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BabyBj?rn Baby Carrier Original in City Blue
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Product Description

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is a favorite of parents throughout the world. It allows parents to keep the baby close and secure while at the market, doctor or any other place. It is a baby infant carrier which can be used right from the very first week. As long as the baby weighs 8 lbs. and is 21 in. long, the Baby Bjorn Carrier may be used. The child carrier from Baby Bjorn holds the baby upright and features a strong back and neck support. It grows with baby thanks to an adjustable buckle which gives maximum comfort for all ages. The carrier is easy to put on and remove because all the adjustments are made in the front. Most parents love the unique Baby Bjorn feature which allows the button to be unbuttoned at the front of the carrier and lay down without waking up. As the child grows it allows for forward facing placement. The seat height on the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is also adjustable and the wide straps evenly distribute weight for comfort. This Baby Bjorn carrier has won the Silver Award and Design of the Decade ISDA, 1999 as one of the 36 products of the decade. The Baby Bjorn infant carrier has also won several awards in the United Kingdom.

  • Firm head support, easy to adjust for individual fit
  • All adjustments made in front
  • Entire front opens, enabling the parent to remove a sleeping child
  • Sliding buckle makes it easy to adjust the carrier's size to your growing child

Customer Reviews:

  • Read THIS! It may just save your back!!
    This has been one of my greatest buys for baby #1 and now #2. We are using the same bjorn I bought for DD #1 in 2004 and it still looks brand new. It is the best designed carrier, and that matters why? Because it is easy to use, you can lay down a sleeping baby, it is more comfortable for your baby and easier on your back. Spend the $! Get the Bjorn, you won't be sorry.
    Nearly every mom I see wearing their Bjorn is wearing it wrong! When they seem friendly, I share this tip with them. The black plastic cross piece in the back (where the straps cross through the plastic piece) MUST BE BELOW YOUR SHOULDER BLADES! Just about my bra line is where it is most comfortable, right in the middle. When my back starts to hurt, I reach my arm around my back and re adjust it lower. It is instant relief and comfort again! This makes sure the weight of the baby is on your frame instead of pulling at your shoulders. Everyone I tell is so happy, it makes a huge difference. Guess that's one plus of being a read-the-manual type.
    The Bjorn is most comfortable until about 9 mos. The babies really seem to dig it about 4 mos plus, when they can face out. Before that, I love the Hotsling and Peanut Shell. ...more info
  • BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original - City Black
    Baby Bjorn is the one and only carrier - completely upgraded safety wise to current specs. Even better than the one I used 8 years ago for my last baby and that was fabulous... still as easy to use getting on and off, comfortable and stylish....more info
  • very useful
    my daughter sank inot it very comfortably. excellent fit, and no backaches so far in 4 months of use.......more info
  • great product
    This is a great product I used it with both of my kids and have it stored for baby number three. It is really great for times when the baby is fussy and needs you but you need your hands. I also used it extensively in the first year for hiking and anywhere offroad that wouldn't accomodate a stroller. It is also great to use on flights when your baby is on your lap, your baby is secure and your hands are free if baby falls asleep. It is also great for airport security. My son is smaller and he used it until he was almost 2. My daughter however was quite big so she could only fit in there until up to 6 months. Once the baby is bigger though, this is not ideal because it will cause back pain after extended use. ...more info
  • I love babywearing but this one isn't as good as the other options
    Take a look at something with wider straps - it helps distribute weight better. Moby wraps are also an option but not as easy. Beco babycarriers are probably easier to put on than Bjorn but none of the pain because it being structured better, plus a lot easier to nurse in....more info
  • very happy
    we have a preemie and she doesn't like to be alone. this carrier allows my wife and i do house work and have our baby girl close to us. i do recommend this item. ...more info
  • The Perfect Gift for the mom with a "Cranky" Baby!
    My niece is pregnant with her first baby so when it came time for her baby shower I picked the "gift that saved my sanity" when I was home alone with him (after working full-time as a teacher). The BabyBjorn front Carrier is very similar to the one my sister had given me! Whenever it got towards dinner prep time that was always the time when my infant wanted my undivided attention. I would put him in the carrier and he could be "up close and personal" (which is all he wanted) and then I could work on dinner and actually sit down to eat with my husband.
    So when I spotted the BabyBjorn Carrier it hit me that this would be the PERFECT gift for me to give to the new mom-to be. It's very appropriate for me to give her the gift I used daily that first year soooo many years ago!...more info
  • Life Saver
    I don't know what I would have done without this carrier. My son loves to be toted around in it while I go about doing chores around the house. When he was just a few weeks old, he would fall asleep on my chest. Now that he's 5 months old, he enjoys looking out at the world. It's comfortable to wear and fits both me (small frame) as well as my husband (large frame). I'm only sad that my son has just about outgrown our carrier. It was one of my favorite baby products we got!...more info
  • Great for newborns, a little overrated.
    Although I received this at my shower, I wound up returning it and getting $70 worth of necessities, as several people offered to let us use their Baby Bjorn's. Apparently, none of my cousins found them to be very comfortable beyond 4-5 months. That said- this product was an absolute blessing for us during the first three months of our daughter's life. It enabled me to do laundry, dust, and do dishes while she slept contentedly. There are a just a few things that bother me about this well-made carrier:

    - the back straps cross in an 'x', and the directions say to ear these lower on your back, between your shoulder blades. Although we would try to adjust these evenly before putting the bjorn on, they inevitably slip after wearing baby while moving around, resulting in a strained back and looser fit, where baby hangs off the chest a bit more than I like.

    - the price is honestly a bit too much, especially for accessories. a drool bib is a great idea, as the carrier is at mouth level and irresistible, but putting a regular bib on the babe and letting it drape over works just as wall.

    - although the babe loves facing out, she almost always falls asleep, leaving her little head to wobble around. I wish there was an option to pull up a hood to remedy this so I wouldn't have to remove her and wake her up.

    - I don't know how to get around this, exactly, but their little legs dangle exactly at counter/washer level. I'm always afraid I'm going to bruise her. I know, this is a front carrier, so not much one can do about that.

    If you plan on using this for more than one baby, it's a great buy. Much easier to use than a sling, durable, gender neutral. I'd give it 5 stars, but I feel it's kind of a short-term thing....more info
  • Need something for the shoulder straps
    Baby loves the bjorn. Unfortunately he is close to 20 lbs and the straps are starting to dig into my shoulders. Bought two shoulder pads for car seats and they helped immensely on the baby bjorn....more info
  • First time father
    I love the Baby Bjorn carrier I just purchased. Being a first time parent, I didn't know if spending $80 for a carrier was worth it. There were many cheaper alternatives, but after using the Baby Bjorn for the past 2 months it has paid for itself. The way that it straps around your body helps support the baby and keeps pressure off of my back. The materials are sturdy and washable (when your child spits up on it). Although I haven't tried any of the cheaper carriers, I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to a friend!...more info
  • Awesome
    I couldn't believe how comfortable and easy to use this carrier is. I would suggest it to any mom who can't seem to get a hands free moment to do laundry or dishes etc. I can take my daughter anywhere with me and she loves to be near Mommy....more info
  • Not for heavy babies
    I bought this carrier before my son was born and it worked great for almost two months. I liked that he could face forward but... he put on weight very fast and wearing the baby bjorn was simply unbearable! I then bought the Ergo carrier and my son and I are comfortable and happy and we can continue to comfortably use it until he is 50 lbs (not that I I would not recommend buying this somehow very popular product because there is no telling how long you will be able to use it and it is very hard on the lower back. ...more info
  • Baby Loves This Carrier!!!
    Our baby absolutely LOVES this carrier! He absolutely loves going for walks outside in this or just even doing the laundry! The first time we put him in it, he was only a month old and he was fussy. But we tried it again a few weeks later and he loved it! He especially likes it when he can face out and see the world. And the soothing rocking motion he gets when riding in this often puts him to sleep. I absolutely recommend this product to any new parent!...more info
  • Doesnt feel sturdy!
    Product has not failed us yet, but it is hard to put rely on it. we alway keep a hand under our baby, thinking "Just Incase". for some reason we dont have a faith in it.

    Doesnt mean that product is bad, but could be more sturdy, a bit unconfortable for long use. ...more info
  • A must have!
    I used the heck out of this when my son was first born. It was my life saver to get things done around the house & go grocery shopping. He fell straight to sleep or just looked around & NEVER cried when I put him in it! A MUST HAVE for any new mommy! Its super easy to assemble, too. (I seriously don't know what I would have done without it!)...more info
  • Good for newborns, but....
    I loved my bjorn when my baby was a newborn, but after she got a little bigger I felt like all of the weight was on my shoulders! (and yes, I even went to a baby wearing expert to adjust it- it did not help) And I read that the "crotch" hold of the bjorn can compress a baby's growing spine. I switched to the Ergo Carrier at about 4 months and could not have been happier with the Ergo- all the weight is on my hips, and although she faces inward in the front carry position, she can switch to side or back carrier to see more. (and it is great when she falls asleep!) ...more info
  • Wish it was more comfortable
    We bought the baby bjorn in hopes that it would be simpler/faster to use than our "ultimate baby wrap". Positives are that it is easy to put on/put baby into (especially with a second set of hands), can be worn OVER a thick winter coat (difficult with a wrap-style carrier), and seems quite well-made and secure and comfy for the baby. Also looks more masculine for dad to wear than a wrap/sling. Negatives are that it is offers very little support for the wearer and is MUCH more uncomfortable than our baby wrap. Our daughter is only 11 lbs. I can't imagine the back pain I'll have when she is bigger! We have since gone back to using our baby wrap- which just takes a bit more practice to get the hang of. Not sure why these things are SO popular......more info
  • Not for tall parents....
    Everyone I know raved about this product, told me I had to have it and would love it. Every time I used the BabyBjorn my baby cried and she doesn't cry about much. Added to that my husband who is 6'8 cannot wear it--the straps are too short. We ended up using a sling. If your husband is tall--try it on in a store before you buy. ...more info
  • Baby Likes!
    This carrier is great. I love it. Baby loves it. Life is good. she loves facing out and looking around. I was using a sling.. which is OK when they are really small. When they get bigger watch out! Your shoulders will KILL you! I got this for a trip and used it on a 7 hour flight! It really helped. So yes I would recommend it. For those of you who have already tried something else you should consider this carrier. Even if it isn't exactly what you are looking for it still beats most carriers out there. Not to mention the price on amazon is great! Happy travels :)...more info
  • Great first carrier
    The Baby Bjorn was wonderfully easy to use.
    It is easy to wash in the machine.
    Padded straps.
    Easy to put on/off alone.
    Comfortable while baby was under 18lb.
    Baby LOVED LOVED LOVED looking out.

    Baby is in front of you so housework is more difficult, therefore I never carried him around the house.

    I have bought an Ergo carrier. For baby No. 2 I will use the baby bjorn until too heavy and will then transfer into Ergo (even tho Ergo has an infant insert). I am happy enough with the Bjorn to use it instead of buying the infant insert for the Ergo. While doing housework I plan to carry Baby No. 2 in a Mei Tai on my back....more info
  • Much better alternatives out there for baby carriers
    Baby Bjorn was the pioneer for baby carriers 10 years ago but since then there has been an explosion in the market - slings, front carriers, pouches, etc. The BEST, in my honest opinion, is the Ergo. The baby sits with correct posture (The Bjorn is not so great for the baby's spine) and the parent is not in pain! I can walk for hours with my 20 lb baby in the Ergo -- not so in the Bjorn....more info