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Snoopy, Come Home
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Feature-length animated film featuring the Peanuts gang - Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Snoopy and the rest, made back in the early '70's when they were still groovin' to Vince Guaraldi's jazz score.

Three years after A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969), Charles Schulz's beloved "Peanuts" characters hit the big screen again in the enjoyable Snoopy, Come Home. This time, everyone's favorite beagle turns the kids' world upside down when he receives a mysterious letter from a girl named Lila and hits the road with best friend Woodstock, evading a sadistic would-be pet owner and other perils along the way. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown is left to wonder: Who is Lila, and will Snoopy ever return? Snoopy, Come Home still holds up well for kids of all ages, though the mod opening sequence and snappy songs by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and other Disney films) are unmistakably from the '70s. Vince Guaraldi's jazzy music is missed, but Thurl Ravenscroft, best known for "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" and the laugh of the Jolly Green Giant, lends his basso profundo to the persistent "No dogs allowed!" (All ages: minor cartoon violence). --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Great movie, but where is the dvd?
    I bought a copy of this movie earlier this summer from, and have done some viewing of this movie, and even the last few times or so, this movie has made me cry, and with good reason, there is drama in this movie. But there is a few things that I don't like, one there are all these scenes of Snoopy/with or without Woodstock, getting throssed of of trains, bus, beach, hospital and the library, and then we hear "no dogs allowed, and the only place that birds aren't allowed is in the hospital, but yet he is getting thrown off the same places that Snoopy goes in or on, expect for the beach and library. And there is another scene where a girl (Linda Ercoli) assumes that Snoopy and Woody are lost animals, and just adopts them, without checking any id, nor does she check on any lost posters, or even checks Snoopy's tag, and names him "Rex", and then all we pretty much hear is here Rex, here Rex, here Rex, and in which she goes in a song rotuine, which the only songs, that you see the character singing, and then the others were they are thinking, but you don't see there lips movie, and then tapes of other tunes, including when Snoppy and Woodstock are on the trip searching for the hospital. The movie opens, with some of the peanuts gang on the beach, we see Charlie Brown (Chad Webber), Linus Van Pelt (Stephen Shea), and Peppermint Patty (Chris De Faria), and Snoopy (Bill Melendez who also does the sounds of Woodstock) surfing on the beach, before he digs a tunnel around Patty's sandcastle, and haviong a great time with her, while Charlie Brown is at home, playing monopoly with the gang, along with Lucy Van Pelt (Robin Kohn) and Schroeder (David Carey), and Charlie Brown is wondering where is Snoopy, intil he comes hjome, and when he fixes Snoopy's supper, when he hurts his thumb while openning Snoopy's dog food. And then ww meet Lila, who we later learn that was Snoopy's orginal owner (Johanna Baer) who is sick in the hospital, writes to him, and then when he reads her letter, he packs his bag, and signals to Woodstock, and then they begin the journey, while leaving Charlie Brown confused of what is going on, and then keeps asking who is Lila, I bet he didn't even stop to think that she was Snoopy's orginal owner. There is another scene in which Charlie, Linus, Patty, and Lucy walking around in circles, while Snoopy Come Home plays, and each believes that they were the reason why Snoopy left. I have reveled to much off ths movie, and I will stop reveling more, but tune into find out what happens when Snoopy does goes missing, and whether or not he and the gang wil reunite. ...more info
  • Best moment
    For any adult born between 1970-1980, we all remember Snoopy, if not this particular movie. Which is to say, anyone looking for a little innocence, humor and all around fun should own this movie. The look is dated, the songs not as much, but who cares? Just the other day, Family Guy had a homage to the NO DOGS ALLOWED sequence that left me laughing hysterically and a little nostalgic for this film. And if Snoopy cracking up in the library while reading his chosen book "The Bunnies" doesn't make you smile and cry laughing, nothing will. And in the end, when Snoopy finally comes home, with Woodstock waiting for him, will almost bring a tear to your face. GREAT FILM! There's a reason Snoopy is an American icon, and there's no arguing that!...more info
  • Heartbreaking
    Snoopy decides he must return to his rightful owner. A heartbreaking story about loyalty and letting go.

    (Well, *of course* Snoopy returns; I hope this much is obvious. But the movie is really about Snoopy's difficult decision to leave home, and how Charlie Brown and the gang deal with it.)...more info

  • Good Peanuts Fun
    For anyone who truly loves the Peanuts Gang and their pal Snoopy then Snoopy Come Home is for you. It is one more happy chapter in the lives of Schultz's lovable characters.

    Now, we have to remember the year Snoopy Come Home was released is not up to the grade of most animated movies today, but still worth watching. So, enjoy!...more info
  • IT'S COMING: MARCH 28, 2006
    LOVE this movie.

    And it's finally coming to DVD on March 28, 2006, along with "A Boy Named Charlie Brown."...more info
  • Very SAD!
    I have never seen my 5-year old cry over a cartoon until now! He just WAILED! Scared me to death-until I realized he was crying over the movie. It really upset him!...more info
  • Excellent condition
    I love Chrlie Brown. I,m trying to collect the set of DVDs. Amamazons Products work great. I never had a problem out of them yet....more info
  • you won't believe how good this is
    Firsr of all, I love the peanuts characters. I may not love all their TV shows but I do love each and every one of the characters as the archtypes they are. This particular movie combines all the right elements into one fantastic story.
    The first thing you notice is the music. There's a better collection of songs here then most concert DVDs you see. The emotional issues that are dealt with her (loss, disappointment, change, etc) are handeled with respect and compassion.
    This is a movie everyone in the family should sit down and watch together....more info
  • A Good DVD
    This was a gift for my Husband who loves these characters and he did not

    know that this particular DVD show even existed so it is a real treat to

    give him something that he has not seen before....more info
  • Great Show!
    Snoopy Come Home is a wonderful show for children and adults. Great songs, music, and plot....more info
  • Best Movie Ever!!!!!
    My mother owns the movie in vhs, and I actually don't own the dvd yet, but I can sincerely tell you that Snoopy Come Home is one of the sweetest, bestest movies ever!!! If you don't already love Snoopy, you'll fall in love with him in this movie!!! ...more info
  • "He's Not Much Of a Dog, But, After All, Who Is?"
    I don't know what exactly Lucy was trying to say in her going away speech (and I'm sure she didn't either), but let's face it- Snoopy was more than just a dog. This is the most emotional of all Peanuts efforts (and is Woodstock's animation debut). The plot: Snoopy gets a letter from his original owner, Lila, who misses him and wants him back. This means he would leave the security of the Brown residence. It has his funny parts: the No Dogs Allowed signs everywhere (one of them is just what he needs in the end!), Snoopy surfing, fighting Lucy with 1 boxing glove (on his nose!), fighting Linus for his blanket (Linus retaliates by flinging 1 of his shoes at Snoopy!), the obnoxiously friendly Clara who kidnaps Snoopy (probably inspired Elmira on Tiny Toons), and Linus's classic line: "You got a used dog, Charlie Brown!". Then, of course, are the tear-jerking scenes: poor, sweet Lila begs Snoopy to stay with her, Snoopy's going-away party in which the entire Peanuts gang is in tears (even the crabby Lucy), and Snoopy bidding his final farewell to his pal Woodstock and his long-suffering master, Charlie Brown (who laments "I need more hellos!")....more info
  • VHS version quality is poor
    I tried my VHS tape on 3 different players, and all of the bold colors "bled" to the left. I don't see this on any of the other Peanuts videos, and I own all of them....more info
  • It's brilliant
    Well, as you see this video tape is fantastic because of his content, when snoopy leaves to find a place where there aren't any signs which say so that he could enter in any place he likes. Despite living for this reason, he left for another reason. To visit his ex-owner, Lila. Lila bought snoopy in August but her family couldn't afford keeping him. So, they returned snoopy to the farm they got him. Then Charlie Brown's family acquires snoopy and he tries to forget Lila and begin a new life. Although he forgot her, when he found out she was in the hospital, on the letter he was received, he ran to see her. Finally, Lila convices snoopy to come with her, but snoopy understands how much Charlie needs and he abandones her and goes back to Charlie Brown....more info
  • a memorable flick
    I first saw this film when I was about 5. I thought it was so sad. I snuggled up to my mom while watching it. For years afterward, she would sometimes sing the theme song just to get a rise out of me. I would always tell her to stop singing it. I don't think she even realized how much it upset me. This film is well written and very charming, but I think kids should be atleast 7 before watching this film. ...more info
  • Excellent condition
    I love Chrlie Brown. I,m trying to collect the set of DVDs. Amamazons Products work great. I never had a problem out of them yet....more info
  • Snoopy Come Home
    I was very please that I could find the movie in the first place. the item arrived right on time as indicated and I was able to give it as a gift for Christmas. ...more info
  • thanks for the memories
    Thank You Bill Melendez for keeping the sprit of Charles Schultz alive. For those of you that love the wee folks,peanuts,snoopy comics.This is how watch this moive with the sprit of Charles Schultz. I know that the new ones are not great,but there are some peanuts shows that were the best before.My kids love them I still do even the new ones. Watch all
    of them with the sprit of Charlie Brown a young boy growing up
    in a world of life,love,and laughter. GOOD GRIEF, HA HA....more info
  • DVD quite possibly coming in 2006
    Before i begin, I'd just like to say that snoopy Come home is my favorite Peanuts movie of all Time, and i have such wonderful memories of Watching it.

    Anyway, according to [...] David LAmbert, Snoopy Copme Home (as well as a Boy Named Charlie Brown) are most likely heading to DVD in 2006.


    " have reason to believe that "Snoopy Come Home" and "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" are on Paramount's radar screen for next year, but that's all I have to say at this time."

    So with this, Looney Tunes Volume 4, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Here comes the Grump, Gerald MCBoing Boing, and quite possibly a few other surprises coming to DVD in 2006, Cartoon Fans should be Very happy

    ...more info
  • Good Peanuts Fun
    For anyone who truly loves the Peanuts Gang and their pal Snoopy then Snoopy Come Home is for you. It is one more happy chapter in the lives of Schultz's lovable characters.

    Now, we have to remember the year Snoopy Come Home was released is not up to the grade of most animated movies today, but still worth watching. So, enjoy!...more info
  • You'll Laugh! You'll Cry! You'll Hope He Comes Back!
    This is probably the most emotional of all the Peanuts movies and specials combined. Sure, you have the moments that'll have you laughing: the 500+ "No Dogs Allowed" signs (complete with a hilarious song sung in deep bass!), the obnoxious Clara who kidnaps Snoopy and loves him nearly to death (like Elmira years later on Tiny Toons), Snoopy challenging Lucy to a fight (with one boxing glove on his nose!), Linus telling Charlie Brown "You got a used dog!", and of course Snoopy fighting Linus for his blanket (can you blame him for tossing that beagle the shoe! ). Then there's the tear-jerking moments: the going away party where everybody is in tears (even Lucy), Lila begging Snoopy to come to stay with her (btw, Lila is Snoopy's original owner), and the scene where Snoopy says his final goodbye to Woodstock (who makes his screen debut) and Charlie Brown (it's going to be hard not to miss the long-suffering round-headed kid if you're depending on him to feed you!). Tough decision on Snoopy's part....more info
  • Excellent DVD
    I ordered this DVD as a gift for my son. He loves it! We are very happy with the speed it was delivered, It is satisfactory in every way!...more info