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Just Like Heaven
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Bad romantic comedies make you scoff at their absurdity; good ones make you wish your life was that absurd. Just Like Heaven is just smart and likable enough to trigger that wishing. David (Mark Ruffalo, Collateral, You Can Count On Me) finds an amazing apartment in San Francisco--only to discover it's haunted by the spirit of the previous tenant, an overachieving doctor named Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde, Election). There's something not quite right about Elizabeth's afterlife; against his better judgement, David agrees to help her investigate her life...but finds himself digging into his own as well. The plot takes a twist that some viewers will see coming, but Just Like Heaven doesn't rely on the surprise alone; the revelation takes the story in a new and just as entertaining direction. Witherspoon and Ruffalo are two of the best romantic leads around, but the surprise is how well their contrasting flavors (perky and moody, respectively) mesh, creating a sparky, engaging chemistry. Also featuring Dina Waters (Freaky Friday), Donal Logue (The Tao of Steve), Ben Shenkman (Angels in America), and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite). Crisply directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls), who carefully keeps the supernatural from getting silly and the romance from getting gooey. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • My absolute favorite movie ever
    Just Like heaven takes everything good about a romantic comedy, adds some new twists, and results in an amazingly perfect movie. You really can't help but fall in love with Elizabeth and David's romance! The film is visually beutiful (that garden!) as well as moving, adorable, and funny. And yes, it deserves all of those adjectives. Trust me- buy, don't rent this movie. It'll be the best $9 (price at the time of this writing) you've ever spent!...more info
  • Perfect Comedy!!!
    I think this is an awesome romantic comedy! Mark Ruffalo, and sexy Reese Witherspoon were perfect together! Reese plays a workaholic doctor named Elizabeth Masterson, who is involved with a car accident. Months later, David Abbott rents her apartment. Soon after, Elizabeth appears and frightens David. After a while, she keeps showing up, asking him to leave, but he doesn't. Later, they start to like each other, and want to help each other. Elizabeth is still alive, but in a coma. Elizabeth's sister has to make the decision of taking her off life support. David tries to stop her from signing the papers, but he's too late. David must figure out a way to either stop it from happening, or bring her back. If you love romantic comedies, you'll love JUST LIKE HEAVEN!!!...more info
    Though this movie was a bit farfetched, it was wonderfully done. Really, a great romantic comedy. One that seeing it only once, just won't due. ...more info
  • Good start, terrible ending
    This movie starts as a harmless, entertaining blend of fantasy and romantic comedy, but then it takes midway through a turn for the worse. Way worse. Basically, a guy renting an apartment suddenly starts receiving visits from a beautiful ghost (Reese Witherspoon), who doesn't seem to be aware that she's dead and wants him to vacate the place (which previously belonged to her). As it turns out, she isn't dead. She is in coma. So when they realize this, he and she must join forces to prevent the doctors from disconnecting her. Let's just say this movie's take on the euthanasia issue is terribly simplistic. This is a movie where people wake up from a deep coma after a deep kiss. It's that insulting. I wonder what people who had to go through the painful situation of having a loved one in coma might think of this film. ...more info
  • *Good Romantic Comedy!*
    I really enjoyed this movie.It really made me feel for the characters.I think the 2 main characters did a wonderful job.A movie I will continue to enjoy.Different from most romantic comedies....more info
  • I was disappointed
    I had read this book and listened to the audio of it and loved them both. The people who made this movie thought they could improve the story the author had written. They couldn't and didn't. Original story was much better than the movie story. Sad--we were very disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Excellant
    This is really a delightful romantic comedy. Very well written. Quite different from the usual run of romantic 'ghost' stories. Interesting twist. Highly recommend....more info
  • A Lightweight "Heaven"--It's Easy To Like But Holds No Surprises
    When viewing a typical Hollywood Big Budget Romantic Comedy, it's a safe bet you're in for a fairly predictable story. That's not always a detriment. Something like "Pretty Woman," for example, was successful because of it's predictability, because it met every expectation in a welcome and familiar matter. Add a couple of (hopefully) talented and (hopefully) attractive leads--and BOOM, you've got a movie.

    Of course, whether or not a movie like this works depends on how much you're willing to suspend disbelief--to turn yourself over. "Just Like Heaven" benefits greatly in this area by having cast Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. It's hard to gaze at Witherspoon's scrunched up face and not be drawn into her charm. She is a likable actress whom one is willing to follow even if her material isn't always Grade A. It's taken me years of therapy to forgive her for "Legally Blonde 2," but she definitely exudes star quality and has learned to work it to maximum impact. Ruffalo, always intense and interesting, continues to surprise me by turning up in these bubblegum flicks. But here, he plays well with Witherspoon and so the movie works more often than it doesn't.

    The supernatural and metaphysical aspects of this story don't always make logical sense. Some of the practical elements are a bit loopy, too. I particularly enjoyed that Witherspoon's family leased out her furnished apartment to a stranger--and all of her personal belongings were part of those furnishings! And let's not even talk about the ridiculous nature of the scenes played out in the hospital. Suffice it to say, I hope I'm never in this particular hospital.

    But all and all, the film has heart to spare. Despite knowing every bit of what would happen in this story within 5 minutes, I was still pleasantly entertained. Inconsequential fluff, but sweet and genial--if you like this type of film, all the elements are here for you to be engaged by "Just Like Heaven." I'd do this at 3 1/2 stars--that extra half is for Witherspoon and Ruffalo. KGHarris, 10/06....more info
  • Wonderful and Entertaining!!
    Great performance by both Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo! Good chemistry! Finely tuned movie! All of the characters did a wonderful job in the movie!
    I did not expect much when I loaned it from the library but then I really enjoy it and even bought a DVD. My sister likes it too and asked for my copy to keep. I am thinking about buying one for myself.
    I read the book (If Only It Were True) afterwards because I like the movie so much! Usually the original story is better than the adaptation. However, I am quite disappointed by the book even though it was one of the New York Times best sellers. The movie has a few more characters and is way more interesting and funny. Enjoy!...more info
  • A Lame Ghost Rip-off!
    This Ghost ripoff doesn't seem to have the quite the story, acting or likable characters that Ghost had. In this one Reese Witherspoon is an apparent ghost that only Mark Ruffalo can see and hear. She follows him around and them helps him save a man's life with some quick, on the spot medical advice. This makes her and Ruffalo believe that she was a person with medical training and they head to a hospital after Ruffalo is hurt.

    While in the hospital Witherspoon says that is familiar and that she knows people working there. Ruffalo asks around if anyone had known Witherspoon and then finds out that Witherspoon's comatose body is being kept alive in the hospital. As the plot goes on they learn that Witherspoon is scheduled to be taken off life-support soon so they must figure out a way to get Witherspoon back in her body soon or try to stop the hospital's action.

    Ruffalo is very stiff in his acting and not that likeable. Witherspoons seems to be in a flood of movies lately and her performance greatly pales in comparison to her Pleasantville and Walk the Line roles. You may consider renting this one, rather than buying it.
    ...more info
  • Fun
    This is a fun twist to the ever present romantic comedy. The story is fun and well executed. The only down fall is they have to inject overtly sexual tones. Give me a break, I want a movie without smut mixed in....more info
  • Good Enough
    Although Reese Witherspoon's performance is just as magical as usual, Mark Ruffalo is completely annoying as usual. There's something about his voice and the inflection he gives that really puts a downer on his performances. He upstages whoever he is on screen with by his annoying voice. ...more info
  • IT is HEAVEN because: Touching Love Story + Funny scenes/dialogues + Some Twists + Life-After-Death background.
    This movie is Heaven! It's a touching love story. It also has many funny dialogues and scenes. There are some good twists. The life after death back ground has some surprising ideas that I've never seen in any other movies before. The garden looks breathtaking.

    The chemistry between Reese and Mark are gentle, engaging and solid.

    One of the dialogues I loved because of its depth goes like this:

    He said: "You're dead".
    She said: "No, it's you who are dead!"
    Then, he's shocked to realize he's figuratively dead because he had no social life, no friends to turn to, nobody to confide in!

    I like it so much that I bought it. It's one of my two of Best Love Stories of All Times. The other is Ghost staring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. That one got two Ocars in 1991....more info
  • Romance with heart and sass and mystery
    Elizabeth Masterson is working long hours at the hospital to become an attending. Her sister, Abby, wants her to have a life and tries to fix her up. David Abbott is looking for the perfect furnished apartment and finally finds one with a month-to-month lease. He just settles in when a woman shows up and says she lives there.

    David realizes that only he can see this woman and she won't go away. Eventually, they begin to work together to figure out who she is and why only he can see her. The interactions between Elizabeth and David is hilarious at time with witty banter and verbal snipping. At other times, heart-wrenchingly sad as they come to talk about their past and their lives.

    The supporting cast is also excellent and the entire plot moves along at a brisk pace. It's a heart-warming comedy that's worth watching on a down day when you want to see something that makes you think the world is not as dark as the front pages can make it seem....more info
  • Righteous Romantic Movie
    I love this movie. This movie reminds me a similar romantic movie, "Mannequin." Recently I noticed that I prefer romantic love story to detective/spy movie. Maybe I'm aging.
    I have two sons who are teenagers. I wish them to be a man like David.

    Anyway "Just Like Heaven" makes me feel happy....more info
  • Reese does it again
    Reese is very cute in this movie with a lot of turns and twists. You will laugh and cry!...more info
  • Surprisingly recommended light romance
    Reese Witherspoon has such a broad range that it might seem odd for her to be in such a light romance, but she handles the role so perfectly and is so delightful as Elizabeth Masterson that I enjoyed this film much more than I expected to. In fact, I had not sought out this film at all. However, it was just coming on and I thought I would give it a few minutes and ended up staying for the whole movie.

    Mark Ruffalo is also fine as David Abbot. The secret to his success in the role is that we have to feel his sadness and yet not be overwhelmed by it. He has lost his wife, his career, and is drinking too much. It would be quite easy to play this role with too much heaviness and pain. Both leads need to find happiness, and we feel enough sympathy for them that we want them to find it, and we are willing to overlook the daffiness of the story.

    I don't want to give away any of the plot, slight as it is, because some of the enjoyment of the film involves following down all their unlikely paths in discovering each other and later finding each other. It is a romance after all. The basic idea is that David Abbot has taken a lease on a furnished apartment and the spirit or ghost or mental delusion shows up to scold him for messing with her things. At first, he tries to drive her away with various kinds of exorcism techniques (really?), but ends up deciding to help her discover who she is.

    But as they become bonded to each other, well, what can come of it since she is incorporeal? Stick around because this one has an interesting twist. Of course, these light films tend to need a plot where no one actually talks to each other in sensible ways. There is some stand in for Snidely Whiplash and lots of strange coincidences and miscommunications. Still, the leads are so sweet and the movie so delightful, that we are willing to go along for the ride. And the movie is sufficiently aware of its silliness that it stops short of putting too many marshmallows in our hot chocolate.

    Surprisingly recommended....more info
  • Love Immutable and Eternal
    Just Like Heaven is one more film about lovers destined for each other, but mismatched in space or time, like Calling Mr Jordan, A Portrait of Jenny, The Ghost and Mrs Muir, Heaven Can Wait, Ground Hog Day, 12:01, When Harry Met Sally, The Thirteenth Floor, Fifty First Dates, Shallow Hal and the Lake House. I don't know why these films hold such an attraction for me, but they do. I think it may be because my wife and I met several times before we actually met, and she had no interest in me until I kissed her and we both just instantly knew. Compatibility certainly isn't what brought us together: this DVD was on the top of my Christmas list; Transformers topped hers.

    In this story, the hero and heroine almost met just before an accident left her in a persistent coma. Now it's up to fate to bring them together by extraordinary means. Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo are both compelling and work well with each other in this excellent concept, well written by Peter Tolan and Leslie Dixon from Marc Levy's novel If Only It Were True. Mark Waters direction keeps it simultaneously poignant and funny without ever getting forced or trite.

    Most importantly, Dr Elizabeth Masterson and landscape architect David Abbot aren't larger than life. They could easily be people you know, with all the normal human imperfections. Their singularity is the inevitability of their being together. Just Like Heaven makes it easy to believe that there's a destiny for each of us, that one special person we were meant to be with. It pushed The Ghost and Mrs Muir off the top of my list of love out of time flicks. See it with someone you love and a box of tissues....more info
  • aww it's SUCH a cute story... i LOVE this movie!!
    i saw this with a few friends like 3x in the theater!

    it's really sweet & actually has a good ending too.
    the story's cute because they both don't really want to fall in love..

    it's right up there with 'The Notebook' & 'Wimbledon', so go RENT IT!!!!...more info
  • Not Worth Watching
    Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses and that's the main reason I rented this movie but I have to say that it was just awful! Mark Ruffalo is charming in 13 Going On 30 but he's just pathetic in this film.
    Chances are that you'll know how it will end within the first three minutes. It's also hard to believe that the main male character would fall for an as annoying and heard headed character as Reese Witherspoon plays. All we ever see is how much she bugs him and goes on his nerves, but it's a romantic comedy and you all know how they tend to end.
    The plot is one seen many times before (Ghost, Heaven Can Wait, etc): Witherspoon is the perfect physician who on the eve of her promotion in the hospital is in a fatal car accident. Mark Ruffalo is a down and out architect who sublets her apartment only to find Witherspoon is a cantankerous spirit/ghost unable to believe she is dead, providing lots of banter between the two over who owns what. Funny to a point. Then the plot twists become even more ludicrous and the story proceeds down the path of romantic resolution, becoming a bit preachy along the way.
    If this is what passes for a romantic comedy these days, we're all doomed. ...more info
  • Just Like Heaven
    David Abbott has lost everything - his job, his home, and most importantly his wife. He has just been simply existing and drinking excessively to help cover the pain. David has been looking for a furnished home in San Francisco to rent, and quite by accident stumbles upon the perfect temporary solution. He is happy with his choice, and the prospect of moving in until he sees a woman who is insisting she is the owner. David wants her gone, but she makes it clear that she isn't going anywhere until she figures out what is going on. Together they try to put the pieces together, and discover that she is Elizabeth Masterson. Unfortunately they also discover that Dr. Masterson was in a horrific auto accident. As they seek answers, they also become closer and closer.

    This is a terrific predictable romantic movie. Reece Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo are wonderful together. They give such a great performance!
    ...more info
  • Reese Witherspoon hit another homerun with"JUST LIKE HEAVEN"!!
    I've watched her from a young actress grow in to a very fine adult actress.
    I can't even remember the first movie I saw her in, but I've been watching movies with her in them since I was a teenager.
    This movie will have you laughing, crying and cheering at the end when (Reese) finally figures out who (Mark Ruffalo) is.
    If you are a sucker for romantic comedies like I am,
    you will love this movie.
    I rate this movie a 9 from 1to10!!...more info
  • (3.5 STARS) Sweet Romantic Comedy with Clever Humor
    On the surface `Just Like Heaven' is just another romantic comedy about a mismatched couple falling in love with each other, but deep inside of it there is clever and a bit dark humor about life or the way we see it everyday. The story (based on the book by Marc Levy, scripted by Peter Tolan and Leslie Dixon) needs suspension of disbelief, but it is surely interesting; that is, a workaholic doctor Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) finally finds a life only after she is dead.

    Actually she is in coma, not dead. Dreamy Mark Ruffalo plays a bereaved husband David who moves into an apartment room in San Francisco. There he encounters Witherspoon's Elizabeth who insists the room is hers, but she is not aware that she is a specter, a ghost that is still "alive." And she cannot remember who she is, or how come she became so `light.'

    One clever touch is that WE know the answer ... well, only part of it, though. We know her name and occupation in the opening chapter, but what we don't know about her, and the way Elizabeth sees it again from a totally different viewpoint, is both funny and poignant. Director Mark Waters (`Freaky Friday' `Mean Girls') successfully keeps us guessing without ruining the feel-good atmosphere of the film as romantic comedy.

    What makes `Just Like Heaven' a notch better than other average romantic comedies is the chemistry between Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, both of whom bring depth and life to the characters. That means we find the supporting actors less impressive than usual though Jon Heder almost steals the show as Darryl, a physic book store clerk with dead-pan humor.

    But the film is essentially about the two leads Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, and the gradual shift of their feelings towards each other from animosity to affection is impressive and convincing. The emotion is deep and genuine, and we do wish happiness for them. `Just Like Heaven' is not without flaws, but as to its romance it is sweet and good-natured just like Heaven....more info
  • Wonderful and pure...
    While I agree with some here, who say that Ruffalo's acting is stiff and unflattering, I think they may have missed the point. He's depressed. He's supposed to be unlikeable, to a point. He lost a loved one. While this is a small part of the main plot, it does come out.

    I thought this was a wonderful movie and put it up there with my favorite of all time: Heave Can Wait (with Warren Beatty).

    Two thumbs way up!

    MC White said: Check it out!...more info
  • Reese does it again
    While this may be considered a chick flick, I still found it highly enjoyable and couldn't wait to buy it once it was released on DVD.
    Starring the king and queen of your classic chick flick films, Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, it is the story of a young, highly ambitious doctor Elizabeth Masterson (witherspoon) who is comatosed in a car accident after working a 26 hour shift at the local hospital. Three months later, David Abbott (ruffalo) still recovering from the death of his wife, moves into Elizabeth's furnished apartment.

    Davis starts seeing Elizabeth in his apartment, firstly in human form and then in a more ghostly form. At first he is driven mad by her constant harrassment of him but slowly wants to help Elizabeth come to terms with the fact that she is no longer of this earth, a fact which she cannot believe.

    From here we see a relationship start to develop between the two, which of course makes David look like a complete lunatic to the rest of the world as he has conversations and interaction with complete thin air, as he is the only one who can see her. But why is he the only one that can see her? And how can he help her?? While these answers may become increasingly obvious as the movie progrsses, it is still a great movie to watch time and time again. It follows a very basic formula toward the conclusion, but you will feel very happy and warm inside once the film reaches its predictable end.

    Their are no incredible performanes from the actors here, but does feature Jon Heder (aka Napolean Dynamite) in a very funny performance as a zen-like psychic, who assists David in helping Elizabeth find out who she is, and how she got to where she is.

    Bonus features include a gag reel, filmaker commentary, deleted scenes, meet the cast and a making of........more info
  • A chick flick guys can enjoy as well...
    especially if you see it with the right chick. Reese and Mark are fine in the lead roles, and there is a twist or two. Add another half-star if you are a hopeless romantic like me. And you don't have to be young to find it worth a look...I'm over 60, but found this a nice antidote to the grim news on television and the crime and medical dramas to which I am addicted. ...more info
  • Beautiful Love Story
    It begins a bit confusing, so you have to stick with it. A blind date is suppose to happen but does not because the girl is in an auto accident. At this point in the show the audience does not know if the guy she was to meet, even showed. Her apartment is then rented out to this nice looking guy on a month to month basis by her sister. However; the spirit of the girl who was in the auto accident cannot leave. But ... is she dead or not? A lot of comedy, with a gripping plot. I do not want to spoil the conclusion, but you will not be disappointed. It gets a full thumbs up from me....more info