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Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac ( 967664-0403 )
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Product Description

The Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac is the perfect match for your Mac desktop, whether it's used at home or at the office. It's engineered for critical performance to meet discerning and professional demands. It includes a comfortable ultra-flat keyboard and a high-performance laser mouse. The ultra-flat profile and built-in palm rest bring an amazing level of comfort. Dedicated one-touch controls for iTunes and iPhoto give you instant access to your music and photos. Programmable keys launch Safari, Mail, Spotlight, or any other application with a single press. The stylish white and silver design perfectly matches the design of your Mac. The sculpted high-performance cordless laser mouse delivers exceptional comfort and enables pixel-precise photo editing. Longer battery life provides up to 6 months or more of standard use.

  • One-touch controls of iTunes and iPhoto
  • Designed specifically for Mac computers
  • Includes high-performance laser mouse
  • Ultra-flat keyboard perfectly matches Apple style
  • Drivers for Intel-based Mac support available

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Combo
    This is a great combo. Even though they are wireless there is never a hesitation when sitting down to use them.
    A previous keyboard I used hesitated when I first tried to type on it. The mouse tracks very well on any surface. The keyboard has a good feel to it and a nice selection of functions on the sides. The side keys for play, pause, and volume controls get a lot of use. The one thing that would improve the keyboard is to make it easier to find certain keys by feel instead of having to look at the keyboard. With practice I've gotten better at not having to look at the board, but it would be easier if the feel was a bit more distinct. Such as making the small bumps on the "f" and "j" keys a bit larger....more info
  • Logitech S530 Cordless Desktop for Mac
    A wonderful cordless desktop at a very reasonable price. The excellent Logitech software that comes with the desktop is easily updated and provides the ability to customize your keyboard and mouse to your personal liking. Highly recommended to those who want a full featured responsive cordless desktop....more info
  • Great For PC Users switching to Mac
    Product works perfectly if u install the software from the site and and NOT the software on the disc included. Aside from the fact that theres no caps lock indicator, I have no problem with this keyboard. I love that ALL of the buttons on the mouse are customizable. Great bonus is that you can use it for a PC too. Bottomline, if you are primarily a PC user and you are Mac beginner, this is the perfect product for you as it still has a PC keyboard feel....more info
  • awesome
    I love it! No problems at all I love my MAC, my keyboard and mouse...
    ...more info
  • Great replacement but Logitech needs to work on it
    I really hated the keyboard and mouse that came w/my iMac. I've been a Logitech user for years on my PC and love them. One of the first things I always do when getting a new PC is to swap out the cheapie keyboard and mouse that comes w/them to my Logitech cordless desktop.

    Although the Mac version a a great site better than what came w/the iMac it's not up to the standards that the PC versions of the cordless desktop is. The mouse is fine but the keyboard seems to be more cheaply made and there is no indicator for when upper/lower case is in use. I miss that a lot. I would buy it again, but Logitech still needs to perfect this one.

    I am happy that I no longer need my gel wrist rest because what comes on the Mac keyboard is better than what comes on the PC keyboard....more info
  • Better than the original cordless
    I wanted a cordless keyboard, but missed the numeric keyboard that came from Apple. I never liked the Apple mouse, and have been using my Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel. Have not really used the mouse that comes with the S530, but it is okay. The keyboard works fine. Lots of quick launch buttons that can be easily programed. Only real disadvantage is you have to use one of the 3 USB ports on the back of the iMac for the transmitter. Also, to set up the software, you need to download the newest version from the Logitech web site, but that was easy. All the controls for all logitech products are now found in the System Preferences of the Mac . They are listed on the bottom as "other" and it is called Logitech Control Center. That works great and you can set up all your Logitech devices easily. Overall, although it is hard to get excited about a keyboard, I have been very happy, and I am glad I bought it....more info
  • Cleanable
    The keyboard can be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled.
    My dirty/filthy hands haveNot required me to enter the mouse. Need I say more?

    The extra keys and the software allowing definition creates a beyond beautiful experience.

    I have two recommendations for the manufacturer:
    Use AA batteries for longer life in the keyboard.
    Curve the flat keyboard like the mac keyboard....more info
  • Mushy and innacurate.
    I purchased a Mac last week switching from a Dell PC. I wanted a more PC like keyboard and mouse for my Mac. After trying the keyboard I found the keys to be mushy and very unresponsive. It also had a very cheap feel to it, very unlike Logitech. The mouse also was uncomfortable to use the side buttons. I found it to be innacurate in its tracking. Stick with the keyboard and mouse that comes with the Mac....more info
  • Died in seven months
    This keyboard worked flawlessly with my G3 IMac for seven months and then, abruptly, this morning, it died on me. I just ordered another one--can't type on the Mac keyboard's Chiclet keys--but I'm not happy to have to shell out another $65 only seven months after the first buy. Thus the ambivalent rating. The mouse continues to work beautifully. ...more info
  • A stylish and functional Mac keyboard
    While not built like the Apple aluminum keyboard and mighty mouse, this keyboard and mouse set works really well. It won't quite reach across a room (it isn't supposed to) -- so this is not a Mac media center keyboard but they are very reliable and the mouse tracks virtually on every surface. Coming from an Apple Mighty Mouse that would rarely do second mouse button clicks and did not track on all surfaces, I can't say how much of a relief this is! Also, unlike the Apple aluminum Bluetooth keyboard, this is a full keyboard with numeric keypad.

    Overall, I am very happy with this set....more info
  • Needs overhaul
    I purchased the Logitech S530 for MAC even after reading a few negative reviews. I wanted to give Logitech the benefit of the doubt. I did what several reviewers suggested and downloaded the software from Logitech;s website rather than using the CD. Almost immediately, some keys became "dead" using Microsoft Word 2004 for MAC. The keyboard worked ok while not in Word. Also the absence of an indicator for the caps key is disconcerting. I've returned to the trusty Apple keyboard! ...more info
  • Logitech excellent choice for Mac
    This product has more flexibility and features for the money than others including a cordless mouse...more info
  • Just did not last ...
    I have been a fan of Logitech products for some time. I'm afraid this time I'm not so happy.
    From the first I experienced strange mouse behavior, which I assumed was due to some software I was running. Troubleshooting led me to eventually uncover it being related to the mouse (mouse behavior normalized when I unplugged the logitech USB receiver).
    I still figured it to be software related ... then after 35 days, the mouse suddenly gave up the ghost.
    Since it has been more than 30 days - Amazon will not accept this as a return. This is also leaving me much less of an AMAZON fan. When I asked them what to do - they sent me a link to the Logitech web site. I guess now we'll see how that goes.
    ...more info
  • Excellent product
    The Logitech Cordless Desktop S530 Laser for Mac works flawlessly! With the upload from the vendors website, both the mouse and keyboard synced right up with my Power Book, great price and functionality, sorry to say it beats Apples' design. ...more info
  • Great For Mac!!
    Nice keyboard for a Mac computer. Has all the functions of the OEM keyboard but with a better feel. The only thing you give up is the 2 USB ports on the OEM keyboard. This is a great replacement for the stock keyboard and it's WIRELESS!!! ...more info
  • mouse scroller too slow
    i thot i found "the" keyboard mouse set, but the mouse scroller is just way too slow, even with the scroller settings set to the fastest mode possible :( i run a mac book pro....more info
  • Logitech Keyboard
    This is a great keyboard and mouse for the Macbook! I love the buttons for quick access to the web and Mail! Apple keyboard is allot more expensive and does not have the num pad....more info