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Graco Ultra Clear II 49mhz Baby Monitor
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $26.95

You Save: $3.04 (10%)


Product Description

The UltraClear II Baby Monitor is a portable, reliable way to check up on your baby without waking her. It has a soft glow nightlight that illuminates Baby's room as she settles herself in for sleep time, then shuts itself off automatically after 15 minutes.


  • Soft glow nightlight with 15 minute auto shut-off timer to help comfort Baby as she goes to sleep
  • Includes 2 parent units so you can keep one in your bedroom and take one with you to conveniently stay connected to Baby
  • Sound lights on parent units let you "see" when your baby wants you
  • Belt clip on parent unit lets you monitor baby while doing stuff around the house
  • Portable and Lightweight - take it around your home or over to Grandma's
  • 2 channels for more privacy
  • Range up to 500 ft so you can hear baby even from another floor of your home
  • Parent unit can be used with batteries or included a/c adapter
  • Volume and channel control
  • Wipe with damp cloth, do not submerge in water
  • To operate, both parent and child unit must be set to same channel
  • Soft glow nightlight with 15 minute auto shut-off timer
  • 2 channels to reduce interference
  • Soundlights for visual connection to baby
  • Belt clip for portability
  • Includes 2 49MHz parent units

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product! Works fine.
    This product works fine. The sound is clear. Every now and again it will pick up a weird sound, but that is expected. Just change the channel. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Ok but ...
    The monitor is ok, no interference so far and the 2 receiver is a good solution. But the sound is not very loud (problem that can be minimized if you point the mic to the baby - but is needed to block the strong green light w/ a black tape) and because of that you need to leave the volume as high as possible sometimes (and a zzzzzzzzzz stays on forever).

    Before this one I had a Sony Babycall NTM910 that have some really nice features not available on this Gracco: built-in rechargeable battery, voice activated (no sound on the reciever while the baby is quiet) - but the interference was a problem.

    PS.: I do listen well...more info
  • Has worked great for us!
    This is the second monitor we have owned. Our first monitor we paid a lot of money for and had all kinds of problems. We decided to go with a more affordable one so if it broke we would not be out a ton of money. I am blown away by how great this monitor is. First off you get two receivers which is totally handy. The range is great and they have a really clear signal. Way to go Graco!...more info
  • I can hear her breathe
    As a first time parent I was worried about not knowing if my baby was going to be okay during the nights. This monitor is so clear that I could hear her breathing. I only gave this monitor 4stars because in order to not pick up static you have to move some electronics, I can not have my laptop plugged into the same outlet as her monitor. I rest alot better knowing I dont have to jump out of the bed to check to on her while she is sleeping....more info
  • a pretty good monitor for price
    Were r pleased. I is nice and small and has good range. Excellent for price paid. The only thing that we noticed is that there is occasional static, but not as bad as the others we have had....more info
  • Love it.
    I love this bouncer. My son has two of them so we switch. It only vibrates-doesn't play music. The little frog plays a quick tune. It is comfortable for him to sit in--he's two months....more info
  • Ok, but lots of static in our house
    Trying to find a static free monitor, we live in San Francisco with lots of people nearby. Thought this might work but it didn't solve our problem. Decent monitor but lots of static on both channels...more info
  • I get really bad feedback/static reception...
    I bought this set hoping that despite the low price, it would work based on the reviews on this site. Well, not for us- we get horrible static reception/feedback despite moving the monitors to several different areas in the house. I really like the light sensor option on the front, and wished these would have worked out for us. And yes, battery hogs they are- I think my batteries lasted a day and a half with the monitor being on maybe a few hours each day, before they went out. I'll be returning this back to Amazon......more info
  • horrible design
    first of all, the nite light didn't work.
    I am an engineer so things I buy get heavily scrutinized. The unit comes with three DC adapters, but only one fits the baby monitor. The other two are for the parental units, but will not charge a rechargable AAA battery. The battery doors are not designed to be removed easily (feels like I'm about to break the latch when it finally releases) and since the unit does not charge rechargable batteries. The baby monitor does not accept batteries, so if you want to move it you need to bring the DC adapter along with.
    It's going back.

    If these things are not important to you then fine, I have not tested the range further than upstairs/downstairs and then only for a very short time so I will not comment on this.


    ...more info
  • Very Happy With Purchase...
    We bought this item on the 14th, and it arrived the 17th (we paid for shipping). We were unhappy at first that we had to send to physical address instead of our PO box, but it got sent by USPS and it arrived on a Saturday, so that made us happy instead. This comes directly from the manufacturer and it got here very quickly.

    This monitor was purchased for a disabled person to be heard by support folks. Having two receivers is very helpful. There are only two channels, but the first channel is nice and clear and only has noise once in a while (probably due to the use of other electronic items). The volume is quieter than a previous older monitor, but still is loud enough to do the job just fine.

    We had thought of getting the Sony one, but this monitor had two receivers instead of one and was $10 cheaper. All in all, we are quite happy with the purchase....more info
  • Not just for babies...
    My wife has MS and this monitor gives me the freedom to move around and still be able to hear her if she needs anything. It works great and was not expensive. I recommend it....more info
  • Very Happy
    Our old baby monitor finally died and we needed to invest in a new one. I read a bunch of reviews and decided that this one had what we needed. It wasn't too pricey and had a good range for our home. So far, the sound has been crystal clear. I am very happy with this purchase....more info