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Sylvania DOT-it Self-Adhesive Bright White Black LED Light
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Product Description

The Sylvania DOT-it Black Self-Adhesive Bright White LED Light can stick and re-stick practically anywhere. DOT-it lights are small enough to fit in your pocket and can stick to a variety of surfaces, including fabric, leather, plastic, glass and fiberglass. Use them anywhere you need light: in your car, in your home, where you play, where you work or with your kids. Just a press in the center turns a DOT-it light on and off. Peel off the adhesive backing and stick it wherever you need light. Leave on the adhesive backing to carry it like a flashlight. They feature a wireless, portable design you can use at home or on the go. Lights include three replaceable AAA batteries that provide power for about 100 hours of bright, white LED light. The LEDs inside DOT-it lights will last for years. Three replaceable AAA batteries are included.

  • Can stick and re-stick practically anywhere
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket; sticks to a variety of surfaces, including fabric, leather, plastic, glass and fiberglass
  • Feature a wireless, portable design for use at home or on the go
  • Lights will last for years
  • Lights include 3 replaceable AAA batteries for about 100 hours of bright, white LED light

Customer Reviews:

  • Light is OK, but doesn't stick as advertised
    I purchased one of these lights because the cargo area of my wife's Xterra doesn't have a built-in light. I tried sticking the light on various plastic surfaces back there, but it always falls off. The light itself is great... really illuminates the back of the SUV when I'm trying to find something at night.

    Good idea, but needs a little more work... maybe a mountable base that the light can snap into?...more info
  • Perfect for dark entry way
    I've been using the Dot It for a year. I put it up on my inside front door because the foyer has no light or heat, so I needed something that could stand up to some extreme temps. It works like a dream. Enough light to see the keyhole, find my keys and to see the black cat if he's sneaked out. The batteries are still going strong, and it has survived sub-zero temps and over 100 degrees with no problem. This is not a reading lamp, it is a little light, but if that's what you need, it's perfect!...more info
  • Not as useful as I thought
    I bought this thinking it would be so useful for my walk-in closet, but it's only slightly useful.

    It doesn't light up nearly enough area for me and because it doesn't swivel/pivot, I can't focus the light in another location once I've placed it. I decided to try it in another part of my house and stuck it on a painted wall. I didn't think that when I removed it, it was going to take big chunks of paint with it. Now I have a paint touch-up project. Doh!

    On the positive side, it is pretty well constructed. The surrounding face seems to be made of metal as opposed to plastic (mine's already got a dent in it, but it's better than a crack). I've removed it and reset it several times already and it keeps on sticking....more info
  • Lights!
    If you need a spot light this works great, don't expect to get a big area lit. Kind of like a night light only brighter...more info
  • Smaller than I expected
    I thought these lights would be good for my daughter to put in her dorm room locker so she could see her clothes without turning on the overhead light and awaking her roommate. Unfortunately, they're a little too small to serve for this purpose. They'd be better used as a path light to the bathroom, for example. ...more info
  • Great light!
    It's perfect for when the electricity goes out. It doesn't put out a ton of light, but it's not supposed to light up the room. After going through Katrina, I've put them all over my house....more info
  • The push button mechanism is little stiff
    Works exactly as advertised. I found the button slightly stiff, however, it's quite handy in my closet....more info
  • Self-Adhesive, you bet!
    Item looks exactly like picture. Poor design in that it you use self-adhesive back and fasten light to a surface, you cannot change batteries without ripping lamp off surface. And then what? Can you re-stick it? I haven't tried that yet. Also, light is not very bright and should only be used in very small areas. ...more info
  • Great lights, but they won't stick!
    These little lights would be really handy, but they keep falling off! I put them under a top part of a step back cupboard in my kitchen so there would be a little light on the cupboard top, but they will not stick. I followed the mounting directions, but perhaps they need stickier sticky stuff. ...more info
  • Useless
    Sounded like a great idea. So I ordered 2 of them. Neither one worked.
    NOT very impressive!!!...more info
  • Great little light for a non-standard use
    I sail a Beneteau First 36.7 racing sail boat. We needed a light up our masthead windex for racing the Chicago to Mackinac race. This light stuck to the top of the mast and lit our windex for the entire race. It did a job and didn't fall off....more info
  • Works well, but not very bright
    This little stick on lamp works as advertised, but if you're looking for something to read by or light a closet, this won't do the job. It would be great for lighting up a drawer or small niche, but that's about it. With three led's, I am a little dissapointed in the amount of light it casts.

    Like most LED's, the illumination is a blue-white color. On-off switch works well, and adhesive holds very well. I haven't tried moving it, so I can't vouch for the claim that it can be relocated easily.

    Not bad for $5 or $6, but not worth the retail price....more info
  • Enjoyed these
    and they were bright for me, but I found that the adhesive wouldn't let the paper come off to adhere is to anything. So I've just used it as a flashlight and as a booklight when the lights are off so I don't bother my husband at night. I would imagine that if these were to be used as kitchen underlighting, then you'd have to clean the area first to make sure there as no residual cooking grease to keep it from sticking...if the paper would come off. I threw the instructions away (dumb) before I needed to replace the batteries and so will have to figure that out. But at least I can easily hide this light from my husband and kids who can never find where they left their own flashlights and want to "borrow" another (one to leave somewhere they'll never be found again!)....more info
  • good for very limited use
    Adhesive back not strong enough to stick to most surfaces - falls off...more info
  • not bad little light
    Does the trick for illuminating what's in my pick-up crossover bed tool box - could use a more flexible mounting system including magnetic mount & tap screw mount- batteries last long due to low power requierment...more info
  • Stick on well
    Nice lights for the price. They stick to walls very well. Using them in a dark closet to see my shoes. I wish they were a bit brighter, but they do help nevertheless. We haven't tried taking them off of anything yet, so hopefully they won't tear huge holes in our plaster walls when we do that......more info
  • brite is right
    these are great little lights for small spots or the back of a closet where you have a hard time seeing, even in the kitchen cabinet that has deep shelves and is dark inside. they truly give off a clear brite light..
    Thanks Sylvania.!...more info
  • Not much of a lite
    Not much of a light, only lights up a small area, and not very bright, but works for where I put it in a cabinet
    ...more info
  • Very Handy
    This is a very handy little light and I keep them around in various places for frequent use. BTW, it may not be obvious from the literature, but the AAA batteries are replaceable, but you have to remove 3 small screws to get at them....more info
  • Great for power outages!
    Having gone through a long power outage from an ice storm, we wanted something better than candles. These little lights do the job well. The light beam is rather directional and on the "cool" side. The design has evolved, apparently - they now have three brightness levels that can be selected by successive taps. With one bulb going, aimed at the ceiling, it produces a light similar to an incandescent night-light. The light can be carried around and used like a flashlight. Ours came with three AAA alkaline batteries. We bought four originally, then ordered four more. We're recommending them to friends and family....more info
  • Very nice, sturdy, but focused light rather than diffused.
    all's good with this light - small, sturdy, doesn't use up a lot of batteries. Unfortunately the LEDs give off a focused light, like a flashlight, rather than diffused light like a traditional dome light, so it's less useful in closets where you want to illuminate the whole space and not one spot on the wall.
    Otherwise, all's good - the light is pleasantly blueish. ...more info
  • ez lighting
    works better than I had anticipated. easy to use or reuse and does the job intended....more info
  • Perfect nitelite
    I use this as a night-light and I love it. Great for going to the bathroom at night as the light doesn't hurt your eyes, yet is bright enough to illuminate the area around you. Surprisingly powerful, lasts forever, small, light and compact. I also have one stored inside my motorcycle seat. (Not great for closets without a bulb - as the light is focused and does not radiate outwards at a very close distance.)...more info
  • Little practical use
    Dispite an attractive design, this product has few practical uses. The light output is poor, and very blue. It's essesntially a battery powered night light, that gets very dim after a short period of time. Then the batteries have to be replaced. It was a disappointment, even at $5.00....more info
  • Disappointing
    Very little usable light. I put it in an average size closet and found that I would need 5 or 6 of these lights to provide even barely adequate lighting. I will find an alternative way to deal with the situation....more info
  • Extra light in a dark corner
    OK for a little light in a broom cupboard or cabinet. Just don't forget to put it off afterwards!...more info
  • Not Bright: Agreed!
    Not bright: agreed! From the packaging photograph I imagined/expected a high-performance, low energy consumption L.E.D. tri-light. The intended use was as an "automobile front cabin dome light." I would rate actual vs. exptected luminosity at 4 out of 10. Mediocre. Moreover, I placed a dot of superglue to its back and affixed it on the windshield, behind and lower the rearview mirror, otherwise it repeatedly fell; further, it would not adhere to the "cloth" car ceiling liner at all. One day I'll remove it, knock it off, use a razor to clean the windshield.

    Conclusion: I would not buy another.

    [ Licensed Under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. --J Bacall ]...more info