Schwinn 17-Function Bike Computer
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Product Description

Improve your workout efficiency when cycling with this Schwinn 17-function bike computer. Designed to attach securely to your handlebar, the computer tracks such info as speed, distance, time, and calories burned, helping you develop an effective workout routine with each ride. The computer is easy to install and includes a backlit screen for crisp viewing.

About Schwinn
Founded in 1895, Schwinn is an American icon that has been synonymous with quality and innovation. They have built some of the best-known and best loved bikes of numerous generations--Aerocycle, Paramount, Phantom, Varsity, Sting-Ray, Krate and Homegrown. Today, Schwinn continues to be a leader in the industry with innovative bikes such as the new Sting-Ray, Rocket mountain bikes, and Fastback road bikes. With a continued dedication to quality, forever synonymous with the Schwinn name, America's most famous bicycle brand looks forward to providing another century of innovation, freedom and performance to people of all ages.

  • 17-function bike computer for improving workout efficiency
  • Attaches easily and securely to your handlebar
  • Tracks speed, distance, time, calories burned, and more
  • Includes backlit screen for clear viewing

Customer Reviews:

  • Useful
    I think it has a lot of useful information like, speed, calories burned, distance, temperature, etc... it takes a little bit to get use to it but it works fine overall. ...more info
  • Very satisfied
    The Schwinn bike computer has made our bike rides a lot more fun. It tells you everything you need to know or want to know about a bike ride. It's very durable(I've dropped it a couple of times). Very easy to install and set up. Very low price too. You can spend a lot more, but why? Highly recommend!
    ...more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    The LED display didn't work very well and the actual settings steps did not correspond to the instructions. I finally just gave up and tossed the device in a box. I'd return it, but since it wasn't very expensive, at all, and the hassle of repackaging and taking it the post office, and contacting the vendor, etc. are all sufficient enough a deterrent to cause me to just consider this a bad purchase. I should have purchased one locally from a Bike shop, so that I could have just more easily taken it back in for an exchange or refund. This was one of those "You get what you pay for" bargains...I paid next to nothing and that's what I received in return. Lesson learned....more info
  • wonderful device!
    READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!Works great! I LOVE THE SCAN MODE!!! Has many functions that are useful for your long trips on the bike.. works very well! Set the magnet on the spokes VERY close to the sensor will make things very easy.
    ...more info
  • Works well once you figure it out
    Instructions are very weak, but if you tinker with it long enough, this was a good purchase. Very low cost and provides the necessary information for bicycling. YOu have to make sure the sensor goes by the magnet at just the right spot or this won't work. However, the "sensor" is actually just a small part of a small piece which you need a magnifying glass to read.

    Overall, I would give it a 4 out of 5. ...more info
  • Easily the best add-on to my bike
    If you have to choose to spend $20 on some add-on to your bike choose this.

    When installed CORRECTLY (which some people have problems with, just read the manual people!) this is a flawless bike computer. It tracks everything you could care about: distance, current speed, average speed, calories, and fat calories burned, etc. It also has a scan mode which rotates through these modes as you're biking so you can look down and see a lot of the data as it cycles (no pun intended) through it's list.

    This let's you bike smarter and with greater access to information corresponding to your overall bike workout. I strongly encourage the purchase of this product....more info
  • excellent addition to a bike

    I second the comments of the top rated reviewer - people really have to read the instructions. You don't have to 'set the clock' every time you want to go out for a ride. Seriously... It's only 2 buttons!!! How can you not understand how this thing works?

    Anyway, I've had mine for about a month and love it. Installation took about 10 minutes. It's far cheaper and has way more functions than other computers out there. That's why I highly recommend this....more info
  • Great speedo
    This little gadget is great! To be fair, the main reason it didn't get 5 stars is that it's not wireless. I started using it about a month ago and haven't had to replace the battery yet as other reviewers have mentioned.

    It's accurate, easy to program and has a lot of functions. No need to worry about starting it as I have with other speedos - it starts when the bike starts moving. Very easy to navigate and set to "scan," my favorite function. Easy to read as well. The only little nitpick I have is that it seems to have a lag in showing the realtime speed of about 2 seconds, but this isn't a big deal. EDIT: I haven't seen any of the power outage issues others have reported.

    I'll be ordering a second one for my other bike now....more info
  • Good Computer - Not So Good Documentation
    Below is my original review written after a short period of ownership. After several more weeks of toying with the computer and figuring out how it works, I have to say it is well worth your money. It offers most everything you could want and then some. Only if you were training would you need more functions. You can use the computer to see how fast, both current and average speed, how far, how much time was spent and how many calories you've burned on your ride. All of which are resettable for your next ride. While at the same time it keeps a running total of how far you've ridden since installing the meter as well as keeping track of the maximum speed you've reached. Great tool and highly recommended even if all you want to know is the time of day.
    I've owned my Scwinn 17 function bike computer for a week or so now. So far the computer has worked flawlessly to bring me details of my rides. It shows tons of info, some most people want to see and a few details the average person won't need. Setting this computer up was probably a bit harder than opening the bubble package, although I don't recall the manual being laid out to facilitate easy mounting. The instructions are scattered and less than perfect but if you have a decent mechanical mind you should be able to figure it out in short order. Once it was mounted learning how to use it and program it was another story. Programming calls for you to measure the tires diameter then multiply that by 3.1416 to obtain the wheels circumference. Fun thing being, the measurement has to be in metrics (millimeters). My 26" tire measured 665mm across the center resulting in a 2089mm circumference. I'm still dabbling in learning how to use the computer and I find I want it to do things I don't think it can do. For instance, after each ride it will show how far you have ridden per the odometer. The odometer can be reset to zero after each ride but I have yet to figure out how to reset the ride "time". I'd love to know info like, I rode 10 miles and it took 40 minutes. But so far my time keeps compounding adding yesterday's ride to todays ride. Not a big deal. Overall I'd say this is a very good bike computer and despite the instructions being a little less than perfect, I would not hesitate to buy another or hesistate to suggest that you buy one either. Good computer....more info
  • Can't beat the price, almost great
    OK, there are 17 functions for $10. That is great but many of them aren't terribly useful. If this had a cadence function it would have gotten 5 stars. I didn't use it in the winter but it has held up well enough in the sun and rain. It seems fairly accurate, my speed matched one of those portable radar signs that tell you your speed. Setup is fairly straight forward if you don't lose the manual. It really is a great deal if you need basic information about your riding. ...more info
  • great price, works great
    1/2 the price of local stores on Amazon. works great. It helps me know the time so I can pedal faster so I'm not late.... & then it tells me just how fast I'm going as I contemplate how I should have left a few minutes earlier, so I could enjoy the ride more. If I wanted to, I could also figure out the fat I'm losing by the calories, I suppose, but I've never been one to count those things... too many better things to be concerned with. I say, just look at your gut.... it will tell u if u already used the fuel you ate yesterday or not. I used this computer for a while now & had no problems. My only complaint is the supposed "backlight"... it is more like a flash of light that displays when u push a button that also sets other features if u are not careful...more info
  • Bike computer for grand kids
    I bought 3 of these for my grand kids. They were easy to install and the kids love them....more info
  • Great computer for the price
    This does absolutely everything you need in a bike computer and was extremely easy to install. It's amazingly accurate, too....more info
  • Bike Computer
    Order delivered as promised through Amazon. The 17-function bike computer is pretty cool. I used the standard wheel settings that were available on the directions and it comes close to measuring distance that I measured with my car. It has more options that I needed since all I care about was distance, time, speed, and trip time. I replaced the small cable ties that came with the bike computer with larger 8" cable ties since I use it on a mountain bike and the vibration seemed to affect the performance of the product. Once replaced everything was fine. It does have a back light that can be activated and the odometer can be reset if it ever gets wiped out. Also, all reviews written by everyone else was abig deciding factor to purchase....more info
  • Pretty good...
    This bike computer has lots of useful functions on an easy to read screen. Installation was a breeze. The only problem I had was that the default settings suggested in the manual did not work well. The odometer was off by over 1000 feet per mile. I used my GPS to "dial it in". The manual included a conversion formula but it was only good used with Millimeters and my tapes only measured inches. So this would get 5 stars if not for that problem. However now that I have figured out the correct code for the wheel input, I am going to purchase a second unit for my wife. For all its functionality, the Schwinn Bike Computer is a great value for the money....more info
  • Terrific Schwinn Bike Speedometer
    This is my third Schwinn Bike Computer (Speedometer). Schwinn 17-Function Bike Computer The only reason I got this one is to replace a 12 function model that was a great little speedometer, but got broken during a move a couple of years ago. I still have one of that model on my wife's bike.
    I must admit that Schwinn's instructions seem to get a little more vague with every model they come out with, but the unit isn't all that difficult to set up once you figure out what they're talking about in their setup manual and since I managed to set it up I won't lower my rating for that as long as it works like it should.
    As mentioned by a few others in the reviews, the spacing of the sensor is really extremely critical to proper functioning of the unit. So is inputting the correct tire size so you won't be registering 65mph when you're only doing 5mph!
    Overall, I find the speedometer to be every bit as accurate as the 12 function model was, which was really great, with the addition of 5 more functions. I like the added feature of the temperature readout here in Arizona where I do my riding. I enjoy knowing just how miserable I am from the heat! It seems to be within a degree or so of any other thermometer I have checked it against.
    I started biking again after a hiatus of over 2 years to try ridding myself of excess weight I put on after I quit smoking and just for the enjoyment of cycling again, so it doesn't hurt that it gives me an idea of calories burned either.
    I can easily give the Schwinn 17 function Bike Computer a 5 star rating as it does everything Schwinn claims and does it very well! Unlike some others who rated it lower than 5 stars simply because they didn't know for sure how long it would last, I have never had a problem with the longevity of Schwinn products, so it gets 5 stars from me!
    Once again, take the time to properly measure your tire and correctly space the spoke sensor and you should love this unit!...more info
  • Rating of 5: Easy install, Low cost and Exceptional Performance
    Just recieved the product today. It did not take me long at all to put it on the bike. (Just got the bike last week from 'Schwinn Prelude') You do have to get the magnet lined up almost perfectly with the sensor in order for the speedometer to work, though that only took about 3 seconds of tinkering to get it just right. I like the displays, very good for the price, would recommend @ $10 to anyone else who was looking for one of these. zip-ties are not even that noticeable, it comes packaged with white zip ties....more info
  • Pretty good.
    It was a bit of a hassle setting it up. Apparently both the magnet and the pick up sensor have to be in line with each other (there is a little pointy arrow thingy on the sensor that tells you were the magnet needs to pass through) and that took me a while to figure out. Otherwise the installation took about 20 min.

    It would only have taken 10 if I knew they had to be in line and less than 1 cm appart....more info
  • Exceptional!!!
    Bought this product this summer and it works great.

    It is easy to install, comes with instructions. It gives the speed accurately. One of the best thing, is that the monitor can be removed from the handlebar anytime. That's nice if you park your bike outside.

    I would recommend everyone to by it....more info
  • Good for estimating speed and distance, but nothing else
    When you set this thing, its best to measure the outside circumference of your tire using a tape measure then convert this to mm for the "wheel factor". For example Bontrager 700 x 35C tire has an outer diameter of 2197 mm.

    If you try to cheat this by multiplying pi times twice the outer radius you will get an error that will very quickly accumulate even on short rides (I observed an -11% error with both the speed and distance traveled).

    Once this is set, decide on km/hr or mph and fill in the rest of the setup. Afterwards, take the bike on the road for a few miles then check with Google Maps or your car's odometer to see if your distance traveled is reasonable. That is how I was able to determine the distance error.

    The calorimeter is off by -25% on average. You're best off using the formula:

    CalBurned = Hours x 60 x (-55.0969 + (0.6309 x AvgHeartRate) + (0.1988 x Weightlb x 0.45359237) + (0.2017 x Age) )/4.184

    [from "Prediction of energy expenditure from heart rate monitoring during submaximal exercise", L. R. KEYTEL, J. H. GOEDECKE, T. D. NOAKES, H. HIILOSKORPI, R. LAUKKANEN, L. VAN DER MERWE, & E. V. LAMBERT that was published in the Journal of Sports Sciences.] to find a better estimate of calories burned.

    I reccomend the blue Nike triax C8 Heart Rate monitor to help you out with this. A reasonably accurate way to find max heart rate is

    MaxHR = 205.8 - (0.685 x Age)
    [Journal of Exercise Physiology (2002)]

    One final note: the time recorded by this computer is the total time in motion, so if you stop for traffic or breaks your average speed isn't greatly effected....more info