Razer Exactmat with Exactrest Gaming Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest--Black
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Product Description

Razer Exactmat with Exactrest Gaming Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest--Black

  • eXactMat and eXactRest Bundle Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest
  • Non-Slip/Anti-Reflective/Abrasion-Resistant/Anodized Aluminum Hard Coat Mouse P
  • Speed Side for High Sensitivity Users
  • Control Side for Low-Sensitivity and Professional Design Users
  • Ultra Large Size

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice Mat
    Very useful mouse pad that is very easy on the eyes. A High quality product that I imagine will last me a very long time. I'm not crazy about the 'exactrest', and if I could go back I probably would have just bought the pad on it's own... You may like it though... I just find it kind of restricting for gameplay. If you want a good gaming pad - this is your product....more info
  • Wears down
    This pad is alright, but has more resistance in movement than I like. It also wears down till its about unusable even though it took a year or two. I am going to get a cloth pad from steelseries....more info
  • Buy this mat
    If you're using an older fabric mat you don't know what you're missing out on.

    Also, Amazon got this to me within 4 days of ordering using the Super Free Savor shipping. Probably the most timely, quickest shipment I've ever received from any online vendor....more info
  • Best mouse pad ever...
    Not to go too heavy, after all, it is just a mouse pad, but....

    I bought both my new mouse (Logitech MX Revolution) and this mouse pad about a month ago and absolutely love them both. Historically, I had just used any generic mousepad and that was that. But having read so many wonderful things about this one, I thought, why not, it's just money, right? As it says, this is a metal mouse pad, not your normal "padded" one. It also is reversible, with a speed side and a control side. I found the speed side a little too fast for my liking, so therefore, I haven't used that side much. It's very smooth and the mouse just cruises over it, smooth as butter. The control side has more of a textured feel to it and while it has more of a rough surface, it's not 'rough' nor do you feel it while moving your mouse around. It also comes with a wrist wrest whose base sits under the mousepad itself and is firm, but comfortable.

    For anyone who has ever used just 'any old mousepad' in the past, I challenge you to try this and, imo, you'll find that it's well worth the money. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Nice Product
    With the two sided option this item is exactly what I wanted, very nice quality....more info
  • A bit Pricey But Worth It
    The Razer ExactMat is huge. It's just over 1' x 1' (16'' x 13'' if I am correct), normal pads run around 6'' x 1'. Apart from being huge this pad comes with the feature of dual sides. At first I thought this gimmicky at the least. After I flipped the pad over and tried the other side that feeling left me. Both sides are constructed to the same degree of quality. The small four rubber feet, something I thought would never have a chance to stop this beast from moving did it flawlessly. In heavy gaming (53-man Free-For-All at Shipment in COD4)it stood up to me shoving mouse around quickly and jamming my palm into the bottom of the pad with no movement. The speed pad is very smooth and will allow slightly quicker mousing. The control side has small rough dimples that don't ruin your mouse's feet but do slow it up a bit. The ExactRest that comes packaged with the pad can get somewhat annoying. I like to have my hand close to my desk, so that I click with my fingertips. The rest doesn't really collapse with your hand but it is somewhat comfortable and it's very sturdy. Overall the construction of this pad, from the plastic/metal surfaces to the rubber feet was worth every cent I paid and I feel I am getting what I wanted. Recommended. ...more info
  • Very smooth
    Smooth and percise. You can practically feel where the cursor is going to stop before it gets there. To the point.

    The wrist pad takes some getting use to though. I use a wrist pad on my keyboard, but have not used one on a mouse pad. Not uncomfortable, just odd....more info
  • Excellent gaming pad
    Excellent gaming pad. very slick. Wrist pad is worthless and makes your wrist hurt from the pressure. Best pad I've owned this far...more info
  • Is it worth $40?
    I was pleasantly surprised when I unboxed my new Razer eXactMat, I originally ordered this this mouse "pad" because I received a $50 gift certificate for Amazon.com and the only thing that my gaming rig was lacking was an exceptional mouse pad. I didn't really see the point of using a mouse pad with a laser mouse, but since I needed to use my gift card, I thought I'd give it a shot. This mat is a beautifully crafted piece of aluminum with two anodized surfaces (front and back) for speed or control and it works exceptionally well for intense FPS gaming as well as casual web surfing, etc...

    I have used this mat with a Logitech G5, MX1100, and VX Nano and it is a pleasure to use, not to mention the fact that it allows my G5 to really get the most out of the 2000dpi laser engine.

    My only gripe is that the wrist rest that is included is, in my opinion, all but useless and it is far more comfortable to use to the mat w/o it.

    (but the good news is that the rest is removable and throwaway-able)

    In the end, this mat is unparalleled in its performance and the pros definitely out way the cons!

    in Case You Care...

    My desktop PC consists of:
    -Intel Q6600 (2.4Ghz)
    -nVidia 650i Motherboard
    -ATI 4850 (CrossfireX)
    -ATI 4850 (CrossfireX)
    -Kingston DDR2 800 (6GB)
    -WD VelociRaptor HLFS (300GB)
    -Samsung Spinpoint F1 (640GB )
    -750W Dell PSU
    -16X CD/DVD Burner
    -Vista HP 64-bit SP1
    -Dell 2408WFP 24" 1920x1200
    -Dell E153FP 15" 1024x768
    -Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
    -Razer eXact Mat
    -Logitech G11 Keyboard
    -Maxtor Black Armor (160 GB)...more info
  • Excellent product
    So, are you thinking this may be an expensive mousepad? Well, let me tell you this:
    you HAVE to get this mousepad, its just PERFECT for GAMING.
    First of all, you are getting "2 different" mousepads with this one. You can use either side of the pad: The "speed" side or the "control" side. The speed side is really sleek and its very easy to move the mouse. The control side its kinda rough, so it is a little "harder" to move the mouse.
    The second point, the size of this thing is just huge, you will never run out of space.
    As I said, if you are building or getting a gaming system, don't think twice: this is the mousepad for you....more info
  • smooth
    As a gamer, I need a really smooth, slick mouse pad in order to get quick results and accuracy, and the Exactmat provides just that. The wrist rest is just the right size for me, as well. Sometimes, however, my Habu mouse has a little difficulty with the pad, but otherwise I'm really flying on this thing. My mouse and I love it....more info
  • WOW
    This mouse pad is great, one product from razer I actually like using. Some people may not like the fact that its very easy to move your mouse. I enjoy it. One thing that bugs me is that any little hair or dust that gets on the pad will scratch at your mouse causing it to drag I just use little lens cleaning wipes. Its big, gives lots of room to move around with....more info
  • Slick mouse pad
    So far this is the best mouse pad I have ever owned. Mouse glides easily over the mat for quick response. Great for gamers...more info
  • Awesome mat
    I was sceptical at first when I bought this mousepad. I figured, I bought the Logitech G9 and it's an awesome combo. The speed side is great for generic computer usage and playing MMOs. The precision side is awesome for FPS like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty 4, Crysis, etc. No more missed headshots now and no more unwanted deaths in EverQuest. :P...more info
  • Amazing!!!
    I love this mouse pad! At first I wondered how much of a difference it would make. I mean almost $40 for a mouse pad seems a little steep. Let me tell you it is WORTH IT!!! If you play games on your computer, then you should seriously think about purchasing this product. The one thing to consider is it's size. This thing is HUGE!!! So if you're working in very tight quarters, it may not work well for you. Other than the size, I highly recommend it......more info
  • Fours stars but probably the best on the market.
    Almost $40 for a mat. Crazy right? Well, yes actually. That is, it's crazy to combo this with a normal mouse. But it's worth every single penny if your mouse itself is more than decent. I honestly believe this is one of the best on the market. It has a decent size, not overly large but covers enough space to get tasks done, not to mention the sleek look is reason enough alone to upgrade over a cloth pad. The wrist rest takes some getting used to. It's raised a good length off the table causing the hand to be level with the mouse. After a few hours, the initial discomfort wears off and does its job to prevent fatigue. Even though it's not uncomfortable anymore. I do need to mention I still have yet to shake the non-ergonomical feel it gives.

    Now to the meat of the review. The mat contains dual sides. One for speed and the other for control. The speed side is extremely slick and very handy for gaming. It may only give a partial second but this can make all the difference in the long run. Minimal friction. The control side is more for precision and intends to add a bit more friction. It really doesn't succeed as well in this aspect though. Yes it adds more friction but this makes only a minor difference. The mouse just glides over the rough surface. It slows it down a little and I suppose that's its intent but I really couldn't make use of the minor slowdown. A partial second in speed is one thing but control is something entirely different.

    I highly recommend this mat. It's pricey but well worth it in the long run. One of the dual sides is rather pointless in my preference and the wrist rest still doesn't quite feel ergonomic, but the rest is perfection. And the rest more than make up for the few flaws....more info
  • Guilty pleasure
    Using with a Logitech G9 and the combo works very good. Cost was a bit high, but it was exactly what I was looking for. mgn...more info
  • wow. . .
    If you're going to buy a fancy gaming mouse GET THIS PAD!!! Its great. I bought a Razor Diamondback and so I got this pad to go with it. Amazing! The mouse GLIDES, once i stop pushing it it still goes. The wrist rest is really comfortable and it forms to your hand in 3 uses. I was playing FFOW (Frontlines Fuel of War) and I had to make a really long sniper shot. I simply switched to the control side and used my mouse's on the fly sensitivity, . . . BOOM! Headshot. The guy called me a hacker the rest of the game cause I made the shot. Great5 pad and worth every penny!...more info
  • Expensive but true-to-description
    This is expensive but works as advertised. The coated aluminum surface provides a low-noise, low-friction surface that works beautifully with my cordless Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse (Black). The mousing surface is a single piece of metal, with no joints.

    The removable gel wrist-rest is cushy for long sessions, I found the level of support with it just right.

    The speed surface does seem to facilitate rapid movement and the control side feels "crisp" to use. Now I can only blame my lack of reflexes (or the latency lag!) when I do poorly in COD4. :-)

    I noticed several reviewers saying this mousepad doesn't work with cordless mice; it is true that a solid piece of aluminum will block RF very effectively (no surprise!), but this only matters if the mousepad sits between your mouse and its receiver. My USB Logitech receiver is plugged into a USB hub at the same level as the mouse (ie, on the desk), and with this configuration I didn't notice any problems at all during several hours of intense usage.

    This is the most expensive mousepad I've ever bought, but it's a nice boost for those of us who game regularly. Recommended....more info
  • Caution! Potential problem with wireless mice
    This mouse pad did not work with my Logitech mx600 wireless laser mouse. I think the aluminum in the pad interfered with the wireless transmitter. I set my old pad on top of the Exactmat and my mouse did not work. The further away I moved from the Exactmat, the better my mouse worked. This could be a problem with other wireless mice as well.

    This is not a quiet mouse pad. The pad has a rough, hard surface that makes a significant amount of noise while mousing. I suggest ordering a pair of headphones at the same time if you don't already have one. If this had worked for me, I probably would have bought a second for the office, but I don't think my co-workers would have appreciated it.

    However, it seems very well constructed, which earned it a second star from me....more info
  • Not Durable Enough
    I must really beat the piss out of my mouse pads. I've managed to wear down 3 in the past 6 months or so. 1 of them was a handstands "pad" that I got for a 5 spot at Wal-Mart. Wore through that one. The next victim was a 16$ pad from Best Buy, wore through that one. (NOTE: By "wore" through I mean I wore it to the point that it no longer tracked smoothly). After beating those two up, I decided to search "durable mousepad" and this is what came up. Although it is much more durable, I still broke this one down in about 4 months, an improvement of 3 months over the others. To me, this pad is not worth the $40 tag. I finally researched a little more and found the SteelSeries I-2 Experience (glasspad, used to be IceMat), and shouldn't break down for roughly the same price. That seems to be the way to go if you have a compatible (I believe some Laser mice or incompatible, but most optical mice are fine) mouse. Buy this exactmat only if you are a "lighthanded" mouse user and don't mind replacing your pad or don't mind the inconsistent feel after it begins to degrade. As far as the pad itself, excellent tracking with an excellent feel to both sides, but durability is a problem for us rough users....more info
  • Excellent, exactly what you would expect from Razor.
    This product was exactly what I was hoping for when I ordered a razor mouse pad. It is a little pricely but feels solid enough to last for many years. ...more info
  • Better than expected
    This pad is very good, I recommend this to anyone who wants to play better cause it gives your mouse more control, no matter the face you have chosen. Its bigger than a normal pad, but not that big either so you can have it in your desk with monitors or other stuff in front of it. The bottom line is this pad improves for sure your game experience....more info
  • Awsome
    Big surface for mouse movement, double sided differnt textured surfaces for your speed controll, wrist pad very comfortable and detachable too, perftect for gamers!!!...more info
  • Razer Exactmat with Rest
    The Razer Exactmat is very comfortable and works very well with a laser mouse. It makes the mouse very quick and responsive. I am not into gaming much but I do love this product and would highly recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Superb Mouse pad
    This mouse pad is huge and that's what makes it so good. Other mouse pads are too small or they are rough to move the mouse on. This mouse pad was designed for gaming as you are able to move very quickly. The mouse pretty much glides when using this pad. Also, with the wrist pad your wrist will be protected for long hours of gaming. My only gripe is it does tend to take up a lot of desk space and when you leave the mouse on the pad, it does move a little though you are not touching the mouse. Other than that this is a great companion to your gaming mouse, though you could use this as an everyday mouse pad, especially those who constantly have little mouse space and their wrists are constantly hurt.

    Highly recommended for gamers, for casual use you won't need it unless you need a lot of room and wrist padding....more info
  • A little indulgent, but worth it.
    I will admit, a mouse pad at this price point can seem to be a little on the extravagant side, but I can safely say that you will find it to be worth the price. You don't realize what a difference a simple mousepad can make until you try out one of these babies. The wrist rest offers excellent support, and the surface is as slick as ice for smooth scrolling. The only difficulty you may have is ensuring that you have enough desk space for this beast...it's about as tall as my logitech G15 keyboard with the wrist rest extended, and more than half as wide. It's a pretty significant chunk of real estate.

    All told, if you spend more than 2 or 3 hours on the PC each day, and you occasionally notice your mousepad to be lacking, give one of these a try. It will truly make a difference....more info
  • Wow...It's actually worth the price.
    I hate mouse pads. They're obsolete with today's optical mice that can track on any surface....or so I thought. I bought this pad on a 'maybe it will work' whim when I bought my G5 mouse. All I can say is WOW.

    Tracking is incredibly smooth. The pad surface allows you to fully unlock the potential of a premium gaming mouse. The Speed side is incredibly smooth, and my mouse just glides. The control side it a little more course, so you are more aware of the mouse movement on the pad. I can't tell any difference in pointer tracking on either side, but each side definately offers a distict tactile feel. Both sides are equally functional, so which side you use depends on your own preference.

    On a side note, I have a Logitech wireless MX600 that will not track on this pad, but works great on any other surface. I think you may need a premium gaming laser to accurately track on this pad. That was no big deal to me, as I was happy to use my G5 for everything and ditch the wireless....more info
  • two thumbs up
    the mouse pad is really great but the size of it is not what i expected ...more info
  • Essential Gaming Mousepad
    I got this in conjunction with the Razer DeathAdder mouse and its incredible. It has 2 sides one for FAST and the other a little slower for Control. The mouse pad itself is aluminum and the surfaces are sort of grip tape, like a skateboard deck, only much smoother. The wrist rest is very comfortable, long and has a connected mat that fits underneath the mousepad to keep it in place, very nice. It is larger then a traditional mouse pad, id say almost twice the size, but its intended for gaming and you certainly will appreciate the extra room. Overall excellent product, well worth the money....more info
  • Great :D
    This is an awesome mousepad, no matter what you do it WILL NOT slip from your desk, but there is a little problem, the wrist wrest comes with the Razer logo, which is very poor in quality, i've had this mousepad for like two weeks and the logo already started to fall down, i mean it's not a big deal, but it still is a RAZER product which is supossed to be the best quality, in addition, it looks very bad :S, but it still is a great mousepad :) buy it....more info
  • Money well spent
    I love my mat, I love how much room you get, and there are two different surface textures, and the option to take off the wrist rest. Overall I am very happy with the purchase. Great for online gaming....more info
  • Best Mouse Pad I've Ever Owned
    This is seriously the best mouse pad I have ever owned. True, I have been getting by by using generic cheap mouse pads. But this definitely shows that the price is worth it.

    The surface is ENORMOUS. It's about as long as my 15" laptop! The surface is also what you're really paying for. Precision and accuracy. The surface is very good for my Logitech G5 mouse. I bought this mouse pad to replace my clunky old one that would snag my mouse every now and then, especially when playing FPS games. This mouse pad is so smooth and seemless. I never have to worry about friction. It almost feels like it's gliding on ice... The wrist rest is also a nice touch and very uncomfortable.

    Highly recommended for the price!...more info
  • OMG It's Huge!
    I've been suffering with a crappy cloth mouse pad for years. Decided it was finally time to step up to an upscale pad. WOW!! This thing tracks perfectly. Not to mention it's HUGE! A definite must for those who tend to pick up their mouse after running over the edge constantly. ...more info
  • The best
    If you game, you'll love this. At first I thought it was going to be another flimsy soft coated mouse pad like all the rest out there. Boy was I wrong. Its double sided and there is a huge diffence between the 2. One side is for speed, and they meant it. You want quick clean fast movement, this has it. The control side is still crisp and quick, but there is an added smoothness to the cursor that I've never seen while using any other mouse pad. It took me about an hour to get used to it... Now I wonder how I ever survived without it....more info