Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell Bicycle Bell
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Product Description

Five great translucent colors that let the insides of the bell be seen. The Incredibell JelliBell is even rainproof. Fun!

  • Fits handlebars with 21mm - 22.5mm (.83" - 89") outside diameters
  • Dome diameter: 48mm (1.9")

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun design - poor durability
    This is a fun bell (visually and soundwise) - only problem is its durability. I've had internal gears/mechanism on two of these fail after a half a year of use. I recommend taking a look at a bell with a simpler mechanism (the Mirrycle Incredibell Original Bicycle Bell, or Mirrycle Brass Duet Incredibell Bicycle Bell)....more info
  • Mirrycle Jellibell
    My three year old twin boys love these bells. The colors are fun and my boys love that you can see the inner workings of the bell. Its also nice to be able to turn the whole bell instead of just a knob, like most bike bells. We're very satisfied with these products....more info
  • Great fun bell
    I have one of these and an iBert baby seat on my bike. My little guy rings this bell pretty much the entire time he rides. It's a great little distraction for him and when I need it, it's loud enough to let people know to clear the way....more info
  • wow! it only lasted three days.
    I thought this bell was great - cool design, great colors, not too loud, perfect stocking stuffer. However, my five year old tipped her bike on the ground one time (she is no daredevil, believe me) and the bell stopped working. One of the plastic gears inside cracked right off and is now floating inside. She can still make a faint ring from time to time until the broken gear pieces jam the other two gears. Definitely disappointing for the price....more info
  • Niagara Cycle Works is awesome
    Niagara Cycle Works was very helpful and considerate. It was my pleasure to be their customer. The bell is great, just what a little girl wanted....more info
  • I wish they had these when I was a kid!!
    This bicycle bell is a terrific bell for kids under 12, and maybe even for anyone else who appreciates its fine (& cute) design.

    It is extremely easy to use (a young toddler could make it chime). It is not obnoxiously loud, but is loud enough to hear clearly on the street. The gear mechanism is really neat, not to mention that it is generally really good looking.

    I bought one in each color for my kids, nephews & nieces, and the colors
    are really nice -- very bright and fun.

    They're so great that I am going to buy a bunch more and give them away w/bday presents, etc....more info
  • great for newbee bikers
    this bell is great for my 18 month old grandson first tricycle. It fits the handle bar and is so easy for him to ring his bell. (love it)...more info
  • cool for toddlers
    We were looking an easy to use bell for our 17month old daughters small triccyle and couldn't find one. I happened upon this one after ordering a front basket for the bike from Amazon (hint hint- they have the ONLY one that fits the fold up tricycles sold at various stores!).

    The reviews were right on- this bell sounds great, is EASY for a toddler to use and had survived numerous crashes, bailouts and throw downs. It;s taken a licking and keeps on working like new! I can't believe the company doesn't charge three times the amount for 'em! Oh, and they stay on tight, even on smaller handlebars, unlike other horns made for larger bikes! We're even considering getting another one to put on her wagon!

    Pick up a couple at this price and you'll get your child through childhood with the classic bike sound!...more info
  • Accessorize!
    I actually have two of these bells, a blue one and a purple one, as I am a mountian biker who recently started cycling (one to match each bike!). Even though I'm 25, I'm still a bit of a kid at heart, and I like to accessorize as well, so these bells were perfect for me. The installation as simple as can be and they are so cute! The colors are a bit darker then they appear in the product photo, and they are a lot bigger than they seem. To make the bell sound you have to twist the whole round part, but just a flick of your thumb will do. The only problem I've seen with these is if you turn it slowly there is no sound, so the faster your turn it the louder it is. I highly recommend these for any child... or child at heart....more info
  • Very user friendly
    This is a great bike bell! It is very easy to use and makes a fairly loud, but not irritating sound. I like it because it is easy for my kids to use--they can just barely touch the bell while riding and it rings. Super easy to install and adjustable for different size handlebars....more info