Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote Control
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Logitech's Harmony 890 remote control uses both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) wireless signals to deliver powerful complete control of your home-entertainment system that may be hidden behind cabinets. With a wireless range of up to 100 feet, the Harmony 890 remote sends RF commands to a wireless receiver, which then blasts infrared signals to the components. The Harmony 890 remote makes universal control for home entertainment and advanced lighting systems simple. How does it work? Just connect your Harmony remote to your computer and the Web wizard walks you step-by-step through a simple set up. Enter in your model numbers for your components, then answer a few easy questions about how you Watch TV or Watch a DVD. You ll be controlling even the most complex system without any of the hassles of elaborate programming. Easily view and select. Color display icons and 8 on-screen activity buttons make it easy Effortlessly switch between watching HDTV and listening to music, by selecting a single activity button - Just press one of the Activity buttons, such as Watch TV or Listen to Music, and it automatically sets

  • Integrate up to 15 devices, including lighting and household appliances
  • Package Contents Harmony? 890 remote control Charging station Harmony? RF wireless extender USB cable 2 AC adapters 4 dual-IR emitters Lithium-ion battery Installation CD Installation guide 1-year limited hardware warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Logitech Harmony 890 Universal Remote
    This remote controls all my home entertainment system components, including my DLP projector. It has 'activities' that allow me to easily turn every thing on and off with a single button, as well as switch between activities, such as 'watch TV' or 'watch a DVD' easily, shutting off those components not in use. Using a USB cable, these activities are setup on my PC and downloaded to the device. I like the recharger stand and the light-up display that turns on every time you move the remote.
    What I didn't like was the often cryptic on-line programming instructions. It took me several tries and I had to read and re-read all help offered at times to understand the guided setup. Although I finally got my Netflix Roku component to work, I had to 'fool' the setup since there wasn't a proper category for it and my remote still doesn't display all the proper options for it.
    I emailed Logitech for help and although my question was specific, their first answer amounted to 'use your PC and follow the instructions'. Their more detailed response came so late, that I haven't scheduled time to sit down and have another go at it....more info
  • logtech 890 universal remote
    An outstanding universal remote. User friendly. I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend....more info
  • Amazing
    I ordered this to control all my devices in my family room! I love it. Takes a little while to initially setup all the devices....but once they are setup, programming the activities is a breeze.

    I also have an external monitor in my eat in kitchen which receives the picture/audio from anything in the family room, so the RF was great! From the kitchen I can change the channel or control my DVD player, or Bluray player without a problem. and once i'm done eating, i just switch the activity to family room, and the kitchen tv turns off, and the family room tv turns on without disturbing the channel/movie i'm watching. it's really a great product!...more info
  • Excellent remote
    I took me a long time looking for an IR extender or RF remote and I finally came to this one after lots of advice and research. What you don't see online is that the remote comes with the remote, the rf/ir extender and ir emitters for when you hide your receivers, cable box etc... behind a cabinet door. It also comes with a nice cell phone type battery and a recharging cradle. The cradle holds the remote well. No fiddling to get it charge like some others.

    My components are all behind me in my living room and the extender lives just above the components behind me. I don't have to point the remote at anything. It can program any remote control product, including fans, fireplaces, whatever. This is the end all, be all remote control.

    Set up was easy. You hook up both the remote and the extender to the computer via provide USB cables and program them to work your components. I was done in ~ 15 minutes. The codes are programmed into the remote for you. No need to try and find the code through trial and error.

    By the way, yes, this remote works every single option on Time Warner's Scientific Atlanta DVR HD box. You can put their remote away after you've bought this one....more info
  • Get the Harmony One Instead!
    This remote is terrible. Sorry, but it is. The usability is very poor. The buttons are hard to push and overall I just hated using it. The only good thing about it is the RF, but that wasn't enough to keep it. I returned it to Amazon and purchased a Harmony One. The Harmony One is a much better remote. It doesn't have RF but the layout is nice and the buttons are easy to press. If you feel you need RF, you don't. A quick search on Amazon for "IR repeater" will solve your problem. Try out the hot link pro! It's an amazing product that pairs well with the Harmony One. I now have one remote for everything!...more info
  • Works better than I expected
    I had to replace my entire home theater system because of rain damage and in the process I bought this remove to control all of the various devices including a RF-controlled drop-down screen. It only took about an hour to set up the entire system which I thought might take all day. The software made it easy and intuitive to add all of the device codes into the remote. Then I placed a few additional sensors onto the equipment and I was ready to go.

    It's been a solid remote for the past few months and I know that I add any new devices it will be a breeze to add them in. Great product, highly recommended....more info
  • Excellent Product But Lots of Support Needed
    The reconditioned unit I bought was great. The physical installation was easy, but a number of my components are old and getting everything to work took a lot of calls to tech support. First level support varied from very good to pretty marginal; second level support was excellent but took almost 24 hours to get to a 2nd-level tech. My set-up was not supposed to require use of the IR repeaters, but it did, and even with the IR repeaters plugged in, the TV field effects overwhelmed the remote signal unless I closed the doors of the cabinets in which the remainder of the components are housed. Tech support didn't figure this out so I had to. It turns out that the position of the RF extender is critical. With all this, I'm more than a little worried about what will happen after 60 days when phone tech support is no longer available. Why-oh-why can't there be a good manual available for download??...more info
  • Logitech 890 Remote Control
    I was looking for a Radio Frequency remote to control my new LCD TV, Blue-ray player and cable box. I wanted all the equipment in a closet with the TV mounted on the wall. After considering several different brands, I purchased the Logitech 890 remote. After looking at many of the product reviews (especially the bad ones) I was a little wary but went ahead and purchased it. My main concern was the programing of the unit.

    What worked: The set-up was pretty easy and my on-line download worked great. Within 30 minutes I had competed programing and had the device was working all the equipment.

    What could improve: Since I wanted to program both the remote and the RF sending unit, I tried to do both at the same time. The instructions should state clearly that you should program the remote first then disconnect it and connect the RF unit. Trying to do both at the same time didn't work but the telephone help line fixed that problem in a minute....more info
  • Specs on, specs off, specs on, specs off, specs......
    I am elderly and farsighted and it is difficult to read the screen, no small item if you are constantly looking for your specs. WTF does the screen have these ridiculous images instead of large easy to read print. MG! It drives me cazy. I uderstand what DVD means. I do not need a picture. EASIER TO READ PRINT AND NO STUPID IMAGES WOULD BE MUCH BETTER. I will not use Harmony for my next one if this aspect isn't improved. ...more info
  • A little room for improvement, but not much...
    I purchased a refurbed Harmony 890 and am happy that I did so. I am always hesitant of refurbs, but it has been solid since day one.

    The setup was not 'difficult', but it was not as easy as I expected it to be based on how these remotes are marketed. If you do not have a general knowledge of how all your systems work together, you may need some help truly optimizing it.

    The buttons layout/design is a little clumbsy. Before buying this, I read some reviews where people complained about the buttons #I thought they were whinning#; but since using it, I know don't think they were. That being said, the functionality and convenience of this thing easily outweigh the button issue....more info
  • harmony 890
    1st one failed after one week of usage. The usb port got pushed in somehow. Got replacement from Amazon (very easy process, thumbs up for Amazon service). Now all is well :)....more info
  • does it all....dont hesitate
    i purchased 18 months ago and initially didnt really try to get it to work.....but, then i lost the original remote and once again tried this one...to my amazement, it does everything it should do...easy to program with your computer..realy a neat remote...it wont disapoint...regrets...none...ergonomically the buttons could be a bit larger and the battery charge could last a little longer, but thats ok...its seems to be the best remote ever...i have had several programable remotes, but none like this...buy it...be happy...more info
  • Simple to use
    The RF works better than an IR repeater, there is little to no lag time like in repeaters. I did have to play around with the base a little to make it work properly, but it only took me an hour to set the whole thing up. If you are relatively handy and can function a computer well, this remote will be a breeze to set up. Set it up and forget it....more info
  • Great Remote! Stress Reliever....
    I purchased one of the refurbished 890s and fortunately they got this one right. It looked brand new and there was no evidence whatsoever that it had been previously used. The heart of my system is a Onkyo TX-607 AV receiver which is a great unit but lacking in the remote control area. So I decided to try the Logitech 890 and it controls everything I need it to control; 2 DVD players, one DVD recorder, one VCR, one TiVo DVR, Dish Network VIP-722 and a Samsung 46" LCD TV. Now, one touch of a button powers everything down where it used to take a scurrying of several remotes. Likewise, one touch turns everything on that needs to be on to perform the requested activity. It really does put the icing on the cake with my system. The software is very easy to use in setting up the remote and very well done; the only thing I worry about is since the software is website based (you must have an Internet connection to use it), will Logitech continue to support it in the coming years and what happens if they decide to get out of the remote business? The only other complaint I have is the buttons on the 890 are a little hard to see in daylight because the contrast between the letters and buttons (light blue on silver) are similar making it hard to distinguish what's what. Overall I think it is great and well worth the money....more info
  • Harmony 890 Advanced Remote
    product works great. my only gripe is that one of the ac adapters failed within 2 days of setup. I am in the process of getting it replaced by logitech, they have been easy to work with thus far....more info
  • Probably the best option for whats available at this time....
    I bought it refurbished. After two weeks the left direction on the 4-way button quit working. I returned. I think I'll just wait it out until a better product hits the market.

    -Easy to program
    -Hard buttons (no touchscreen lag)
    -rechargable battery

    -Would be nice to have the display show the actual settings on the component.
    Example: if I'm in Sat mode on my AV receiver show that on the remote. I have to get up go to the cabinet open the door an look at the AV to confirm the correct input mode was selected.
    -The main on/off button was too easily engaged. The remote would often turn off all the components if you simply tossed it onto the couch an it landed wrong. Very annoying in the middle of a movie then you have to restart everything.
    -Only comes in grey. Black matches other hardware....more info
  • Don't buy the refurbs!!!!!!
    I have bought 4 refurbs now, 2 were good, 2 were bad. On one, I actually called Logitech with the error code, and they immediately told me the memory was bad. On the other, the keys stuck, and some did not even work. They must just rebox returns with no quality check. It may seem like a good deal, but don't buy refurbs from Logitech....more info
  • A little room for improvement, but not much...
    I purchased a refurbed Harmony 890 and am happy that I did so. I am always hesitant of refurbs, but it has been solid since day one.

    The setup was not 'difficult', but it was not as easy as I expected it to be based on how these remotes are marketed. If you do not have a general knowledge of how all your systems work together, you may need some help truly optimizing it.

    The buttons layout/design is a little clumbsy. Before buying this, I read some reviews where people complained about the buttons #I thought they were whinning#; but since using it, I know don't think they were. That being said, the functionality and convenience of this thing easily outweigh the button issue....more info
  • Pretty good remote
    We were looking for an RF remote so we could hide our components. The 890 fit the bill. Overall, I would say this remote is pretty good. The initial set up was fairly easy. I love the fact that I can press one button to turn everything on. The only problem I had was trying to figure out how to use and program the DVR on the remote. Called up logitech and customer service was fantastic. Polite, patient and productive. Fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. The 890 does everything you would expect it to do and if you can't figure it out, call customer support.

    This remote is a little pricey but it is cheaper than other RF remotes. It doesn't look as cool as the harmony one. The size is a little big and the buttons on the remote are a little small and clunky. I originally purchase the Harmony one but it is only an IR remote. We'll see how this remote holds up. I have read about problems with the LCD screen pooping out. Can't beat the convenience of a universal remote. Cannot believe I never owned one before. ...more info
  • Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote Control
    Great remote however it was shipped with a bad battery, I need to consistently keep it on the charger. Not happy as a result of battery life but again the remote is top notch....more info
  • The best Universal Remote on the Market
    I needed a remote to control all my multimedia devices around my theater, but did not want to open the cabinet doors every time I used them. IR, infrared, is the key difference between this remote and the rest of Logitech, or most remote manufacturers, products. This remote comes with mini-IR sensors you stick on each of your devices and those wires connect to an IR receiver placed outside the cabinet doors. Works like a dream.

    My Devices:
    1. Sony CD TV
    2. Scientific Atlanta HD DVR Cable Box
    3. Sony DVD Carousel
    4. Sony HD Surround Sound Receiver
    5. Sony Stereo Receiver (Used to control outside speakers)
    6. Sony PlayStation 2
    (Yep, I like Sony Products)

    Logitech has done a great job simplifying the setup of this remote with multiple devices. You simply install the software and connect the remote to a PC via a USB cable. Once connected, the wizard will walk you through setting up each of your devices. Once this is completed, the wizard will also want to update your device information to the IR receiver. This also connects to a PC using a USB cable. Basic setup is that easy.

    For more advanced needs, you can group devices based on activities. This allows you to push one button that automatically sets all devices for that particular activity. For example, to play games on the PlayStation, I have an activity called "Game Console". When I push the button, the TV powers on and switches to game inputs, the PlayStation powers up, and the Surround Sound Receiver powers up which also changes to the PlayStation input mode. It's beautiful. I will say that because some of my devices have so many options, I need to go back and configure what options are available on each menu. Sometimes I need to scroll through 3-4 screens if I want to change a device option I rarely use.

    You can also change the LCD color and theme of the device, but there are not many themes out there. It can also run a screen saver of personal photos, or your favorite movie images.
    ...more info
  • Logitech Harmony 890 rocks
    We bought the refurbished unit. Works great without any problems. It can be a little challenging to program, but if you have a bit of patience and an hour to burn, it's not terribly difficult. We've got 4 items programmed and plan to add a few more to the remote. The remote actually works better (stronger signal) than the manufacturer remote that came with my tv. These things aren't cheap, and programming can be frustrating, but having a single remote is a vast improvement over the tangle of remotes on the table. ...more info
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
    The Good: a programable remote control with learning capabilities is the ultimate remote control we ever need. RF is a big plus! Great build quality. Great layout.

    The Bad: The text font on LCD is too small for some people. The configuration software can be much improved.

    The Ugly: The price. In my opinion, Logitech should lower the price from $200 to $80 so that every family can afford a few of these....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This item works just fine. Until about 3 months after the warranty runs out. Then it will become an expensive paperweight.

    I have owned 2 of these and they both died inside 15 months. After doing some research it seems that this is standard. Logitech techs I have spoken to admit that the remote does tend to die "in 18 months or so".

    If you can afford to spend this kind of money for a remote that won't last two years then this is a great buy. To everybody else, buy an X10 icon remote (but don't pay more than $50). It is definitely NOT as good as the Harmony but it is so much cheaper....more info
  • Great unit for full control
    unit does everything and more! Only negative is the instructions on using the IR transmitters for each device....more info