love it, I hate it!
    We got this game for my daughter when she was 3; she's now 5. I now have a 2 1/2 year old boy who has since discovered it. Both kids love playing with it, though none of them have really used it as a game. They both just enjoy the ducks and the pond. My daughter makes up little games for the ducks, one is the "mommy" and the others are the babies. My son likes to turn the pond on and off and set up the ducks. So for imaginative play, it has some value for us.
    However... this has got to be one of the most irritating toys my kids have. It is so loud and has no automatic shut-off with the sound. My kids never remember to turn it off when they're done playing, of course! My biggest complaint is that I always have a hard time fitting this toy back in its' box to store it. The pond fits easily if you don't store the ducks with it, but who does that? But then when you try to cram all the ducks in the box, the box is so stuffed that it sets that noise off again. I find myself hitting the top of the box to try to turn the game off every time I put this away. And goodness help you if you forget to keep this game on the top of the pile of other games. If any other game or box is set on top of this one, you guessed it, the sound goes off again! I don't know how other people say that they can fit everything back in the box easily - I have really tried! I'm keeping it because the kids do have fun with it, but it will be a happy day when I can get rid of it!!! ...more info
  • Memory, figures and movement fun
    When I first saw my son playing with this toy I knew that I had to purchase it. He like it very much and it's a good toy to share with others kids visiting our house.

    From my point of view this toy develops the understanding of figures and memory, since they have to track the duck that someone else pick if it has its particular figure they have to find.

    It does require an adult as a referee when kids are playing, otherwise some friction may occur with players....more info
  • What Fun!
    ...for the 2-4 year old set. It is very cute, but I had to only give it 4 stars because it needs an on/off switch. The quacking? Between kids running around and a barking dog, the incessant quacking doesn't phase me....more info
  • Kid friendly and Educational
    This is a great game for little kids. You can't break it. There are not a bunch of little pieces to get lost. It teaches taking turns, shapes and colors as well as matching. I put the game away when we are not playing because the kids like to turn it on and leave it on. The quacking gets on my nerves after a while. ...more info
  • Daughter likes it, but AAAGH
    My daughter (2.5 yo) likes to play with the ducks by herself. she prefers this to actually playing the game, although she does know how to play (with a little help from me on the taking turns bit...). I always know when she wakes up from her nap when I start hearing this game quacking away over the baby monitor.

    We have several toys that make noise and I can pretty easily tune them out, but I have to say that this one is incredibly annoying. At least it's easy enough to turn on and off! ...more info