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Product Description

The WiLife Indoors Camera Starter Kit includes all the components for a full-featured, single camera system with three mounting options. This kit includes a smart Security Camera, powerful Software and free Remote Viewing Technology. Built-in Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) lets you automatically connect your cameras and PC. Designed for indoors use, the WiLife Indoors Camera can also be used to securely monitor outside using its window mount. View live video from anywhere, anytime Windows Mobile cell phone accessible Processing Power - 400 MHz DSP Onboard Image Encoding - Windows Media Video 9 Onboard Image Processing Motion detection - up to 16 zones & Auto brightness Resolution Selectable - 640x480 or 320x240 pixels Frame Rate Selectable - 15, 10 or 5 frames/second Bit Rate Selectable Illumination - 2 lx minimum per IEC 61146-1 Color Depth - 10 bits Focus User adjustable Viewing Angle - 80 degrees diagonal Pan Angle - 50 degrees manual Firmware Updates Selectable - Manual or Automatic Voltage - 110 Volts AC, 60 Hz Connector pin out - Per IEEE 802.3 Property Size - Up to 8,000 square feet Power Consumption - 15-Watts Requirements - CAT-5e or better, RJ-45 connectors & up to 120 feet (36 m) Camera Body Dimensions - Height 5.0 x Width 3.2 x Depth 1.8 (12.7x8.1x4.6 cm) Camera Weight - 6.7 ounces (190 grams) Power Supply Dimensions - Height 3.8 x Width 2.9 x Depth 2.6 (9.7x7.4x6.6cm) Power Supply Weight - 5.6 ounces (160 grams)

  • Secure your home and small business with a professional-grade digital video surveillance system
  • High-resolution color video with digital motion detection
  • Monitor up to six cameras simultaneously with PC software
  • View live video from anywhere, anytime
  • Easier than wireless, just plug it in
Customer Reviews:
  • Good product if you can live with the limitations; aggrevating $80/year extra charge for certain options
    This kit consists of an indoor camera/transmitter, a USB receiver for your PC and software. I'm a PC expert, but a security system novice. Here are my observations:


    Setup requires the following steps:
    1) Find a place to mount the indoor camera. It must be within 10 feet of a power outlet, no exceptions. Mount the camera, plug it in the wall.
    2) Load the software on your PC. The PC must be running Windows XP (any variety) or Vista. The installation is relatively painless.
    3) Plug the receiver module into the wall and connect the receiver to your PC via USB.


    A) The requirement that the camera be within 10 feet of a wall outlet will create issues for some. It certainly did for me: There was no convenient outlet near the front door, which is where I would have preferred to mount the camera. (Remember that even if you have a convenient outlet, the cord is only 10 feet long, and you may not want the cord draped along the floor or whatever). As a result, I mounted the camera on the second floor to look down on the entryway porch--not my favorite choice, but good enough for now.
    B) Because this system uses power-line ethernet (it uses the power lines in your home to do the networking), it is subject to the standard bugaboos of that approach, namely the connection can become flakey if you use certain appliances on your line (hair dryers are bad, for example), and the quality of the connection can also vary depending on where the transmitter and receiver are relative to the wiring.
    C) The installation was relatively painless, but does require reboots and downloads to update the software.
    D) You should plan for the PC to which you attach the receiver to be on 24/7, or at least at any time you want the camera system to work. If you expect to use this as a security monitoring system when you are gone, I would strongly recommend you put your PC on a good quality uninterruptable power supply (note that the receiver unit MUST be plugged directly into the wall, not the UPS, so if your power goes out, you will NOT get any camera feed until power is restored. But at least if your PC is on a UPS, transmission can start up again automatically when the power is restored).


    1) I was surprised at the good quality image I was getting from the camera, given the inexpensive nature of this kit and the relatively low light in the area to which it was pointed. Thumbs up.
    2) The control software is relative easy to use. Thumbs up.

    1) This kit promises you can view your camera's output remotely. To me, that was probably the coolest thing. You could be in another city and keep an eye on your home. HOWEVER, it turns out that the only thing you can do without spending more money is watch the camera real-time. You can adjust the camera, and you can't review the video that your camera has captured remotely without paying $80/year to unlock additional features. I hate hidden cost software unlocks that are required to obtain the full usefulness of a product. This, in my opinion, pushes this kit down a full star (at least) in usefulness.

    2) No sound. I am not sure why I expected this kit to capture sound, and I am not even sure if it matters, but it was disappointing to discover that the camera is video only. I consider this a minor nit.

    Overall, I found that this kit exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of the video that it captures, but that the powerline networking (with the limitation of a 10 foot power cord for the camera) and the $80 unlocking fee before remote operation is useful considerably reduce my overall happiness with the device. If they were to introduce a camera that used standard 802.1g wireless networking (either battery operated or capable of using a longer power cord), that would considerably increase the usefulness of the camera. If they would also stop with the $80 fee and just include all the features with the package (even if the package was priced higher), that could address the second issue.

    ...more info
  • Stopped Working
    Generally unhappy with this system. It all started with the installation of the software. The 15 minute setup is not as advertised. In order to get the camera installed, I had to download a newer version of the software, which involved a call to their technical line. Once I got it working, it worked for about two days and then abruptly stopped recording motion. In addition, I was unable to access the camera online. I called technical support and we reviewed my setup. According to them, everything was setup properly. For some reason the camera would not arm to detect motion. The representative elevated it to a higher level and promised to have someone get back to me in 24 hours which never happened. I also sent two diagnostic files to them. Finally after about a week they responded and basically said everything appeared to be fine. I returned the unit and am now looking for some other system. I am disappointed because this system has some very nice features. ...more info
  • Criminals Caught on Video
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RX71XIUYTVJ0O I bought this system in late 2007 after my home was kicked in for the 8th time. This system provides excellent images and easy setup. I have never had a problem with my system so I bought an extra camera that I placed in my kitchen that faces the driveway. I also have an alarm system with ADT. On September 16th, three criminals are scene on my camera and when they noticed they were on video they ran then came back and kicked in my door and went straight to my computer and unplugged it and tried to trash it thinking this would remove them from the video. It didn't. From this camera, the video that was recorded helped the police find two of the three criminals and they were arrested on Sept. 19th. These criminals are of age and will be charged as adults and I will prosecute to the fullest extent. I believe these suspects were the ones who broke in my home before and I believe without WiLife these fools would still be kicking in people's houses.Wilife DVS800I LukWerks Indoor Starter Kit...more info
  • Avoid. Poor software and worse reliability.
    I bought a two camera system a little over a year ago, and installed the software on a dedicated PC. I had problems with the signal until I moved the PC closer to the cameras; so I ended up with the computer in the garage and not in my office where I wanted it to be. When it worked it worked well, however the software would hang every two weeks or so, requiring a re-boot of the PC to recover. I upgraded the software, patched the PC, all to no avail. That was enough to make it irritating; but worse, at a little over a year old, both cameras failed within a few weeks of each other.

    The power supply boxes for the camera always ran hot to the touch, so I am sure this was doing my utility bill no favors, and probably lead to their early demise.

    Now I have two Linksys WVC54GCA cameras installed which work flawlessly. The low light performance is worse, but they have rock solid reliability and much better software than the Wilife junk.

    In summary: avoid Wilife products like the plague....more info
  • Been using LukWerks for one year now
    I am putting the biggest con at the beginning in case you don't want to read further: Unfortunately with this system your door could get kicked in and you could be shot before you knew someone was on your property since there are no alerts provided UNLESS you pay them $79 YEARLY. So you won't be able to catch any thieves in the act, but you'll probably be able to watch them carry off your stuff after they're long gone.

    I have had a one indoor camera system with the wide angle lense and infrared light for a year now. I tried a number of other cameras before finding the Wilife. I really like the quality of the video. It was a virtually trouble-free set up. My biggest issue was going back and forth from camera to computer (in another room) adjusting the view and focus of the lense (get someone to help).

    As some have mentioned, it will not work using extension cords. In the year I have been using it, I haven't really had any problems. I can't even remember when I last had to reboot or go through finding the camera (maybe once or twice total). I would be scared to add more than one additional camera for fear of whether my computer could handle it (laptop with XP, Pentium M760 2.0, 1024MB DDR2) though no problems with the one camera. I had one experience calling customer service to ask if there was a way to select and delete a large section of videos at once. There is not but customer service was easy to reach and polite (before Logitech purchased WiLife).

    My biggest complaint and disappointment from Day 1 was and is: it doesn't do what any security camera system should do--alert you when activated--that is, UNLESS YOU PAY THEM $79 A YEAR. I purchased directly from their website and they certainly did not make it clear that you had to pay for that basic feature (don't know if they've changed it since then). I did pay and unfortunately all I'm using for that fee is the sound that alerts me when there's motion detected. I don't use the remote playback feature, which is rather slow and tedious if there is much activity to watch. I will not be forking over any more 80 bucks a year. I'll actually be looking for another system where you pay once and get full function. If not for the scam of the yearly fee, I would give this system a higher rating.

    Other issues mentioned in some reviews: motion-activated lights...this system is not really compatible with those because of the time the lense takes to adjust, you'll probably miss the action you want to catch. I replaced my motion-activated floodlight with a dusk to dawn reduced-energy consumption bulb and that, along with the infrared night vision light provide enough light for the front of my house. Neither one alone would be adequate.

    I've seen complaints about not having thumb nails for the playback feature, but there is a variable playback speed which goes up to 8x normal speed, so you can move through quickly until you see something that interests you. One other con is that there is not a button that you can hit to record if you see something you want to record but the motion-activated recording either hasn't started or has already stopped....more info
  • Nice product, easy install, but limited use unless you pay for Premium
    This product seemed like a good option for me, living in a fairly safe neighborhood and not wanting to pay for monthly security monitoring. Having pets as well it would allow me to monitor their activities while away from home and make sure they weren't doing anything they shouldn't! Installation was a piece of cake, simply plug in the receiver to an outlet, then into the back of my computer, install the software and set up the camera. I currently just have the one internal camera and I decided to set it up in the center of my main entertainment/dining room area where my pets often hang out and also where a thief would most likely head for all my electronics. The main issue here though is apparent. Since all the video is downloaded to my own computer, all a burglar would need to do is to steal my computer, and I'd have nothing! So as a security tool, it definitely is pretty useless unless you purchase the Premium upgrade that can send alerts. Even then though, it's clearly not going to provide the kind of coverage a full security system would, even using some external cameras, simple entry through a window or other location around the house to avoid detection would always be an issue, as well as false alerts from other people approaching the house. So the benefit of this system seems to lie more in simple monitoring than in security.

    Here again though, the benefit is rather limited without a Premium subscription. While away from home I tried the online viewing and wasn't particularly impressed with it. Without Premium, you only get a Live View, you can't review the older videos so I wasn't for instance able to check and see what my pets had been doing throughout the day, I could only watch and hope they'd show up while I was online. I also had a lot of problems with it constantly dropping the video feed, and having to wait for it to re-acquire. This happened constantly and with a good strong internet connection so did not make me feel particularly inclined to upgrade the service.

    Overall, I had mixed feelings. If you don't mind paying the $80/year for the Premium service, this might be a worthwhile product, particularly to monitor activities at your home and/or business while you are not there. I'm not sure it is quite sufficient to provide true home security, but it might be an option to consider if you just want some basic security.
    ...more info
  • Unreliable Camera Longevity
    After 10 months of use, I am abandoning this system. I have had three camera failures, two indoor and one outdoor, possibly due to power surges and the so called built-in surge protection. The remote viewing quality and reliability is relatively poor as well....more info
  • A fine entry-level video surveillance option - but it's not perfect
    Wilife (now part of Logitech) has made security cameras affordable. I found their product easy to use and a breeze to install, but I do have one major gripe.

    Out of the box, the camera comes with a variety of mounting options. There's a permanent mount for those who don't mind drilling holes into a wall, plus the included extension with tilt should allow you to twist the unit so it's focused on the area you want to monitor. Also included is a stand that will house the unit if you want to simply place it on a desk or counter. Finally, a large suction cup is included that can be screwed on to the front or back of the unit. The suction cup attaches to a glass window, however I found it unable to attach to a wall or any wood surface even after adding the recommended drop of vegetable oil.

    This is *not* a wireless camera. You need to be able to 1) connect a USB cable from your computer to an electrical outlet (surge protectors and power strips are not an option) and 2) connect the camera unit from another electrical outlet using the included cables. The device uses the existing power lines to transmit data back and forth to your computer, but you'll need to be no more than 10ft from an electrical outlet to be able to mount the camera. Their FAQ says no more than 18 volts travel through the connection but I'd still be a little concerned of a family pet chewing though the thin cable. I was also disappointed at having only a 5ft cable to connect to my computer to the power unit since the closest outlet is already occupied with two surge protectors. A 10ft cable on this end is needed. Once connected I found the connection strong and stable. I also have cordless phones connected in a similar manner and they don't interfere with one another.

    Installation is simple and intuitive with the included quick-start guide and, while other reviewers ran into difficulty, I installed the included software without hassle and was up and running in minutes. The picture covers a 90 degree viewing angle and while there are options to adjust the brightness and contrast, I found the automatic adjustments worked just fine in both daylight and low light situations. The software also will also let you specify how much disk space you wish to reserve for recording video. After you reach the max, the oldest files are removed to make room for new records unless you move the video files to a different directory. Video can also be recorded in 640x480 or 320x240 resolution at your choice of 5, 10, or 15 frames per second. Most importantly, the camera can be set so that recordings are saved only when movement is detected. After letting it run for a day at the highest resolution and frame rate it used about 500MB of disk space. You can also schedule it to record either continuously or via motion sensing only during time periods you specify. The software is well designed and intuitive. Even on a slow laptop, the recording consumes only a minimal amount of resources.

    This brings me to my major gripe about the device. It is evident the makers didn't want the revenue to stop once you've purchased their product. While the software functions at a basic level and does what it's supposed to do (record video), there are a number of helpful features that must be "unlocked" by subscribing to what they tout as Platinum Service. I can understand charging for services that may cost them a nominal amount to provide. For instance, they allow the option to store and share video online or send alerts to your cell phone. They're providing a service and are entitled to make a profit from it. However there are many other features that cost nothing to implement, yet they have disabled them in an obvious attempt to get you to pay a yearly subscription fee. This includes the ability to pan and zoom the camera and the ability to get a notification on your computer when the camera detects movement and starts recording. You can't even password protect the software without subscribing to this so-called Platinum Service. The fact that they're intentionally disabling helpful features that cost nothing to provide strikes me as a little shady. Who's to say they won't disable more features to non-subscribers in a future software "update"?

    That's why, while I do recommend this product, I do so with a caveat. If you just need a basic camera with a motion sensing system that saves video to your computer this will do the trick out of the box. If you're looking for advanced features or even simple features like the ability to change the camera view, a yearly subscription fee is unjustified and a little hard to swallow.

    Hope the review helped....more info
  • hardware failure during power outage
    The software is adequate, it certainly works once you learn the interface. I had a system with one camera running for 1.5 years and added 2 more cameras about 10 months ago.
    I just had a power outage in my house, and unfortunately the original camera is now fried - both the wall power line converter and the camera itself are dead. The problem is that the wall plug cannot be plugged into a surge suppressor, so your stuck trusting the devices ability to handle line noise. Apparently, not so good at it.
    My low rating is mainly due to the price and robustness, when you spend this much on a camera you expect it to be well designed. Failing due a lightning strike I can understand, but this was no such event. In retrospect, my recommendation would be to buy a more professionally designed unit that is not susceptible to power line noise. With 3 cameras, I've already spent over $500; that would purchase a much higher end unit then this one.
    ...more info
  • Hardware is great, software severely lacking.
    After searching for nearly a year for a security camera system for our home that we could view while travelling, I was thrilled to find out about Wilife.

    I read all the information on the Wilife website, and also what was available here on Amazon before purchasing. Because our needs were specific, I made sure that they would be filled with this kit. Here's what we needed:
    1. Remote camera that did not require hardwiring to connect to computer (computer is upstairs, camera position is downstairs).
    2. Camera triggered by motion, rather than always recording.
    3. Online access to the recorded video.

    After reading about the system, I realized I'd need to not only pay for the camera kit, but to get online access to recorded video (streaming video access is free) I'd also need to sign up for WiLife Platinum, at an additional $80 a year. A steep price, but worth it if we'd be able to see any activity in the house by reviewing the recorded video online every evening.

    The system was very easy to set up, and worked acceptably well (the software did have a glitch when changing settings which I never did work out). After signing up for platinum I was able to access recorded video online with my laptop computer, but my mobile device (HP iPaq 5915) would only access live video.

    I tried different operating systems (upgrading my Explorer Mobile, and switching to Opera Mobile), but still was only able to get live video to work.

    After re-reading the information on the WiLife site which stated:
    "Go beyond live Internet viewing. Access your recorded video at anytime, anywhere. Use easy search tools to locate and view video by date, time, and site - with up to the minute availability."

    The site even showed a photo of a person accessing recorded video with a Blackberry, I assumed this must be an issue with my hardware, my software, or just 'operator error', so I continued to work through the problem.

    After a week of trying every possible solution, I contacted WiLife support, and after a few useless emails which did not address the problem, finally received one stating:

    "Cellphones/handheld devices can not do remote playback. They can only do remote viewing in relay mode."

    So, it is being packed up and shipped back to Amazon.

    I'm left wondering why Logitec would use a proprietary viewer for the recorded video, when the streaming video uses the regular Windows viewer available on all systems?

    And the biggest why - why would they advertise that remote playback was available 'anywhere anytime' when in fact it is NOT?

    In my opinion, this system is not worth anything to the average user until we can access recorded video via mobile device. Once Logitec actually offering what they're advertising (anywhere, anytime), I'll happily purchase the product again....more info
  • Won't run and tech support won't help. This one gets returned
    I envy everyone who got this up and running in 15 minutes, because that hasn't been my case.

    I've spent over 8 hours on set up and cannot get this to run at all on my XP Pro PC that meets all system requirements set forth on the box. Sadly, tech support for this intriguing product is sorely lacking. First off, my package came with the Command Center 2.0 software. With 2.0 installed, the software wouldn't even boot. I didn't realize there was a newer version (2.5) and neither did their tech support (I found this out on my own, as the software itself does not prompt for upgrades). After uninstalling 2.0 and installing 2.5, the program booted but always crashed within 10 seconds of booting. Their software told me to upgrade my video driver, which I did, then it didn't boot at all. So I rolled back the driver and tried to get more tech support help. The basic responses I got from the WiLife support people were 1) uninstall/reinstall the software until it works, 2) try uninstalling Windows Service Pack 3 (but yet there is nothing on their web site about their software being incompatible with SP3), and 3) send us the diagnostics files for the program when it is running. Sadly, the program won't run long enough for me to run diagnostics to generate the diagnostic file. And even more sadly, tech support has stopped responding to my requests for either more advice or an RMA number. This is too bad because it seems like a nice system. But it galls me when you meet all system requirements for a product like this and it won't work with your computer and the company won't help....more info
  • Great System - Unbelievably terrible support
    Great System - Unbelievably terrible support

    My experience with wilife started with contacting their support department with a pre-sale question on 4/17/08. It was a pretty simple question, "would their outdoor camera work connected via a 1200' underground electrical cable from my home to the end of my driveway where I wanted a camera"

    Within minutes I got an automated response saying my question had been received and that I should expect a response within 24 hours.

    5 days went by with no response from them, so I replied to their email.

    After a week of no response, I decided to buy the product from a local retailer where I could easily return it if it didn't work.

    In fact it did not work over the 1200' cable, but I was so impressed with the software and its capability, that I took it to work and installed it in my business. It worked so well that I bought two more systems for two other business locations.

    Finally on May 5th I got a response to my inquiry from weeks earlier. They said that "yes it would work within 8000 square feet" Clearly their support does not read the questions, or did not understand the difference between distance and area.

    Then to top off the severely tardy response that did not answer my question, I got another email on 5/13 saying "Your experience at wilife matters greatly to us." which asked me to take a survey on my satisfaction with their support response.

    I took the survey and used the comment section to say I felt the real problem was that everything was automated and no one took the time to actually read what was being asked. I also stated that I had a list of improvements that I hoped would be considered to make their product better, and requested that they direct me in how I could submit these suggestions such that they would be read and considered. That was on 5/13/08, as of 6/7/08, I have yet to hear a word from them, probably because they did not read my response, despite all the polite and caring automated posturing.

    I should note that to get the most out of this system, you really need to subscribe to their platinum service which costs 79.95 per year. If you have multiple locations then the cost is also per location. In my case with 3 business locations the additional value it provides is well worth the $240/year, but it does lack some basic capabilities that I hope will come in future software releases.

    One such improvement would be the ability to set the alarm sensitivity separately for separate zones. In one of my applications where I have a camera on an fenced in equipment yard, I want to be alerted if there is movement outside of normal business hours. To set the sensitivity high enough such that it will alert me of movement of a human sized object along the furthest edge of the yard, it means it is also so high that a stray cat walking along the closest edge of the yard will also set it off, waking me at 2 am to view footage of a cat that could have potentially been a thief or vandal.

    In summary, the system is great and generally easy to install, but don't expect to get any personalized support if you have a problem.
    ...more info
  • Easiest home video monitoring system ever!
    This is so easy to set up I am kicking myself for not trying it out earlier. I have looked at many wireless systems before but because I need to run power near the cameras, I have not been willing to do that. This system allows me to have the camera inside the house (no tampering) and anywhere I feel is convenient. The video is average - don't expect to do face recognition with it. Good enough to let you know that someone is approaching or left a package by the door.[..] I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to feel safe with a monitoring system....more info
  • Easy to install, have to pay for addt'l features other give free
    I bought this and a Panasonic BL-c131A at a store so I could use both and see which one I liked better. I consider myself to be your basic computer user who occasionally installs software on their computer. For me the wilife set up very easily (I gave up on the Panasonic after 4 hours). The software you view the pictures on is very intuitive and easy to use. I love that it sends alerts to my work email when there is activity in a room and that when I want to review activity, it is VERY easy to see when the activity happened and to view it.
    If I hadn't of tried the Panasonic, I probably wouldn't even have negatives, but since I did, I do have a few things that this doesn't offer that the Panasonic did. When I set this up in the room, I had to aim it, go to my computer and see what it was showing, and go back and forth btwn the rooms until I had the picture showing everything I wanted. It is easy to review full videos at home on the PC and you can view remotely for several minutes at a time. You can set it up to alert you when movement is sensored and to email you a timed video clip, but if you do get an email alert, you can only review the limited time video it sends you...UNLESS you spend $80 per year on the Platinum service. If you get that service, you can zoom the camera and view the full video remotely. This you get free with the Panasonic model.
    So if you are confident that you are saavy enough to hook up the Panasonic, I would get that. If you are not very saavy with your router and the different codes to use when setting it up, then get the wilife which is much easier to get working.Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802.11...more info
  • Installation is a breeze
    If you've been considering the purchase of a home video security system Wilife's LukWerks kit is a great product to start off. When considering the purchase of such a product in the sub-$800 range there are 3 factors that should be considered:

    1) Ease of installation
    2) Quality of video
    3) Functionality of computer controlled interface

    For the most part, this LukWerks kit performs above-average on all 3 criteria.

    The best part of this system is the easy-breezy installation process. Setting this up is as simple as plugging the camera adapter into a powered wall outlet and then installing the software on your computer. No need for any complicated integration into your home computing network, no mess and fuss with stringing cables and wires across rooms and walls of your home. On this front, getting the system up and running grades out as at a solid 'A.'

    As for video quality, very impressive. While not exactly in the realm of quality as your run-of-the-mill consumer grade video camera the LukWerks unit is certainly miles ahead of webcam quality video (which is the quality to expect from most systems in this price range) with great color saturation in balanced lighting conditions. Low light leveling is somewhat weak but can be adjusted later in your video player of choice by increasing the brightness levels. Video Quality = B.

    Overall computer controlled functionality is somewhat basic, but provides all the immediate functions necessary and in a very user-friendly manner. The system basically allows for a constant stream of its capture and allows you to archive and record each session for a specified length of time as well as video quality. You can also set the system in a motion-detect mode that will then text msg/email you if any motion did occur. So far I've used this setup to monitor a new dog we've added to our household while I'm away at work. I've also moved the camera to capture my backyard to watch my yard service at work. Been having a lot of fun with this so far and look forward to putting it to additional uses in the future....more info
  • A great system for the price
    I've used several cameras in the last few years in an attempt to come up with some type of cheap home security system. After trying out the Wilife system, I have to say that it's the best option I've come across under the $500 range. The video quality is excellent, and the best part is, the motion detector on the camera works perfectly, even through windows, which most of the other cameras I've used can't handle. Setup took less than 20 minutes and I didn't have to deal with port forwarding or spend hours trying to configure my router to get it to work. I was also able to view the camera online very easily from a remote location.

    My only problem with the camera is that the actual camera is way too big in my opinion, and I didn't really like the mounting options. I wanted to put one of the cameras in my ceiling and angle it through a hole in the ceiling so it was undetectable, but the unit is so big that is impossible. Otherwise, I'm very satisfied....more info
  • a cheaper option then professionally installed systems
    You get one camera, all the necessary hardware and software to get the system up and running. It supports up to six cameras. I know the price tag can be a little steep to set up a full security system but it's still cheaper then a professionally installed one.

    I really, REALLY liked the way this system was easy to set up. The camera can be mounted either by suction cup or more permenantly with hardware (this option allows you to swivel the camera by hand). You can choose how much space on your hard drive you use for this system and the files are saved as compressed WMV files. Playback of files can be a little tedious but I gather this feature would only be used in case of a problem. Two window decals are provided to let others know you have a security system in place. You can even set the system to notify you by e-mail if motion is detected. How cool is that?

    I have the camera set up for surveillance of my side door and I love the way it works (I'm seriously considering getting one for my back door too). I am impressed with all of the options this package offers but I do have some reservations. I had a problem with the software (I have Windows XP Media Center) but it worked after the third try and the camera, on occasion, blinks out and needs to be rebooted - which is why I rated it 4 stars instead of 5. ...more info
  • Very Good System!
    This is a very, very good system, and the potential is there for it to be awsome but I'll get to that later.

    First off, this system has everything you need for a monitoring system. You have a starter camera (indoors), monitor and disc. Plug the camera directly into a wall outlet (will not work on an extension cord or a multi-outlet extension) and you're up and running! Also it only works on Windows system, not Mac. And you can purchase other cameras (up to six) and there are special outdoor cameras, cameras that gain light at nighttime for you to see, and also hidden nanny cams as well.

    Now remember that you're getting a LIVE feed from the camera. This is great if you want to watch something live in your house or business. You can access it live online as well. But remember it's live.

    HOWEVER you can purchase recording online from the company for $80 a year. This is where you can turn the system into a home alarm for indoors or outside. Set the camera on an area in a room or such when you're away from home. Then if something happens when you're out, go online when you're back and see the people who did whatever in your house or property outside! An alternative and cheaper than an alarm (no it won't alarm the police, but it's an alternative and cheaper). Or for a business you can set it up as well. You could be on vacation in Australia, go online and see what's happening LIVE at your house in America and look back at tapes to see what's been happening!

    I wish Lukwerks would of given this for free instead of charging 80 bucks. To me this should be standard for purchasing the system. Here is why I take one star away.

    Also I tried using the indoor camera outdoors under the back porch facing the yard. It fogs up and it took a good day for it to defog. So I'd not suggest using the indoor camera outdoors.

    My suggestion is to set aside a good hour to set it up. Understand you need an electrical outlet near where you'll be setting the camera. Know you can purchase more cameras if you like (amazon sells them). And be imaginative on where to put the cameras and how to use them (be it on your property)! ...more info
  • Thumbs up - Not perfect but a very good product
    I have had my system for six months so I feel I can accurately rate this product. I have three cameras (2 indoor and 1 outdoor). The setup was pretty easy. Install the application, plug the camera into any outlet and you get video. I have Norton 2008 and I have to disable my firewall in order for the wilife applicaton to discover my cameras. Once it has discovered the cameras I can turn the firewall back on. Other than that piece no hiccups during install.

    The camera images are very good IMO. I see some people complaining but for a $200 camera I think it's pretty good. The cameras will auto adjust to low light conditions. I purchased one of the infrared adapters and that works great for indoors. Not recommended if your cameras are pointing outside. The fisheye lense is recommended if you are going to point cameras outside. I get a nice wide shot of my driveway and front lawn.

    The cameras have motion sensors that are very sensitive. Imagine one of those outside motion lights but hyper sensitive. The cameras actually monitors the pixels in the image and if enough pixes change it interprets this as activity and the camera comes on. The result is your cameras can be very sensitive to any motion. You can adjust the sensitivity. I keep mine very sensive so any leaves that blow by my house will cause it to go off. Its great.

    The software on the computer is the best part. It creates these little video clips whenever it senses motion and you can come home and review the entire day's video in these little 10 second snippets. It takes me about 5 mins each evening to watch the entire days video from my 3 cameras. When I first got the system I was stunned to see all the activity that occurred in my little cul de sac got while I was away at work. I had no idea! There must be 50 cars that come down my street and do a U turn. Sheesh!

    The software is very easy to use, with fast forward, slow motion, etc.. I configured it to use 20GB of space and I'm nowhere near the limit after 6 months.

    OK, so now the bad stuff. The cameras will occasionally go offline. I would say about 2-3x a month my cameras drop off and I need to click "Find my Cameras" on the software or I need to plug/unplug the camera or reboot my PC. I had trouble with my outside camera at first. I was using an extension cord and I would lose this camera at least once a week in the beginning. One time I even had to take it down and use a paper clip to reset it. I switched extension cords to this cheap drug store brand and it's been much better since. The cameras will still drop offline maybe twice a month. It's a little annoying and the reason I gave it 4 stars, but not a big deal really because I check my video daily so I notice it right away.

    The second downside is you need to leave your computer on all the time so it can record the video. Kind of obvious but I thought I should point this out.

    All in all a solid 4 stars from me. The reason I got the system was because we had someone try to break into our house last year and it really made my wife nervous. Having these cameras has given her so much peace of mind and also allowed me to see a lot of stuff that goes on. Pit bulls wandering into my back yard, suspicious sales people, and I even caught a hit and run. A car was doing a 3 point turn in the cul de sac and backed into my neighbors truck and then drove off. I caught it on video. I burned a copy of that video file to a cd, walked over to my neighbor who had no idea anything had happened, and told him a red honda hit his truck at 3:48pm and here was a video clip to help catch the guy.

    I'm sure there are better systems out there in terms of video quality or features but you are going to pay a lot more and I doubt any are as simple to use as this. For the money I think the video is pretty darn good and the ease of use is great. ...more info
  • Moms always say they have eyes in the back of their heads, now they can have them all over.
    Dogs are wonderful prognosticators when it comes to an impending knock on the door. Their only shortcoming on this front, really, is that they are limited in their ability to let you know who approaches. I've often been at work in some part of the house, typing away on my laptop, only to have a knock at the door derail my train of thought. Is it a delivery person dropping off a parcel? Perhaps a neighbor with a particular need or request, maybe it's a local kid selling for some fund raiser. I want to answer these knocks. But the carpet cleaning service trying to drum up business, or the friendly but somewhat sinister old ladies trying to sell their own version of the afterlife to me, or the relatively creepy guy that wants to sell frozen meat from the back of his shabby non-descript truck? I mean, sometimes I just have better things to do.

    I've wanted a camera system for a number of years. It's one of those things where I would do some internet searches, read some reviews, browse around here on Amazon - but never saw the right time to take a leap. I wanted something that would integrate with my home network. I didn't just want a little dedicated monitor somewhere hooked up to a VCR, I wanted to be able to access the feed from any of my home computers, and ideally, over the internet. I didn't want to pay a monthly service fee, I wanted a range of camera options that included interior, exterior, and ideally some ability to see in the dark. Most of all, I wanted something that would be well designed and reliable. Wilife seemed to meet all of these requirements, so when the opportunity to try it out presented itself, I finally took the leap.

    Things seemed to go pretty smoothly right out of the box. I mounted the camera with the provided suction cup on to a front facing window (ultimately I'd end up using the supplied hard mount to fix a better angle), ran the cable from that down to the supplied adapter set into a nearby outlet. By my desktop which serves as a print and file server for the other laptops, I plugged in the other wall outlet, and ran the USB cable provided from that to the computer. After installing the software and registering for the free online access to the feeds, it did a quick search, and suddenly I had a live view of my front yard before me on the monitor. I tweaked a few settings (went up to the maximum 15fps setting, and the highest resolution at 640x480), turned the lens just a bit to provide sharper focus, and everything looked terrific.

    The Wilife control panel allows you to adjust recording sensitivity. Out of the box, when someone walked down the sidewalk on the other side of the street, it didn't record. Just to test it, I pulled the slider to the top of the 100 point scale. Now it would record when birds flew by. I took it down to the bottom, and even cars passing on the street didn't trigger it. I left it around 65 ultimately, which would pick up people or animal movement in my front yard, cars in the street, but not much else across the street. I found the slider to have a full range of sensitivity, rather than the "all or nothing" I've read about with similar products.

    We were delighted, everything seemed to be fine, right up until I needed to send a document to the shared printer. No dice. When you plug everything in, a new network connection is created on your computer. All the data is passing through your electrical wires, which is why you can't plug the adapters into surge protectors and the like. Then it comes out through the outlet, passes through the USB cable into your computer, all within its own little network with its own IP address range. For 99% of those who buy and use this product, I think that's all going to work brilliantly. My network setup is a little more complicated. This desktop already had 3 adapters. Two wired, one wireless. Two networks converged at this point, one providing internet access. For whatever reason, the presence of the new USB adapter was preventing other computers in the same workgroup from accessing the shared resources. I contacted tech support over email, sent them diagnostics generated from the Wilife control center, and we tried disabling a variety of things that could have been interfering. After not having any luck in that direction, they sent me an ethernet bridge. During this time I could either have my camera up, or shared resource access to that machine - but not both. Upon receipt (which was literally the next day in this case), I disconnected the USB cable from the desktop and the plug to which it was connected. I plugged in the new adapter, and ran a standard network cable from it to my router. Instantly the camera came back to life, and we discovered that we could once again access the shared resources on the desktop. Problem fixed by the responsive, friendly, and entirely thorough staff - a wholly positive tech support experience that, quite frankly, I'm just not accustomed to. As the old saying goes though; your mileage may vary.

    The same holds true depending on the relative power and speed of the computer you intend to run the control center on. Handling a 640x480 video stream at 15fps can task some older computers. Multiply that out across a few cameras, add the recording function which goes on and off dynamically (and/or by a scheduler you set), and you're apt at some point to start seeing some stutters on the live playback. I can't speak to anyone else's system but my own, but on a two or three year old desktop running an AMD64 processor at 2.2GHz with 1GB of RAM, the only time I notice a hiccup on live playback is when the recorder is kicking in, and I don't see the same when I review the recorded output. I'm at the highest possible visual quality settings, I imagine if I went up to 3 or 4 cameras, I might have to bring the settings down a bit -- but for the time being, it's smooth sailing even while that machine also streams audio out to the Logitech Squeezebox Duet Network Music System, handles regular and generally large print queues, as well as limited browser function.

    For now, we couldn't be happier with the system. Well we could - we want a Wilife DLC810E LukWerks Outdoor Add-on Camera to watch the back yard so we can keep tabs on the dogs when they want to run around by themselves for a bit. Maybe another one to watch the garage and the part of the driveway we can't see with this one. That's the point. We are so pleased, that we only want to expand. I'm not sure we'll get up to the six camera maximum that the system supports, but I definitely hope to be writing a review about an additional outdoor camera in the near future. If, like me, you've wanted a system like this for some time, but just haven't seen one worth pulling the trigger - this may well be the one you've been waiting for. It is for me, and this appears to be another home run for Logitech.

    In the past month, this camera caught damage happening to a package which might have otherwise represented a difficult dispute, caught some local kids setting fire to a few bags of lawn waste (odd one, that), and gives us advance warning whenever something is about to be delivered, or a guest is approaching otherwise unannounced. We love our LukWerks....more info
  • Didn't work on my system
    I really wanted this kit to work because we had thought for a while about getting a security camera system to use for our front door. However, after one week of trying in vain to get this to work and no response from the manufacturer, we have decided to look elsewhere.

    Our experiences with this kit were as follows:

    1. The software installation took a very long time. I have very rarely experienced such a slow program installation as this one. When a window popped up saying that "this might take a minute or two", we found this to be a gross understatement, especially since this window showed up for every single program component that needed to be installed. All in all I estimate that it took a good 20 minutes to install.

    2. The manual's instructions differ slightly from the on-screen instructions in that the manual advises to ignore the on-screen request for restarting the computer after the software installation is complete, and to proceed with hardware installation instead. If one happens to only read the on-screen instructions, one would not know this. I find this unnecessarily confusing.

    3. Hardware installation is straight-forward: plugging in the USB cable as well as the camera power adapter. Then the next step is to make the software "see" the camera, and this is where our problems started. Our computer did not recognize the camera. After we had installed/uninstalled/reinstalled the software numerous times (with trying out the two approaches mentioned under 2.) and then executing troubleshooting according to the instructions, the camera still was not recognized.

    After all recommended troubleshooting steps were exhausted (including our own, which was plugging in the USB cable directly into the computer as well as later into a USB hub), the program advised us to send a system-generated error report to the manufacturer for support. This was one week ago and other than an ackowledgment e-mail that our support request was received, we have heard nothing back.

    I am sure that this works for some people, we just happened to not be one of them. And after decades of experience with computers and software programs, I think this could be done so much better. To me this is just another case of throwing something onto the market that wasn't tested well enough or not with sufficient computer configurations. While this might be understandable due to the vast variety of systems out there today, it would make a responsive tech support even more of a necessity. That not being the case, this kit is useless for us.

    ...more info
  • Easy set up intuitive navigation -- update
    For a home monitoring system this is quite a quick and easy set up. The system provides reliable video without the hassle of lots of cords and wires.

    I have one camera and am running the system on a Vista PC. The software installed without any problems and was up and running within 15 minutes. Getting the camera position correct and focused correctly took a bit longer.

    I've moved this around to find the best placement including outside on the deck and in a window.

    Issues noted:
    1. With window placement reflection becomes a major issue.

    - At night if a light is on in the room with the camera
    it is more likely to record movement in the room than
    movement outside

    - When the camera is recording lights flash. Depending on
    lighting conditions, the reflection of the camera's lights
    can distort the picture when placed in a window.

    - Even in day light reflection can capture movement in
    the room rather than outside. One recorded segment caught
    my cat walking across the floor in the kitchen.

    2. When the camera sense motion and is recording several lights are flashing. This announces quite clearly camera location and the high probability something is being recorded. This is very noticeable in low light situations.

    3. Recordings take up relatively little disk space. I was worried that this would gobble up my free hard drive space. There is an easy to access control panel that allows the user to set how much space to dedicated to the recording. I have several days worth of recording and only a small percentage of the space has been used. (This is true despite the fact I have it pointed at bird feeders just outside my front door)

    For surveillance purposes I see this as being an easy to use low cost system. I had hoped to use it to track the range of visitors I have at my bird feeder. The focus is not as sharp as I would like for that purpose. I also see this as a great system to see who is at the front door before answering the door bell. It would be nice if future systems added a voice component.

    October 21st, 2008 update

    I have had this product setting out on my covered deck for over 6 months now. I know it is not rated for outdoor use but this was the place I could make the best use of it.

    Even in the damp NW it is still working great despite my keeping it outside. I'm very impressed!!!!

    November 2nd, 2008 update

    Having fiddled a bit more with the software the lights on the camera can be turned off. However I like the lights as a feature. At night the lights clearly announce that the camera is on. It is hoped this could act for a deterrent.
    ...more info
  • Wilife Security LukWerks Indoor Starter Kit - Nice Features for the Price, Some Reservations
    Wilife DVS800I LukWerks Indoor Starter Kit

    I've been shopping for a new home security camera system for some time, and was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these sets. Overall I like the product, although I do have some reservations. This product is extremely targeted. So you have to know your needs very well in order to know if this is right for you.

    This unit includes the Wilife management software, one indoor camera, suction cup mount, bar mount, table stand and power and USB connectors.


    Physically installing the device is straightforward. The receiver and the camera must be attached through power outlet via receiver plugs and connected to your computer's USB port.

    The software installation is not equally easy for all users. Any system running Windows Vista, Antivirus software and a software firewall running will need them to be temporarily disabled to get the Wilife software to install. In addition, Windows Vista's extra protection means you will have to click yes several times and go through a few reboots.

    This setup made the installation take a little over an hour and required an extra reboot due to some initial hanging. Still, well worth it to have this system installed on a secure OS.

    Installing on XP may be slightly easier, but you will still have to deal with disabling your Antivirus or desktop firewall if you are running those. If you're buying a home security system, you will probably want the computer that's storing those files to be secure. With that in mind, taking the extra time to have AV and a firewall installed is probably worth the extra effort.

    The design of the indoor cameras is very unique. I can only guess that they are designed to cram a lot of electronics into a very small body. The outdoor cameras are more traditionally shaped. In any event, they all seem to work well once set up.

    Adjustment and Expansion

    Once you've got the software running, the amount of options for managing this unit are impressive. While most novices need not change settings. You may want to adjust the setting for motion sensitivity after running this for a while. I found that turning down the sensitivity ideal for my use. This will vary based upon which areas this device is being used to monitor.

    You can do some cool things with this system, including setting up phone or email notifications of recordings that exceed limits you can set.

    This wasn't my first security system, but it was my first introduction to Wilife. I can say without reservation that experienced users will love the adjustable features, except for a few functions disabled unless you upgrade to the premium package.

    There are three starter sets: this one with an indoor camera, another with an outdoor camera Wilife DVS800E LukWerks Outdoor Starter Kit, and one with a "hidden" camera Wilife DVS800C LukWerks Spy Camera Starter-Kit. If you want multiple cameras or a combination of them, you will have to buy those additional units as add-ons. It would have been nice if they would have simply produced a starter set with one of each or some other configurations. Once again, 90% of users will be happy with these starter sets, I personally just know I will have to either buy more add-ons or upgrade to the Pro set.

    There is a bridge you can buy for about $80 to integrate this with the pro set Wilife Homeplug Bridge. Those that want to avoid using power-line communications will most likely have to consider a more expensive pro version Wilife Pro 4CAM Master Syst Pro Ip Video Security Syst 4CAMS or a different system all together.

    The available add-ons and accessories include:
    1. Night-Vision 50 Illuminator kit illuminates up to 30 ft and includes an 80° IR lens
    2. 54 degree camera lens allows the camera to better view distant objects
    3. Standard 80 degree camera lens to replace damaged indoor lenses
    4. 120 degree Wide Angle camera lens covers twice the area for better close-ups
    5. Set of 5 Adhesive-Backed Mini-Clips to attach your camera cables
    6. Set of 2 Small Suction Cups to route camera cables around windows
    7. Wall mount bracket for ceiling or wall mounting your camera
    8. Deluxe mount with extensions for mounting cameras from a drop ceiling or solid surface
    9. Desktop Stand to place your camera on any flat surface
    10. Mounting Suction Cup to attach the camera to a window
    11. Replacement cables in Standard (10 ft), Extended (20 ft) and Long (30) lengths
    12. CAT 5, RJ-45 cable extender for up to 80 feet of CAT 5e cable


    1. Your camera must be close enough to an outlet to connect it via the included 10 foot cable. You will need an extender if your power outlets are further away.
    2. You have to manually adjust the camera focus, so adjust it before mounting.
    3. You will need to have a computer that meets the minimum requirements
    4. Your computer needs to be on all the time for the recording of video.
    5. You will need a broadband connection to access this video remotely.
    6. This power-line connection will work better with newer wiring.
    7. You will want enough hard drive space to allocate at least 2 GB or more for storage.
    8. It will take a little time running the system to set your optimal motion sensitivity
    9. The computer receiving the video signal and recording does need to be a PC. If you have a Mac running Parallels or other virtual PC running Windows XP or Vista, you could theoretically install the monitoring software on that. Few users will want to or be able to set that up.
    10. For panning or remote adjusting, you need to purchase an "upgrade" for $79 per year to activate the advanced features. So most of us will live without those features.
    11. If you have Windows Vista, antivirus software and / or an internet firewall application, installation requires several extra steps.

    + Nice power over Ethernet design - no batteries needed!
    + Nice price for a fully functioning starter system
    + Very easy to add cameras to the system - up to 6 cameras supported
    + Nice group of available accessories to customize your installation
    + Great management software with many customizable settings for those experienced with security systems
    + Default settings will meet the needs of novice users and not require changes or adjustment
    + System is motion activated, saving storage space
    + Video recordings are stored in a directory and easily backed, copied, or erased
    + You can easily access your camera via live feed over the internet

    - Not particularly fond of them including the "digital pan and zoom" feature as part of the premium ($79 per year) package, but I will live without those features
    - Also need the premium package to access recorded videos over the internet.
    - More demanding users will need a system that includes audio
    - Manual focus adjustment for camera; why not offer a higher priced one with auto-focus?
    - Some latency on website video access


    This set is definitely worth looking into. For most basic needs, this set fits the bill at a very good price.

    ...more info
  • Nice piece of work
    This product could not have been easier to set up! Just install the software, set up and plug in the camera in the meantime, and when the computer reboots just plug in the receiver. Five minutes after taking this out of the box I was up and running.

    I watch my front door because I've been having problems with kids knocking on the door at odd hours of the night and running. Now I'm ready for them. By default there are two LED lights that are lit up but it only took seconds to turn it off so that it isn't so noticeable.

    The picture is quite clear. In fact, looking at it now I can see how many roses are on my bush and I can also see that I need to mow my lawn.

    Another nice benefit is that you can set it up so you can watch these videos online, which is once again easy to set up.

    I only have one complaint.... sectioning off of the screen. No matter how I position it I can not avoid filming the road. Because I have it set to record all motion (again, a real easy setup) I record every time a car drives by my house. I wish I could somehow tell it to ignore motion in the top quarter of my screen.

    Otherwise, this is truly wonderful! The real beauty is in its simplicity. You don't have to be a computer expert to make this work.

    I'm already looking to add on a couple more cameras. One of them that caught my eye is a camera that looks like an ordinary desk clock. That could turn out to be handy as well.

    If you are looking for a way to improve security around your home then this is the way to go. For commercial uses I'd probably look somewhere else....more info
  • Would be great (maybe) if it worked ...
    Arrived in a pre-opened package, perhaps returned by some other customer. Not a great start. But it seemed easy enough to set up, so off I went.

    The camera cannot be tilted if mounted with the suction cup, which can be attached to the front (for mounting to a window) or back. Don't forget the smidgen of oil to increase suction longevity. Camera unit attaches to a power unit, which must be attached to a non-surge-protected outlet.

    The USB unit likewise must be plugged in to a non-protected outlet, then to the computer. And that's where the trouble starts.

    Whenever I tried to use the included software, it disconnected my other network (internet) connection. It briefly showed the picture from the camera, then blanked out, complaining that certain types of network traffic was being blocked by McAfee firewall (which isn't even enabled). I checked the Sygate firewall, which is supposed to be allowing Wilife to pass unmolested. And when I try a shutdown, it just hangs. Which doesn't happen if I don't run Wilife.

    I'm going to call Wilife support when I can manage that between 9-5 Mountain Time, but that's where it stands.

    UPDATE: (This happened back then; sorry for the late update) When I called their tech support, they said it was happening because Windows Firewall looks at McAfee's settings and blocks their traffic. I told them I didn't have McAfee's firewall running and that their explanation was ludicrous, since neither was running on my PC. The tech seemed entirely unconcerned and unwilling to help further. So the system is just sitting here, useless. Good thing I didn't buy this buggy system!...more info
  • Clearing Up Some Confusion. This is a Great System, The Bugs are Fixed.
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R7YAMT220YAJY First I would like to clear up some misunderstandings. I have been using the system, and just got off the phone with Logitech, the makers of the WiLife System, and was pleased to see they have corrected the few problems that some were having.
    The old transformers that were shipped with the units were not sufficient for the demands of the system, so Logitech/WiLife has since upgraded them to a better unit.
    Secondly, the cameras have periodic free software updates, that improve functionality, and after an update, the cameras require rebooting. So you do have to unplug them, and plug them back in when a reboot is needed. (The ideal solution is to pick up the Home Setting security lighting control unit that I speak of later on in this review.)
    Thirdly, those who are losing the camera signal, the software has an auto-detect single click feature. It disconnects, and then re-senses all of the cameras. It is like a refresh.
    In rare cases if you have an older home with 2 prong wiring, I can see how it is possible to be plugging the adapters in with the positive going in one side, and then the receiver's positive going in the other side. So the unit would be communicating with a loop, rather than a direct connect from the same side of the wire. Whether that is exactly the nature of the problem, I am not sure, but if you are having any problems with that, try placing the units in with the large section hanging down, instead of reversed and up on some.

    As for me, I get zero disconnects, and the entire system works beautifully. No skips, no bumps, no problems. No more fuzzy camera quality shots you typically see with a security system. If you look at the other review with the included video clip, you realize this is no shabby system.
    For those who want to post an outdoor camera, under the eaves for example, I recommend the Intermatic Home Settings Wireless Home Control Starter Kit #HA102M that way you can sit in your easy chair, and not only shut off and turn back on your camera for the reboot, with additional modules you can control all of the lights, all over, in and outside of the house. This combination can't be beat.

    All you have to do is add an intercom and you could sit in front of your computer, and when someone rings your front door bell, you could flip on the lights, see who it is by the automatically activated camera with a motion sensor, and talk to them through the intercom. If you are not home, the camera is on guard. You can see who came, went, and who may not have belonged there. It doesn't go on until something moves.

    Security is always on people's minds, but this makes it not only convenient, but fun.
    I have a camera pointing out my front window, so anyone who approaches my front door activates the motion sensor, and is recorded. Also even if a passing car or person walks by on the sidewalk at the end of the front yard, they are recorded as well.

    Now here comes the part that is blowing my mind, and why I had to edit this post. When you look at the video I just posted, it is a recorded segment. (You can right click on any sagement, and save it as a WMV file. Send it to your friends, or your local police station if that applies.) The motion sensor activates, and it starts to record a segment. In playback mode, each segment blinks to start, then you see the clear segment. So you know when it starts, and when it stops. The question I am going to get into here is how does the camera sense motion through a stone wall. Look at the left edge of the picture. When you click on the video, you are seeing the beginning of an activated segment. Then a little bit after that, a car appears. It had to sense it through a block wall. Check it out. So here is my explanation before posting the video:
    I have an older home, and it has thick block, plus stone walls. The camera is mounted on the glass window, and when playing back the recorded parts, the new video that was captured, starts recording before the moving object are even possible to be in the screen. What is even more exciting is that the left edge of viewing is a stone wall. I see the stone wall take up about 1/5th of the left edge of the screen, because of how I have it positioned, so I notice it starts a new recorded episode in the playback mode, and then over a second later, a moving car, that is not visible in the screen, enters at the edge of the block. It has to be able to see through the block wall, or something in the motion sensor detection. It cracks me up, I see the beginning of the recording, as the scene only, then about a second or two later, sure enough a car moves through it.

    For me I give the WiLife system 5 stars for superb performance, and no problems whatsoever. The installation couldn't be easier. The fun of being able to keep an eye on things when I go out, plus knowing if anyone came to visit while I was gone is worth the price of the system alone. I had a dream last night that someone came and broke a window in my beautiful car, in a senseless fashion. Imagine handing a CD over to the police with the recorded video of the culprit. You can send videos recorded with this system any way you want. (Pertaining to my dream, I have an older car now, so I woke up instantly realizing it was a dream)

    I am glad I have the WiLife security starter kit, and plan on buying more cameras to expand the system. I will be able to reboot after a software update, with the Intermatic Home Settings Unit. The choice is yours. Spend a lot more money, or spend the same amount of money, and get a fuzzy unit.
    Let's see the PC is turning into the ultimate Media Center for recording TV, music, playing DVD's etc, it also doubles as a security center, lighting security control center, and the list goes on. This is all new millennium technology, made practical.
    ...more info
  • Not bad for an introductory system
    Initially I looked at this system and was trying to figure out the best way to use it. One camera only goes so far. We already have an alarm system in our house, so this would be overkill. But, then I remembered our backyard is currently being menaced by our 2 year old lab. So I decided I was going to watch her and see what see does all day.

    So I set up this camera in a matter of minutes. It mounted easily to one of our windows. I positioned the lens, plugged it in and I was off and running. The system works well and yes the video quality is not HD, but that is not what it is meant for.

    As a security system, or monitoring system. You just want it to alert you to an issue and allow you to identify persons or objects on screen. This system does just that. I would definitely reccomend this to anyone who has needs of monitoring an area of their home.

    Watching your pets or children become easy with the motion detection and the ease of setting this up makes it a great bargain....more info
  • Easy setup, exceeded my expectations
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RDDTWAH90Z15G **See update on an actual experience in the comments section**

    I was very surprised to be able to get this video surveillance system up and running in under 15 minutes! For the most part, setup was easy. I installed the software onto my computer. I then plugged in the receiver to an outlet and plugged the other end into my computer. Next I put the camera in the front window above the door and plugged the transmitter into that and into the wall.

    I went to my computer and "wa la", an instant live video feed of the view outside my front door.

    At first this system was recording just about everything since we have a couple of trees out front I found I was having almost continuous recording which is not good if you just want to watch a quick overview of the events in front of your house. So, I went in and set up the motion zones so it would only capture front porch, street, and sidewalk activities. Now, trees and cars across the street don't get needlessly recorded. It's also easy to toggle between full screen video and a smaller screen. So, this little video you're watching can actually be shown full screen for better resolution.

    The wilife system saves every motion activated video clip to a folder on your hard drive for easy access and playback. At the end of the day you can start the video at any point and it will play them back continuously. If you have it fine tuned like I do, it will only take minutes to see every movement in front of your house.

    This system includes one camera, but supports up to 6 if you would like to add more. You can add spy, indoor, or outdoor cameras, they mix and match. For your live view feed, you can watch one, four, or six feeds at a time. It also comes with various mounts including ceiling/wall, suction cup, and stand. 3 stickers were included if you would like to inform would be thieves that your home is protected with video surveillance.

    The camera has a focus adjustment as well to ensure a clear picture. For free, they will also let you remotely view live footage (not playback footage) so you can check on your home or business while you are away. This works on PC's, windows mobile enables wireless pda's, and cell phones.

    If you subscribe to their platinum program for $79 per year, you can also remotely view playback, store your surveillance online, zoom, tilt, and pan your camera. I imagine this would be excellent for business owners.

    Overall I am extremely pleased with this system. My only complaint is that I feel that the zoom/tilt/pan should be included for free, and the online storage/remote playback should cost just a bit less than it does. I think $39-49 is more reasonable. Also, wilife should give some deep thought to offering a $6.95 a month platinum plan. They still end up making the same money but I think many more people will bite $6.95/month versus spending the whole $79 at once.

    My other suggestion, make a small floating mini screen that will show live feed while we are using our computer. Wouldn't you think this feature would be free? Well, you have to have the $79 a year plan for the platinum plan which includes desktop notifications which is just a little box that pops up on your screen showing current activity. This could and should be a standard feature of this system.

    I highly recommend this system if you want to keep your home and business safe. I really had no idea how EASY this was to install and setup, and if you encounter problems, Logitech has 24 hour online and phone support.

    UPDATE: I was sitting in my family room when I noticed a bit of movement in the front of the house. I was looking for the FedEx driver so I could give him a package, but when I got to the door and looked out I didn't see anyone nor did I see a package. So, I went to my computer and pulled up the wilife video and noticed a boy delivering flyers had walked over to the far side of my front porch and left with something small in his hand.

    I looked outside and noticed a bottle or two of makeup was missing from the donation box for the women's shelter so I called the number on the flyer and told them I had the young man on video stealing the makeup. You could clearly see him leave with something small in his hand that he didn't have before, and the only thing missing from the box was a couple of bottles of makeup.

    Then while I was on the phone he actually came back and took about 4 more bottles, based upon the fact that the box was fairly full before and now had a large empty spot.

    Oh, I was mad. What does a 12 year old boy need with makeup? I went driving around the neighborhood and found two of his co-workers also delivering flyers and asked them where I could find the boy and they went and got the Domino's manager (as I found out later) who was driving them around to deliver the flyers. She found him and at first he was not admitting it, then he said he found some makeup in the gutter and threw it back down. Then when I told him I have him on video camera both times he owned up to it and since he no longer had the makeup the manager paid me for the missing makeup and I agreed not to call the police.

    All along I just wanted him to admit his mistake, the money wasn't even an issue. I remember the last time this flyer delivery boy was at the house I think he took something then as well because I opened the door and he ran off looking guilty. I honestly thought he was a poor migrant child since it was during school hours and we live near orange groves. I was heading out to pick up my kids from school that time. Now I realize he took something that time as well based upon his behavior, but to remember the date and go back and watch the video feed is not worth it. Now he was caught and I hope he doesn't do it again.

    Anyway, I'm glad I had the opportunity to review the video camera, it's actually proved quite useful....more info
  • Will not run on Mac
    Please note than when Wilife states that you can view the camera anywhere using your PC. Unfortunately, they do not list that you can ONLY view it using Windows based PC. There is not any software for Macs.

    The camera came packaged well, and obviously had all the components needed for mounting. However, again it will only operate using Windows. Why 4 stars..... The instructions were clear, and it contains all that you would need, but without the it clearly stating that Macs are not supported I couldn't possibly give it 5 stars....more info
  • Can't view on "your" web site
    Not worth the money.
    Very easy to install.
    Can't plug the cameras into a power strip or ups.
    You can't upload to "your" web site.
    You can only upload to "their" web site.
    This makes these cameras almost useless.
    Not a good picture quality.
    Great that the cameras are "inside" your home looking out of the window so they can not be messed with. Bad you can't up load the video to "your own" web site.

    If you have no desire to view your cameras over the web, and you don't need power strips or ups great buy.

    If you want to view your cameras over the web or need power strips don't buy these cameras....more info
    I gotta tell ya. As I sit here on duty, miles away from my family protecting yours, I can't help but feel better about being able to call home and ask for a smile and a wave from my kids and wife every now and then.
    To go from not knowing anything to having the ability to take peak and make sure those crazy kids aren't messing with my xbox360 is worth the money.

    The product is worth it. I've been showing my co-workers the online capability and they are impressed. If unfortuantly the power supply fails as mentioned in some of the other reviews, i'll just buy another one. I'm so glad i made this purchase and the amazon price beats all other prices i've seen online. Don't be discouraged by the comments, i wasn't. Now i can focus even more on this big task at hand of securing our homeland instead of missing out on things going on at home.

    ...more info
  • Best consumer security cameras out there
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RHJI8IX9SG8SJ I have two Wilife LukWerks Indoor cameras. I added the IR nightvision kit to one of them. I bought my first Wilife Indoor Camera a year ago and the second one about 5 months ago. If you get one of these, make sure to download the latest software and firmware from their support website. Based on my experience trying other cameras, the Wilife security camera system is the best available for the price. You would need to leave a computer on 24x7 however. Their hardware is good but the software is exceptionally good. In fact, their software might be one of the top few in the consumer market. These cameras give decent low light performace even without the night vision kit and if you add the night vision kit, you get 20-30 feet in total darkness. You can also set them up to view remotely from another computer and even mobile phones (you might need to set up port forwarding if using a router). You can define motion sentivity levels and motion zones for each camera. This means that the camera will pick up motion only in the areas of screen where you enable the motion zones. If there is any movement in the areas not selected (example tree leaves constantly moving due to wind), the camera won't record the motion and thus saving disk usage.
    The reason I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 stars is that one of my camera power supply failed after about 5 months of use. But their 24x7 customer support is terrific. When I created a support request on their website, I received a response within couple of hours. I communicated with their support via email and this was Sunday night from midnight to about 2am and they promptly responded and after I provided the details, they sent me a link to fill in the RMA form. When I created the RMA request, they shipped me the power supply via FedEx. I had created another support request with them a while ago regarding software issue and had received a prompt response. If only the other electronics manufacturers had such a customer support service. All in all, I would highly recommend their cameras if you are looking for a friendly and fun security system.

    Also check out the video clip captured by this camera included with the review (it might have been resized as part of the upload process). You will see that a delivery guy threw the package instead of hand delivering it and their delivery tracking website said "Left at the door". The Wilife camera video shows how the package was not left but "thrown" at the door!

    I heard that Wilife has been aquired by Logitech but I am surprised that these cameras have not made it to the big box local retail stores yet.

    As mentioned in my review above and mentioned in the other reviews, their camera power supply (costs about $40 to replace if out of 1 year warranty period) has a high failure rate!! I think they need to have a wifi version of cameras in addition to the powerline networking version....more info
  • Nice Idea. Recent Hardware Failures -- Updated 7/27
    I'm lowering my rating to 2 out of 5 stars. Initial review submitted on October 27, 2007. Update July/08. Nice concept. Fairly good camera operation, but lately I've had major hardware failures.

    I own two outdoor cameras and two indoor cameras. Since the cameras use the existing power wires to run the video signal, there seems to be some instances where the signal is interrupted. The camera will flicker off for a few seconds and then flicker back on. I've noticed with the new software updates (I'm running 2.5), the outages have been less. Occasionally, however, I have to "find" my cameras via the software. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When it fails, you need to reboot the camera.

    My indoor cameras had some failures within six months of purchase. BOTH power supply units to the indoor cameras failed. None of the lights illuminated. They were totally dead. Although customer service was friendly, waiting on hold appears commonplace and it took over a week for the replacement to arrive.

    In June, 2008, one of my outdoor cameras failed. I went through all of the steps to problem solve, but it was dead. I called customer service and experienced a first -- rudeness. I know they were bought out by Logitech and it must've affected personnel. Anyway, I went through the steps of getting a replacement. One of the annoying things is that you must wait several days for an "email" from the tech department with the RMA. Then you must SEND your dead camera. When they receive it, they will either fix it or send out a new unit. But in the meantime, you're out a camera for several weeks.

    In early July, 2008, my second outdoor camera failed. It was the exact same type of failure as the other outdoor camera. I'm speculating that it's caused by heat (both failures were during hot summer months) or caused by power fluctuations which is burning out some fragile components within the camera.

    The second camera was purchased thirteen months earlier which is longer than the specified 1 year warranty. However, Logitech DID replace the camera without charge after I sent in the defective unit. So, I was pleased they replaced it even though they technically didn't have to. So, as of this writing, all four of my cameras are working properly. I think I have run my limit on replacements, however, and I don't know what will happen if one of the replaced cameras fails.

    When the cameras work, the image is fairly good. There is no audio - which can be a drawback for some people. Night vision is poor unless you have the night vision kit. I have also noticed that the automatic exposure adjustments on the cameras are VERY slow. One of my indoor cameras is window mounted by the front porch. I have motion lights outside. At night the camera shows total blackness. When a visitor ( or intruder) comes toward the front door and activates the motion light, the camera image shows only white (over-exposed). Over the next 10-15 seconds or so, it will VERY slowly adjust the exposure until it is correct. However, by that time, the intruder or visitor will be inside or have left and the camera would not have been able to record the identification. I found this very disappointing. Daytime is fine, but nighttime is almost useless.

    One of the positives is the remote ability. It is nice to access your cameras from work or another location via the web for "live" viewing. There is now also a paid service whereby you can view "recorded" video from remote locations.

    Overall, I have mixed feelings. The design flaws in the power supplies and the outdoor cameras, the unreliability of using the power wires to send the video, the poor exposure reaction and night vision, counter some of the conveniences and positives. The four-camera system cost me about $1000. With all of the hardware failures and software glitches, I probably could have purchased a more durable system for close to that price. Overall, I'd lower my rating to 2 out of 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • 1st Wireless Camera that Worked
    I tried Luinksys and D-Link and couldnt get them to work. This was up and running out of the box. You can watch the video from your cell phone too. Amazing. Highly reccomend. Keep in mind your PC needs to be on for the camera to work....more info
  • Good camera, Expensive for what you get!
    The camera is pretty good, but you cannot see at night with it. You must buy an IR kit from the company to use in the dark. Should be included with starter kit. Also if you want to use the pan, tilt, zoom you must upgrade the software to Platinum version for $[...] per year fee. Pretty sad, they include features that you cannot use unless you upgrade and pay them for as long as you use the system. It says its wireless, but not really because you have to plug the power adapter into it. Must have an outlet close by. I bought the system from Costco which included 2 cameras for $[...], I took it back the next day because you can get a 4 cam system that works a lot better for that price.Wilife DVS800I LukWerks Indoor Starter Kit...more info
  • the power supply for the indoor cam has design problem (you lucky if you have 4 months use of it)
    I'll update this if their customer service will get back to me. I've been holding for more than 25 minutes now. This is not a company worth dealing with. The customer service group responds quickly but nothing was given except they told me that they knew it is a problem with their power supply!!! So this guy know it is a problem, instead of given RMA number, he give me the number for tech support. 877-585-9397 option 2... 25m and I give up. Time to find a retail store that sell this and do a swap....more info
  • Great Camera
    I have been using my camera for over a month and I can say it works great. Before you buy it I recomend that you go to their website and read the user manaul to make sure it will work for you. One thing is they do not recomend plugging the camera into powerstrips or backup power supplies. I did experience some of the problems mentioned such as loosing connection with the camera and when i upgraded from V1.6 to V2 it would not work at all. After reading the user manual I discovered my problem was the video driver on my computer was outdated once I updated it all of my problems went away and it has worked beautifully ever since.
    If you make sure your computer meets the requirements and is up to date (specifically drivers and realplayer) you will probably not experience the problems mentioned. Quality of the picture is better than i expected and the pan and tilt feature along with the ability to store and review saved video clips is available with the platinum addition however there is a few($79 per year). I found that the free addition meets my needs.

    This system has some very powerfull features and it is easy to use. It is easy to change the sensitivity or the motion zones. So I am amazed that people are having problems with this, I found that to be the easiest thing to change.

    Yes the computer has to be on for the camera to work, remember this is an add on to your computer not a stand alone system. It is true that it does not record sound, I have found that most systems do not offer sound recording either. Maybe this a feature they may consider in the future.

    Overall this product exceeds my expectations and I will be adding more cameras. I have purchased the wide angle lens to get a better view of my parking lot. However, I have not gotten a chance to install it yet. Can't wait to see how much it will improve the view.
    ...more info
  • LukWerks works great.
    Have had this installed for a few days and could not be happier. Have not experienced any of the problems that other reviewers have mentioned. I use this to watch the baby's play area which is near the front door so I can also see who is coming and going. I spend most of my time at work in front of a computer and the remote view is great for checking on the baby throughout the day. Will be adding additional cameras in the near future....more info
  • Excellent security system for home use
    After having our home vandalized by local teenagers (but no proof of the culprits' identities), we decided to invest in a home security system. We found ourselves faced with two unattractive options: either a wired system (which would require significant expense to install) or a wireless system, with its inherent intermittent failures. Neither was appealing. While bemoaning our dilemma, a friend of ours (who happens to be a NASA astronaut) recommended this system. We could not be happier! This system uses the existing electrical lines to transmit the data. So just plug the cameras into a wall outlet, and plug a device into your computer (which is also plugged into a wall outlet). Within minutes, we had a fully functioning system. It is awesome!! I love being able to log into the Internet from work, and seeing a live feed from my home. It truly provides peace of mind! I have not experienced any of the technical issues that other reviewers have described. Yes, your computer does need to stay "on" 100% of the time, but that isn't a problem for me. We now have three cameras installed, and I'm about to add a fourth. Truly a versatile and easy-to-use system. And oh - by the way - the local teenagers have figured out that we have this system. We have video of them staring at the cameras one day .... and they have not bothered us since. Priceless....more info
  • This thing is going back in the box.
    First: You HAVE to have your PC ON 100% of the time or the camera will not work. If you leave town & want streaming video remotely - you HAVE to leave your computer on the whole time or the camera will not work. Hate that.

    Second: The program CONTINUALLY taxes my CPU & I constantly get the message that my virtual memory is too low. My 1 Gig RAM, 2.0 Ghz processor & 64 MEG video card are MORE than sufficient for 1 little camera. But - it SLOWS everything down so much that I cannot use anything while this software is running. Tech support walked me through all the diganostics & NOTHING. No help.

    Third: Video quality SUCKS. Had to change it to 10 or even 5 frames per second w/ 320X240 resolution (pictures stinks) & still kills my pc w/ an ugly picture. Another review said something about not being able to read license plates down the street - UH - I'm lucky to make out large objects - text would be IMPOSSIBLE.

    Fourth: HUGE delay. If I use one for the front door, I better hope someone wants to stand there for 2 minutes while the camera catches up to show me what's going on. I can see what my dogs DID - not what they're DOING. I can also watch myself do things I did 5 minutes ago. POINTLESS. I need LIVE video.

    Fifth: NO SOUND - SUCKS.

    Sixth: No remote control whatsoever. Cannot pan, tilt - nothing.

    Seventh: Camera CONTINUALLY goes black w/out explanation. Have to close out of software and reopen , and then it works again. Kinda hard to do that when you're on the road.

    I did a lot of research on these types of cameras and decided on this based on reviews here and in magazines. I have a feeling the positive reviews are a PR spin & not actual customers. This camera is going back in the box & 2 days of my life spent troubleshooting this stupid thing are gone. Maybe the technology just isn't there yet and it's better to wait until it is. Don't buy this product. It's NOT plug & play & it is definitely NOT reliable. ...more info
  • Has its limitations

    1. Combines the advantages of wireless cameras (no messy, expensive wires) and hard-wired cameras (dependable picture transmission, free of interference).
    2. Price is much lower than traditional surveillance systems. No need to buy a video recorder. Your PC is the recorder.
    3. Recording can be either motion-activated or continuous.
    4. Retrieval of video is easy if you know exactly what time you want to replay.
    5. Camera lens swivels for easily changing the viewing angle, even after mounting the camera.
    6. Mounting hardware includes a desktop stand, a wall/ceiling mount, and a window-pane mount.
    7. Any video frame, live or playback, can be saved to a JPEG file.
    8. Free internet account provides remote access to the cameras (live only, no playback).

    1. Retrieval of video is cumbersome and slow if you want to review a long period of time to see if anything of interest happened.
    2. In the viewing windows, motion (both live and playback) is jerky.
    3. My computer sometimes (about once a week, on average) loses contact with one or all cameras, requiring unplugging and replugging either the camera or the USB connection.
    4. The new "Homeplug" technology that this system uses has some quirks that haven't been ironed out yet. Some wiring systems seem to have more problems with it than others.

    Detailed Review

    There is much to like about this product. I love the convenience of looking out windows through my computer monitor. And setting up an internet account to get the same views while traveling was as easy as checking a checkbox and deciding on a password.

    At first, it was difficult to keep the cameras working. The worst problem was that the power supplies tended to overheat, where their lights are, and cut out. After unplugging and cooling off, they would usually return to duty, but eventually they died completely. This happened twice; each time, WiLife promptly replaced the dead power supply. Then I hit on the idea of setting up little fans to blow on the right side (again, where the lights are) of each power supply. I have submitted a customer image that shows the setup. (See the customer images link near the product photo.) Ever since I started that practice, the WiLife system has performed much better.

    When working, the cameras perform reasonably well. Picture clarity is slightly better than that of my older surveillance cameras, and the field of view is wider. I can watch a car go further down the street, but I still cannot read the license plate. One little complaint: The video, both playback and real-time, is jerky, even though I have set the frame and bit rates to the maximums.

    Regarding the motion detection, I like how WiLife designed the setup. You can draw motion-detection boxes in the viewing area. Outside these boxes, motion will not initiate recording. You can also adjust the sensitivity, i.e., how BIG a moving object will start a recording. You can make it so sensitive that it will record a cat walking through the picture, or so insensitive that it won't even react to a truck. It is true, as one reviewer complained, that there is no middle ground between too sensitive and too insensitive. If you make it sensitive enough to be useful, then a bird flying by, the sun going behind a cloud, a branch moving in the wind, etc., will start a recording. It is still better than not having motion detection. Take advantage of LükWerks motion zones to avoid objects that frequently move in the wind.

    LükWerks shows a bar graph of when it detected motions and therefore recorded video clips. You can click on a mark to replay the video clip for that time. Or you can step through the clips. I have a complaint about this interface. It is slow. There are no thumbnails. You're just looking at a bunch of marks, and you have to replay each clip to see what happened. To be fair, as you step through the marks, you are shown the first picture of each clip, one at a time, and this could be thought of as a crude thumbnail interface. But these pictures are not very helpful because the recordings start three or four seconds before motion was detected. This has the small advantage that the video clip shows the context of the motion -- nothing happening, then motion, then nothing happening -- and the large disadvantage that the thumbnail is useless because it is a snapshot of the first, nothing-happening part. In another system that I use, an array of thumbnails shows WHAT WAS MOVING. If the thumbnail shows nothing of interest, it's because something innocuous, like a tree branch, was moving. Looking at a screen full of thumbnails, I can immediately spot the clip(s) with interesting objects. I have to scroll through several screens of thumbnails, but each screen takes only a few seconds, and I can review a day in five minutes. I would love to see LükWerks provide this type of interface to the video clips.

    11/28/06 update: I just realized that a true thumbnail interface is available by using Windows Explorer to look at the LükWerks video folders. However, as I mention above, most of the thumbnails miss the moving thing that was the whole point of recording the video clip. LükWerks should provide an option to NOT retrieve the pre-motion video. Even better, LükWerks should provide thumbnails that look forward half a second or a second into the motion, thus allowing the moving object to get all the way into the thumbnail. This would miss the occasional bird flying across a corner of the picture, but that is a small loss compared to capturing the vast majority of moving objects in the thumbnails....more info
  • Easy to Install and Easy to Manage
    I love my wilife cameras. I have tried buying other wireless cameras and after spending countless weeks trying to get it to be accessible through the internet, I gave up. My friend read about Wilife in Fortune magazine and I decided to give it a try. First with one camera then I purchased two more. It was very easy to installed. It records well and I am able to use it to check when our employees show up for work and when they leave. It give me great joy to see our employees are honest with their timecards and I am able to see if the office is being left unattended. The biggest plus is the record feature and have it stored on my computer at work for use at anytime. Lukwerks is very good with updating their software if you give them feed back on features you would like to have. I wanted the cam to automatically start when the computer booted up and in a few weeks, I saw a softare upgrade for it. I was very pleased. I am sure there are tons of stuff they can do to make it even better, but I find Wilife cameras to be easy to use and works very well for me. Remember to get the 120 degrees fisheye lense as extras.. they are great and give a wider view of the room. I wish they have an even wider angle lense for the camera and able to record sounds.. That would be awesome..

    ...more info
  • Lukwerks Needs Work
    Nice concept. I offer the following observations -

    The motion detection algorithm results in too much unnecessary recording. Recording of sunrises, sunsets, moving leaves, clouds, and shadows from the trees is very annoying. Experimenting with the adjustment options doesn't resolve the issue.

    I have found on many occasions that the product doesn't record actual human or large object movement. This has occurred with the camera on the same power circuit as the network and computer (i.e. eliminating any connectivity issue).

    On occasion, the product stops recording even when no one uses the computer.

    You have to create and analyze the log data to discover recording errors/glitches.

    The product offers no effective archive feature.

    I suspect there is a glitch in the file allocation resulting in unwanted deletion of video.

    In summary, I wouldn't recommend this product until they resolve some of these serious issues....more info
  • Could not be better - Awesome
    This system is awesome. I tried three other systems first and each had problems. I almost gave up adding video surveillance to my home before LukWerks.

    This is the real do-it-yourself video system.

    I installed the entire system in ~20 minutes, including 2 add-on cameras. The starter kit included everything I needed, local PC control software, camera with 3 mounting options, and an online account for watching my cameras from work. The setup instructions where clear and easy to read.

    The best part is WiLife's use of HomePlug networking. With the "better than wireless" networking I didn't need to run any stupid cables or setup a wireless router. All the video is sent over the AC powerlines. The other systems I tried didn't work because my office is too far away from my front porch and garage.

    My favorite feature is the cell phone alerts.

    My one complaint is the product name, I still can't figure out how to pronounce the name - is it like luck works or luke works?...more info