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Chicken Little
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Chicken Little has a difficult time convincing the town people of Oakley Oaks that the sky is really falling due to an earlier claim that turned out to be a false alarm.
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Media Type: DVD
Artist: DISNEY
Street Release Date: 02/06/2007

A classic fable gets fused with War of the Worlds in Disney's Chicken Little. In the small town of Oakey Oaks, young Chicken Little (voiced by Zach Braff, Garden State) struggles to live down the embarrassment of having once thought the sky was falling. But when he gets struck again by a hexagonal, sky-camouflaged, hi-tech doohickey, he and his friends Ugly Duckling (Joan Cusack, School of Rock), Runt of the Litter (Steve Zahn, Sahara), and Fish Out of Water discover that aliens are preparing to invade Earth--but since no one believed Chicken Little the first time, why would they believe him now? Though kids will enjoy the bright whizz-bang action sequences of Chicken Little, discerning parents will find the movie tedious. Technically, it has the computer animation quality of Pixar--but with none of their intelligence, heart, or simple storytelling skill. The basic idea of connecting the fable to aliens is amusing, but the script routinely bogs down in clumsy father-son issues that seem like material edited out of Finding Nemo. The jokes rarely have anything to do with the characters, but are mostly pop-culture references that are sadly out of date. The action sequences were obviously created with the inevitable video game in mind, for which the movie is little more than an advertisement. Chicken Little falls flat. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than I thought it would be BUT
    An OK Disney film.

    I did not think it was as bad as I had heard it was supposed to be.

    Made the story for today's audience, other wise getting points of view across not an enjoyable story to live through the ages & can be enjoyed by an audience 20 or 30 years from now, just for today`s audience. Reminds me of Brother Bear.

    A BIG disappointment , however, was the LACK of a Disney soundtrack. What I mean here is rerecordings of older pop songs. That was a shame.
    ...more info
  • Fun movie
    A good movie for kids. Not as good as others like Cars or Nemo, but still fun nonetheless....more info
  • I enjoyed more than I thought I would
    It was a cute modern update of a classic children's story. The pop culture references in it was funny. I liked the character of Abby Mallard (Joan Cusack) and wonder why they didn't put her on the cover instead a the porcupine (Fonzie type character) who had only in the movie a few brief moments. I wish Joan would do more movies because she amuses me. The one character that annoyed me was the Fish Out Of Water with Runt Of The Litter second. Neither bothered me too much or I wouldn't have liked the story at all considering they were major characters.

    This is a good movie for kids and adults who want to escape reality for awhile.
    ...more info
  • great twist on a fairy tale
    It is an excellent twist on the fairy tale about the chicken and the falling sky. It is worth watching....more info
  • Unwatchable
    This movie came highly recommended to me and my family. We shut it off after 25 minutes, collectively bored and unhooked. I, myself, was quite irritated with the voices. The animation was incredible, and very creative. There were a lot of cool ideas going on in the town. However, as I mentioned before, the voices were very annoying. It didn't make sense. The animal children had voices of adults. ANd the father of Chicken Little had the voice of an extremely elderly man. It didn't make any sense. My daughter was bored and asking for the "Witch Movie" aka "The Wizard of Oz" so we gladly put that on for her. Imagine that, a toddler today wanting a movie from 1939 instead of this. That says something. There are some cute and fun parts to this movie, however overall it just doesn't hold the interest of a child or an adult. The action sequences were so boring we fast forwarded through them. Imagine that. The animation is good, the story and characters are bad....more info
  • Rated G? Not appropriate for kids!
    This movie is not at all appropriate for children to view. I bought it for my 5 year old daughter as a gift. Shortly into the film I found several mature references. If you care about what your kids watch and are being fed through movies, then stay clear of this DVD. ...more info
  • minor league but cute at times

    The animated film "Chicken Little" takes the classic story of the tyke who thought the sky was falling and turns it into a parody of "War of the Worlds," "Independence Day" and "Signs," with a little of "E.T." thrown in for good measure. Chicken Little, an undersized nerd who doesn`t fit in with most of his more athletically-inclined classmates, becomes the laughing stock of the town when he announces one day that he has been hit on the head by a piece of falling sky. The full-scale rejection seems to extend even to his own father, whom Chicken Little senses is trying to distance himself from him. As a result, the little tyke goes on a quest to gain his dad's acceptance by doing something that will make the old man proud of him. Eventually, this will mean making the world safe from invading aliens bent on taking over the planet.

    "Chicken Little" doesn't have all that much to offer the sophisticated adult, but young children should be entranced by its adorable central character, its frenetic action scenes, its colorful animation, and its universal theme of parent/child relationships. The movie reveals its laziness by utilizing famous pop songs to serve as commentary on the action, but the final scene is a genuinely funny jab at the kind of romanticizing of reality one finds in Hollywood movies "based on a true story."

    This isn't in the big league of animated treasures, but it scores pretty well in the minors. ...more info
  • For a younger audience, but still engaging and worthwile
    Disney's Chicken Little is a fun adventure of a misunderstood chicken who has a hard time getting his father to be proud of him. My first viewing of this film was a little underwhelming - I was expecting a little more "realism" than "looney toon", keeping in mind all of the great Pixar movies that Disney's released. However, my second viewing was much more enjoyable. While the humor of the movie is much more Saturday morning cartoon, the message is aimed at both adults and children - kids: be yourselves and parents: be proud of your kids for who they are.

    The movie is exciting and hilarious, with some great voice acting from the likes of Zach Braff (Scrubs), Don Knots, and a hilarious end-movie parody with Adam West. Being a blu-ray movie (and on top of that, a DISNEY blu-ray movie), this picture quality is superb. Every feather in Chicken Little's face is finely detaile. Memorable scenes such as the baseball scene, where dozens of farm animal spectators line the seats around a grassy field stand out, as does the alien invasion at the end of the film. Sound quality leaves a little to be desired - my 5.1 surround system wasn't used as well as in other animated movies such as Ratatouille. Extras-wise: deleted scenes, making-of's, and commentaries are the order of the day. You really can't complain.

    Overall, this is an excellent movie that clocks in at a blazing fast 80 minutes. No sitting through the time consuming adventures of Remy the Rat (no disrespect to Ratatouille, but it dragged in parts), and plenty of time for everyone in the family to sit an enjoy an old episode of Looney Toons...erm, Chicken Little with a deep message. Oh, and the fish is the greatest animated character in recent memory....more info
  • Chicken Little
    This is a great movie for adults as well as kids. I have seen it 5 times and always will watch again when my grandkids watch it. As soon as it starts we are glued to the screen. My only complaint is one song that could have been left out called, Do you want to be my lover. Enough said.
    ...more info
  • It's Tough to Be a Little Chicken
    Chicken Little (voiced by Zach Braff) is runt who falls into the category of unpopular people. Unfortunately, Chicken Little compounds his problems by claiming the sky is falling on him without any proof. Worse, it appears that an acorn may have fallen on Chicken Little's head. Even Chicken Little's friends Runt of the Litter (voiced by Steve Zahn), Abby Mallard (voiced by Joan Cusack), and Fish Out of Water (with the cleverly bubbled voice of Dan Molina) struggle to deal with Chicken Little.

    For a long time the town refuses to forget Chicken Little and his crazy idea that the sky is falling. But through an accident, Chicken Little becomes the town hero and suddenly the whole sky is falling incident is forgotten; until it happens again.

    Suddenly a cutesy movie about childhood angst turns into "War of the Worlds," with less violence. How can the Earth be saved from the alien invasion? I guess those people in town are no longer laughing at Chicken Little's assertion that the sky is falling. Maybe next time they will listen; probably not.

    This movie is a cute little film with creative and clever animation. There are some places in this movie where this movie makes me recall the wonderful Bugs Bunny cartoons of the early 60's. I liked this movie. This movie is a relatively minor effort for Disney, but it is fun to watch and I would definitely watch it again. I know this movie has received a number of negative reviews, but the reviews provide me with insufficient explanation of why the reviewers dislike this movie.

    This movie is generally family friendly with the exception of the youngest members of the family. Some images in this film may frighten members of the family ages 3 or 4 and below.

    Disney is unable to create an instant classic each time it releases a movie. This movie is quite far from being a classic. However, it is an enjoyable film that I found entertaining. I think fans of classic cartoons might find this film enjoyable. Given the range of reviews, you may wish to rent this one before buying.

    Good luck!
    ...more info
  • Satisfied
    This movie is so cute! The movie arrived on time and works great. I would make another purchase from this seller....more info
    Well folks it appears that the quickly failing Disney has laid a smelly, horrendous, piece of s*** to ruin the lives of many people. Chicken Little is absolutely terrible and everything went wrong. The whole movie feels diseased and if you go near it you will likely get a glimpse of hell and see what awaits you. Everything, yes everything about this movie sucks. The story sucks, the characters really, really, really suck, the humor sucks horribly, and the visuals aren't even that impressive. I absolutely could not stand this horrible movie and was barely able to stomach the horrors that lie beneath its cutesy looks. It also made me wonder how the people who made this movie were allowed to make movies because they really suck, and should be incarcerated for this travesty which is basically the gateway to hell. Not even kids should watch this movie because there is no good or fun to be seen in it. This wave of terrible animated films is like the black plague and like the black plague, they continue to come....more info
  • Very funny!
    My little boy loved this movie and that's the best review I can give....more info
  • The sky is falling
    I like to deciate this movie review of Chicken Little to Don Knotts who sadly passed away earlier this year, and he leaves up by provding voice work in Chicken Little. Last year Disney added this movie to thier long list of Disney animated movie, and with this one, I mean the movie is cute like the others that came out this decade, but will they ever live up to the classic Disney animated movies? But if you liked the newer Disney animated movies you might like this, even through this was panned by the movie critics, don't listen to them, what do they know? But it does seem to me that they are around to try to save us from spending money on movies they deemed to be bad.

    The movie beings with Chicken Little (Zach Braff) ringing the bell on top of a school, and all the town's residents comes running, where he warns them that the shy is falling, and of course they don't believe him, and his father Buck Cluck (Garry Marshall) doesn't believe hikm either, and advises the town residents that his son was hit on the head by a acorn. And he advises his son to lay low. A year later he is still the laughing stock of the town, and a new movie called Crazy Little Chicken is set to open in the nearest movie theatre. His pals are Fish out of Water (Dan Molina), Runt of the Litter (Steve Zahn) and Abby Mallard aka the Ugly Duckling (Joan Cusack). And there is a neighborhood bully named Foxy Loxy (Amy Sedaris). He gets in trouble at school, and his father is called in, and in the hallway listening through the bit open door, Chicken Little learns that his dad was the town's star in baseball, which Chicken Little wants to make his father proud of him, which gets him the idea of askiung his father to sign up for baseball. And even becomes the hero of a ballgame, when he coach advises him to not swing the bat, and walk, but on 0-2 pitches, he gets a hit, and being surpised, goes around the bases while the outfielders are having trouble with the ball. The mange to get the ball, and throw to homeplate, when it looks like he is out, the umpire dusks off homeplate, to find Chicken Little's foot on homeplate, and chages the call to safe, and that is the winning run in a 15-14 game. And shortly after that he is hit again for real by a peice of a space ship, that falls in the house, and in his room and hits him on the head. He doesn't tell his father, but gets his friends out of a karaoke party, and he tells him, and next thing they know the fish out of the water is taken prisoner, and well I am not going to revel what will happen next, I think I have given away enough already.

    In Loving Memory

    Don Knotts
    July 21, 1924-Febuary 24 2006 ...more info
  • "I'd Like to See the Movie They Make About You Now."
    We all know the story of Chicken Little (Zach Braff), the poor little chicken who tried to warn the town that the sky was falling only to have it turn out to be an acorn. But what happened to him after the story ended? That's what this movie tells us.

    Turns out that Chicken Little is in middle school. His exploits of a year ago are an embarrassment to his father, Buck Cluck (Garry Marshall). And the fact that there are commemorative plates and an upcoming movie based on the story haven't done much for the father/son relationship.

    Despite Buck's constant pleas, Chicken Little is determined to prove his worth to his father. And, just as he's about to put the whole sky is falling nonsense behind him, it happens again. What should Chicken Little do this time?

    Okay, let's get the bad out of the way right now. Yes, the story is a little slow in the first half and a little weird and frantic in the second half. And that second half might scare kids until they learn what is really happening. But there really is so much to love.

    Even though the first half is slow, there are so many wonderful gags in it. Chicken Little's friends like Fish Out of Water and Runt of the Little are a hoot. One scene has a background joke I love. And once the sky falls a second time, things really pick up. As I said, it goes off in a weird direction, but they manage to make it work. This isn't something serious, but it is fun, and that's all that truly matters. Having said that, there is an important moral about parent child communication that gets a tad preachy at times. I don't mind too much.

    No, this isn't a grand slam. But it is plenty of fun to entertain the young and young at heart....more info
  • Disappointing
    I was very disappointed with this one. I was expecting a smart movie full of imagination and beautiful animation. Well, the animators did a great job, but the writing was really bad as was the direction. Most of the characters I didn't care about. The rest were just annoying. Like the pig. I was bored all through this movie....more info
  • A Little Too Little "Chicken Little"
    There was a time in the not so distant past when I looked forward to most animated features. With the resurgence of Disney starting in the late 80's through the dominance of Pixar, a new boon in the animated age was begun. And many of the products that rolled out were instant classics. Now some years later, there are a plethora of animated features being released yearly geared toward the kiddie market. But, as in most things, having more options doesn't equate to having better choices.

    Thankfully, "Chicken Little" isn't one more "talking-animals-out-of-their-element" pictures! It's an odd blend of sci-fi with the Chicken Little story. So, I give it credit for a bit of originality in its concept--but, sadly, it's only intermittently funny.

    On a scale ranging from the dreadful, completely misguided "Valiant" to the sublime, smart and clever "Finding Nemo"--you'll find "Chicken Little" smack in the middle. It's sweet and entertaining enough for the little ones, but not nearly smart enough to engage a grown up audience. A likable cast including Zach Braff, Don Knotts and Joan Cusack with an occasional chuckle elevate the somewhat staid material to 3 stars. KGHarris, 10/06.
    ...more info
  • great family fun with small caution
    Chicken Little is a great movie with wonderful animation and catchy songs. It's about not giving up, and believing you can make it even when you're very small. Kids can definitely relate and the ending is superb. Watch it with your little people in case they have questions. There are enough gags in the film to make grownups laugh too. One note of caution, for some reason I don't know why Hollywood feels the need to pander to the homosexuals by putting an acknowledgment scene in every single movie. It's so incredibly annoying. Chicken Little is no different, although the homosexual references are not as overt. The character Runt of the Litter is decidedly anti-male. There's a reference to his Streisand collection being taken away as punishment, and Runt does a duet to an Elton John/Kikki Dee song at the end. Disney backpedals on the issue, because later you see Runt of the Litter hooking up with the transformed formerly anti-female character Foxy Loxy. Foxy Loxy is the quintessential dyke/bully/jock whose lackey Goosey Loosey does her dirty work. All in all, if you can overlook that part, it's actually a good movie. You'll enjoy it, and the kids won't get the sick stuff unless you point it out. ...more info
  • Sci-Fi Chicken
    He said the sky was falling
    They thought it was a joke
    They taunted and they teased him
    And they laughed when' ere he spoke

    Only a tiny acorn
    His father did attest
    He was ashamed his little son
    Had caused the town unrest

    Shunned by all except his friends
    He prayed for just one shot
    to prove what he was really worth
    and please his dad a lot

    He hit a homer, won the game
    became a minor hero
    but then the sky fell down again
    and set him back to zero

    It's then the movie takes a turn
    In comes from outer space
    Invaders from War of the Worlds
    To vaporize the place

    Then it's Chicken to the rescue
    A plucky little bird
    We go from so-so CGI
    To blatantly absurd

    Though kids will like the cartoon
    The music seems so wrong
    Elton John and Kiki Dee
    And Gloria Gaynor's song?

    Some parts are geared to older folk
    While some are for much younger
    If you are starved for cartoon fare
    This one won't quench your hunger

    Amanda Richards, September 1, 2006
    ...more info
  • Chicken Little Falls Flat
    The movie is boring. Not done in the Walt Disney tradition. Bambi is a classic movie where actual children voices (not actors) portrayed the young animals. Chicken little voice was of an adult and not of a child. Walt Disney if he were alive would not approve....more info
  • Delightful, good lessons
    This movie is very entertaining for my 3 yr. old grandson, and for his grandparents as well. The story is easy to follow, moves along to keep our attention, and the characters are endearing.

    There are morals to the story, like, don't doubt yourself, stick with your good friends, parents aren't perfect, etc. There are lots of quick comments and jokes that keep us amused (through the many replays).

    I'd recommend it to anyone with children....more info
  • CHICKEN LITTLE: Keep your expectations little and you might be able to enjoy it....
    I hear these movies take 3 to 5 years to make. That would make one assume that the script would consist of more than drawn-out stuttering, lame jokes, old songs and every cliche known to man repeated over and over. Now I like kiddy movies. I do. I thoroughly enjoyed Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and the Shrek movies. They were witty, humorous, intelligent and cleverly made to play to all ages. Not so with Chicken. The plot needed to either hold together or entertain - both preferably, but it suceeded in neither.
    While the animation was very good, they overdid facial expressions and gestures, as if proud of themselves for their abilities. Rightly so, but subtlety is what makes it look real, believable.
    The main problem I saw was lack of originality. They had obviously been watching Nemo and Shrek in the key moments of script and plot writing. But the father/son motif fell short of moving and wandered into the painful-to-watch relm. The "sly" allusions to other movies were not only outdated, but presented in such a "please laugh hysterically now" fashion that I simply rolled my eyes.
    Kids will like it, but kids like Scooby Doo and Herbie too.
    With such creative characters and invenite plotlines as Nemo, Incredibles and Shrek, I would have been more than a little chicken releasing this foul mess. ...more info
  • A Wingful of Fun!!!
    I was pleased with this one. It was a lot of fun. I liked how they used popular songs to spice up the plot-line a bit. I thought it was cute to watch a huge hog sing Wannabee, by the Spice Girls. That was pretty funny.

    The story kind of fell a bit midway through. Seems like the writers ran out of gas and ideas. But it concluded well.

    MC White said: Two Wings Way Up!
    ...more info
  • Lot of loud noise but in the end a very loose story.
    Take Pixar, take anyone of the Shrek movies, you will find a professionalism that makes these films so enjoyable. Chicken Little on the other hand is amateurish. The storyline is jerky and incoherent. I was looking for a good movie but this is one is for kids Ages 3-6. that's all folks....more info
  • Disney's worst movie to date!
    This movie was a spin off of the "don't cry wolf" story. Chicken Little claims the sky is falling, just to be shunned when it turns out it's not. Eventually, the sky IS falling, and no one believes Chicken Little. The trailer lead me to believe this was going to be a great movie, however, the only funny/good scenes were the ones from the trailer. My recommendation is to save your two hours, and $5 (what this movie goes for quite frequently at various places, as it is awful) and watch the trailer, but skip the movie....more info
  • Awesome HD, great movie for kids.
    My kids love this movie and were blown away when they saw it in HD....more info
  • Maybe for the kids but definitely not for me
    Being a parent, I like being able to sit through a movie with my kids and be entertained. Or even mildly entertained. I don't want to sit through a movie with my kids and start cringing with embarassment, which is what I experienced with this movie. The music is terrible- lots of "nostalgic", goofy songs possibly meant to be funny but just end up being annoying and ridiculous (C+C Music Factory and Spice Girls??!!!) Come on, those songs were never even good to begin with and don't need to be resurrected for a new generation.
    And all the modern humor (kids jumping on their cell phones) and pop-culture references seem like desperate attempts to make parents laugh, not kids.
    My kids seem to enjoy it a little, but this is not a movie that will make it into their "Let's watch..." category.
    I will be glad to return it to the person who let us borrow it....more info
  • Sweet!
    Chicken little is sweet! in blu-ray.It was the first blu-ray I got.With its 1080p pristiene piture and theater quality sound and nice bonus features it is EXALENT!.The alien Invaison game is fun and the bonus features are wonderful.(blu-ray movies can only be played on blu-ray players, blu-ray computers,and the PLAYSTAION 3.P.S. you should buy this....more info
  • "Chicken Little" is likely to be forgotten the moment the credits roll.
    The kid's fined this enjoyable but not as much. I fear that there aren't many good storytellers left at Disney Feature Animation, and there didn't seem to by any present for the making of "Chicken Little". The story itself, chronicling the tales of the title character proving to his community that he is not a failure, was a good enough premise. Though it wasn't executed well at all. Instead of solid, premise-building scenes where it's main characters interact well with others (and get the viewers laughing along the way), we get a sappy, melodramatic mini-soap with voice actors who don't have a good script...followed immediately by, more times than I'd care to recall, potty humor gags.

    This 3D animated movie also presented itself with "Madagascar", "Robots" and "Valiant", that same year. Many companies are trying to prove their movie-making chops to us movie-goers. They can make a very beautiful looking movie, with wonderfully rendered characters that can move so fluidly and realistic...but the very vital element of sharing a good story is missing in action. It's my belief that a great story without great animation will be a much better movie than one that looks great, but has a weak story. Though, both elements are what made Pixar's "The Incredibles" an Oscar-contending, $265 million hit. Computer animation is, indeed, not the shoe-in, cure-all solution to a great movie.

    All in all, I believe "Chicken Little" is a failure that I define as hot having a good story to match its sweet computer animation. In Disney's quest to prove that they are still the "Best of the Best," movies like this will prove to the world that they are merely the best of the rest. And we all know that it's not the Disney we grew up on and cherished.
    ...more info
  • Just plain bad
    I am still waiting for these studios to learn that going out and buying a bunch of computers and graphics software does not make you Pixar.

    The characters are drawn badly, their movements are ruff and awkward, and the story line is uncreative and dull. ...more info
  • Old Tale, New Twists
    One day Chicken little gets hit in the head by a flat blue thing with a cloud on it. He tries to alert the community to the fact that the sky is falling. But when he tries to offer proof he can not find the piece of the sky and it is believed he was hit by an acorn. This shame of this sticks with him for a full year with even a movie being made. Chicken Little just wants to forget the incident even though he knows he was right. But then it happens again and he keeps the piece of sky which is able to blend in to its surroundings. He then enlists the help of his friends Runt, Ugly Duckling, and the Fish Out of Water. It is Fish who makes a startling discovery and disappears into the sky.

    The sky is not falling but pieces of a space ship are. The friends manage to get on the ship and find Fish, but not before setting in motion horrific events. The aliens are attacking and they are angry. Soon a huge armada is sweeping over the town and everyone is in a panic. But Chicken Little manages to figure out what is really going on. Now all he has to do is convince his befuddled father what has to be done in order to stop the invasion and save the town. In the end it all works out and Chicken Little is vindicated and light is shed on his claim of the previous year.

    This was pretty good and relatively cute. It was a nice take on the classic story and manages to pull of the whole alien invasion thing without being too scary. But amongst the silliness, action and unusual characters there are real issues being dealt with particularly in the relationship between Chicken Little and his father. A star studded cast supplies the voices to add the final bit of polish to the work. This was not the movie I expected from the preview but it worked and it worked well. A good story that is appropriate for just about anyone except the very sensitive (there are a couple of scary-looking alien machines). Check it out....more info
  • why o why?
    First I will start with the positive, and there are
    whole lot of it. First of all, the movies very funny. I can't tell you how many times I burst out laughing during the movie. The story is also good. During the beginning and middle of this film I really had a good time. Finally, the endless stream of mediocre animated movies was ended. But what really got me annoyed and brought this movies rating down to a three was the ending and more specifically, Chicken Little's dad. In the beginning of the movie, although I had a good time, I was really ticked off by how he acted. He really didn't care all that much about his son. But that was not really important so I let it go. Wear the movie really starts to go down the hill is the scene that Chicken Little is in the theater with his dad and tells him that he's never their for him. The scene is all right until the end of it when Little's dad says, "this is crazy wonderful, just tell me what you need me to do". From their on it is corny line after corny line all the way to the end and if there is one thing I can't stand, its corny lines. None of the old Disney classics had corny lines, so why do the new ones have them? There is no excuse. Not only that, but the dad at the end takes the supporting his son a little too far. Support is fine, but when he starts asking his son what they should do in life and death situations, that are wear I have a problem. And one more thing. The scene that Chicken Little is on top of the school with ferby, his dad gets stuck and wants him to turn back. But Chicken Little yells back "you have to let me do this dad" to which his dad replies "all right son". This scene is obviously stolen from Finding Nemo. But I guess nobody but me noticed. ...more info