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CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder
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Product Description

In CSI: 3 Dimensions Of Murder, you'll work along side Grissom, Catherine and the entire cast as you utilize the latest crime-solving equipment. Visit the scene of a crime, interview suspects and collect and analyze physical evidence. Use puzzle-solving and interrogation skills to establish a relationship between the suspect, the victim and the crime scene. Only then will you be able to make an arrest and resolve the case.

  • New 3D graphics let you move around the crime scene and get a close-up look -- you'll feel like you're really using the tools for collection and detection of evidence
  • Five new cases with deeper plot lines with shocking twists - all with improved character interaction and longer more immersive cases
  • Use the GMC Mobile Analysis Unit -- the same Mobile Crime Lab that CSI uses to analyze evidence quickly in the field
  • Work with high tech tools like Mikrosil casting material, magnetic powder for enhanced finger print analysis and Luminol for detecting traces of blood evidence

Customer Reviews:

  • And I wasn't even a fan of the show
    This game is great. I bought it for my mom who loves the show, but then started playing it and couldn't stop. The cases are the perfect lengh--challenging enough to take a few sit-downs, but not so long you get frustrated. There are three difficulty levels, and you can turn on or off various 'hints'. I had all the hints on and found it very rewarding. There are five cases to solve, and with each one I was guessing (usually wrongly) with great intensity who the perp was. The voice acting and 3d animation is great too; apparently the previous games were in 2d, but I can't imagine how that would work having seen how fun this dynamic is.
    I had a little difficulty installing the game--it took three tries--on my windows vista computer, but now it works perfectly. The loading times between sites are only a few seconds, so you never get bored or anything. Of course the game isn't for tiny children, but from what I've seen of the show, if you let them watch that the game wouldn't be much of a shocker.
    I can definitely see why fans of the show would enjoy this, and as a non-fan, I found it very fun as well....more info
  • Superb!
    This game issooo much fun! It's interesting, challenging, and has the characters we all love from the television show. There are 5 different cases you need to solve to win the game, and you play alongside a different character in each case. You get scored by Grissom on your ability and casework after solving each one. If you have trouble with something, you ask your "partner" for a hint. He/She will give it to you, but then you lose points from Grissom. The graphics are good, and the diolague is great. It is all very accurate, and I would highly recommend this game. I do have one complaint: There were only five cases, and if you love this game so much that you solve a case a day, then you will have finished the game in less than a week. I wish there were more cases to solve, but I guess that's why there are more editions of the game! It's really a great game!...more info
  • csi three dimensions of murder
    love csi, not crazy about the game. not very difficult. finished all cases relatively quickly. nancy drew mysteries were harder to solve. please come out with something more challenging!...more info
  • I'm the CSI
    I really enjoy the TV show so the game is terrific. I admit I'm not the best player, so it will entertain me for months....more info
  • Long but awesome
    This game was wayyy longer than the previous two. There are more questions and evidence to collect which can make the game very time consuming. There were also some very interesting twist to the cases and the special effects were awesome. I believe this is the best one by far. But once again, the cases are quite long. ...more info
  • Game is great...if it runs
    When I loaded the game it wouldn't open. My computer is new (Nov 06) and I kept getting a security problem alert. I was able to open it from RUN: in the start box as long as I didn't open any other program before I opened the game. I emaied tech support and they told me to change the CSI.exe to CSI old and then download update from their site. I was in the middle of game 3 and since changing the exe to old it would never open again no matter what I did. So the game was a blast but I will not purchase another game made by UBISOFT....more info
  • Good for fans, Agonizing otherwise
    3 Dimensions of Murder is the third installment in the PC version of CSI. As a fan of CSI, I was entertained by the complicated stories, the interaction between suspects, yourself, and CSI agents, and the general feel of the game.

    3 Dimensions starts to stumble with the same problems the others had. While I like having to search the scene for evidence and put the pieces together myself, getting through an hour long stage to find I missed a single piece of evidence, or forgot a test and comparison check is frustrating. Having to find that last shred before you could question a suspect or perform a test was incredibly annoying, as you could spot what was coming well before the evidence accumulated to the point that the game decided it was time to advance.

    Probably the worst condemnation is the fact that there has been no real improvement despite being the 3rd incarnation. The stages are still run as point and click, and are otherwise not interactive. Its a matter of patiently running your mouse cursor over row after row of pixels to spot the few items on an otherwise static screen, and the almsot snide remarks for your fellow agents when time after time the remark "Nothing over there. Way to be thorough." While the zoom in/zoom out camera effects and "thought play" you know and love from the show are great, I would've rather had an option to walk around in a basic 3d room, crouch and stand, have a sprite hand that actually open and shut doors and drawers. Aside from the filmed sequences, the only CGI motion is from the CSI agents and suspects, which is dull. The Pheonix Wright games from the Nintendo DS had just as much motion to them as this did.

    While I'd recommend this to any fan of CSI, as its a acceptable injection for those of you who desperately need a fix, almost any other mystery game I've played to date can surpass it in almost every category with the exception of movie content and voice acting, which probably got most of the budget. Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes games that go for 2 for 1 deals in the bargain bin have more of what it takes to make a good adventure mystery game....more info
  • First Computer Game My Wife Has Ever Played!
    My wife loves the whole CSI show series they have going on television.

    I bought her this to see what she would think and I ended up needing to buy every version they make. She loves them and says they are a lot of fun!

    ...more info
  • csi
    Loved the game I got at the store so bought all the other ones here on the site and now I am on my third game and love them. It is so much fun finding the clues and solving the cases....more info
  • Great game but could be better
    This was a great game that makes you use your powers of observation and put on your logical thinking cap. The graphics are great and the characters are familiar. Since you are able to fully install the CD onto your PC there aren't long waits while the game scoops data off the CD. The crimes were imaginative with tons of clues for you to process and sort out.
    The only problem is that it's fairly easy to receive a master rating after running through the crimes a few times. And once you run through the scenarios, it becomes boring. You already know all the ways to win, so why play it again? Maybe a way to fix this is to put something random in it so that a different suspect is the criminal each time. Or have new crimes available for download....more info
  • the game is difficult and you can't backtrack if you miss something so remember to go forward cautiously with your evidence
    A very challenging game good for the amateur sleuth to sharpen their forensic evidence collection methods. Don't get frustrated it can be solved it just takes a lot of attention to detail....more info
  • Want MORE CSI
    I am hooked on CSI on TV and when I saw they had the PC games for Miami, NY, and LasVegas, I just couldn't resist trying them...glad I didn't. They are a lot of fun and keep me glued to the case until I get it solved, then I can't wait to move on to the next case. Plus, since Grissom is no longer on the TV show, I can still work with him on the games..He is there! Love them and hope they develop more games from these TV shows...I JUST LOVE THEM!...more info