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Votivo Aromatic Poured Candle 50 Hours
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Product Description

Aromatic candles feature fragrances developed by Votivo for richness and depth; hand poured in the US using the finest wax, they are presented in a unique box.

  • 50 Hour Burn Time!

Customer Reviews:

  • Smells like fart.
    When i got this candle i was very excited, but when i lit it, it seemed to make a scent that strongly smelled of fart. When i put it out, the fart smell went away....more info
  • Luxurious scent, lasts long
    My favorite is the Red currant. I have not found another candle that comes close to the quality of votivo candles and I have searched for a long time. Highly recommended....more info
  • Just OK
    I bought two of these candles because of the reviews. I was expecting too much. I bought the deep clover one and the clean crisp white. While they smelled nice the smell wasnt as strong as I expected. I live in a tiny condo and the only time I could smell anything from these candles was when I walked past them. I've had much better luck with a cheaper candle from department stores. Even yankee candles have a stronger scent. On the plus side the candles look nice and they were packaged very well....more info
  • Lasted only 1 hour
    I bought this for my wife for the holidays, it was a bit expensive for a candle but I believed that it would last a long time and burn uniformly. However, in our case, after about an hour the candle went out. The wick burned too quickly, becoming too small, and now the candle won't stay lit for more than a few minutes before it drowns in the wax. The return shipping will cost a lot, so we will just toss it out. Waste of money, don't buy one....more info
  • Your search is over - this one actually smells when lit.
    know you. You were me. Looking for what seemed to be a simple thing - a scented candle that ACTUALLY smells up the room when you light it. You've bought the cheap ones in the grocery store that sent out the weak scent of, well, grocery store. And some candles smell like spray room deodorizer which smells like what one would use in the toilet which then make you think of poop which is not at all what you were going for in the living room. So then you hit the expensive pretty versions - perhaps even in candle stores with cute waxy names. They are not candles, my friend. They are sculptures. Some fancy ones come with cute packaging and crispy dried flowers. This is when you lose your patience. I DO NOT WANT CRISPY DRIED FLOWERS. I WANT A CANDLE THAT PUMPS A GOOD SCENT ALL OVER A ROOM WHEN I LIGHT IT.

    This is it. Votivo. You will walk into the room and that room will smell like the candle. The most universally loved scent is probably Red Currant. I also enjoy Rain. The little glass it comes in makes a cute vase after the candle is done. Plus, they make perfect last minute hostess gifts, as the box is very nice and expensive-looking.

    So, Votivo isn't the cheapest candle in the world. They're still cheaper than buying a bunch of cheap candles that stink...weakly stink.
    ...more info