40 Years of the X-Men
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With 40 Years Of X-Men DVD, you've got a full collection of every X-Men story published in the last four decades. Almost 500 issues of the classic X-Men comics are reproduced here, from the very first issue in 1963 to August 2005 -- all in full color, from cover to cover. Explore a world where a small group of people are born with genes that give them super-powers. These "mutants" are hated and feared by humanity at large, and the X-Men come together to protect both mutants and human from prejudice and evil mutants alike. You'll get to follow their incredible adventures as they span four amazing decades.

  • Over 485 complete printable comics, cover to cover, that’s over 17,500 pages.
  • All X-MEN comic books from September 1963 through August 2005, including debut issue.

Customer Reviews:

  • For every X-Men fan....
    This is a great collection to get if you would like to read the comic's from the past at a great price. ...more info
  • So worth it!
    All I have to say is 485 comics for 40 dollars. Or about 40 years worth. That's like a dollar a year. You do the math...it's an amazing deal. Also, quality is great and you can print them if you want....more info
  • like constant glare on your tv! aaargh!!
    i have been an x-men fan since the 70's. i love marvel. i love the x-men. i completely understand the need for copyright protections. however, trying to read the comics on this dvd-rom is nothing short of irritating. yes, you can mess around with your acrobat or preview (mac) settings to make all the pages display right but in the end you have to try not to be completely distracted by the big ole "MARVEL" watermark right in the middle of every page...every PHOTOCOPIED page. honestly, it's like trying to watch your favorite movie on a VERY sunny day with a big open window directly across from the tv screen! as a devotee of john byrne's art it has ,sadly, really limited my enjoyment of this product....more info
  • Not exactly wonderful
    I bought this in part just to have the 1960s and 1990s issues since I have a good run of X-Men collected from about 1976 through to about 1987 starting with Giant Size No. 1, in fact this dvd cost me roughly the same as my copy of that comic book, which i bought sometime in 1980.

    I have a nice new 24" iMac so the double page spreads of pdf files look gorgeous. You have to use the Adobe Reader or else a Marvel watermark appears, but Adobe Reader is of course free to download so only a minor hassle for those who normally use Apple's Preview for pdf files.

    The interface is not the most elegant of designs and is a very simple pdf file with a set of hyperlinks. I have seen some of the various shareware programs for reading scanned comic books and those interfaces are more appealing and user friendly. But most people shopping here at Amazon probably are interested like me in getting a legal copy and not a torrent so the issue may be moot.

    The dvd includes a bio section but this is slow to load off the dvd and is not much faster when copied to the Mac. I have a 2.8GHz processor. I put it in my PC laptop with a 1.73GHZ processor and oh my was it slow. How useful this section is given that the information is available on the web is debatable. The comics though load much faster than the bio and sometimes a bit to fast so I have to be very careful when paging through.

    So if you want to read and enjoy old X-Men it may be better to buy the bricks available. For me I wanted a reference collection that will not take up space. Its ok and does the job I need. ...more info
  • This is great...but...
    The 2 bigegest diappointments for me so far are the quality of the scans (many of the 120-160 issues have blurry text).
    The large "Marvel" watermark graphic on each page is quite annoying as well. Overall worth about $20, but not $40 or $50....more info
  • Great....but very dissapointing packaging...
    While I love the content and the overall idea, it seems they seriously skimped on the packaging. All you get, outside of the outer box, is a cd in a paper envelope. No jewel case, book, insert, etc.......perhaps it's on the cd....more info
  • Great for a First Timer
    I loved the X-Men cartoon in the 90s and Fox, and always liked reading the graphic novels in Barnes and Noble and the like. However, I just never had the time or money to get into it like I wanted. This collection is a great way for us beginnings to understand the depth of the mythology and see the transformation of the series over the years. Reading the first 60 issues was a trip -- seeing how the characters were developed, both the art and their literary personality.

    If you're interested in the X-Men, whether from the new movies or just from being a kid at heart -- for 40 bucks you can know it all. (almost)....more info
  • Great Gift!
    This is exactly as it was described. It works great! I gave it to my father-in-law for his birthday, and my nephews love watching it with him! It appeals to fans of all ages and provides all the back-story anyone could want for today's popular movies....more info
  • A perfect gift for the comic book fan who has almost everything
    My husband loved this as a gift. He is a long-time comic book fan and this gave him an opportunity to read some of the very first editions that are way before his time. They look amazing on the computer, plus you can print if you want. (with 15,000+ pages I can't imagine why you'd want to) I was concerned about Mac compatibility, but since the thing is just a PDF interface, you just need Acrobat, no special Windows-only software. We're looking to pick up the Spiderman collection next....more info
  • It's a great deal
    This is a great way to save time, space & money. One important note: it doesn't include the newer X-Men series started in '91 by Lee & Claremont. I'm looking for X-Men the Complete Collection hopefully in the future. Until then, I still like this.

    Highlights here for me...
    Issues 1 to 11- Jack Kirby, starting in '63.
    Giant-Size X-Men #1- Len Wein & Dave Cockrum in '75.
    Issues 108 to 143- John Byrne, starting in '77.
    Issues 248 to 277 (skips some issues)- Jim Lee, starting in '89.
    Issues 325 to 350- Joe Madureira, starting in '95.

    If you're looking to buy trade paperbacks or hardcover X-Men material, this is an economical way to see before you buy. It's also an excellent chance to see various creators' work on these popular characters throughout the years. Definitely recommended.

    P.S. I had technical difficulties with the Avengers version of this software by GITCorp. I include the problem here just in case it helps someone. Some people will only be able to see the 1960s folder. My computer is running both Windows 2000 & XP. In Windows 2000, I couldn't for the life of me get my computer to see more than that 1st folder. It's as if that's *all* that's on the disc. Gitcorp thinks CD packet writing software on a person's computer will interfere with the way the disc is viewed, so they recommend uninstalling packet writing software like Roxio to see if that'll help. It didn't. I tried rebooting in Safe Mode, uninstalling programs, reinstalling programs: nothing I tried could make the disc readable. Switching to XP though "fixed" the problem immediately. In my Windows XP installation, this DVD's contents were easily readable. Sure enough, the *entire* contents were now there. I should note that I don't use Roxio or Nero software in XP, so if XP users are having this problem, that might be it. I *only* experienced this issue with Windows 2000.

    The problem is in the way the disc was made. All the content is really there, but some computers can't read more than the first folder, so you might think that's all that's on the disc. Getting a replacement disc won't help: all copies of the Avengers gitcorp made are like this: viewable on some computers, not on others. Many people just take this disc to another computer and copy its contents there. You can copy onto CDs, DVDs, hard drives, etc. and then bring that info back to your original computer....more info
  • if you think you might like this, you will like it
    I waffled for months on getting this and now I regret all that wasted time. Seriously, if you are the kind of person who thinks you might this, and you can comfortably read off a computer screen, you will love it. This is so much cooler than I thought it would be! I'm now a convert to digital archives of my favorite magazines - maybe the Mad Magazine collection will be next.

    Regarding technical details - I was concerned that since I'm on a mac I would have trouble with the software, but it's plain vanilla pdf, and very easy use. It would be nice if the issues were indexed just in case I were to go nuts and decide to read every issue with Juggernaut in it, but that's my only complaint. What you get is well worth the price, so that's easy to overlook. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    Very helpful if you are trying to collect x-men since the beginning. Easy to read and easy to find the comic by year....more info
  • Excellent buy
    I've tried this on two different mac computers: an emac desktop and an ibook G4, it runs perfectly on both. I see that some people are having problems, I'll see if I can help with that at the end of the review.
    I'm a huge x-men fan, but can't afford to buy a bunch of back-issues. The essential book collections are affordable, but they're printed in black & white. With this one disc you get almost 500 uncanny issues, including annuals, all are high-quality scan in's. The disc also has a nice little bio section, and comes with the neccessary adobe software. The one down-side is that you miss out on he tie-in issues, whick gets irritating mid-90's, but I'm not docking a star for that because what you get is well worth the price, and it's clearly stated in the description that this is strictly "uncanny".
    OK, for those of you having trouble getting it to run w/ a mac here's the process:load cd, click cd image on your desktop twice. You'll get a finder window w/ various files/folders, one will have install on it, this should be the adobe software, follow the installation instructions, and move your new adobe reader to applications when finished, restart your computer. Once re-started load the cd again, open adobe reader 6.0 click the folder image in the upper left-hand corner you should have a finder-type window, go to desktop, click on x-men and choose start.pdf. You should be good to go. HTH...more info
  • Perfect Product
    I couldn't have found a better X-Men product. Every mag. has its own PDF. The readability is only limited by the size of your monitor....more info
  • great value, but not quite the same the as real thing
    this collection is awesome. no problems reading it on a computer monitor at all. you can adjust the zoom easily and the quality of the scanned pages is good. the only problem is i feel sitting down and reading real comics is a million times better. it just doesnt feel the same. still i will never be able to afford this collection in its physical form so i overall give it a thumbs up for its value....more info
  • Let your money speak for you and buy this so there will be more!
    How do you review the coolest thing in the world? The art and the writing speak for themselves and they are wonderful! All I have to say is I hope they keep making these amazing cd-roms They are perfect, easy to store and easy to read. Everynight after a hard day of work I love to curel up with a cup of tea and my x-men comic. My advice is please buy this and speak loud and clear to Marvel and the company who produces these that we want more of them. I hope other company's get the hint too and produce their titles in this way it's just so perfect and easy to store!...more info
    It has all the issues, every page, perfect quality. You cant complain there, the price is low compared to that. Your only problem will be the boring and long beginning issues.

    Flaws: ugly interface, for 50 bucks I could definitely have created a more satisfying menu for the costumers

    the cross overs will be tough to follow, since it's techincaly 40 years of UNCANNY X-men. But whatever. Still they couldve done better.

    Really, though. SO worth it!...more info
  • 40 Years of UNCANNY X-Men
    This is an awesome collection of my favorite comic ever. While the product description listed how many issues were included, it simply said "X-Men" (which is the 1991-present title NOT included on this DVD-ROM) as opposed to Uncanny X-Men, which is the title that is included, so it is not "every X-Men comic ever printed". Overall, I'm very satisfied with this collection....more info
  • Trick: How to Make These "Readable"
    Here's one way to customize your PDF browser so you can actually read these things. Using Adobe Reader 8. Even if you just do steps 1,2 and 5 it can really help.

    1. Go to VIEW>Reading Mode
    2. Go to VIEW>TOOLBARS>Hide Toolbars
    3. Go to EDIT>Preferences
    -Under Full Screen Setup uncheck "Fill Screen With One Page at a Time" and unceck "Current Document only"
    -Under Full Screen Navigation uncheck "Left click to go forward one page; right click to go back one page" and CHECK "Show Navigation Bar"
    4. Click OK
    5. Go to VIE>ZOOM>Zoom Too...
    6. Zooom to 150% and continue to increase your zoom untill one page fills your screen. Mine is at 190% all monitors are different.
    7. Go to Full Screen Mode

    In Full Screen Mode you can now easily pan threw the comic one page at a time using your mouse and turn the pages using your Navigation Bar. a transition can be added to make it appear as though the pages were really turning. try it. and goodluck ...more info
  • 40 years for 40 bucks? AWESOME!
    Cool....read all the classic issues without getting french fry grease all over you collector's items!...more info
  • Nice read
    It is just as it says. A pdf scan of all comics. It's really neat to read some of these again. Great value and good entertainment....more info
  • Perfect!
    Just as the packaging suggests, it has every Uncanny X-men comic from 40 years (until mid-2006). It even has issues #67 to 93, which were reprints of earlier issues (#12 and up, I think), but had new back-up stories. Rather than reprint just the back-ups, the disc contains them in their entirety, even the ads!
    The comics are scanned at their normal size, making them perfect to read on a computer.
    All in all, more than I expected....more info
  • X marks the spot
    Nice collection of the complete issues, though, of course, one knows going in that the later Marvel practice of storylines that run through all the books makes the stories provided only a small slice of the full story, which is somewhat frustrating.

    And the earliest years are, of course, somewhat crude (heretically, even the Kirby artwork in the first year is).

    But very nice to have in an affordable edition, regardless of the flaws (though best viewed with a large monitor....more info
  • Excellence
    This is a great item for any collector or new fans to the X-men. All the older along with the newer issues look great. The CD includes all issues of the Uncanny X-men (1-461) along with Giant Sized and annual issues. There is also comprehensive biographies on the more popular characters and artwork and layouts of the Xaiver Institute. Could it of had more content, maybe, but this will keep one busy for a long time. With easy maneuverabiltity, this is a highly addictive CD with virtually months of entertainment....more info
  • X marks the spot for an awesome collection
    GIT really did a fine job with these comic collections. Too bad Marvel is now going totally online and won't let anyone have the actual comics in hand anymore. *sigh* Oh, well -- but if you can get it used (or from GIT), go for it. It's definitely worth the money!...more info