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Black & Decker VEC010BD Start It 300 Amp Jump Starter
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Product Description

The Black&Decker Start-it Jump-Start System is portable, cordless, and rechargeable. It features a 12 Volt DC power supply and 300 AMP instant starting power. It powers coolers, air compressors, inverters, spotlights, and more!

The Black & Decker Jump-Starter has 300 instant amps to start your car in the unlikely event that your battery goes dead. There is always a chance that you will not be able to find someone to jump-start your car, even if you have a set of jumper cables. The Jump-Starter will alleviate this worry by giving you the power you need to do it on your own.

Black & Decker's Jump-Starter is a powerful and compact tool to restart your vehicle. View larger.

The Jump-Starter has a reverse hook-up warning alarm.

Also charges cell phones and laptops.
Portable and Powerful
The Jump-Starter is portable, cordless, and rechargeable. It features a 12-volt DC power supply and 300 amp instant starting power that is adequate for nearly any vehicle. It is so versatile, it will power coolers, air compressors, inverters, spotlights, and almost anything else with a car charger attachment.

Safe and Easy to Use
The Jump-Starter also features a keyless on/off power safety switch and reverse hook-up warning alarm in case the cables are attached to the wrong terminals. An LED battery status indicator lets you know the state of your battery and when it's charged up, and a built-in, ultra-bright LED light gives you extra illumination for emergency roadside assistance.

The Jump-Starter recharges easily from any household AC outlet or DC automobile cigarette-plug style outlet, so that it will be ready the next time you need it.

No More Jumper Cables
With Black & Decker's Jump-Starter, there is no more worrying about having to track down a friendly vehicle. Whether you're in the rain, on an empty street on a dark night, or alone in an unfamiliar place, you'll be happy that the Jump-Starter is charged and ready to assist you get back on the road.

Black & Decker offers a full 2-year warranty.

What's in the box
Start It Jump-Starter, 12 volt DC charger, 120 volt AC charger, and heavy-duty cables and clamps.

  • 300 instant amps for jump starting your vehicle in emergencies
  • Power safety switch and reverse hook-up warning system for added safety
  • Built-in long life LED work light for easy use and added safety
  • LED battery status indicators
  • 12 volt DC power outlet to power and/or recharge DC appliances

Customer Reviews:

  • compressor is weak
    purchased this about two yrs ago, never had to use it to jumpstart any car. But last month my wife had a flat tire, used the fix-a-flat stuff for a partial inflation repair, then tried using the compressor (was just charged the prior evening). Compressor ran at full bore for less then 10 seconds, then barely ran at all.

    recharged it again, while it was at full charge turned on compressor without any tire connected and same thing.

    if you want this as an all purpose unit, only depend on it as a power source but not as a emergency air compressor...more info
  • 8 hours later and it still isn't fully charged -- 1.5 days later, green light
    I bought this from E Shop off of Amazon.

    It came in a box that had been torn open and then taped back shut, so I'm thinking it was a returned item.

    The documentation doesn't say how long it should take to fully charge this, only that you will get a green light when it is charged. When I opened it and checked the charge, the middle (partially charged) light was on, so I plugged it in. It is now 8 hours later, and still only the red (partially charged) light is on.

    I have seen at least one review that said it fully charged in less than an hour, and a couple that said theirs NEVER fully charged. My guess is that this was returned because it is one that NEVER fully changed. Then E Shop sold me this defective product, hoping that I would keep my mouth shut. I wonder if this is standard practice.

    I'm going to leave it plugged in over night to see what happens, but if it doesn't take a charge, I am sending it back.

    Thanks E Shop!!

    -- UPDATE --

    After leaving this on the charger for a day and a half, the green light finally came on. It has been in my trunk for a few days since then, and the green light has stayed on. I haven't had a chance to use it to start my car, but I will update when it happens. ...more info
  • It was great for a while!
    This starter worked well for a few weeks but now will not take a charge....more info
  • I never leave home without it
    I purchased this unit several months ago, after my aging car (about 11 years old) started having electrical issues and the battery would drain. I got tired of having to call AAA or wait for someone to come by. This little puppy in my opinion, has been the smartest purchase I've made in a long time. I keep it in the car. There's nothing worse than that feeling of jumping in your car to rush off somewhere, only to hear "click click" or nothing at all. I've used this starter at least 4 times since purchasing it on my own car, several times for friends and others I've met who needed jump starts, and for recharging my cell phone when all I had was my car charger. It really pays for itself....more info
  • Doesn't Work
    I bought this unit because last winter my car battery failed and I needed a jump start. So I bought this unit and I've kept it charged and in my trunk. A cold snap last week rendered my car battery dead... I pulled this out and there wasn't enough power to get the car started. Very disappointing. I'm going to throw it away because it's useless - it doesn't work. Might work on a warm sunny day - but in a cold situation when most batteries fail and you really need it, it doesn't work. Don't waste your money. Instead replace your car battery every 2 years or so and you won't have any need for this or any problems. ...more info
  • Wonderful little product
    I don't drive my car that often and so the battery is usually drained by the time I need to drive it. This little device enables me to drive my car when I need it....more info
  • Jump Starter
    I can't rate this thing very high because mine will only charge a portion of the way to full. I probably should have sent it back but didn't.

    I guess I kept it because I use it for an electric winch to pull my smoker into the back of my pickup and it will provide enough power to get the job done before crapping out....more info
  • Works great, well made.
    I think this is actually a Vector jump starter, but either way it works very well. I have a riding lawnmower that for some reason will never crank on it's own, but if I run a dropcord and hook up a battery charger to it, it starts. Which is a pain.

    Now I just leave this jump starter in my storage shed with the mower and hook it up each time to start the mower. I've started the mower probably 6 times so far without needing to recharge the jump starter. I'll take it inside and plug it in to recharge it every month or so.

    Also has a work light for night time, decently bright.

    If you have weak hands you might have trouble squeezing the clamps, they're very solid and the springs are strong.

    Note that the Off/On switch is difficult to turn On, this is probably a safety feature to make sure you *really* want to turn on the juice to the clamps. Just turn it hard and it will click On.

    I've been very pleased with my last 3 or 4 Black and Decker products, good prices and good quality.
    ...more info
  • Works great, always keep it in the car
    Bought this before last winter, used it several times when I left my lights on. Works great. Keeps a good charge, very simple and foolproof to use. Even warns you when you have reversed the polarity....more info
  • Not worth it!!
    I bought this product in hopes of jump starting my lawn tractor as well as a vehicle (if the need came up). Well, the need did come up... three times.... and this product was NOT able to give me enough power to successfully jump start my Explorer. It made the lights come on, and the 'open door' bell sound, but that was it. Right out of the box, I charged it by following the directions precisely. I truly feel like I've wasted my money!! Worse, I didn't find out how bad it was until it was already out of warranty....more info
  • Worked great!...for a minute
    Got one in February of 08. Construction was solid enough. Used it four or five times in August-September. My truck had a bad cable. After the last time, it won't charge. Now totally worthless. Haven't decided if it's worth getting fixed under the warranty. I won't be buying another one of this brand....more info
  • Excellent value, compact- works as advertised
    Lightweight and compact, easy to use to jump start the car- best value for the money...more info
  • Works fine but doesn't hold charge for long
    If you get this as an alternative to jump start cables, then do keep it plugged in as it won't hold peak charge for long. And it does need to be at or close to peak charge to jump start a car. It will power up other 12V accessories for quite a while, so no problems there.

    And yes, the variety of options on it (light, LEDs, etc) are nice and much more useful. Definitely better than the spare battery I used to have for such uses. The carry handle itself is a huge benefit....more info
  • 2 red and 1 green, is fully charged. It Never shows 3 greens.
    The highlighted negative review was given by someone that obviously did not read the instruction book.

    Mine fully charged in less than an hour, showing 2 red lights and one Green Fully charged light.

    I am glad I bought this unit, as I would not risk the electronics in my car by using my car to jump start someone else's car. ...more info
  • Great jump-starter, holds plenty of juice!
    I'm extremely satisfied with this little device. My car has been draining the battery to empty about twice a week all winter, so I finally bought a personal jump-starter to be self-sufficient. It took about 2 days to reach the maximum recommended charge - on my first attempt... nothing happened. Didn't take long to realize that I hadn't properly grounded the negative cable, and I was actually really pleased to discover that the safety features and cut-off switch work as advertised. It's also good to know that unlike a live car battery, you can switch this thing off before you even touch the clamps to remove them. The clamps are solid powder-coated metal, and they open to about 2 or 3 inches - it's a snug fit clamping them onto my battery terminals.

    The best thing about the starter is that it doesn't die after one jump-start. The first time I used it I got my car running and drove to the end of my street. Foolishly I turned my heat on full blast to defrost the windows and bam - the battery died again and I stalled out at the stop-sign. Popped the hood, ran back to the trunk to get the VEC, and I had it running again in less than 2 minutes. This time I waited for the car to run for about 20 minutes, and I was able to drive about 50 miles without another incident....more info
  • Useless
    I had a similar item because I've always had a bad habit of leaving my lights on, and sometimes play the good Samaritan when I see someone who needs a jump. I forget the brand, but it lasted 5 years and was always ready when I needed it. I rarely had to re-charge the thing.

    When that one finally died, I purchased the Black & Decker Start It. I charged it up and a few months later when I needed it, the unit was was near dead and didn't have enough power to start my car. I foolishly purchased another for my wife's car because it was the only brand sold in that store. That one never accepts a full charge (the green light never comes on no matter how long it has been on the charger) and loses its charge just as quickly as the first one I bought.

    I find I have recharge both every month so they will be ready when I need them. If I forget, I'm out of luck.

    An emergency car starter that won't hold a charge is useless. ...more info
  • Worked once then died
    I used this product once to jump start my car after charging it the required initial period. I needed it again but it was dead. I charged it fully and tried to use it again a week later. No juice. The battery doesn't hold a charge.

    Unfortunately this item cannot be returned. Don't waste your money, buy something of higher quality....more info