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The First Years Gentle Vibrations 3-in-1 Crib Soother
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $29.49

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Product Description

The First Years introduces the only in-crib, under-the-mattress vibration system. The 3-In-1 Gentle Soother comes with soothing sounds, vibration, a criblight, 6 audio options, 3 vibration speeds, a baby-activation mode and an auto shut-off. Control unit mounts on crib rail or stands alone. Uses a wire-free connection.

  • The only under-mattress vibration system designed for the crib
  • Offers three features in one, including a gentle vibration to calm baby, soothing sounds and a crib light
  • Vibration feature can be set to three speeds
  • Control unit easily mounts on a crib rail or can simply stand alone

Customer Reviews:

  • Was great while it worked
    As stated in other reviews, this item is great when it works. I mainly wanted this item for the vibration feature, but more than half the time it doesn't work. We replaced the batteries on both the crib attachment and the vibration device and it does not work. It is frustrating to say the least when you are trying to get a fussy baby to sleep and the mattress vibrates for 2 seconds, stops for 10 seconds, vibrates again for 3 seconds or just all together fails to ever start to vibrate. Great concept, horrible product!...more info
  • READ if you want to FIX this thing - its nice when it works
    I needed a crib vibrator, and after looking, I could not find much else like this product. I read the reviews and saw that people had mixed results with getting it to work, but I took a chance and ordered it.

    Sure enough, when I hooked it up, our baby monitor interfered with the signal. When the monitor was on, the vibrator would only work when 2-3 feet from the base, and would stop if you moved it around. With the monitor off, it worked within 15 feet or so.

    Changing the channel on the monitor made no difference. Neither did taking one reviewer's advice to strip the wire antenna on the receiver.

    So, here is what I did - I converted it from "wireless" to "wired". It worked like a charm and no more interference. Drawback is now there is a wire between the two units.

    READ ON if you want to know how to do it:

    1) Get a long piece of thin wire. I used some narrow gauge speaker wire that I had around. It needs to be the length you want to put the two units apart, with some extra to make life easier. You only need one of the two strands. Strip about an inch off of the ends.

    2) Take the covers off of the units using a small screwdriver. Take out the batteries!

    3) On the base, you will see a long rod with wire coiled around it. This is the transmitter. The wire is very fine and delicate but it connects to a thicker wire that attaches to a circuit board. Wrap one end of your stripped wire around this thicker wire, not the very thin wire, so you don't break it. Replace the cover on the base unit. If your wire is thin enough you can just have it stick out somewhere on the bottom of the crack, without making a hole or slot for it.

    4) On the remote unit (the vibrator), you will see a long orange wire that is only connected at one end. This is the antenna. Strip the other, loose, end of it and twist your wire onto it. Replace the cover with the wire coming out the crack between the cover and the unit.

    5) When you set up the crib, make sure to use wire ties or something like that to tie down the wire and keep it from being a tangling/choking hazard.

    That is all there is to it! You will find that, with the two units wired together you get no interference and it works like a charm.

    ...more info
  • Does not work well for us
    We have a very poor sleeper, and were hopeful this product would help him stay asleep longer at night. The vibrating feature does help my husband get him to sleep more quickly, but does not keep asleep any longer during the night. Also the batteries run down quickly.
    I think it might be more helpful for a very young baby. ...more info
  • The best money I have spent yet
    Our newborn was a fighter. When she was tired she would cry and cry. Of course it would be 2 or 3 am when she started. I used to walk up and down the house until she fell asleep. Bouncing, dancing, patting her back for hours. Until I bought this wonderful magical thing.

    One night at 3am, frustrated and tired as all life, I found this. My husband thought it was a waste of money. Oh my god, does it work. No more walking, bouncing, or dancing. I have to calm her down a little then this puts her out. And at night when she starts squirming I turn this on and bam she is out again.

    At two months we started sleeping seven hours straight. I strongly recommend this to all you new tired parents.

    ...more info
  • great concept
    I brought this item for my newborn who constantly needed to be held. I thought the vibration would give him the illusion of being held. It doesn't work for putting him to sleep. However, it maintains his sleep. It has a function that turns on the motion when the baby moves. It is a great product and I would recommend it. Its sturdy and worth the money. My son is still fussy with it but...I think eventually he will grow to love it. Once we get my son to sleep, when we lay him down the stillness of the bed would not maintain his sleep. This product works great for that purpose. It saves us from getting out of the bed every few minutes to rock him back to sleep....more info
  • great but could use some changes
    it is a great product except you are going to spend a ton of money on batteries. they should of made this product with rechargeable batteries and an adaptor to plug into wall to use and recharge. my son loves this on his crib but i dont love all the money its costing me in batteries. its great but could use some improvements. i would of rather paid an extra 15dollars if it can with an adaptor. it would of made more sense for them to make it that way. plus when you change out the batter on the main unit its a pain because there isnt enough room to get the batteries in you gotta fight just to get them in....more info
  • A great product
    I am so happy with this product It has been so helpful I did notice that other wireless products will block the transmission of the crib vibrator but it has been a great product and I am so happy with it...more info