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VTech Preschool Learning Tote 'n Go Laptop
List Price: $26.99

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Product Description

Program your preschooler for early learning with the Tote and Go Laptop Plus. This realistic looking computer features big style for little learners. Complete with a colorful keyboard and detachable mouse that's designed for both left- and right-handed users, the Tote and Go Laptop Plus features 30 engaging activities that teach language, math, games and music. Comes with a nifty handle for easy fold-up-and-go learning. Requires 3 "AA" batteries, included. Measures 11" x 14" x 3.5".

  • Colorful laptop with 30 engaging activities
  • Detachable mouse with mouse pad for left-handed or right-handed users
  • LCD screen displays fun animations
  • Plus, the Tote & Go Laptop Plus features 30 engaging activities
  • Ages 3+

Customer Reviews:

  • J Waugh
    my son love to play with this computer, they have one at the headstart program he attends...more info
  • Bestselling for a reason, really nice product
    I have a two year old daughter that likes very much this laptop, despite not been of the intended age (3-6) and that our household is Spanish speaking, still manages to entertain her. For the first week o so she just got familiar with the interface and even now is learning some English with it and I expect that its gonna to be a great introduction to the English language.

    And on top it only costs $[...], hard to beat.
    Cheers...more info
  • battery hog!
    My son is 2.5, and he loves this laptop. I am not happy about the batteries we go through though. Really annoying....more info
  • Must Have for Toddlers
    My daughter wanted this for some time. I purchased another one for my niece when she turned two. I love it, buttons are large enough and color distinct too! My daughter plays with this often, and I see it enhancing her learning on the go...true to the name. Great buy for the price!...more info
  • Good labtop just wish it was in color
    I hoped this would help keep my toddler away from my labtop but she really likes the color monitor on my labtop compared to the black/white monitor on her labtop. Besides that everything else on the labtop is great....more info
  • Great toy for the price!
    Great price for a laptop for a kid. I bought this for my nephew because he is usually trying to steal anyones laptop he sees. He is only 2 1/2 so I think he is still just a little to young but soon will be able to understand most of the games. The only thing I wish was different was that the screen was color instead of black and white. ...more info
  • Vtech - Tote 'N Go Laptop Plus
    This is a great educational toy for toddlers as long as parents realize they will need to fully assist their child in using it, especially at first. I think this is a great learning and bonding tool and would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend quality time with their child while making learning fun. ...more info
  • My 2 year old knows her alphabet
    Don't let the 3+ label deter you for getting it for a younger child. My parents gave this laptop to my daughter for her 2nd birthday (late March). It is now the beginning of April, she can correctly identify her letters and numbers. Yes, we've been working on them for a while, but it's amazing to watch her figure out which key to press... you can almost see the wheels turning....more info
  • Great!
    I bought 2 of these for my 3 and 5 year old. Both my girls love them! Fun and education for all ages. Great product!...more info
  • learning toy
    Bought this for my grandson for Christmas. He loves it. Very sturdy. He tells everyone that now he has a puter also...more info
  • Eh. Not super impressed...
    Got this for my 2 year old son when I got my own laptop, in hopes it would occupy him with his own and off of mine! It does that. Briefly. He's an active kid and doesn't sit and play with this kind of thing very long, okay, but this doesn't occupy him very long. I'll get my laptop out and he'll run off and get this, sit down, put it on his lap, mess around with the buttons and the mouse for a while, and then he's off to something else (or MY laptop) after about 5-10 minutes max. He's certainly as bright as some of the other reviewers' 2 year olds, but he most certainly didn't pick up the alphabet in some days/weeks and start playing with this thing "correctly." This is NOT a stupid or slow kid, and things like figuring out how to choose exactly which activity he wants and playing it correctly every time are absolutely beyond him. I suspect that anyone with a 2ish year old that did that is absolutely the exception, not the rule.

    If you're looking for this for your 2(ish) year old to keep them occupied, you might want to look for something else. If you have a really calm toddler, you can probably use this WITH them to help teach the alphabet etc - it seems to be a good learning tool. But don't expect most kids that age to sit there and figure it out alone and learn that way. Not gonna happen. They're too young. If you want something that they can bang away on pretending to be typing like Mommy on her laptop and pretending to be using a mouse like Mommy does, it's great. (That's why I got it for mine.) But even then, it's limited in its ability to "entertain" them - at least at this age.

    I have 2 big complaints with this product. The first is what other reviewers have mentioned: The sound level defaults to medium (should default to low!!), but worse than that, when the sound level button is pressed, the really, REALLY annoying monkey on the screen starts screeching (my husband says it sounds like a super loud annoying cricket) and does not STOP until a different key is pressed. Even if the cover is closed. Wanna guess what button my little boy likes to press the most? And then walk away. Arrgh!

    Second, I realize he's slightly below the minimum age for this, but still. The battery compartment on the back has NO screws holding it closed. It simply snaps shut. He delights in turning it over, opening it, and yanking out the batteries - faster than I can leap up and get him to stop. This is simply DANGEROUS. Unless the toy is for 5+, they ought to be securing those compartments shut. I don't get it.

    All in all, I think it's a good learning tool, and with a fairly calm kid or a slightly older kid, I think they'd learn a good deal from this and have fun doing it. But if you're reading this because you're thinking of buying this for a 2 year old or thereabouts, and hoping they're going to learn all this stuff all by themselves just by playing the game, I don't think it's likely. And if you have an active ("busy") toddler, don't expect this is going to hold their attention for all that long....more info
  • educational toys
    I bought this as a preasent for my friend's 3 year old son and she told me that he likes playing with it and it is a good teaching tool. ...more info
  • great product!
    Great buy for our son. He loves to pretend he's working on his computer just like his dad. Very durable and educational at the same time....more info
  • Nephew's Birthday present
    I'm not sure why anyone is giving this toy low ratings. It is a very good value and I agree with many of the other posters, you can buy a more realistic looking kids' laptop but this one is the way to go. It's durable, it has alot of function and frankly I think little kids prefer the bright colors. When my nephew goes to his Grandma's house, this is usually the first thing he runs to and he is one of those diecast car loving boys!

    He's not quite old enough to get the full educational value out of it (read this as this toy still has room to grow with his development), but he does like to play with it and discover new functions, and even when he gets bored he just brings it to someone to put it in music mode and sits around composing songs.

    At $30 or $40 this toy would be a nice deal, at Amazon's $19.99 it's a can't miss....more info
  • Highly Fun and Educational
    My son, who's 3 got this as a birthday presentfor his third birthday, and is one of his favorite toys. He takes (& asks for it) wherever we go. Not to mention it is a great learning tool for all sort of things. From phonics to making up your own musical song. Also the 'interactive' monkey is very cute. This one is bit better than the Fisher-Price Fun 2 Learn laptop. The screen on this is better and very clear (not green). I was thinking of actually buying this for him as one of his birthday presents, and decided that with some of his birthday $ I would then buy it. I didn't have to now. Not to mention it is very durable, my son has drop a few times and it still works like brand new.VTech Tote 'N Go Laptop Plus ...more info
  • Very Educational For Less!!
    We gave our grandchildren this laptop and they just ran with it!! I was so happy to contribute to their education instead of giving mindless toys!! We even got the computers very quickly!!...more info
  • Hours of educational fun
    "Santa" brought this laptop to our 2 year old so that he could have one "just like daddy". It has provided hours of educational fun. He loves the little monkey character that interacts with him on the screen. We still have to help him to pick some of the programs but once the programs are running he is able to play with it all by himself which is a good thing because he is very independent and doesn't usually want us helping him. ...more info
  • Finally...something he'll play with!
    My 2 and 1/2 year old son is much like many toddler boys, in that, he just doesn't hold still very much and rarely actually plays with anything, at least not as it is intended to be played with. This toy has finally assured me that he CAN sit still and CAN focus on something and CAN play without throwing and pounding. He was a little on the young side for it, and so I thought that he would REALLY not use it, but he proved me wrong. This is THE ONLY toy he really plays with. He LOVES it. He takes it in the car, to the sitter's house, in the bathroom (hee hee), and often times I will look up from what I am doing and see him sitting nicely on the couch with his "puter" on the arm, playing the games, saying his letters and numbers and cheering along with the praise! He is very smart this has been a large part of why he is so far advanced in letter recognition and counting. There is also the added bonus of teaching the ever so important computer skills of typing and mouse use. I personally think that the screen design is terrible, with the tiny black and white screen in the middle of such a large area and all the lists next to it, but he doesn't seem to notice or mind, so, no matter. I can only imagine how cute it would be if it were a bigger, prettier picture. Other than that, it is cute, a great size overall, being small enough with a nice a handle so he can cart it around himself. It is also very durable and still works and looks perfect after 3 solid months of constant hard play. I was hesitant, because I thought the price was too low for something that would actually withstand and work, but it is the best $18 I have ever spent. Buy it, you will not be disappointed, your toddler will love it, and they WILL learn something!...more info
  • forever
    This toy has really lasted forever!!! i got it when my daughter was 2 and she is now 5 and still can play it! no matter how much it is thrown around it always seems to work...more info
  • Learns at his own pace
    My three-year old son plays with this more and more each week. He is becoming accustomed to the games, and can choose them according to his wishes to do shapes, numbers, or letters. I am excited that he can use this for several more years as some of the games are more advanced (spelling words), and for that reason alone this game is well worth its purchase.
    ...more info
  • More than a toy!
    I bouht this laptop for my 3 years old nephew and he LOVE IT ! I gave it to him on Christmas Day and although he reveived a lot of presents, this one is the only one he has been playing with....more info
  • Best Learning Toy on the Market
    This is an absolutely fabulous product. An "Oh So Cute" - "Happy Monkey" (as my Granddaughter calls him) encourages learning through rewards and verbal prompts. My Granddaugter just turned 2 and has already mastered two of the levels. There are 30 activities and the difficulty increases with each level. This toy will grow as her cognitive abilities develop further. I am EXTREMELY impressed with the fact that she does NOT need any encouragment or prompting to sit and play with her VTech Computer.

    The mouse is a REAL bonus - Not exactly like a "real computer" but it has enough functionability to satisfy a pre-school child. Some reviews I have read mention that the Black and White Screen is a drawback - However, this is a moot point - The Black and White Screen is NOT a Drawback and therefore a Color Screen is really NOT necessary.

    I cannot say enough about this toy - in fact, if anything were to happen to her VTech Computer I would replace it in less than a "heart beat"! This is the BEST learning toy I have found! ...more info
  • Great Toy!
    My two kids, ages 3 and 2 love this toy! My three year old understands the games and enjoys the educational challenges. My two year old loves having a computer he can actually touch! It was a great investment! Now they leave my laptop alone! ...more info
  • Favorite Christmas present
    My 2 year old grandson received this laptop for Christmas. He carries it everywhere. He now has his own computer so he leaves his daddy's laptop alone! It is great....more info
  • Educational Computer for a 3 Year Old
    I've never given a review on amazon, but this computer is deserving of a great review. My 3 year old boy received this toy for his birthday and I intially didn't take it out of the box, because I thought I might return it. After several days of non-stop playing with it in the box, I decided he'd like enough to keep. It's been 2 months and he still plays with it at least everyday. I honestly didn't think he could play some of activities, but he caught on. The ones he likes are: shows you a word, one of the letter "disappears", and the child has to press the correct letter that "disappeared"; letters float across the screen and the child has press the whatever letter he sees before the letter reaches the end of the screen; has a sequence of 3 letters/numbers with the middle one missing and has the child fill in the missing sequence.

    The mouse doesn't always work on the "rocket" game and my son gets frustrated. Otherwise, this computer is terrific learning toy as well as just plain fun....more info
  • Great laptop for kids.
    Bought this for our Grandaughter's 3rd birthday. She loves it and so does our 18 month old grandson even though he does not get the games yet. Looks like it will at be useful for several years as there are many different activities for the kids to play at all levels and ages....more info
  • Great toy, bad graphics!
    My 3-yr-old son loves this toy and can play with it for hours. He still can only do about 1/3 of the games, but that's okay because it will grow with him. I love the variety of games - uppercase, lower case letters, music, numbers, etc. My only complaint is that the graphics are terrible. They look like something from the 80s! However, it doesn't seem to bother my little one, just me. Other than that, great toy (if you don't mind some noise!)...more info