Wilife DLC810I LukWerks Indoor Add-on Camera
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Product Description

Built-in Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) lets you automatically connect your cameras and PC. Designed for indoors use, the WiLife DLC-810I Indoors Camera can also be used to securely monitor outside using its window mount. Onboard Image Processing Motion detection - up to 16 zones & Auto brightness Resolution Selectable - 640x480 or 320x240 pixels Frame Rate Selectable - 15, 10 or 5 frames/second Illumination - 2 lx minimum per IEC 61146-1 Focus User adjustable Viewing Angle - 80 degrees diagonal Pan Angle - 50 degrees manual Firmware Updates Selectable - Manual or Automatic Voltage - 110 Volts AC, 60 Hz Connector pin out - Per IEEE 802.3 Property Size - Up to 8,000 square feet Power Consumption - 15-Watts Requirements - CAT-5e or better, RJ-45 connectors & up to 120 feet (36 m)

  • Perfect for expanding the coverage of your LukWerks digital video surveillance system
  • High-quality, color video (VGA or QVGA)
  • 400 MHz onboard processor
  • Digital motion detection with secure video transmission
  • No professional installation, just plug in and go
Customer Reviews:
  • Norton Firewall Blocks Video
    Bought it from Sam's. Could not install on Vista with included (dated) software. Went on their website and downloaded software. After a while had it running. Worked fine initially until the computer was restarted. On mine Norton firewall is a startup program - it blocks the camera from being discovered (i did the trusted configuration etc with the ip address of the camera etc - all geek work in spite of non existent documentation anywhere including in the knowledge center on how to get around it). Ironically, wasted ton of time so far trying to circumvent - negated the benefit of easy install.

    Note: Every time i turn off the firewall it works. But how long can you keep firewall turned off? I expected these geniuses to work out some way of getting around firewall during installation or at least have documentation somewhere on what ports to open etc.

    The customer service guy was more interested in getting my e-mail address than solving a problem and was not pleasant. I like the wilife concept - just need to wait for the next gen product perhaps....more info
  • love the concept and software execution but hardware is not relialable
    I love the UI and ease of use of this product but the hardware flakyness is disappointing. First the powerline adapter failed and was graciously replaced by a very good tech support. Now the outdoor camera started to disconnect ramdomly (I had to check twice a day to make sure it was streaming) until it cound not be found for good.

    I am on the fence about buying a replacement camera as quality is just not there. As a summary i think it is a very good concept, great software, very good image quality but it is unfit for a surveillance system from the hardware quality perspective as well as the price the point of replacement units....more info
  • Excellent camera.
    Originally purchased the spy camera kit and added this later. It's great because you can move it anywhere you want. I put mine in the window to monitor my front door. Very happy with this camera and the WiLife system....more info
  • works well plus great support
    I have 2 add-on cameras. One power supply failed just under 1 year from purchase. I contacted Wilife support. It seems that they are owned by Logitech now. They shipped a new power supply to me within 1 week. No hassles, and I didn't have to ship the failed power supply back to them. Great service....more info
  • Excellent product
    If you are looking for an inexpensive security camera this is the way to go. The install is very easy and the picture is great. You can add up to 6 cameras whenever you want. Also allows for remote viewing from any computer. ...more info
  • Patience pays off .....
    I've installed 4 of these cameras at home and 1 at church. Although the initial setup may not always be that easy, once it's done it's relatively maintenance free and easily accessible. More info from the factory on installation problems would be helpful ... but here's what I've found: Camera distance from your computer may result in a weak signal and camera dropping out. In one case I ran an outside parallel 110 Volt line to lessen the line resistance and the camera works flawlessly. Yeah ... it was some trouble ... but I wanted a camera watching the back of my house. In another instance I mounted a camera on the top of an outside "dusk to dawn" light and the electronics in the light interfered with the camera and the camera would not function. I was irritated that the factory did not put out a FAQ on such situation which would have saved me considerable time. This is plain dumb .... as in DUMB! Also dumb is that there is NO information in the setup that you MAY be on the opposite phase of 110 in your Service Box and your camera will not work in this case. However ... an electrician can easily swap inputs so the camera functions normally. Even though I've had some setup hassles I still have to give the cameras a 5 because of the excellent quality of the cameras and the well designed software which is very configurable. I like the fact that it will send me an email OR a picture when it detects motion ... or I can just go to the Wilife site and take a look when I'm at work. My home cameras have been in use since last summer and I could not be more pleased with their reliability to this point. ...more info
  • Standard Add-On Camera for the LukWerks Security System
    Wilife DLC810I LukWerks Indoor Add-on Camera

    This camera is identical to the one that comes with the basic home system. Wilife DVS800I LukWerks Indoor Starter Kit It works nicely with a few reservations.

    1.) You must manually adjust the focus the first time you install this guy
    2.) You have to configure it from the system software in order to disable the lights on the front of the system
    3.) You must have a power outlet available in order to connect this guy
    4.) Your computer must be running to recognize this unit.

    I like these basic cameras, even if they could use a few more included features. Since the cost of the system is mostly in the cameras, this add-on is still somewhat expensive. But for what you get from the Lukwerks system, it's a good value compared to others. After you set it up the first time it runs no problems.


    ...more info
  • Can't view on "your" web site!
    Not worth the money.
    Very easy to install.
    Can't plug the cameras into a power strip or ups.
    You can't upload to "your" web site.
    You can only upload to "their" web site.
    This makes these cameras almost useless.
    Not a good picture quality.
    Great that the cameras are "inside" your home looking out of the window so they can not be messed with. Bad you can't up load the video to "your own" web site.

    If you have no desire to view your cameras over the web, and you don't need power strips or ups great buy.

    If you want to view your cameras over the web or need power strips don't buy these cameras....more info
  • Awesome Camera and Easy to Use
    I love this camera - so far I only have the start up camera - but I found it very easy to use...and the website very easy to navigate. I will be buying more cameras soon!...more info
  • So far so good....
    I purchased the indoor kit and added two additional cameras. The set up time was 15 mins. I was worried it would longer to network things together after bad experiences with home routers and other wireless products.... but these cameras basicially set them selves up.... there was no configuration needed, or IP address fat fingering, no troubleshooting at all which amazed me because EVERY new product I buy needs some troubleshooting to get it to work...... but these three cameras literally plugged in and started working beautifully right out of the box. The camera quality is great, and these things do pick up motion and start recording as advertised.

    I also bought the night vision accessory, but it was a pain to hang up... it doesnt have a suction cup mounting feature like the cameras, you have to drill the night vision thing in... which defeats the purpose and the beauty of the camera system... no drilling! so I basicially taped it to my camera and it works great...

    Im very please with the cameras so far. if anyone had trouble networking these thigns together, than its a problem with their house electrical wires... these things network themselves....more info
  • 15 minute startup???
    Please be extremely wary of the advertised 15 minute startup for this product. I have two computers (laptop and desktop) that are less than two years old and definitely meet all the advertised system requirements for this product. I have spent HOURS trying to get the thing to work without success. I've been on the phone to their customer service. (To their credit, they did answer the call timely and did speak English. They just didn't find a cure for the problems.) I've now sent several analyses of the problem using their format which comes with the software. They've sent several responses with suggestions. None have worked. I'm still trying but at this point all I have is a VERY expensive clock....more info
  • Cameras fail
    I agree. I bought 4 cameras based on Mossberg's review in the Wall Street Journal. Everything worked great for a few months, then the cameras began failing one by one. All are "dead" now. LukWerks "customer service" says they have no repair program once the warranty is up. DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM!! Mossberg - please do a follow-up!...more info
  • 3 out of 4 units broke down less than 4 months of usage
    If you're lucky and talked to one of the honest support person. They know there are problems with their camera. I love it initially. But product is not reliable....more info
  • great surveillance cam
    Very simple to install. The software took a little while for me to get the kinks out because the machine I am using was pretty old, and I had to update to service pack 2 for xp. I installed it first on my vista laptop tho and it installed flawlessly. Its pretty cool to sit at my desk and check on my cameras at home....I recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to install surveillance system....more info
  • easy to use
    No hassles, truly plug and play, wish there were more options like high resolution cameras...more info